MFW 038 | What Do I Do After I Lose Weight? | Tim Brolus

What Do I Do After I Lose Weight?

I get this question frequently from the women & mother's that follow our methodic detox & lean body programs.

Many people spend incredible amounts of energy and discipline to lose weight.  And rightly so!

Losing weight keeps you mentally sharp, puts less strain on your joints, and adds years with your family onto your life!

That being said, keeping the weight off is another challenge but it is just as important as losing it in the first place. 

In this empowering episode of the MFW podcast, Tim Brolus walks us through the practical applications to adopting a weight loss lifestyle.

Here are the benefits from maintaining a health weight:

  • Enhanced Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Increased Mental Clarity

  • Boosted Athletic Performance

  • Elevated Immune System

  • Improved Sleep Patterns

I hope you find Tim's insights into the weight loss lifestyle valuable and begin applying the principles to elevate your health & family wellness lifestyle.