MFW 001 | Eliminating Chemicals From The Home | Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Bell is a Michigan native and has been a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant since 2015.

Lindsay attended Denison University where she majored in Environmental Studies and Economics, and has a Master of Urban & Regional Planning degree from the University of Michigan.

With a focus on public participation, she helped shape urban development policies for 10 years in the Planning Department of Fairfax County, Virginia, before becoming a full-time homemaker in 2012.

When she’s not teaching people how to clean safer & simpler with Norwex, Lindsay enjoys gardening, cooking and traveling.

She and her husband have a daughter and live in Northville, Michigan.


Practical Applications:

-Listen to the entire episode for the valuable family wellness content

-Get outdoors, breathe fresh air!

-Take off your shoes

-Improve the indoor air quality in your home by choosing cleaning products without harmful chemicals. Norwex offers great alternatives!


Environmental Working Group:


To Contact Lindsay:

Facebook:  Lindsay4GreenerClean