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[1:06] Best way to have a healthy family is by living a Family Wellness lifestyle so if you're looking.
Should affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family.
Then I strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today Debbie's Journey started years ago when her daughter was injured on the basketball court.

[1:27] A licensed massage therapist began rubbing oils on her daughter telling her
about the healing properties of each oil what should have taken weeks to recover only took day Debbie was so impressed at the speed of healing
he began her journey will extensive research.
And by the flex technique known as raindrops through care debbie continue her education i getting her are wrong with their best certification.
True or on the height debbie is also licensed under the national there he's certification board alright families let's jump into today's interview.
Welcome families to the interview portion of today's podcast my guest on the show today is Debbie Gordon welcome to the podcast.

[2:16] Thank you I'm so glad to be here.

[2:18] Again Debbie I just need to stop and Marvel I feel like I say this for the last few episodes
or expertise.
To the women the mothers in the families listening so that they can and get value from hearing your story as relates to Roma therapy in the essential oils.
That being said we do have two questions that we always ask our guests here on the podcast so.
Real quick Debbie I just told her family's a little bit about you as professional on the podcast is family.
Could you tell us a little bit more about you as the person and what does family look like for you.

[3:06] Oh absolutely i been married for thirty five years of the thirty six years to shake this coming year congratulations
thank you we have four children all three boys and a girl and I actually homeschooled my children so I've been very blessed to stay with them and from the time they were born till they graduated.
Oh awesome that's that's really great i do have a couple families that do home schooling here in michigan in the area and i just i give you guys a lot of credit for what you're able to do.

[3:39] Thank you absolutely just the next thing is there anything about Michigan that you love one of our smitten with the mitten
and I know you're down there in Texas but if there's any connection at all go ahead and share that with us real quick.

[3:56] No actually I have never actually been to Michigan and I would love to take a trip there
likewise i would love to go down and spend some more time in texas usually am flying through whether it be houston or dallas or some like that
will that being said debbie let's go ahead and dive in to some depth here because i really want the women the mothers and the families listening to get value from your like i said your experience is your expertise
your unique perspective so go ahead tell us about your daughter and what happened all those years ago as it relates to essential oils.

[4:29] Oh okay well my journey started and my daughter was playing basketball and and you think that guys are effing basketball but i think girls are a little bit,
I learn more rest and she was on the basketball court and a girl.

[4:44] Wanted to take her out and she came up from behind her and need her and I saw that from the stands
and she need her and my daughter's name which definitely took her out and a massage therapist came over and begin rubbing oils on her leg instead.
This or what is the s and this or what is that and i was just amazed and i sit down is my friend and i said that ladies rubbing oils on my daughter and she says
good don't you know about those and I said no so that started my journey and I began to do a a tremendous amount of research
because I thought aromatherapy was candles and I had plenty of candles.
I didn't need anymore but as I began to research that and began to experiment I knew I needed to learn more about just amazing healing abilities of oils.

[5:35] So when you say oils like a perspective.
Let's say that I'm listening and I have no idea what the essential oils are.
Listeners are we talking about talking about.
How to oil olive oil are these just regular oils or like what are we talking
those times of always or fatty oils are at olive oils
or what we would call carrier oils they have the proteins telling them and they are not just the old and in a lot of those levels are held press which would you are healthier for our body's like in
olive oil but essential oils are different they are actually
the plant parts the leaves the stems a bark the roots that are actually still processed and different forms mainly is steam distilled which means that.
I'm only 500 jme use the atomic mass is actually able to.
Through that distillation process and she do pure we are which is called essential oil which is the.
Turn it up that plant material that was to steeled and that's called an essential oil.

[6:53] Okay yeah so I'm kind of getting up a better understanding now
for a listeners if I could different kinds of coconut oil.
Music for cooking and fur.
Nutritional value or for caloric value.
And there's also oils like you said essential oils that are from plants old pressed all those things and better distilled and i would almost classify those in terms of medicine like of medicinal value so we have food
have like caloric value and we have medicinal value does that kinda make sense to you absolutely two different categories and that's correct
gotcha okay so what your saying is these oils these essential oils they actually have a therapeutic effect on the body can you talk about that.

[7:47] Yes and said there is and then when you get into essential oils there Ashley two categories of essential oils you have what I would call the I called him the the donkey oils or The Fragrant oils and then.
Let's say if we were going to do that in the category of horses see have donkeys in any have zebras so you have that the oils at work that i car fragrance oils that you might would into soaps
candles and that sort of thing their fragrances and that's what their purpose is their distillation purpose when they are
they are distilled then you have what I called body aromatherapy type oils which are therapeutic oils that are non toxic to the body so those are what I call zebra oils because those oils are very expensive oils
and they're not as common they're not as many companies just steal those types of oils a for therapeutic
it says that you do have the other oils are very common that you will see in the grocery stores that you will say in a lot of products that are manufactured
and does are very inexpensive oils that they were never intended it to be put on the body the bring up a great point here dev and i'm sure we could talk all day about
just this one issue but city give our listeners more of a contest or more understanding in the same way that.

