Body Dysmorphic Disorder & The 6 Keys To Healthy Weight Loss

Body Dysmorphic Disorder & The 6 Keys To Healthy Weight Loss

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.

2018, Dr. Kyle Wallner

Michigan Family Wellness

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.


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Good day michigan families and welcome to another empowering episode of michigan family wellness in your host dr kyle and today we have a special episode where i will be talking about the adverse health affects,

body dysmorphic and the disconnect between what we see in terms of body types in the mainstream media.

And what people really look like that before we jump into today's content i want to let everyone know that there will be exclusive pdf article.

At michigan family while the stock come that talks about the benefits and value of the paleo cleanse plus fourteen day detox program.

[2:42] My wife and i have personally done this detoxification protocol.

And while i'm not just going to randomly blindly prescribe this to me in all my patients.

[2:53] Does present a scientific approach to phase one and phase two liver detox and helping our lives and blood circulatory systems.

The drain those toxins that accumulate over time which can lead to excess weight gain.

And stubborn weight loss again don't just do any random plans for bone broth for detox program that you hear about on social media facebook you to the internet.

You can send your body into a healing crisis if you do things at the wrong time at the wrong level on sequence and basically go to hard to fast it's like doing a new exercise program.

You're not gonna try and run twenty six point two miles if he can even run,

one or two miles so you gonna hurt yourself long-term if you try some nice things and then six,

for a while you don't have that guidance the coaching that's necessary to get the results that the alright let's jump into today's episode,

in an age where there is a growing disconnect between the shapes and sizes of the majority of everyday people in real life and those of men and women whose physics are advertised as some sort of ideal.

I'm television online and in print media the issue of body dysmorphic is becoming more and more common it's a rare individual who doesn't have something about their body they wish were different but body dysmorphic is more than that,

it involves chronic unrelenting self ridicule.

That may take over someone's thoughts to the extent that interferes with work socialization.

[4:28] And mental and physical health body dysmorphic more formally called body dysmorphic disorder.

Is more than fretting over some post pregnancy stretch marks a few gray hairs or a couple of pounds of cracked up around the mid section over the years.

[4:45] Body dysmorphic disorder is characterized by a self perception that is detached from reality.

Individuals may imagine flaws that are non existent or they may view very mild and extremely common faults in their parents.

[5:01] Things other people don't even notice as so disfiguring an ass statically on pleasing that they take over the person starts and interfere with everyday life.

Put simply.

Individuals with body dysmorphic disorder see things that aren't there they become obsessed with perceived shortcomings about their physical body,

either completely imagining things or taking things that are there blemishes perhaps or scars cellulite or excess body fat.

And blowing them out of all rational proportion,

the tv may become so severe that the mayo clinic classifies it as quote.

[5:44] A type of chronic mental illness in the dvd is recognized as a unique diagnose a condition in the dsm for.

[5:54] Negative thoughts about ones appearance can become so pervasive and all encompassing that they actually lead to more severe conditions such as anxiety.

Eating disorders substance abuse and unnecessary and dangerous cosmetic procedures,

according to the inside in depression association of america dvd most often develops and adolescents and teens and research shows that it affects men and women almost equally,

about one percent of the us population has be dd it may be surprising that the self critical thoughts affect men and women nearly equally.

It could be that the air of self he's and near fetish icing of tan,

chiseled male forms rattling with muscles has begun to affect voices and mens is psyches the way decades of magazine covers featuring airbrushed and added photos of perfectly proportioned female models.

Have loved some women to believe that their self worth is determined solely by the size of their waist,

it's an breasts the process cause or triggers for bd dr unknown but the main clue negative life experiences that lead to a lasting imprint such as childhood teasing a baseline of low self-esteem,

pressure to conform to societal standards of attractiveness and having other,

psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or depression psychiatric co morbidity is our common and it may not be possible to tease out which are the causes and which are the effects.

[7:25] For example social anxiety disorder and the dr calm and cool morbidity so it seems logical that the could cause social anxiety disorder,

but one study suggests that bd is a subset of.

