MFW 061 | How To Eat Right For Fertility, Thyroid Health & Vibrant Energy | Jessica Spiers

Jessica Spiers is a Wellness Expert with a degree in Holistic Nutrition; however, she’s most comfortable classifying herself as an “everyday mom” who’s trying her best to help herself and her family live a more natural and healthy life.

She’s dedicating herself to helping her viewers navigate the incredibly crowded wellness space one-step at a time.

Jessica is passionate about delivering science-based research in a practical fashion that’s easy to apply for busy mom’s on-the-go. 

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MFW 036 | The Top Training Benefits For Kids | Dan Allison

Dan is the director of the Strength and Conditioning programs at POWR Performance, and is a youth training specialist.  

With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Community Health, Dan is fully equipped to help you reach your ultimate goals.  

One of Dan’s passions is working with our kids, helping the younger athletes make the safest, most linear progress they can for their sport.

MFW 031 | Baby Loss Moms Find Postpartum Peace | Laura Devine

Laura is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor with a Bachelor's degree in dance.  

She has taught, trained, and managed at gyms and studios in New York, Chicago, and most recently Charlottesville, Virginia.  
After losing her daughter, Eve, at 40 weeks into a perfectly healthy pregnancy, Laura aspires to help other baby loss moms find postpartum peace through the practice of yoga.

Laura's Blog Website


 Laura's Blog Post While In The Hospital After Delivering Eve


MFW 017 | Dr. Jay Warren | The Benefits & Value of Chiropractic for Pregnancy & Pediatrics


MFW 020 | Bridgit Danner


Research Study Validating the Value of Chiropractic During Pregnancy


International Chiropractic Pediatric Association