[9:10] With my chiropractic clinic with my chiropractic in nutritional office you know I'm only going to use the nutritional medicine or the supplements that herbs the vitamins and minerals omega-3 fish oils I'm only use those products that have
That you can order off Amazon that you can't walk into Walmart and purchase you know these companies they only work with licensed doctors so to give that to you what I hear you saying.
You don't wanna be ingested or inhaled or use dirty oils is that your saying at selling.
Because those oils as you're saying those essential oils they are not processed for you to use on your children
to use on your body to try to support your body systems at all those particular essential oils ce ce were manufactured in that was their intent and their purpose was to
is an essential oil very quickly at a very high temperature which which kills the property of the plant.

[10:21] And then it is not you it's not our bet our bodies are not able to use those so it makes it a very toxic product.

[10:30] This is a fantastic point like I was saying Debbie and I just really want to drive this home for people like with most things.
If if certain signals can be used for.
Powerful signal signaling for healing then you need to do that proper way
likewise you can distort all of that or you can use the opposite end of the spectrum and not get that full therapeutic effect i mean take food as an example you're gonna get a much.
additional value from a piece of organic fruits that was well watered without any pesticides or besides or anything like that.
Then you are from a piece of fruit or an apple that's been you know sprayed with Roundup and has all these chemicals on it they're going to have to completely opposite effect so.
Use this as an analogy to what you're saying there are those oils which I'm sure we can talk about.

[11:29] There are there oils that can have profound healing signals for aromatherapy for therapeutic benefits for your body and those the ones that we want to talk about those are the ones that we want to talk about the benefits in the value of here today
we don't want people to think that they can just go out and get some she dirty oils and start rubbing them on their feet.
And say hey this doesn't work i'm not feeling better right absolutely that is absolutely either he hit that dad on
so wanna go and tell us about the rain drop technique and kind of the whole via fax thing you do absolutely so when your wanting it so using an essential oil on.
I on the body is.

[12:10] There are there different techniques that can be used so that you can utilize that to help the body to heal just as you're doing Chiropractic work you know that the spine is where the Healing Begins.

[12:23] Set correct absolutely absolutely okay said just in
that also using the take me which is called rain drop which is
a technique that includes vitaflex vitaflex is using the fingertips the pads of the fingers rolling up to the tips of the fingers and then driving and then that creates a very rapid motion.
Which creates a low voltage in the body.
Up to stimulate in those channel's in our body we have marines are channel's and the body suit for healing purposes so there are over five thousand.
Vitaflex points are or reflex points of the body and those
areas can actually be used we can actually do that little technique by the flyes
on those points to help healing to bring about healing in those areas and then when you add an essential oil on top of that it just creates a Synergy I mean it's like 10 to the 10th power
when you're using as an essential oil in a healing technique
your body to pray to keep your body over that wellness line which is what we're trying to dave so there's feather earring and stimulation and the more you stimulate those different areas on the feet and on the back it using an.

[13:43] Your preferred essential oil then that helps your body to have a healing effect.

[13:50] Test it unitas really appreciate all the value that you sharing here i really like the neurology behind the essential oils and you know what they have to offer for.
And yeah i mean sis speaking personally know getting va honorable with our listeners shipped
a rain drop therapy has really helped my own mother she's had tons of spinal problems tons of back
pain issues i actually did some sessions of the rain drop therapy the range op protocol directly on her spine in conjunction with the chiropractor justin's that we're doing.
I just can't say enough how much better she fell i would say during that time she fell.
The best when we were able to consistently do the Raindrop therapy like every week.
I would say that's when her back would feel the best for sure absolutely and i got and i wouldn't even answer to that is even adding with the car practice it
adjustment having that done and then doing a raindrop on a different day actually the two actually
for each other because what you do then the raindrops will go in it
that the oils ended the technique they will actually go in and help to support what you did.

[15:00] I just want to cite something else for our listeners here to this is from the New England Journal of Medicine from 1998 so it's a little dated
having been said they've done radio grass of they've done x-rays of actually people that have pots disease or what's known as tuberculosis of the spine.
And they've actually done treatments of rain drop therapy directly on to.
The spinal segments where they have this infection of tuberculosis and they can show before and after images.