Social anxiety disorder in a very small study at a veterans affairs primary care behavioral health clinic bd was found to be associated with a substantially elevated rate of suicide attempts major depression.

And obsessive compulsive disorder.

This trend also applies be on veterans to the general population where there is a noted high rate of co morbidity between the dvd.

Depression and suicide obsessive compulsive disorder is a common commodity with pd but the two conditions have significant distinctions and,

an individual may experience remission in one but not the other chiropractors and other health care professionals are in a unique position to help identify this problem in their patients,

obviously most family doctors these days encounter patients to do you have genuine physical signs of metabolic disturbance such as abdominal,

obesity skin tags a can of those is not grounds and more but they may also come across men and women who exhibits some of the signs and symptoms of be,

add and these practitioners may be the only people in the patient's lives who recognize the issue and are willing to broach the subject,

it's difficult to specify the signs to look for one red flag maybe a patient who is at a healthy weight.

[8:58] Or possibly even under weight yet is seeking advice for a cheating an even lower body weight other things for practitioners to look out for include signs and symptoms of over exercising particularly when combined with under eating.

Such as fatigue adrenal this regulation any me,

and frequent illness or injury among women specifically if patients present with the female athlete triad health care professionals may wish to investigate further to see if something psychological is at work.

Beyond physically over taxing the body and for those of you who aren't familiar with the female triad this is a sin drum which you,

often see in female athletes so there's three parts one and eating disorder so low energy availability in combination with a mentor is a las of the cycle and then also osteoporosis or decrease and that bone mineral,

density as for treatment strategies cognitive behavior therapy may be helpful,

and sarah turning re taking having medication may also alleviate symptoms in the short term but obviously you do wanna consider,

natural conservative chiropractic adjustments in combination with nutritional medicine as an alternative to pharmaceutical medications,

additionally consider evaluating these patients for micro nutrient deficiencies vitamin and mineral deficiencies are recognized as exacerbated and other conditions involving on stable moods anxiety depression.

Poor stress tolerance and a negative outlook some of the nutrients that may be of benefit include vitamin b twelve b six full eight.

[10:33] Omega three fats zinc and magnesium in the practical applications component of today's podcast i want to equip our listeners ship with six keys to healthy weight loss you know weight loss is such a big do these days it's such a fad.

Things go in and out of style we have the rush of new years resolutions with people to the gems along the new year,

but i really want to avail people to the knowledge that.

[11:03] This has to become part of your lifestyle losing weight and keeping it off long term has to assimilate.

As to part of your regular routine so here six keys to healthy weight loss number one detox first many of the toxins in our bodies are stored in body fat,

research shows that when we lose fat these toxins are released back into circulation and may cause negative symptoms health problems and,

may make it more difficult to lose weight there for a natural clans are detoxification program is essential for healthy weight loss so again,

don't just do any random detox work with a dr like myself who knows what they're doing who can test and evaluate and assess your need for your level of detox when done properly most people will experience increased energy levels,

reduce cravings for sweets and other junk foods and an overall feeling of enhanced wellness.

Number two eliminate problem foods certain foods cause hormonal imbalances that drive over heating food cravings and inflammation,

making it almost impossible to loos fat.

Eliminating these foods can make all the difference in your ability to successfully lose fat and keep it off refined carbohydrates and sugar are some of the biggest problem foods while gluten and dairy are also major offenders.

If you eliminate these foods during the detox phase it is best to continue to keep them out of your diet.

You'll feel better you'll have more energy and you'll lose fat more easily number three never miss breakfast.

[12:36] Research shows that eating processed foods or processed or sugary foods for breakfast like muffins bagels pancakes or even most breakfast cereals.

Where can i meet you to over eat later on in the day.

This me also wreak havoc on your blood sugar and sap your energy levels causing you to crave sweets and making it almost impossible to stay on a weight loss program,

thus it is vital to eat a quality breakfast every day and make sure it is high in protein and low in refined carbohydrates,

also be sure to avoid processed foods and cereals number for it real food three to five times daily.

