To cultivate wellness in the entire family, each family member needs to have a healthy nervous system.  Dr. Kyle ensures your nervous system is functioning at its highest potential by using the art and science of Chiropractic Adjustments, and therapeutic Nutritional Medicine.   

Paired together, these techniques help families fight off infections, get the rest they need, and enable them to spend time doing what they love to do.  When your nervous system is free to fully express itself, your body can start to heal naturally; and when your body has the proper fuel (nutrition), it completes that healing process.  

Dr. Kyle provides Restoration and Resiliency.  Our world is so toxic today, and some of us are so sick; we need an oasis, a place where we can go to be restored. 

Furthermore, after helping you restore your body to optimal health, Dr. Kyle teaches patients how to be resilient, able to adapt to any stress or challenge in their life.  

Nutritional Therapies

Once the nervous system has been tuned to fully express vitality, Dr. Kyle equips your cells with specific therapeutic nutrition.  

Adjusting the spine alone is an amazing path to wellness; but pairing the adjustment with clinical nutritional supplements helps your body hold the adjustments and better adapt to stress.  

Patients don't have time to try things that don't work, that's why Dr. Kyle only uses the highest quality herbs and whole-food physical medicine.  

Applied Kinesiology

Manual Muscle Testing or Applied Kinesiology is an objective way to functionally measure a patient's neurology.  

Dr. Kyle is highly trained in this advanced technique, which allows for adjustments and nutrition tailored to your body.  

Protocols and manuals are helpful, but no two people are the same.  

Muscle testing allows Dr. Kyle to communicate with your nervous system, and find the best solutions for you.