MFW 020 | Balancing Female Hormones Naturally | Bridgit Danner

Balancing Female Hormones Naturally:

Bridgit Danner runs an online women’s health community called Women’s Wellness Collaborative. 

Through this community, she interviews experts in women's health through blogs, videos, podcasts and online summits.                

Bridgit Danner practiced Chinese Medicine for nearly 12 years and has performed over 12,000 treatments. 

She is also a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. She has worked extensively in the fertility field, and has worked with many professional women in helping them find health within their busy lives.

Bridgit became passionate about women’s health after her own postpartum health crisis. With the help of life coaching, holistic nutrition, functional medicine and whole food cooking, she was able to recover from postpartum depression, epstein barr virus and adrenal dysregulation. 

She loves to share the tools and skills she’s learned, along with the tools of other experts, to help women everywhere find the energy and balance they crave.

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