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MFW 054 | How To Heal Your Body By Increasing Micro-Circulation | Karyn Kokeny

BEMER is a Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulator.  

It uses waveform technology to emit a series of pulses to every cell in your body.  These pulses stimulate vaso-motor activity leading to increased micro-circulation of your blood.

Here are some of the benefits from laying on the BEMER:

-Enhance Blood Flow

-Increased Nutrition & Oxygen Supply

-Improved Cardiac Function

-Better Sleep

-Efficient Cellular Waste Removal

-Stress Reduction & Relaxation

-Greater Mental Clarity

As a Chiropractic Physician, we are removing central nervous system interference with the artful Chiropractic adjustment.  

With the BEMER, you are significantly enhancing the cardiovascular system by improving blood flow.  

The combination of an artful Chiropractic adjustment and a BEMER session couldn't be more harmonious.  

Karyn Kokeny is a former self employed Business & Executive Coach with Kokeny & Associates, as well as a former PepsiCo executive, where she spent a 20 ½ year career.

Karyn has a love for people and in her personal time, she enjoys reading, dining out and staying active outdoors.

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