MFW 019 | The BENEFITS of Siberian Rhubarb for Balancing the Female Hormone Symphony | Susan Pontak

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Susan is a registered nurse with experience in family practice corporate wellness along with integrated hospital settings,

she is over twenty years experience in the healthcare industry and for the past thirteen years,

she served doctors in the field like myself as a functional medicine consultant from ny to janet's on top of all that she's a michigan native and a loving mother and grandmother alright families let's jump into today's interview,

welcome to the podcast susan it's so great to have you.

[2:33] How was the morning for me i really happy you're susan i just hold our listeners a little bit about you as the professional but what can we learn more about season pass the first.

Thank you i really appreciate that hire young i say that after,

more than twenty years in this business in cash and i always say that this is,

still what wake me up in the morning i love this profession lol what we get to do i think it's such a privilege to be able to that,

lights by just giving people the information they need to make those changes so thanks again for having me so.

[3:15] Personally i am a mom of two children children children that he and i have a daughter was married and is expecting my second granddaughter any day now congratulations.

Thank you it's really exciting it's just like a club that you get to belong to that brings greater joy than anything i've ever experienced and sunday is a professional shop and he lives out in colorado.

I have lived in michigan my entire life and there's no place i'd rather be.

[3:49] Fantastic yeah great segway my next question for you was you know one thing we love to stay here on the mission family on this podcast is at.

We're smitten with the mitten so i always ask my gas what they love about michigan think,

first and foremost i love the changing of the seasons i love every single thing that we got to experience here from the beauty of the fall colors and i'm very much a water person i have a couple of.

Beaches in my neighborhood that are walkable and have lived in the water most of my life and,

find nothing more spiritual and calming to sit by the water and just listen to what they have to say fantastic yeah i can relate to there as well just growing up someone that started in swimming and just kinda,

was a swimmer from day one i really have this love for just really enjoying the water any water really is always a good thing to be around it is it's really calming and it's just,

such a beautiful place in michigan whether it's winter or summer to watch out on the ice and listen to the sounds and,

i particularly enjoy that we have the seasons because i feel like when it's,

sunny all the time you don't get time to kinda go within and be reflected and i think winters in michigan allow you to do that,

absolutely will thanks so much shoes and let's go ahead and dive into some of content that were actually here to talk about today so,

one of the reasons i wanted to bring you on the podcast as a unique guest a expert perspective was you can talk about the value and the benefits.

[5:27] For our listeners shift in terms of,

natural alternatives to female hormone imbalances and female hormones function so i'm about to go to use some numbers from twenty fourteen so arguably these numbers are already up dated.

But here's the thing susan over fifteen million women have already reached menopause and so,

what i see my office what i see with my patients are that many of my patients many of our listeners are having,

the following issues they're having sleep disturbances they're having your ability that isn't related to anything specifically their having to press of nudes or just a decrease in their over on their having anxiety,

they're having physical,

mental and emotional exhaustion one thing people tell me our joint and muscle complaints urinary tract symptoms as a liaison for marriage mx you know your that your the person that works with the doctors in the field and also with the formula is on the other side of the equation,

and drying on over your twenty years of experience as a healthcare professional how does manageress contribute to the natural alternatives for women that might find themselves with these,

what kind of experiences yeah looking for the baby boomer generation with all of the women who are reaching nana pies.

And it's called the change because we aren't they that everything changes at this point so we have several things that we can offer women to help balance and it certainly is the company one of our,

products that we have exclusive to manage an ex is called astro vera.

[7:02] An astronaut there is one ingredient siberian rhubarb root and it's just like it sounds it's the vegetable plant rhubarb and,

that's all that's in it and that,

single three and has been used in germany since nineteen ninety three and became available in the united states in two thousand nine so not very long,

again i say it's explicit manager next because maybe a lot of people have heard about it it actually will reduce collectively.

The menopausal symptoms i eighty three percent.

And most ex specially it is in the studies shown to be as effective.

At hormone replacement therapy for relieving hot flashes in studies and we have many of them.

[7:54] Reduced the number of hot flashes in four weeks,

but continues to become more active and the average reduction and hot flashes but c went from twelve a day.

Down to a day.

[8:12] It doesn't only work on hot flashes that it works and all of the menopausal symptoms so many things that you mentioned from depression and anxiety sleep disturbances aired ability muscle and joint pain,

on your track symptoms for sure and a children s although matter janet's has many other products that work.

[8:37] Concurrently with this product do a full assessment on one end and it manager next will often have the dr.

Have the haitian take what's called a stress identity questionnaire so that we can see how the adrenal may be playing a part,

in all of the menopausal symptoms so it's very much a well-rounded approach with astor very kind of being in the center,

for those symptoms that we discussed susan there's another thing i wanted to mention in regards to is really being specific with not only chiropractor adjustments but with the tools that were using in terms of.

