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to the corresponding video alright family so let's jump into today's episode packed full of benefits and value.
For the busy family and this back to school season good day families my name is dr kyle and in the family wellness chiropractor at the michigan family wellness clinic today we're talking all about back to school family wellness.

[2:43] Many parents got up early this week to send their kids off to their first day of school.
Wow this is such an exciting time for both kids and parents it's also a time of transition and additional stress stay on top of the season by staying well-adjusted through chiropractic care here just some of the benefits of chiropractic adjustments.
Improve sleep lowered air to build the anxiety increase brain function and hands me in system function.
Elevated athletic performance and relief from headaches and lower back,
and further boost your immune system with the herbal nutritional medicine to prevent colds allergies and the flu coming up this flu season remember in order to take care of the p,
people who depend on you like your kids your spouse and in order to contribute most to your community.
And at your work you have to take care of yourself so that's what we're all about here at michigan family wellness.
Furthermore not only is chiropractic care incredibly valuable for mom and dad for keeping the whole family healthy by bringing in your kids for those adjustments as well.
The purpose of today's weather in our is to highlight the nutritional medicine available to keep you and your family healthy and ahead of the curve when it comes to academic performance.
Boosting your immune system function and recovering from colds and flus faster.
Not only is there a major change in the seasons which can at aggravate allergies and circadian rhythms are sleep rhythms.

[4:14] But changes in schedules academic responsibilities social pressures extracurricular activities like sports and athletes and even jobs for some high school and college aged people.

[4:26] All of these combine put in increased demand on our original system are immune system and require quality sleep for recovery.
The sudden and compound nature of these changes often results in illness or injury.
Because our bodies are not only stress but we aren't taking enough time to rest.

[4:46] Poor diets and refined carbohydrates processed foods will only add fuel to this flame physiologically dysfunction so.

[4:56] As we kick off our discussion here and here we go this is the typical back to school family a lot of families like i said a lot of parents got early on tuesday morning to see their kids off the bus stop.
It was a great site going into the office to i just patients on tuesday morning.

[5:13] Alright so here we are here is the family wellness toolbox so we have tools on the left and we have applications on the right.
So to help prevent yourself and family from getting sick and handling all the stress we mention i've designed a family wellness toolbox.
The toolbox is a combination of therapeutic nutritional medicine and a daily multi vitamin that keep the body charge and responsive to handle the challenges and stress.
Associated with life especially going back to school.
Everyone this is resiliency remember the whole purpose and mission and vision behind the mission family wellness clinic.
Is to equip you with resiliency which is that strength to adapt to the stress in your life alright.

[6:01] So we're gonna talk through these a tools and the multivitamin and we're going over these applications for you so let's start with rodeo engine saying but first let's have a conversation about our adrenal glands in case you were wondering.
The adrenal glands are these two triangular shaped glands that sit on top of her kidneys they produce hormones and make up a significant part.
Of our and consistent in animals wanna stress are arises they respond by going into a fight or flight mode or a sympathetic response.
After the stress or is removed or the event is over the animal returns to a relaxed state.
Or home in stasis which is a balance between paris and pathetic and sympathetic nervous systems in humans we also enter into a fight or flight response when faced with the stress or whether the work school relationships you name it.
But oftentimes humans don't return to a relaxed state.
Many factors from contribute to this pattern the adrenal glands releases a hormone,
called cortisol which you can see down here at the bottom of this diagram cortisol is our stress hormone and low amounts it is very helpful for our fight or flight response the trouble is.
Sometimes the adrenal glands produce cortisol all the time or a chronic stress response okay there's this constant stimulus calling for more court is all,
this is what is known as the hp access for the hypothalamus pituitary axis the adrenal glands they're just one part of the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis okay.

[7:36] As you can appreciate in this diagram the adrenal glands are alternately,
okay specifically the hypothalamus and pituitary the anterior pituitary this is called the hp access and this is why most americans are sick.
Chronically fatigued and developing metabolic syndromes that lead to more pathological conditions so.
How do we fix and support all of this this is where rodeo.
That really function well to support the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal.
Or the hp a access rodeo engine sing support mental clarity and support cognitive function the promo vitality and stamina,
to help maintain proper energy support physical endurance maintain feelings of general well being,
when experiencing temporary stress they help the body adapt to the changes of everyday life and if that is resiliency.
I don't know what is so as you can see there are tons of benefits and value to rodeo jensen here.