[15:29] The improvements of that person's tuberculosis in their spine after receiving.
The rain drop therapy so i just think this is a great this is a conservative this is a gentle technique an alternative healing technique that can have such profound impact for healing.

[15:48] Wow that's incredible so I'm actually going to link to that in the show notes and have that as a resource for our listeners are you able to speak at all these things work in terms of the mechanisms.

[16:02] Well basically what I can say is
now it does support for instance one of the oils that she's just a regular oregano support your respiratory system that
way right now actually works and i like visual pictures and has people to remember so it's like a window with a plant on the other side if the window is full of dirt.
The sun cannot get through.
And the plant on the other side will wither or become very sickly our sales are like Windows so when you use oregano on the body.
Does it is like windex and then goes in and it gives the sale i clean up white
so then I'm as you continue to use their that you said you do this on a regular basis it will continue to cleanse at that sell off so that nutrition can get to that sale and then
so that she from you know so just like a window clean being clans
be able to have sense up sunshine come through and heal the plant of well that's the way that the essential oil works with the right now.

[17:13] Tasks again debbie at wanna point out something else that you're illustrating here you know you're sharing your expertise your using these metaphors these analogies because you've studied.
Sensual oils and your actually certified you have you known as i mentioned earlier around the therapist certification your around the height you know what your talking about.
I want to guide people towards are people like yourself i want the women the mothers the families and the patients out there.
To work with someone who knows what they're doing because here's the thing like I was saying earlier.
You could take oregano and you could use it inappropriately but if you use it at the right level at the right time in the right sequence it can have a
sound effect for healing but if you do if you use it in the wrong way then it's you know like people that put oregano up their nose when they don't necessary yeah it's like why would you do that especially if they don't have any sinus issues going on
there needs to be education about how to use the essential oils correctly let's talk about that a little bit actually because you can diffuse the oils in the air you can read them on your feet.
Let's talk us through the different applications are on the therapy in the essential oils.

[18:23] How absolutely say you're very correct on as far as being about using essential oils correctly there are certain oils that are high in phenols that are,
what we would consider hot oils well these particular oils do need to be certain
across your skin and then.
And then doing it again the next day and then again eventually that's again it's going to become very sensitive to that area and I would guess what we cause skin sensitization so that
you actually can break out from that and it can cause some issues so you do need to know how to apply an essential oil
loyal to the body and the safest place is the bottom of the feet are feet will absorb that oil was in 10 minutes.
Can some sorry it will be in the body and within twenty minutes it will be in the entire body system via the blood in being able to get into the blood.

[19:31] I think i said before that the oils are five hundred a m you small meaning that's teeny teeny tiny i'm and that is reason why it
penetrates our body and can pass that blood-brain barrier.
So you wouldn't want to put a what we consider a hot oil on the skin without.
Diluting it or at least having a layer of a carrier oil which we talked about carrier oils being the coconut oil or the the jojoba oil the arm and oils and that sort of thing
the other way that a person can use that oil is to actually breathe it in because that will go to the factory where you will be able to breathe that in it goes to the limbic system where are memory is stored if you.
At Christmas time,
some smells that you smell or at Thanksgiving times maybe that would be pumpkin spice or a pumpkin pie well that will if a person smells that it will bring back that memory so we had that stored in our brain,
it really thing emotional patterns that were she specifically cuz ian talks about.
Now we are able to really sir mission stay that windex system.

[20:54] And we can use essential oils for that purpose so we can also use essential oils internally again you would need to.

[21:04] Then that is where you really need to be careful because there are certain ways you can take certain essential oils
with a clear capsule about putting certain certain amount of drops in the capsule and then maybe adding and an olive oil
nah carrier all with that and you can do you do it that way i taking it and maybe are rice milk or even penny we also can ingesting that way so it
again you would want to know why you going to be using that oil.
How long are you going to be using it for and it's better to as you said get a little bit of Education in that and that is the reason why I
spent thousands of hours studying that I
decided she I needed more information that's why I became an aromatherapist and then I also like it so went through care to learn how to do body aromatherapy because they don't teach that as an aromatherapist so I
wanted the whole enchilada
go back a little bit and see if you can pick up and just kinda emphasize some the points you're making their back to when you were talking about oregano i can definitely just again speaking from personal experience and just kind identifying with our listeners here.

[22:19] I actually talked about using the oils in your seats I had a plantar wart years ago
and part of the protocol this Ward was actually to use oregano for its antiviral on anti micro.
He's actually right on the war itself and i can i i can tell you that once i started doing that.