Nutritional medicine and the approach that i taken my office is i'm never just going to blindly recommend a supplement or in our,

or vitamin or you know a specific method of delivery i'm always going to test the patient so that it specific for their neurology in their body and can i do that with,

apply can you salad your muscle testing many of my patients are listening already know this so what i'm my question for you is here.

Why specifically rhubarb there's been lots of other herbs that have been shown to possibly help with these estrogen imbalances but go ahead and speak to why specifically rhubarb well there and rhubarb has actually,

or supplement are available on the market that.

[10:03] Translate in the placebo back to include batteries so that means they actually showed an application is that with this product most of the other supplements that have been available.

Today it to treat or to help with menopausal symptoms like black cohosh and red clover and story and hops those are,

a few things that have shown minimal results and not much better than placebo in many cases and in some cases it actually,

increases the menopausal symptoms stoke s are very has really bad the first in its class to show any efficacy,

fantastic yeah so just to be clear for a listener shift would you say susan that were really talking about women who are in that perry menopausal that menopausal and that post menopausal stage of their life exactly because it.

Starts around forty five to fifty five with perry menopausal and then somewhere in that.

Area fifty to sixty most women are experiencing now cause and transmission is very individual depending on the women's genetics and the health of the rest of her body how she's going to go through,

that transition.

[11:22] Yes and that's a great point you know one thing i see a lot of in my office and you know where of course we're talking generalities hear me no two women are the same no two pregnancies are the same.

And everyone is gonna go through a little bit of an experience when it comes to this stage of life that were talking about however,

we do you want to highlight that what happens in this stage of life is that the ovaries actually start to decrease their production,

of estrogen and so when that happens,

we start to get all the symptoms that we've mentioned in so this is why one have susan on because you know as a chiropractor i'm really into natural alternatives and on non hormonal therapies i just think i've had really great success.

With a couple of my patients again everyone's different so that's why you should work with a qualified health care professional to figure out what's best for you,

but when we use this siberian rhubarb on specific people in specific dosing z at a specific level,

for a specific time we get really good results and it's really due to the,

fido estrogen and the fact so i wanted to ask you about that susan can you explain its not hormone replacement therapy it's it's the rhubarb is the specific form of rhubarb that's affecting the estrogen receptors is that right.

[12:44] That's correct and to be very clear there is no estrogen in this product off so that makes it very say,

for most women see use the only contra indication or person that may not be able to use this product of course leave it never use it and pregnancy or nursing we have no studies and that's not,

particular person that it's kind of on target for to begin with.

Women that have had it any kind of estrogen dependent cancer should not use this product and not because we think it is unsafe but because we don't have the testing,

so that being said.

Again no estrogen intact no estrogen response so because it is a plant extract it binds with certain.

Aster general reset or sites in the body but we're this particular perhaps product.

Tends to affect the sellers after sides is what is called the sturgeon bay not.

Which is opposite of what the,

hormone replacement therapy a fax though hormone replacement therapy works in water hot the estrogen alpha receptor sites and that's where you can have some of the cellular changes,

that can affect certain oncology conditions so this being that.

[14:15] Working on a masters in beta receptor sites that's where we got calmness in the mood and the other symptoms,

there with menopause.

[14:26] Absolutely i really love that specificity mention those estrogen receptors in the same way that i am just so specific with my chiropractic adjustments not just this.

Generalize mobilization it really is a targeted dial then focused.

Chiropractic adjustment profoundly impacts the central nervous system i really love the way this marriage and acts esther vera this form of rhubarb,

specifically targets that beta estrogen receptor that you were talking about and again as someone that's really into neurology and brain health,

they're estrogen receptors all over the body and so,

when you talk about the causal chain factors or just you know the other things that can be affected by a deficiency in estrogen you can really see different effects in terms of bone density.

Brain health all alot of the receptors in our brain,

actually have estrogen receptors and when those just are firing well that can cause a lot of nero cognitive neuro motion of issues and so.

Again i really do appreciate the specificity of this form of rhubarb to really target that.

Asteroids and better scepter now another question you're for issues and what if someone is what if a woman is already taking,

pastor john hormone replacement therapy is that gonna be an issue with astro vera or three point product can be used.

[15:57] In perry menopausal period before a woman feels like she needs to look at,

or a replacement therapy or to a bullied hormone replacement therapy sometime we can avoid any kind of.

Are there interaction i using after vera and making sure that diet is right the got health is very good and also the adrenal spin balance.

But sometimes a woman decides to make that choice for dr to use some of the bio identical hormone replacement therapy and this product can actually be used concurrently or take in as well,

and many other physicians,

like to use this so that they can keep the arm on replacement therapy at a low dose and news as rear offer any greek for symptoms.

