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[1:05] Greatest asset that's would have a healthy family is by living a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing,
affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable,
because we have an amazing show for you today,
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as a complimentary gift learn more about how power performance can help you move look and feel better by visiting power gym dot com that's pow r g y m dot com good day michigan families and welcome to another empowering episode of michigan family wellness,
i'm your host dr kyle and today we have an empowering interview with tar guessing.
Tar and has an incredible story of healing there were multiple components of her inspiring recovery but the two i want you guys to listen for in the interview part how chiropractic adjustments and nutritional therapies.
Played a vital role in her journey to health and vitality that just twenty eight years young tiara was disabled diagnosed with the myriad of conditions including late stage reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

[2:44] Chronic pain syndrome autoimmune thyroid disease fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue left or overwhelmed with no hope for him.
Medical assistant prescribed surrendering to a life riddled with limitations and.

[2:58] Devastated she never imagined this would be the beginning of an incredible journey from despair to try and it was from her lowest point of wheel chair dependents that horace personal one hundred eighty degrees wellness revolution was inspired.
Your self guided process of reversing damage in rebuilding health is restoring her to function and vitality.
She is an example of the hearing those possible one simple functional approach acknowledging bio individuality.
Is implemented alright families let's dive in,
welcome fam is to the interview portion of today's podcast my guest on the show today is our guest like tar out walking the podcast so great to have you think you for having will,
i just told our families a little bit about you as a professional but one of the core values here on the machine family on this podcast is family.
Tell us more about tomorrow at the person and what family look like for you while i am a mother to a sixteen year old.
My daughter is absolutely amazing and i'm also why i've been married for almost thirty years you in that.

[4:09] Yeah yeah so we are family is being surrounded by people that i love on the people that i.
I enjoy being around and that includes obviously my immediate family my husband my daughter my parents and.
Show her and in a better offer includes.
Friend i got a lot of friends that are like family to me and i live on a farm and what animal and so i can include them as my family.

[4:41] Beautiful and you know another thing i love to stay here on the machine family wellness podcast is that we're spending with them and so i always ask my guests to share what they love about michigan is there a connection there for you.

[4:54] Yeah there's that kinda cool when my berry first mentors with actually a veterinarian and he is doctor john bread and he was.
Actually went to college in michigan can you share with me all kinds of wonderful.
Who plays the time and it was amazing and i would love to visit one of these days.
Okay i've always on the back burner sticking up north michigan on in virginia will wait but i would like to come up that way in and it only plays they told me all about.

[5:33] Fantastic you know i just love for our listeners to be able to emotionally connect with our gas and myself you know we are real people although we have our areas of expertise you know we,
we do love family and we do have this love for.
The state of michigan the great lakes just the natural beauty here cell again how are we heard a little bit of your story in your introduction but what i'd like you to do is just,
go more in depth with us because i really feel that the mother's and the father's listening to this,
sir are gonna get a lot of value from your experiences from your health challenges and your recovery story so go ahead and just tell us a little bit more about that.

[6:17] Okay well on one of my mid late twenties i know that the coming very kill.
And i am actually a wheelchair for almost five years so.

[6:30] It was bad not fun and i got a learn a lot.
The dog can go back a little bit for you and can bring about how i feel it all happened and that was when i was younger growing up on my groupon for my parents were farmers and.
We didn't really know that much about food we didn't understand the difference between cat food versus whole food and not people that my gas.

[7:00] Anyway to my family my mom didn't like to cook and go in adaptable you need a lot of work so he wasn't there to cook and bake it with my mom.
We can happen yeah we a half to the can a box of which quick easy to make.
Showered for then yeah whatever alot he dinner at peking and we ate fast food a lot of food.
And i had no idea at the time how that would affect me.
I have no idea that i can actually affect health so when as i was growing up.
Only hears a half to them and think that will not good for me because they're delicious have a minor.
I have no clue who it is not kicking it with me.
When i get on my twenty into a what the doctors that it you know i was in my early twenties in here i had high cholesterol and high blood pressure high triglycerides all the things going on.
The dr would look at me and they pay well you know you're young no big deal don't worry about it you know how i didn't that was you fine with me i don't wanna worry about it so i don't,
eventually about playing when i got into mine on mid twenties i started having health problems and i have a injury with torn ligaments and tendons in my left leg.
And it did not heal and i did everything that they tell me to do to the key i'd like the perfect patient.