[8:41] If you test well for this medication for this medicine i often tell people to take two tablets in the mid afternoon,
right when you start to crave that third or fourth cup of coffee or right when you just feel so exhausted that you are about to fall asleep at work so that's rodeo legend sing supporting your adrenal glands during seasonal changes is one of the most important things you can do.
To prevent fatigue and elements alright so let's talk about the importance of vitamin d.

[9:08] Here's the thing the body can synthesize vitamin d via ultraviolet light from the sun the trouble is we live in michigan.
And there's not a lot of sunshine for most the months of the year specially september to may or june.
Not only that but one of my mentors dr cass helps us understand if your shadow is taller than you are.
The angle of the light hitting your skin is not the correct angle for your body to make vitamin d.
The optimal angle of the sun is when your shadow is as tall or shorter than you are.

[9:42] Healthy vitamin d levels correlate with strong bones a happy mood and contribute to healthy dna slash are any signaling vitamin d specifically vitamin d three has become one of the most study nutrients of the human body.
We now understand the importance of vitamin d not just as a vitamin but as a nurse hormone that has profound signaling significance.

[10:05] The reason i like this particular vitamin d is because it's a light is on spray which is the best formula not only for adults but also for kids with growing bones because.
The and k seven variation which is significantly enhances the absorption of vitamin d.
As we said earlier the body can make vitamin d in the presence of ultraviolet sunlight and with enough available cholesterol that's how the synthesis occurs people who live in northern latitudes such as michigan wisconsin.
These people are in danger of not getting enough daily vitamin d especially in the winter months so okay solar add this one here is a highly absorbable d three and k two combination like i said in that spray.
Which helps the absorption and direction of calcium so if you're concerned about us up near us your process.
If you're concerned about heart conditions prostate breast conditions these are all things that are skinny supported by optimal levels of vitamin d.

[11:12] It's absorbs directly into the bloodstream because it's a spray it doesn't go through the gi tract through your stomach like a oral medication when.
One spray supplies one thousand international units of vitamin d three.
And patience tell me they experience the best results when they use about five ten sprays per day where there's more and more research to show that.
We need to be doing ten thousand international units or more of vitamin d three to really get those levels in the blood over one hundred over two hundred which is where a lot of.
Nero and for now i just like to see those levels.

[11:49] Okay so now i just know we mention the gastrointestinal tract so let's talk about how we can support our got in this back to school season,
okay so here is ortho biotic this is our pro biotic that we use the office or at least one of the main thing with probiotics your everyone.
Is that you want to have a diversity of your micro by am so as we go back to school this year our got is one of the places that interfaces with the outside world it acts as a barrier to pathogens and antigens.
And if it's working properly it working as the food we eat and to new transit ourselves can use.
When we eat process foods and high sugar diets are got very your begins to break down and display oses begins to set in,
also known as intestinal per me ability or leaky gut if you for those terms furthermore when i get doesn't work our brain doesn't work because of the got brain connection,
so here's the practical application if you're trying to help your kids do well on exams help their brain by helping their got which okay so we also have this formula in a powder form this is called flora boost okay for kids who have trouble swallowing capsules.
You can make this into a glass of water or a juice or milk and they can drink this and you don't have to worry about swallowing capsules.

[13:10] Furthermore combat these patterns by eating clean organic non gmo.
And taking ortho biotic one or two times per day with meals each capsule or the biotic includes twenty billion county forming units or cf use.
Which is one of the reasons why like this formula so much further more a particular strain called lactic the solas ram know sis.
Has been thoroughly studied as a mood modulator so here's just a little bit more information about that this particular strain affects depression and stress behavior in my ss okay.
So here's the thing.
When they do the studies on mice they will measure the levels of stress when they put mice in water because my still like to swim when my sir place in a tub of water they freak out and week and we can measure their stress levels by measuring.
The release of the hormone cortisol member quarters off earlier cortisol shoots through the roof when these mice are placed in water we can also measure.
Other vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure when in the water the heart rate of the mice increases along with their blood pressure however.
When researchers supplement these mice with locked up so its ram noses or the specific kind of probiotic.