[16:45] I've also seen,

doctors use that to wean women off of hormone replacement therapy so that they don't suffered a rebound effects of coming off of that and then you can use the extra vera for as long as needed.


With or without so you ask a question you know that that's a major point there too and i tell people this all the time it's not that i'm anti drug that i'm anti surgery we need those.

Avenues we need that medical framework to keep us alive for emergency situations and just for those.

Those exceptions to the rule but i would say for most people even some of the patients that everything recently you now.

Sixteen twenty you know their mid twenties and their starting use hormone medications they plan being on them for the rest of their lives in so to your point there's is an to be able to use a natural.


to assist or even take compliments the effects of the medication i can that's wonderful and i would also highly recommend.

Just in terms of baby stepping off of a medication using a mechanism like this having this kind of alternative is just a great.

Way to go so i wanna ask you more about how can patients actually how can women actually get their hands on.

This specific form of rhubarb can you find this on amazon can you walk into a walmart and buy this off the shelf.

[18:10] Well mechanic is what we refer to as a professional line only and in order to buy time you have to get it through in life and health care provider,

and we believe that's very important because of the decisions that should be made between you and your health care provider the,

thing and energetic not a line that you can just walk into a help to store there are and that you choose to sell it on amazon,


You need to be a patient of theirs and have a provider code in order to get these products in my office quality rules the day if i'm not working with.

The highest quality physical nutritional medicine dot so my patients deserve they deserve the absolute best so i wanted to kinda circle back you've mentioned in a little bit about the adrenal zero at several points in our podcast here.

[19:04] And i just wanna really such on for our listeners you know the importance of.

Really making sure the adrenal are taking care of and supported and sell in your clinical experience of over twenty years.

Do you see a lot of straight up just adrenal fatigue or do you like to look at.

What's known as the hp a access or what i like to call the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis because one of the things i'm seeing in my office is there is been a lot of people that have just had flat out adrenal fatigue.

[19:38] I'm getting a lot of good results lately just by helping people's brains i wanna ask you about that question if i may i'd like to go back just a little,

and the professional line question that you asked and one thing that i always like to point out because,

no matter how long i do that i am always to me how people and the general public do not understand that the supplement industry is,

on regulated and so,

they don't understand that when you are buying an over the counter supplement there's literally no governing board and is overseeing what is in supplement the fda does have it all,

for looking at.

[20:26] Nutritional supplements but by and large there's no standardized industry for it and so one of the recent articles published in jama,

actually talked about fifty five different bottles of vitamin d that were pulled from twelve different manufacturers and those fifty five bottles,

the label content,

i love that i am not in other words how much of that vitamin d was in that bottle actually contained in those capsules or tablets range,

from nine percent to one hundred and forty six percent of what was legal claim.

[21:06] I always like to use the example of vitamin d because it so important in the by an expression with women's health and most specifically prenatal i'll.

[21:17] There is higher increased risk of miscarriage when vitamin d levels are inadequate or under in the body.

[21:26] And if you are sending your patients and their obtaining a bottle of vitamin d that is literally nine percent of what's on that label claim.

[21:34] It just really makes me sad when people don't understand how important it is to know what you're buying,

no that's clean and no that that africa c is in nepal to what's not label you bring up such a good point there susan and i'm really glad that you actually circle back and address that because.

[21:55] Honestly it's it's a major do you know to be able to tell someone that.

Hey you know this rodeo that were gonna give you to help your you know hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis like this is the highest quality rodeo in the world you know you cute you can't find this on amazon are walking to engine zero walmart now just using rodeo as an example or even rhubarb for that matter,

so i'm really glad you make that point.

And even back to what you were saying about vitamin d you know it really is the narrow hormone you know so much more than just a vitamin so much more than just you know it really is is near a hormone and i think it really ties into,

our discussion on estrogen here in terms of the.

[22:36] Osteoporosis affects you know you do you need to pray calcium you do need vitamin d and you do need healthy levels of estrogen to have good bone density especially in this stage of life that were talking about would you agree.

[22:50] I was completely agree and i just really like to bring up because they feel like the general public is just not aware that what they may be dying in half dead and not only that,

sometimes coming under problem bro of the life we need to make sure that we're taking is not contaminated with heavy metals and where.

Lol nice and kind of thing that can be heard the a nutritional supplement especially in the,

verbal formulas that can come from china or,

india and those are always the most ridiculous manufacture sleeping at your really important,

course in medicine its first do no harm that you need to be aware of what you're giving for striving and as a consumer what you're taking.

So absolutely and just just around out my thought in terms of other clinical applications in this whole.