[8:35] But it didn't heal and eventually i was diagnosed with a very much for the whole bunch other things on.
I need a heater and can't believe you actually hangout with nicole reflection that dystrophy my husky.
And that also i was diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome fibromyalgia it by roy.
On my head i was diagnosed with her she knows which with an auto immune kind of of thyroid the and also i mean in the torah driest hypoglycemia drilled function correctly h three.
What could he allergies to the.
It very high cholesterol and kidney go high blood pressure your double barreled.

[9:22] I have herniated discs in my back of my neck having severe muscle spasms to help and.
Look for you to get fired the wiki god gallbladder problem.
The adrenal kidney it was crazy actually crazy and i was only in my.
Yeah during during that time the diagnosis in my late twenties early thirties my.

[9:48] Yeah essentially you know gosh that's just,
well one and it very compelling story is very overwhelming star you know justin can hear all that all in one go i understand there was a component of your history where you are actually in a wheelchair and you have all these.
Diagnosis is you know that run the gamut from our stds to auto immune hypothyroid how did you go from in a wheelchair to,
the arriving healthy life that you have now with enough energy and vitality to you know publish a book and have a family and be a mother and a wife.

[10:27] Well during those years that i was really really l and the timing will share it.

[10:37] Actually almost died and i had a near death experience it was the biggest blessing in my life i'm when i can back from that near death experience.
I really need i could get better and it wasn't quite clear on how i was gonna do that but i need i could.
Hello ivy can motivated and i started studying and learning.
And i talk with people like i learned from chinese practitioners i met chiropractor three learning from him i started learning are and what you like could problem i have with a good retainer because my brain was not working what well garage,
yo my people do that kind of thing so.
I have to get motivated and i had our understanding what would cause in the issues what right what it that way.
I would you would you say that was kinda your defining moment were there was perhaps a paradigm shift or you know having that near death experience and then coming back from that or was there something else that you would say was,
more foundation our motivational well i was.

[11:50] I can not fine you know i was ready to go to hell and i like fun fun ready to just go and i've actually a prayer angeli there tell me what i need your take me show it.
When i bring you that the very i think that was a profound moment for me it was truly an eye opener and when i realize that.

[12:14] Yeah the only the that that we do that we do with our bodies.
They could have something better by telling us there's something that out of toilet and i had to learn and figure out what without telling and what would my part.
In that in other words the food the way i can knowing i've been poisoned.
And so i had to start looking into the first thing i look at with all prescription medications is because at that time i was on again average english eleven thirteen medications a day.
And that did not include any settlement is taking my mom yeah so it will work with the michael worley and.
I had everything that and the first thing i wanna do you get off of the medication you know like good.
And i have been with my doctor to help me with that which is a whole other story but it was really interesting and then i realized the food component of the food and.
Yo at a cool thing happened grown up to my door and i believe it you got when people in your life you know when you're ready the teacher i.
And the little lock my door she just needed the area and he also have form to she wanted me somebody that have a farm and it comes back to my door and hold you study nutrition.

[13:39] Can you print,
open my eyes you what was in the food and would like chemicals into the heating and all the box to and frozen food something,
yeah we are pointing really and i need to change that in order for my body to heal i had to start removing the burden,
and that burned with coming from a lot of the attic and things that are not paid.

[14:08] And they are always amazed at the level and you know the significance.
In terms of your healing that people can accomplish just by changing their diet i mean and that is part of life style but i'm leaving on people that don't even do any exercising like if you if you just change the way you eat,
you can significantly change the way your brain functions change the way,
you know your metabolism functions i'm losing weight you talked about brain fog will they're having some cognitive issues and overall being on so many medications i can't imagine you know what,
these medications are doing to our society and our,
our culture is rain house just for one thing that topic of a completely different podcast episode where the house or go back to what you were really back your story that you're strange lol that,
and my question for you is there ever a point where you were.
You have the paradigm shift okay but this no longer defines me or was that a component for you because this is one thing that i see in my office with my patients sometimes people take their identity in there fiber my algae or other is either there diagnosis so my question is,
how do you not let your circumstances because you know as we heard you say you know you have a bunch of.
Circumstances diagnosis in a wheelchair so young coming so early in your life how did that not become justin overwhelming thing.
And how did you can turn around and really start to come out of that great crystal lake il that was me any letter early i hook on the identity of all of the goodies.

