MFW 063 | How To Elevate Your Health & Emotions Through Reflexology | Kristi Holmes

Kristi Holmes is a Reflexologist in Plymouth, Michigan.

Kristi attended the Branch Reflexology Institute in Okemos Michigan before going on to receive her National Board Certification in Reflexology!

For the past 2 years, she has been practicing Reflexology at her clinic in Plymouth’s Old Village neighborhood.

Her practice is called R3 Reflexology.

Listen to this episode to learn:

-How to find YOUR waist line

-Your Diaphragm line

-Pulling The Big Toe Back

We discuss how Reflexology can help:

-Plantar Fasciitis

-Adrenal Fatigue

-Anxiety & Depression






-Shoulder & Neck Pain

-Low Back Pain

This is the Human Somato-Senory Cortex as described in visual form through a Homunculus:

MFW 058 | How Clean Water Affects Your Health | Natalia Mendoza

MFW 058 | How Clean Water Affects Your Health | Natalia Mendoza

How Clean Water Affects Your Health

It is impossible to emphasize enough the importance of clean, purified, drinking water.  After all, our bodies are mostly water!

Healthy Habits With Clean Water

We often hear the narrative around making healthy food choices.  Things like reading ingredient labels, and avoiding additives, preservatives, sugar, and processed foods.  We need to expand this narrative to being mindful of the water we consume, its quality, its mineral content, and its affect on our health.    

Personal Application:    

Natalia shares her own health struggles and explains how electrolyte reduced water is an effective solution for a healthy family lifestyle.     

May this episode empower and encourage you.

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MFW 048 | Healthy Snacking For Busy Family's | Kristi Zebrowski

Kristi graduated from Eastern Michigan in International Business and moved to Chicago for work shortly after.

While in Chicago, she decided attend culinary school & work full time.

Upon completion of her culinary program at Le Cordon Bleu, she traveled to Rome for a six week internship, before returning to Chicago to work in upscale michelin star restaurants as a personal chef.

After discovering she had a sensitivity to gluten, Kristi began learning how to make gluten free foods taste amazing.

During this time of experiencing how food can either help your body or hurt your body, she changed her perception about how food should be prepared.

Kristi believes Food is fuel, and it is the cause and the cure for many health issues.

Kristi's passion is now giving individuals & families the tools they need to be their best and to feel their best, while still enjoying the social and emotional aspects of eating, by eating clean, quality and simple foods.


Amy Teller's Episode:

MFW 005 | The Family Wellness Lifestyle


Learn More about Kristi here: