MFW 057 | Chiropractic & Midwifery For Your Pregnancy

Throughout history, women have been supporting women during pregnancy and labor.  Mothers, sisters, aunts, etc would come together in a village and support the expecting mother.  

Today, many women are alone during these special times. Midwifery supports the woman having a natural experience. Midwifery, like Chiropractic, is a profession rooted in science, philosophy, and art.     

We need the standard interventions available today.  They are life saving for both mom and baby, but for woman seeking an experience to avoid interventions, combining midwifery with Chiropractic care is a great place to start.

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MFW 056 | How Chiropractic Helps Breech Babies | Elsie Escobar

We often discuss the benefits and value of Chiropractic care for pregnant women and kids. In this episode, Elsie shares her story of how Chiropractic care not only fixed her low back pain, but also assisted in her baby's breech presentation.

From a structural perspective, the alignment of the mother's lumbar spine, sacrum, and pelvis profoundly influences how a baby lays inside the womb.

Elsie's vulnerability is empowering and encouraging.  Today, Elsie continues to receive Chiropractic adjustments, along with her entire family.  

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MFW 055 | How To Stick With It! | Cat Golden

People are looking for a quick fix when it comes to their health.

Good things take time and effort, and it doesn't happen overnight, especially when it comes to our health.  Consistency and congruency are key.

Cat will help you stay consistent by helping you:  

  • Set Goals
  • Find Your Why
  • Accountability Partners
  • Write Down Why You Are Worth Taking Care Of 

Cat leverages her training and experience as a nurse to empower individuals to always be the best version of themselves.

Cat Golden's Website

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