Process to zach like sugar in the body often providing access calories that are quickly absorbs and more likely to be stored as fat.

So eat minimally processed real food and follow these guidelines have small frequent meals the stabilize your blood sugar and really help out the adrenal glands.

[13:31] Consume protein with each meal.

[13:34] Quality carbohydrates complex carbohydrates brown rice for example not necessarily low carbohydrate foods consume quality oils not low fat case of these good oils are like your coconut oil you are,

organic olive oil my wife and i love to use avocado oil for our salad dressings and are cooking try a full paleo style diet consisting mainly of fish.

Grass-fed pasture raised meats eggs vegetables fruit from guy roots and not,

what's this diet excludes the most common problem foods such as grains legumes dairy products potatoes refined salt refined sugar and processed oils and if you have any questions about your food sensitivities this is something we can address.

As a patient at the michigan family wellness clinic we can you lots of muscle testing and laboratory testing to figure out exactly what food sensitivities you have and what foods you need to avoid number five use natural products to support,

quality nutrition intake.

Here's the thing guys we can't get all the nutrients that our body needs from our food even if we eat organic non gmo our soil is so deficient in minerals quality case and number five year,

protein shakes are a great way to easily get quality nutrition quickly without a lot of calories have a protein shake to fill in at breakfast.

When are you don't have time to eat right or after exercise to support muscle building and maintenance other supplements can help kickstart your metabolism and helps you burn fat when it comes to protein shakes you really wanna use the highest quality most of.

[15:08] Bio available protein on the market because.

So many of these protein powders these protein shakes have other ingredients which can rack your metabolism and really have an adverse affect on your health so i asked myself message me send me an email let me know if you have questions about this because i can equip you with even more information about the highest,

quality most bio available protein on the market.

To not only increase your results from your exercise but also increase your immune system,

number six exercise to boost your metabolism physical activity is essential if you want to lose weight and keep it off i have patients ask me this all the time there is no magic supplement there is no one can see out there if,

i can help your body sleep well get a good night's rest or even take a nap during the day okay so that's number one sleep and number two if you can have.

[16:01] Good movement patterns if you can move your body and exercise those two things alone if that's all you do.

[16:08] That can have such a profound and significant effect.

On your body your brain your health and your well this for the rest of your life and extending into future generations.

So again physical activity is essential it increases muscle metabolism helps your body burn more calories even when you sleep exercise also helps eliminate toxins which can cause you to become,

resistant to fat loss and physical activity makes you look better and feel better too especially in our contacts today talking about body dysmorphic,

disorder walking help strengthen and tone the major muscle groups resistance exercise increases muscle and muscle burns calories so adding some resistance training to your program is recommended interval training is often considered to be the most affect,

exercise for overall health fitness and fat loss.

[16:57] I wanted to bring this condition to light on this episode of michigan family wellness because so much of what i do as a chiropractor positively affects people with bd d.

Especially for those experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression spinal adjustments are a form of body movement as perceived neurologic leave by the brain.

[17:20] And the pro family and positively affect the central nervous system in ways that pharmaceutical medications cannot.

[17:28] Furthermore any good cognitive behavioral therapist will advocate for body movement as a treatment approach for breaking the patterns of anxiety and.

[17:37] I can say this with confidence because my beloved wife is a michigan state medically licensed,

social worker who tells me this all the time and tells me how much sick.

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[17:56] Powerful healing properties of herbal medicine you can significantly improve the quality of life and in most cases.

[18:03] Sleepy restore a person from the grips of anxiety depression and in collaboration with a trained and licensed therapist cases of body dysmorphic,

disorder alright fam is what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you've heard on this or any previous edition of the family wellness lifestyle podcast,

you may do so by writing dr kyle at michigan family wellness dot com and take full advantage of the family lifestyle audio library at michigan family wellness dot com connect with us on social media at michigan family wellness,

thanks so much for tuning in families have an awesome week and remember we can do far more together than we can ever do apart now that you can to click the latest in.

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