[22:39] I had so much faster success you know like they say 12 weeks or something like that for a check if you're really using a lot of salicylic acid or like that well.
Those tend to kill all recommend using these natural alternatives like oregano so I'm glad you,
i know other thing you mentioned was just kind of the the olfactory nerve so again as chiropractor in very specific about adjusting the spine.
Adjusting the spinal column for that central nervous system impact and what I love about faction or cranial nerve one is that.

[23:14] When you smell something it goes directly that nerve specifically this is unique to the sense of olfaction so there's other senses that we have likes.
And sound and taste and touch but smell specifically is the only sense that will go directly to your frontal cortex
and when you look at the Neurology of it all of our other senses actually synapse in the thalamus or there is a connection in the thalamus before they go to our frontal cortex so to your point as well with memory with the limbic system that's why
when you smell something it's almost like the memory comes.
Front of your mind before you even realize it you know so like i've i've gone down in the basement before and it'll smell like my grandparents basement for whatever reason and then all three seconds later of the
oh my gosh like this reminds me of grandma's house so that's the principle of what we're talking about here is that olfactory nerve.

[24:10] It goes directly to the frontal cortex and not to the Falmouth 1st which
then ties into your next Point that's why it's so effective in terms of a depression model in terms of an ADHD these essential oils you talked about the blood-brain barrier.
But that's why these essential oils can be so powerful and so impactful for anyone that has any kind of a neurocognitive.
Neurodegenerative condition or just has trouble concentrating more trouble falling asleep all of these brain functions.
Can be significantly influenced and impacted a lot of pharmaceutical companies.
With their drug manufacturing they're trying to figure out what drugs actually pass the blood-brain barrier do all of the essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier or are there only specific ones
what i've been studying
what I understand they all penetrate the skin but there are certain ones.
Are very specific to that that
are very high and certain chemicals so are the chemical constituents.
For instance frankincense is a very good one that will actually do that.

[25:30] Okay that's great I just like that clarification there because that's actually what I understand it to be too so I use the analogy of like a cheesecloth cheesecloth or like a fine-mesh strainer is only going to let.

[25:43] Things of a certain size through it so that's kind of the analogy I use for the blood-brain barrier there is this barrier between our brain and the circulation system of our skull or of our head.
So things that are small enough to go through the blood brain barrier those are permeable those can go through other things like abba for example the neurotransmitters gathers not supposed to go through your blood brain barrier.
And so that's why in a clinical model and you feel,
the brain as they say to go along with the leaky got discussions that are so popular cell so debbie i know we talked about this in our free chat
but the reality is in such a toxic world we have tons of chemical exposures in our everyday life.
And not only that but our food is so toxic as well with all of the.
Sides in the er besides that are just in our environment are just a become part of our lives today so my question for you is is there a detoxification component of the essential oils.

[26:51] Oh absolutely I'm dead as one of the.

[26:54] More gentle ways that a person can they tosser body on a regular basis.
Does it just says we to
talked about oregano they actually will go in and cleanse the receptor size they go in and delete misinformation and they have to set the set up shop kind of like
the mom goes in and she cleans up and she make sure everything is running very effectively as essential oils have
these ones have those same chemical components that will go in and help that sell to detox and repair it
fantastic I just love the person that makes perfect sense
okay thanks.
How these things work on a mechanistic level so thank you for that what is your favorite way to actually use the oils.

[27:51] Well course i do body aromatherapy so i do that.
Practically everyday I'm working on the feet I'm working on the the other spine area I'm talking about the brain I do vitaflex also on the head and just know various body parts and so
that's my favorite way is to use body around the therapy
i'd do the fuse and others a diffuser that a person can pad and all and if they don't want to if they're not very comfortable with that they can just of use it on and she said free that and it will still get into the bloodstream but it won't be is
quickly and sometimes oils are better used.

[28:34] Specifically on that body part but my favorite way actually is to.
Body aromatherapy.
Do you have your favorite essential oils that you use on a regular basis or is there anything that people can use for anxiety or stress or fatigue
that these Citrus oils are excellent for.
Helping to promote those Happy Feelings so if you want to wake up your brain those are some oils essential oils that will actually wake you up,
perk you make you feel good and make you feel happy and that's pretty much.
Picking essential picking up a citrus oil so that will happen now there's
as we know schedules to so many different things so i can take one or we on and the and talk about that for hours right,
ge they're all state help specifically children to happen.
Focus if they're doing homework or if they're having any trouble just sitting down there certain oils that people on there's been a study done on vetiver that helps them to come into Focus
and rosemary is another oil that helps the memory peppermint is not one that you would that you can actually just kind of sniff that way.
The wake of the brain also so this is something steak and a two as yours is studying and.