[15:52] And when you do that when i learned when you do that.
It's very difficult to let go of it is very difficult to move away from it and it won't go to find out where it is moving away from it will we identify with being weather car job or whether to do the.
Or something that we have whatever it may i get high with something we take ownership in.
I wanna take ownership in it much more difficult to let go of it show a big lesson for me.
One that goes things are the bed good.
I need you to all of the things welder basically label.
If something that are compiled together and giving a label and they're not me back something on the scary thing.

[16:47] And when i give finally understand and i was able to get back to work in a from my house.
I was able to be on a lot of the things.
And i'm not saying everything is perfect because you know now but you can move into a paper you can manage anything beyond a lot of the symptoms and you can actually become again you know.
I help the happy person and enjoy your life and you wanna alley,
absolutely and i'm sure you get into this in your book but,
just try listener's what were some of the therapies are you know the lifestyle changes and i talked about food changes that you made no mention chiropractor but it seems as though,
there were many people know that played a part almost like a health care team that you can employ,
yeah it just wasn't one thing it was a combination of different things that played a role in your success for health recovery definitely and it all comes.
My in later because we're not ready to drop everything all at once,
so basically what would happen her at the time with what i will draw and i would kill that liar which would then allow me to go to the next layer,
and when i feel that later it would allow me to connect my underneath that,
and hell yeah there was a lot of different modality thank you can do it has a component which was attacking form on your end blood test in different things like that can understand perfectly what's going on my body and then work the.

[18:29] Emotional component which i have to drive i had things that happen to me when i was a child.
That need to be addressed and they work hard they were not eating that i had address.
Would baby that you and i could everything that i get paid weekly in my kitchen my book is baby that.
It feels like sometimes like its a while but how you get there that how you get there is one step at a time and.
Then the heater talking component at the genetic there's a lot of good information today with a genetic understanding how we will eat up our trash in our way star.
Ability are biological ability to renew talking.
And i had to learn about getting for dental knowing it was a lot of dough component with with what i'm dealing with i had,
what a dental work done right before i had gotten yell and had no idea with connected.
Hello you know the food good all the things are connected and yeah that the car proctor i had a car car what you think are packaged frozen will share.
The woman that introduced me to michelle off to introduce me to her chiropractor and.

[19:49] Yeah i know you contact the day twenty some years later and.

[19:54] Can you help me with a lot of different things but i have to identify what i could do,
one at a time to make changes in my life that would allow my body to heal,
that would we get that burning to help me to get rid of the toxins and talk coming kind of form becoming physical like international like something in,
people are kind people in your life or not you're working hate,
get all the things play a major component really appreciate everything your saying your type of girl i now lot of you and i really agree with that hocks and bring working which really relate to a in planetary framework or state of information rice and,
understanding of in a if you have unresolved talking better causing unresolved information or,
you know so many things inclined inflammatory response but what i wanna really outline for our listeners and many of my patients were listening very know this because i say it every day in the office but.
We know that in door opens the body produces indoors endorphins are extremely powerful at resolving in fixing crying information,
not only that but the nero transmitter gabber is chemically similar to the endorphin response so from what i out line for a lot of my patients and what he ch often is that,
in terms of compounds that the body produces on and on you know that,
don't cost you extra money to buy a supplemental form and take in all that would i own vitamin d and endorphins are right up there and we know from research that.

[21:33] The neuro transmitter gap is chemically similar to those indoor and an initiate that.
Anti inflammatory response like i said very similar to the endorphin so here's the thing here's the big take on point those final chiropractic adjustments have been proven.
To help dandan lemonade that i'm going flange or respond.
Through the release of that nero transmitter gab from the spinal cord from the door to regain lanham spine and all of that that's just a fancy way of saying that.
Chiropractic adjustment it is scientifically bad natural treatment.
That when applied at the right level at the right time at the right cheek when you mention onion metaphor i love that that's great.

