MFW 000 | The Mission & Vision Of The MFW Podcast | Dr. Kyle

Are You someone who wants to Experience:

-More quality time with your family 

-Contribute more to the world around you 

-Be more productive at work 

-Have better sleep 

-Improve your digestion,

-Have more energy be able to bend over without pain and actually reach for things 

-And just straight up function like a normal person in this stressful world

All while advancing your career and taking care of the kids? Then this podcast is for you! 

This is designed to be a tool or resource to elevate your personal health and then by extension the health of your family. 

In order to take care of others you must take care of yourself first.

Every episode is designed to equip you with practical applications for immediate impact in your life.

As a Michigan licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, I will often relate discussions on wellness, health, lifestyle, and prevention, back to the central nervous system, and how this is the master control center of the entire body.

Furthermore as a practicing family wellness doctor at the MFW clinic, I see first hand every day how Chiropractic adjustments and Nutritional medicine are the foundation of the Family Wellness Lifestyle.