MFW 060 | New Mechanisms Of Leaky Gut! | Dr. Elroy Vojdani

New Mechanisms Of Leaky Gut!

Health begins in our gut!

Leaky Gut or "Intestinal Permeability" has drawn a lot of attention in recent years because many diseases originate with dysfunction in our digestive and microbiome systems.  

Through new research, we continue to learn how Leaky Gut works, and now have an understanding of selective permeability and oral tolerance

By applying new principles, and leveraging innovative treatments, we can now help more people heal themselves from chronic disease and dysfunction. 

In this episode, we discuss:

     -The Role Of Zonulin
     -How Leaky Gut Is Not Always A Bad Thing
     -The Role Of the Vagus Nerve
     -Lifestyle Applications For Healing Leaky Gut

May this episode empower and encourage you! 

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