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MFW 062 | How To Make The Ketogenic Lifestyle Work For You! | Dr. Scott Bergman

Scott Bergman, DC is a chiropractor, board-certified naturopath, holds a diplomate in integrative medicine and is a certified functional medicine practitioner in Walnut Creek, California. Since 1993 he has been the director of Chiro Kinetics, an integrative health clinic combining Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine, Rehabilitation, Pilates, Core Yoga Therapy, and Biological Resonance. Dr. Bergman has presented edifying health, nutrition and itness information internationally in business, education, and community settings.

Fats are converted into Ketones or Ketone bodies in our Liver.

Those Ketones are then converted into Aceyl-Coenzyme A, which can be used in our TCA/Krebs cycle for the production of energy.

There are 3 main Ketones:



-Beta Hydroxy Butyrate

Metagenics MCT Oil provides over 90% caprylic (C8) and capric (C10) acid triglycerides. Emerging science suggests that medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) may benefit the body in numerous ways. MCT may help support cognitive health and certain cognitive processes, and pre-clinical research suggests that MCT may benefit mitochondrial function. MCT supplementation temporarily increases levels of ketones, which may serve as an alternative energy source in the brain and in muscle. Supplementing with MCT at multiple meals during the day may aid reductions in body weight and body fat, especially in those with an increased body-mass index (BMI).†† MCT may also help to temporarily increase satiety and reduce food intake, and may temporarily enhance fat oxidation as compared to common long-chain fats.*

MCT Oil is a flavorless, odorless dietary supplement that can be easily added to food or beverages for convenience. Add to a salad, mix with a shake, or take alone for 10 grams of MCT per serving.

Exogenous Ketones, in the form of beta-hydroxybutyrate (βHB) salts, rapidly induce acute ketosis within 15 minutes† and support ketogenic program goals.*

Designed to help promote restful sleep, positive mood, and relaxation*