Brain adrenal menopause thing that we're talking about here one thing i'm noticing in my office and my practice is all do the adjustments support the journals with nutrition specifically electric langella or maybe a whole food or vitamin approach,

and for some people for some cases you know that just really isn't helping them hold their adjustments or calm down or get any kind of release of symptoms,

and one of my interests is people are always telling me that they can't sleep weather constantly waking up at night.

And i'm finding that when you address the brains and when you talk about the hypothalamus and pituitary those are actually hormonal glands that are inside our brain.

[24:29] And when you support specifically those frameworks those functions and the and a consistent not only with chiropractic adjustments but was also nutritional medicine,

what i'm finding at lisa's that i get significant results rather than just supporting the adrenal on our just wondering if you'd seen anything like that season.

[24:49] No grass and i think that part of what is going on is that we just really have adapted our bodies energy not.

Come up with what had happened in let's look at the last one hundred years what are grandparents,

were like with their lights were light and i think as women in this menopausal stage of life,

traditionally that was the time that we were slowing down we have to raise our families we were you know the life expectancy certainly wasn't what it is today and,


we are in the stage of life is so different because we're still working and sometimes where we're at our high is it in our professional career many times we're also,

taking care of elderly parents are we could be possibly taking and helping,

to take care of our children and grandchildren we are having children later in life so we are doing more than we ever have at the at this point in our lives.

And as you mentioned earlier when the ovaries start,

producing last estrogen and are kind of calming down or slowing down it to regionals are what have to take over for that.

Whole process that the ovaries used to do so if we have impaired adrenal function to begin with.

[26:19] It can't really take that increased burden so those adrenal have to be optimized at all costs,

when the adrenal are impaired the one of the first places that shows up is an.

Increased education and increased ability to stay asleep so many women can't fall asleep.

But what happens is they wake up usually between three and five am and it takes about an hour and a half.

To complete the cycle of where the adrenal are kinda off at that point and they will tell you i can fall asleep just about that time,

the alarm is ready to los.

What and then repeat the cycle over and over and that's because the circadian rhythm or than normal body clock is kinda off and that's where we have to look at.

[27:17] Resetting that.

And so it kind of works off of symptoms and how are you sleeping how do you wake up in the morning how do you feel are you put fresh or do you have what we call on reflect,

refresh sleep severity of supplements along with her hectic adjustments along with a full body approach spiritually.

Calling whatever it is that you need it you that we look at for resetting that circadian rhythm so that we can restore.

Normal sleep patterns and i think that is a big part of the.

Helping to control the symptoms of menopause and specifically hot flashes.

[28:00] Absolutely susan you know i can hear the conviction that passion in your voice and our listeners should can to.

You're giving me a little bit of a chill over here is issues so exciting so you know be able to bring this empowering information to our listeners ship and to the people that we love and serve and care so much about,

one of the things i might ask,

patients do specifically when are trying to get the thirty thousand foot view of any kind of female hormone symphony or any kind of hormonal imbalance.

Is keeping a weekly hot flash diarrhea just to help them tracks things tractor symptoms you know maybe before they start treatment and then maybe after they start using the,

rhubarb that were talking about with esther vera are there any other practical resources are things that,

you could equip our listeners with in terms of practical applications to help them elevate their personal wellness or their family wellness in this regard.

[28:56] I think i have a question can,

survey is really a great idea that has a slightly up and the allow it when hot flashes improve or the and the group they forgot how bad they were feeling and killing the back at that frequent,

so that is something i always recommend a while.

[29:17] I think that you should track your sleep and in my patients when i first are,

are working with someone i like to see a food journal because i have a red pencil and i'm like oh you should be that's not the case i really like to see,

where are the snapshot is because i believe that things should always start with food and if there are changes that we can make,

to put the patient and a healthier trajectory i think that's such a good place to start.

[29:51] Fantastic susan you know i just love bringing like minded people and passionate people here on the podcast i wanna thank you again for joining me today on this episode of michigan family wellness,

and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resonating with you or you feel like you've experience some of these.

Hormonal imbalances are symptoms that we talked about i would highly encourage you to head on over to michigan family on the stock.

And you can actually schedule a complimentary twenty minute phone call consultation where you would be able to talk with myself and we can begin this dialogue we can even start some of the symptoms surveys are some of those food logs that we've talked about.

And really develop a dialogue on how to best approach elevating your health and wellness and i also want to remind everyone that we're gonna have a dedicated web page to susan's podcast here with all of the show notes.

Resources that we mention here clickable links all at michigan family on the stock on susan thank you so much for coming on the podcast today do you have any final words of wisdom or words of affirmation that you'd like to leave our listeners with,

i just want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of.

[31:03] And i would love to be a resource for you whenever possible.

We need help let electoral help you mention it if your passion is all the way in and thank you so much for the opportunity.

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