[22:20] You know i'm the one of the most powerful signals for you in your body because it's that central nervous system you know that brain body that brain tissue connection.
And i really feel that you can do all of these different applications like nutrition and exercise diet and lifestyle changes all of that is phenomenal and wonderful,
but at the core of the foundation if you have that no logic interference i really feel that your gonna be limited hear your improvement is going to be,
hundred in that way that's gonna be a road block and it's so easy so natural and gentle.
Choose to just get the chiropractor adjustment and remove the interference and restore that nervous system flow.
And just time travel and accelerate your healing results so i don't know if that's been part of your experience but that's when i work with people on every day in the office with your drink.

[23:14] Oh i definitely agree i totally agree and i cannot patient chiropractic for over twenty years in on it it always something that.
I i look at it and now today is preventive care for me mom when i want time with acute care preventive care what.

[23:33] And i really i mean that's a great point i mean i think everyone knows and i believe american dental association if you look at the framework of dentistry everyone knows you know go get your teeth checked and cleaned every six months rent you know at least one two year.
I can get a great job with that but when things out and tell people is you know what you don't take care your chief let's say you don't get those six months,
check out those queens what's the worst thing that can happen well your kid can fall out or you can you know get cavities and all that.
And it's not in the world you're not necessarily gonna die you know they can give you a new set of teeth and you can still live in a relatively healthy normal life but here's the,
thanx if you don't take care your spine or you don't resolve those who can fault you have when you're younger and you know that structure get i'm imbalanced rundown you have that this function,
you know we're not the point with our healthcare system that we have a spine transplant you know we can give you a new spine i.

[24:33] And so that's why really advocate your point is for the preventive care i tell my patients every four to six weeks just go get checked make sure things are moving in the right way.
And that you're working with a qualified licensed doctor who knows what they're talking about and this actually brings us to my.
Next point i want to make you hear time you started researching and educating yourself on different things that you can do practical applications.
How did you discern or differentiate what was going to help you and what was going to hurt you because you is what i see a lot of the office to people go online they google the facebook a you tube and the cod detox is clans is bone broth and nothing at,
nothing against those things at face value but those can be either really,
powerful tools and signals for healing but again if you do those things at the wrong time in the wrong sequence at the wrong dose,
they can actually make you worse and i see this all the time so again the question is how do you discern what's right for you do you work with a dr do you have someone helping you coach how does that play out.

[25:44] What i do and what i did at that time with i usually he got a practitioner that was knowledgeable and it had a very because i actually did get a couple of things.
My own and in you know i don't hate don't do that don't try but i don't tell people with your body your body all you going to tell you what's going on.
If you really if you think that we.
I guess the word would be to nine all i think we did nine what kind you like if you do it particular cleaned or something and you start feeling really really bad.
Yeah lot of people will deny that the feelings that bad and they feel like i'll just push through that i'm gonna push you that and sometimes like you said they can do more damage than good.
Other time maybe what is there gonna be getting a little bit of a perk reaction and then they just need to back off a little bit then there gonna do it okay that was my experience come live in.
I have that you like about about it was like no i really need to be talking people that know a little bit more about it and need to have experienced it and people can kinda guide me,
and keep me from here doing anything today in your queue damaging whatever to my body to the last thing i wanna do but.
Is why the calc professional him more than me always and.
I find really good mentors and learn from them.

[27:15] And then you know i trust my own instincts also has not gone through the whole process i've learned that my body really doesn't lie.
My body will tell me what's going on if i have to listen.
I have to not deny it and i have to listen to it and go with my gut instinct on the by lily had a lot of doctors that bless their hearts they didn't mean any harm.
But you know when on this prescription medication for that doing to me now it was destroying it was literally destroying helping my body.
And in the holy killing me hello.

[27:54] Again it's one of those things where yeah there's a lot of a professional doctor and and you have to realize that the water practitioners are trained very defintely so.
I learned to heat out the ones that were.
I trained in why study chinese restaurant but he got mentors and professionals in twenty seven i also went to chiropractor you understood nutrition.
Two hundred fifty theology.
You understood how the body works and how the body is barely talking to you and i'll are you naturopath doctor.

