If you are looking for a Canton Chiropractor,

Dr. Kyle Wallner provides the highest quality

Family Wellness Chiropractic care &

Nutritional Therapies available.

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Functional Medicine

Blood Testing Is

Also Available For Our

Patient Community!

Our Mission:

We believe Chiropractic care and Nutritional based therapies are a foundational part of a healthy family lifestyle.  

Where we believe if you FUEL your body with the proper nutrition it will thrive, STRESS is the enemy, and the CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT is the foundation of a wellness lifestyle!

We help busy moms transform from tired, short fused, and stressed out, into a healthy, thriving, and vibrant woman for their family!

We help busy dads transform from irritable, unmotivated, and stressed out, into a healthy, thriving, and vibrant man for their family!



We are conveniently located in the heart of the Canton community. 

Find us in the medical building South of Ford Road on Canton Center Road, next to the Antonio's Restaurant.    


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Hear What People Are Saying:

I want to give a testimonial about Dr. Kyle Wallner. I met him through Business Network International at a time when I was looking for new chiropractic care. Being a dancer, gymnast, and cheerleader from youth through graduate school, my lower back, neck and shoulders took a beating, and had caused discomfort now as an age 50+ adult. I had spoken to other people in his field who were equally qualified, but when I met Dr. Kyle, I immediately knew he was the one I could put my health and trust in! He is a great listener, and so smart! He is compassionate, caring, and has “magic hands” ...he can adjust and correct subluxations in the spine and body so you have no pain and a ton of energy! I’m so grateful to him, and I look forward to having him treat me... and now my husband... for many years to come. He is simply terrific! Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Kyle if you want to feel your very best.
— Ann
Dr. Kyle is a great listener and genuinely cares about your concerns & your health. I appreciate his knowledge and the time dedicated to me while I’m at the office.”
— Chelsie
Dr. Kyle is very passionate about what he does and takes great pride in his profession. What makes Dr. Kyle stand out from the rest of the chiropractors is that he forms relationships with his patients - he makes himself available to answer questions in between appointments, provides detailed information about every adjustment he makes, explains how each adjustment impacts other bodily functions, and is able to remember everything about our patient and conversation history without having to glance at a chart during the visit. We highly recommend Dr. Kyle (we drive 60 miles round-trip just for his expert services) to anyone who is seeking professional and personal chiropractic care. Not only will you receive expert care, but you will learn how important chiropractic care is for your health and notice immediate results.
— Jennifer
I’ve been seeing Dr Kyle for a few years for general health and wellness but last month I developed a nasty pain in my hip which effected basic movements throughout the day. My wife had to put my shoes on me during this period. Dr Kyle diagnosed my issue within seconds of seeing him and after 2 days of putting to use the prescribed therapy and supplement... my hip was as good as new! So much knowledge and he explains things win a way to ensure you understand him too! Highly recommended!!!
— Steve
We love visiting Dr. Kyle! He shows his care for his patients by taking his time with each one and explaining everything he does. He adjusted our newborn baby and I was impressed with how thorough he was. I absolutely trust him to take care of my family. He is really positive and encourages us to move forward with healthy living!
— Bekka
Dr. Kyle is very professional and makes sure he fully explains your health and his methods! The adjustments are wonderful, I’ve had 3 now and I always leave feeling great! He even checks up with you in between adjustments!
— Amanda
Dr. Wallner never makes us feel rushed and spends quality time going over any questions or concerns we have. Love the care and attention we get from him. He is 100% about our wellness!
— Rachel
I’m an 80 year old man who had never been to a chiropractor. I am amazed at the knowledge and dedication Dr. Kyle has brought to his practice and I can’t believe he could cure my sweet tooth with natural herbal supplements.
— Dick
I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Kyle over the last 4 months. His devotion to your overall health and wellness is clear. His passion for your health is his first priority. I am so impressed with his drive to educate the local community about alternative methods to treat conditions we tend to just live with. Not only is he a great educator, but he truly listens and is so down to earth that I feel comfortable discussing my health concerns with Dr. Kyle!
— Colleen

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