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MFW 064 | The ABC's Of Balance | Brittany Denis, DPT

The ABC's Of Balance | Brittany Denis, DPT

Brittany is a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist which gives her a unique perspective into helping others improve their function and quality of life. 

Outside of her clinic clinic, she can be found on her farm in Belleville spending time moving outdoors with her husband and two young sons. 

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MFW 061 | How To Eat Right For Fertility, Thyroid Health & Vibrant Energy | Jessica Spiers

Jessica Spiers is a Wellness Expert with a degree in Holistic Nutrition; however, she’s most comfortable classifying herself as an “everyday mom” who’s trying her best to help herself and her family live a more natural and healthy life.

She’s dedicating herself to helping her viewers navigate the incredibly crowded wellness space one-step at a time.

Jessica is passionate about delivering science-based research in a practical fashion that’s easy to apply for busy mom’s on-the-go. 

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MFW 052 | A Mother's Story On The Family Wellness Lifestyle | Brandy Bright

MFW 052 | A Mother's Story On The Family Wellness Lifestyle | Brandy Bright

While the benefits of living a family wellness lifestyle are numerous, it's not always easy.  If you are struggling, know that you are not alone.

This week I talk with wife, mother, and business owner Brandy Bright about what the family wellness lifestyle looks like for her family.   

Brandy and I discuss different ways to make healthy lifestyle choices including:

-Healthy nutrition & food Choices

-Chiropractic care during & after pregnancy

-Using a doula or midwife during pregnancy

-Nutritional benefits of breastfeeding

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