MFW 029 | Part 2: How Homeopathy can ELEVATE your Family Wellness Lifestyle | Dr. Cass

MFW Episode 009 | Derek Webber

The Right Remedy

At The Right Time

At the Right Level

In The Right Sequence

For the past 40+ years, Dr. Robert Cass has been dedicated to the continuing advancements in the field of BioEnergetic Medicine.  

His highly acclaimed natural remedy line and innovative events world-wide have grounded advances in this dynamic field with evidence-based strategies, clinical skills, and effective natural protocols.

Dr. Cass founded the Academy Of International BioEnergetic Sciences to provide a central resource for forward thinking practitioners to expand their clinical experiences.

Dr. Cass helps other Doctors stay ahead of trends and advances in this fast growing field while, simultaneously, remaining true to the LEGACY from which this natural healing arts’ approach has emerged.  

He is also the founder and FORMULATOR for the Physica line of nutritional medicines & homeopathic remedies


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