[14:29] The than those mice are placed in the water the mice are relaxed one reach one researcher described this affect as a valuable like affect so.
Can you imagine that kind of value i'm level like a fax just from taking your probiotic so.

[14:45] Again this stuff is powerful this stuff is there pubic but it's gotta be right for you so remember.
You have to be tested for these things and here's the practical application it's not gonna work if you don't take it.
So take your pro biotic supplement alright so we gotta talk about the sinuses because during seasonal changes are sinuses make up the front lines of defense against allergies and opportunists that infections.
Supporting your sinus cavities with central is the smart way to clear the airway and come back on friendly antigens optimal sinus health requires proper circulation through the sinus cavity that is free of mucus buildup.

[15:23] Under healthy conditions the sinuses are empty and have a thin layer of mucus.
A healthy process that occurs in the sinus cavities turned musa mucosa larry clearance.
Allows the at the fillmore those layers of cells.
In coordination with mucous production to continually remove waste from the sinuses by facilitating drainage and particle removal okay so sign a shawl.
Supports sinus health by increasing that mucosa.
Which is decreasing the buildup of mucus and boosting the immune response.
During respiratory challenges so here is a great alternative to new snacks is this santa trawl.
Right here okay so again sasha is a specialized preparation a botanical new trans formulated to help support the immune health.
And immediate support for respiratory challenges.
Alright and a seal system is a powerful amino acid that dissolved mucus by breaking up dice off i bonds that contribute to mucus density.

[16:29] The plant enzyme brown lean axe in synergy with an a c assisting due to its protein digesting effects are there's also a little bit of licorice root.

[16:40] Which sooth the respiratory irritation and a little bit time sooth the sinuses and helps loosen the flat if your allergies are stronger and more intense than average.
Enhance the power of sandwich all by adding natural d hist the combination of these two supplements work synergistic lee,
to even further knock out allergies alright so talk about natural d hist this is a powerful combination of lavender rides and tax ins and pro deal it enzymes.
And botanical stays in to provide comprehensive support for seasonal changes caused by common environmental allergens.
The key ingredient cresson is a powerful five annoyed that supports healthy histamine levels.
Curtains affect on seasonal discomfort is on match by other natural substances.

[17:27] Curses and has limited absorption in the body but has a long half life meaning the body has the ability to store it and use it over time.
Building up a reserve of course of ten in the body is critical.
For the effective support of nasal and sinus passages during seasonal changes unlike traditional approaches curses and stops the release of histamine before it starts.
It does this by stabilizing mass cells specialize new cells that when activated.
Release histamine that cause seasonal discomfort so by binding to calcium protein complexes.
Corsican prevention influx of calcium into the mass cells this inhibit the process of mass cell rupture.
And other chemical meters from being released without the release of histamine the body does not react to come in environmental triggers so again if you're really suffering from allergies.
The combination of natural d hist not person combined with sasha all is a great natural alternative to always taking your flonase and your new snacks.
And all of that over the counter stuff that really,
can be doing more harm than good if you're taking it all the time chronically is it really solving the problem so now that we've done all this hard work to knock out antigens and mobilize mucus we need to help the body get rid of it and that's for drainage know you comes and,
alright the simple thing to remember about drainage know you is that helps the body clean and clear connective tissue.
And other words it's a homeopathic remedy designed to train and tone of ii organs of detoxification especially the lymph the lymphatic drainage down there.

[19:05] Is really really important you can have the best immune system in the world but you have to be able to identify the antigens kill the antigens and then remove them through the elimination pathways and that's what drainage know you.
Helps with okay.

[19:22] And it does this naturally like i said it's a great home you'll have moving on some melatonin here melatonin is the hormone that opposes cortisol in the circadian rhythms okay,
you need to be getting a good night's sleep as you go back to school and as your transitioning in this transitional time of year.
This helps your body buffer and recover from all of the stress of a transitional time of the year.
The thing i like about this version of melatonin is that again it's a spray delivery so it's bypassing got digestion which is way more effective.
And you end up using less and eating less plus it's more absorbable right into your pena clan which is where your body naturally produces melatonin anyways so i highly recommend.
Getting tested for the effectiveness the benefits and the value.
Of this melatonin this kind of melatonin you're not gonna developed a dependence on okay.
A lot of patience tell me oh yeah i've tried melatonin before doesn't work.
This is different it's not a pill that you swallow this is actually something that you spray and has delivery right into your bloodstream immediately so let's move along to never time for today alright.
This is a fantastic herbal medicine for just helping the person that's always worrying and always anxious okay or are they just have so much stress so much ups and downs that they need,
to have a more even keel emotional state and that's for never time for take comes in.