[28:29] And so the combination of all of those and eventually might help i trained in functional diagnostic nutrition and i can do other things too but.
These are the types of things that that i did and to this day i still always have a coach or mentor.
Who can help me because i can we can get um with the word hide.
Sidewinders i get what you call on where you don't always see everything you know it because if you let yourself and and you can always hear everything and sometimes it's really good to have.
Another person looking on that doesn't have the emotional investment that you do and can actually show you what he.
Can you take that in a factor yeah when you making decisions you coach that will,
absolutely and i love that message you know listening to your body and not trying to deny go signal you know it's almost like if you're,
driving in your car and at what is going on i know it in your dash working change your oil or check this fluid or no tire pressure whatever don't just ignore it,
actually address and prevent a much bigger problem later on down the road and that's really what michigan family wellness clinic in this,
are you podcast is all about is being compassionate lighthouse to lead people down the app.

[30:01] Resiliency and restoration so tar before we wrap things up here what are some of the practical applications i know we mentioned you but if you are just to summarize you know maybe a top two or top,
three things that.
Family is listening can do to elevate their wellness you know some simple changes that people can start with today as a result of listening to this episode.
What would you advise them first thing i would buy is look at what you are being what you're putting in and on your body.
Start looking at the label become hyundai with what is in the ingredients.

[30:40] I understand that is and it's providing the fuel in the building blocks for every action that your body perform at twenty four r today handedly.
It can hurt your body that said they movie caffeine,
breaking down protein can bring back energy transporting wicked building horn sending where can connected like we talked about earlier in any fashion vinyl for yourself filtering toxins balancing fluid green oxygen in,
all the things you darling indicator and wow this is being performed.
What basically unaware of that hard work by ethan is doing.
And we're doing our business are going about our business every day not really think about it or actively participating in it beyond the act of putting the food in our mouth and chewing it.

[31:33] And so i would love a few people.
Your lucky people able to look at the food and understand it really title for your help.
And do you want to go about getting the help you do that you can.
You know about without putting yourself into more graph obviously there's something i always get organic and other things i tell people we know.
What you wanted or help find and.
Find me food food sources so if you don't currently go to the farmers market or you're unaware of the local growers in your area.
Become familiar with them because saturday morning farmers market find out to the local farmers are you going to do without chemicals he do you ask them questions like did a filter for oil or do they spray chemicals.
And find people that you can buy your food from that will help are you with healthy food because it all began.
And while it all began when the room here is growing chemical attack have you eat me and the chicken or the pork with how if their fed genetically modified grain,
or there young lady in haifa weather not getting any grass and everything but need very different from the grass and need a local farmer might raise.
How does that you think would be huge absolutely,
yes thank you so much working people find you online how can they learn more about your book and you have a website to the book is called the one hundred eighty degree wellness revolution simple steps to prevent and reverse the.

[33:17] And they can find the book at amazon to bestseller actually been better for two years now can landlords link year yet of the weather cooperated never want happy but is no category.
And i have a website it that you get you get you got cultivating health,
dot org the ult iv he ing he al th that works,
i love them all thanks again car and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resonating with you and if you feel like you know you've experienced some similar health issues that are has shared today.
I want a highly encourage you to head on over to me in coming on back on and schedule a twenty minute complimentary phone consultations.
Where we can begin a dialogue and how to best approach elevating your health and wellness.
And remember will have a dedicated web page with all of the show note that we've mentioned here at machine family wellness dot com everything that's charges,
engine went to her books and her website and social media you can and you can also it's sandoz shown.
Right there on your mobile device if you listening there and you can take advantage of those with a bowling right now.
Well michigan family is all the parents listening mothers and fathers that much tougher coming on the podcast.
You're a author your life your mother and your near death experience survivor have i missed anything else.
Happy birthday absolutely we are very blessed nine i'm.

[34:51] So grateful that you were able to come on the podcast today and share your experiences and bring value and benefit,
the relationship you're thanks so much thank you so much for having me i appreciate it,
alright fam is what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you've heard on this or any previous edition of the family wellness lifestyle podcast,
you may do so by writing dr kyle at michigan family while the stock come and take full advantage of the family lifestyle audio library,
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michigan family wellness thanks so much for tuning in families have an awesome week and remember we can you far more together than we can ever do apart now that you've been.
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