[30:02] Thing about essential oils you'll find that someone well may we.

[30:08] Better than another oil the lavender may have a person to sleep.

[30:12] I wake up another person c is it is a kind of a trial and error that you can you know that okay i'm gonna try it as sit your soul to weight myself at the.
Take your sister so that mart and try the next one so you might want tangerine re my lemon.
Orange those those try a different Citrus oil to see which one will work for you that wakes you up
peppermint before just rather than using coffee drinking 5-hour Energy.
For mentioning that the purpose of the Michigan Family Wellness podcast is to really be an audio library resource
stress and challenges in their life nine or talking about essential oils today and so obviously you know obtaining those.
Quality essential oils would be a great first step in terms of other resources like is there anywhere else that
learn more about how to use the oils different protocols different applications is there any where that you are direct and.

[31:21] Well I ain't there is a free source if a person doesn't want to hear if they're not
and I don't want to purchase a but there's a lots of excellent but if they don't want to purchase a but if they want to go online a very good source that I like to look at is organic it's just a.
They don't sell oils and you can.
I go there type in the essential oil for instance of peppermint essential oil and they will kind of give you the property of that oil it will tell you how.
From various medical uses that they can use that particular all for four but i will not tell you actually how to apply it to the body so that's one place.

[32:04] Another place that i like going to is loyal dash.
The millennials dot com where these are actual real people so is a free basic search so you just register for that and.
I'm typing in that condition that you're looking for and if there's a database on that it will pop up and it will tell what a real person.
Used and how they use that oil on their body in the result that they got so that's a couple of places
so thank you for that and I just wanted to go and I don't want this to turn into a
yeah branding no and that's not my world in my opinion what you said i just want people to use good clean oil so whether that's young living or do terra or whatever other company that's out there that's doing a good job that's what i want people to do i don't want them to go
to their health food store and buy dirty oils off the shelf so how do you ask that.

[33:06] Well I know you do a lot of research on that day at the oils and when you start researching on the internet here's the thing just as I told you
there's a category of what you call but I called the donkey oils and then there's the zebra oils so a majority of the companies.
There they are just producing is how the oil is produced the.

[33:29] The oils are going to say everyone of them grocery store rules or what have there going to say one hundred percent pure that's not what you're looking for you they will all say one hundred percent pure is just a label
what you're looking for is how is that oil produced that is what matters so the
if the oil is produced at a very high temperature which destroys the property of the oil very quickly then it's not going to be the kind of oil you're going to want to use for your family but what you're looking for is
the person that the company that produces the oil correctly so now you got to do even deeper research you got to start saying okay how is that oil produced how did.
Company produced that oil where are they getting that oil from so if,
a company actually produces their own oil they've planted their seed it dave crown that plant material was say it's a mom and pop type court.

[34:33] Are they planted their seed they baby did they nurture did they.
Harvest they harvested that plant material they distilled that plant material at the correct temperature.
Takes on will take lavender for instance this is a very good point you take lavender and yet there is a world leader and what,
fragrant oils and what they do is i will take lavender in it takes him.
Eighteen minutes to process that lavender oil at a very high temperature.
They eat out 100% of the oil
and now you got to cheat oil but it smells wonderful is a fragrant oil then you have the
took the next company the one that you would want to use for the body while it takes them on the lavender to distill that oil at least an hour and a half.
Very low temperature and they only get out about seventy percent of that we on the other thirty percent they're not able to extract that out of that distillation process so what is that going to do that makes that
Body Oil very expensive because it took way longer to do it.
And I didn't get all the oil out of it but what you have is an oil that is non-toxic to the body that is very healing to the body the other oil the 15 minute oil.

[35:55] Is not going to heal the oil as a matter of fact that oil that the the the 15 minute oil is very high in Camp.

[36:04] Okay thank you
15 minute oil is going to burn your skin worse it's going to make your condition a lot worse why
it's the way it was processed so what you're looking at when you're looking at an oil es hell is that we have processed
so now your research will take you a little bit deeper and you're going to say what company produces those therapeutic oils.
I like the way you emphasize a process to technique manufacturing you know mechanisms there I find that that's a much better way to approach it
and saying my dad but in your battery some like that selma steady thank you so much for working people fine you on line.
My website is holistic tension is not spelled the way holistic is stay out age away all my web said is age
oil oil is in the middle because that's what I'm about so it's holistic
it's again debbie and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resonating with us relates to around the.

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Oh thank you dr. Kyle that was amazing you did a beautiful job of explaining the science behind and just.
Giving a very good clear visual picture I'm going to enjoy every listening to this.

[37:42] Fantastic and thanks again for just sharing your story in your expertise
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