[20:56] Not only that it is a great age pa access modulator like we talked about earlier it can help calm your nerves support digestion and use the effects of.
Occasional stress the blend of herbs were talking about in this combination are st john's wart shes andrew and skull cap and saffron.
And they provide a wide range of federal chemicals that really help to like i said calm the nerve support digestion is a great liver tonic.
And again we're all about trying to balance the levels of stress the balance between the pair sympathetic.
And the sympathetic nervous system okay like i said earlier provides great support and maintenance of the liver these herbs are better okay,
many people have forgotten what the taste of bitterness.
Is supposed to be like because all over food everything all over juice everything is so sweet all right so here we are rounding out the family wellness toolbox are the twice daily essential pack so everyone.
This is a great solution and this is a cost this is convenient and cost effective solution for so many families you know the,
entrepreneur's the parents to professionals they're on the go on the run they know that they should be taking a multivitamin they know that they should be taking fish oil then realize the importance of calcium and magnesium but they don't have the time.
To put all that together and take it with them on the go so that's where the convenience comes in with the twice daily essential packs and again this is also cost effective because now you're only purchasing one.

[22:35] Products or nutritional medicine here you're not purchasing three or four and having all the cost of that so.
I instruct my patients to take one of these in the morning with their breakfast and take one at dinner,
or if they're on the go they can just grab them and take them with them on the go so just to summarize here the family wellness toolbox we have our tools on the left.
We have these eight nutritional remedies and a multi vitamin support along with all of their applications.
Rodeo engine seemed to support our original system so radiator optimize vitamin d levels and strengthen our immune and skeletal systems.

[23:14] Or the biotic to help replenish our micro bio sandwich all for sinus congestion and unit and more challenges.
Natural d hist to combat allergies drainage will you to help clean and clear out our connective tissues melatonin to help us sleep properly and recover from the occasional stressful schedules.
Now time for the module eight hour brain and help ease anxiety and the twice daily essential packs for full spectrum multivitamin support.

[23:45] Alright so now you may be thinking alright so the family wellness toolbox is pretty awesome so how can how does this relate with chiropractic and how can my chiropractor help.
Of going back to school many of my patients already know but the spine profoundly impacts the central nervous system for healing.
As you can see in this diagram all over organs glands and tissues are innovated by nerves that trace back to the spinal cord.

[24:13] By adjusting the vertebral around the spinal cord we can specifically and significantly improve and restore the function of two issues that aren't working like they should be.
So include chiropractic adjustments for you and your family as part of your health and wellness lifestyle.

[24:31] Chiropractic adjustments are also perfect for kids recovering.
From playground injuries or sport injuries so i hear this all the time my kids are bound to injure themselves on the playground or on their sports team how can typewriter justin's help.

[24:45] Perfect question so if you look at this frame here we can see how the top five causes of children's sports and recreation injuries include.
Basketball football bicycle accidents accidents on the playground and soccer injury so not only can you help your kids prevents getting future injuries but you can also help.
The recovery from his injuries with chiropractic adjustments okay.

[25:14] And here's just a little bit more detailed information on that again this is for dad tickets for eighteen years old.
And there are close to fifty thousand injuries related to basketball and football,
just because those are such high contacts sports soccer is up there as well and like i said i can't say enough about the benefits and value of chiropractic care.
To help with those injuries especially recovery not only that but also prevention.
Of those injuries alright ladies and gentlemen michigan families that is it for today remember to pick up your family wellness toolbox from the machine family wellness clinic at your next appointment i just wanna leave you guys with one final thought here.
People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care so.
My mission my vision and purpose is to serve this amazing community with these natural conservative an alternative approaches to healthcare and all of that is fueled by the justice passion of serving the key,
and doing this for the people that have.
Meant so much for me all right families what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you've heard on this or any previous edition of the family wellness lifestyle,
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thanks so much for tuning in families have an awesome week and remember we can do far more together than we could ever do apart now that you've been a.

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