New Pregnant Women Eat For 2

New Pregnant Women Eat For 2

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.

2018, Dr. Kyle Wallner

Michigan Family Wellness

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.


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good day michigan families and welcome to another empowering episode of michigan family wellness in your house dr kyle and today we have a special episode which answers the question,

do pregnant women really need to eat for two but before we jump into today's content i want to let everyone know that there will be an exclusive pdf article,

at michigan family wellness dot com all about prenatal nutrition and the role of diet and supplementation.

During free conception pregnancy and especially after delivery and birth and also how chiropractic care is essential for all of the seasons of life and without any further delay let's jump into today's discussion on.

[2:47] Pregnant women really need to eat for two a woman's body undergoes several hormonal transition throughout the.

Weather it's beginning of cycle during puberty to change the pregnancy postpartum period and especially men a pause the changes during these times can profoundly impact.

Your ability to be the mother wife and powerful woman.

[3:10] As you can imagine no two women are exactly alike so clinically we need to get specific about what works for that particular woman.

And how to help her become resilient all of these hormonal changes can we have it with maintaining a healthy weight.

Waking during pregnancy can be especially difficult to navigate obviously woman should gain an appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy.

But some people can take the notion of quote eating for two lol little to far.

And end up with excess body fat that is extremely difficult to lose even after a long period of breast feeding which often results in weight loss naturally.

[3:48] Compound this with the growing epidemic of gestational diabetes and it becomes especially important for women to make wise dietary choices during pregnancy will talk more about this later.

[3:59] British researchers studying fruit flies have uncovered a mechanism by which the fertilization of eggs induces changes to the maternal and test and.

And marching and enabling it to extract more energy from food and store more fat.

[4:14] We can automatically extrapolate research on fruit flies and apply to humans but this fly hormone called juvenile hormone acts similarly to thyroid hormone.

Which plays a role in regulating human metabolism other hormones related to fertility and pregnancy may have similar affects and women.

It is generally assume that a woman's appetite increases during pregnancy in order to meet the increasing energy to man's of the growing baby.

[4:45] But this research indicates that at least in fruit flies these adaptive changes to the intestine.

And the resulting increase food increase extraction of food energy occur very early on after fertilization.

According to the researchers previous studies have shown that eating for two during early pregnancy is necessary.

The research that i've seen suggest that this is because the digestive system is already anticipating the demands that the growing baby will place upon the mother's body.

[5:17] This means rather than requiring more total food a pregnant woman's body maybe physiologically adapted at least temporarily to harvest more calories from the food she's already eating.

[5:31] This is not to say that pregnant women don't require additional nutrients and slightly more calories than they're accustomed to eating when not pregnant.

But heating for two maybe a stretch particularly when the second of the two ways approximately sixty nine pounds.

And isn't exactly doing triathlons inside the womb pregnant women know they should be mindful of what they eat because their own diet not only provides directory to their growing baby but also influences.

And enable us the proper physical development of the baby's body sore real quick note here.

You need to avoid alcohol at all costs and make sure your getting plenty of trays vitamins trace minerals and especially full like acid for those neural tube defects.

But there's another is equally important reason for women to choose healthful hole on processed foods inappropriate amount for their individual constitution and physical activity levels and that is,

the nutritional environment in euro can induce at the genetic changes in the baby.

Some of which might be irreversible which may lead to obesity diabetes cardiovascular issues and other health complications.

Either during adolescence or even throughout their life span a child's metabolic fino type can be conditioned bites gestational environment.

Which may make it easier or more difficult to maintain good health and healthy body weight regardless of what your she eats later on in life.

[7:05] So basically i wanna un pack this for you guys.

[7:09] Women are literally going to save the world and the reason for that is because we have these astronomical rates of cardiovascular disease diabetes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

And we have this academic of obese babies obese six month olds and.

How do you tell a six month old to eat less and exercise more well research out of california suggests that the insulin levels of the baby or the metabolic.

Environments of the baby.

Is determined by the mother so freaking educate those young women those women of childbearing age and teach them to take care of themselves and put down the soda to put down the pop.

And to move and eat healthy we can profoundly influence future generations because that is what we're talking about here we're talking about.

The health and longevity and prosperity of our future generations there's a fine line to walk regarding maternal caloric intake and the makeup of those calories.

Too much energy is detrimental to both mother and baby but two little energy is also problematic.

[8:18] Mal nourishment during gestation may condition babies to have a thrifty metabolism.

One that is programmed to extract more energy from food or to have exaggerated response from eating excess carbohydrates and fats.

[8:32] In an environment of food scarcity so the mother isn't eating enough this is a protective fiance.

But upon exposure to the year round abundance of an expensive calorie dense,

nutritional emt foods later in life these people are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome diabetes and other health complications.

Beyond diet it's important for pregnant women to manage their stress levels we talk so much about this i talk to my patients about this.

Increase cortisol levels that's the stress hormone during pregnancy during gestation can have long term effects on the baby as well.

[9:13] Hi maternal court is all the result in cardio metabolic disorders cognitive problems and mood disturbances in offspring so this point exactly to the benefits in the value of chiropractic care,

not only during pregnancy but before pregnancy is well you wanted balance that pelvis balance the sick from balance the lumbar spine,

so that the baby is able to.

Grow naturally during pregnancy and have a natural birth out through the pelvis and then also to decrease those quarters all levels.

From affecting the baby long term if i mentioned this on other episodes your michigan family wellness and that this is going back to my earlier point.

That again women are going to save the world to insulin levels of the baby are determined by the mother so how do you tell a baby to eat less and exercise more,

like you would with an adult that has type two diabetes well you can't so again instead,

to fix the astronomical rates of cardiovascular disease diabetes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and there's many others.

We need to educate and inform the young women and child bearing age women.

How to take care of your body and to stop putting all the excess sugars and carbohydrates and messing up their gotten micro bio.

Because they are setting the metabolic framework for future generations,

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