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As a health and wellness consultant, Melinda helps people live their healthiest life through safer skincare, and eating a healthier whole foods diet.

She owns a health and wellness business with Arbonne International, where Melinda:

1) Educates people about the importance of reading labels for the products we use ON our skin,

2) teaches, trains, and coaches people on how they can build their own part-time wellness business that provides time, flexibility, and financial health

And Thirdly, offers vegan, botanically-based, high-performing, wellness products to her family and her community.

Melinda provides one to one CONSULTING as well as group wellness presentations.

Her clients experience:

  • Cleaner, fresher skin, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles

  • increased energy, better digestion

  • increased overall health, including weight loss &

  • better immunity!

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Melinda Szwak

Arbonne Independent Consultant


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