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Nutrition For Mom And Baby

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.

2018, Dr. Kyle Wallner
Michigan Family Wellness

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.


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Good day michigan families and welcome to another empowering radio blast episode of michigan family wellness in your host dr kyle and today we will be devoting an entire episode two prenatal nutrition.

[2:18] Now i know we've mentioned this before on previous and after the officers however i really want to get specific and laid down the benefits and value of targeted nutritional medicine.
During pregnancy and explain how chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy.
Significantly elevate the journey of pregnancy and help cultivate a natural birth it's certainly no surprise that,
nutritional needs during pregnancy increase dramatically as the process incubating a baby requires additional micro and macro nutrients.
While a chronically poor diet can have long term ramifications well not pregnant think obesity diabetes metabolic syndrome.
For the developing child however of pregnant moms inadequate nutritional intake can undermine the immediate health of both mom and child.
While also impacting the birthing process itself.

[3:14] For example while most chiropractors understand the importance of vitamin d in overall human health.

[3:20] What may possibly get overlooked are the health benefits of the sun.
Specifically and most importantly the sun and its life giving all true violet light is vital in order for our bodies to an dodge initially produce vitamin d.
This may be reflected by an increased risk of developing multiple skull roses in the offspring of mother's.
Who were exposed to minimal amounts of sunlight during pregnancy,
additionally low vitamin d status can lead to increased risk of asthma and allergic rita's later in life as well as impaired growth and skeletal problems,
finally according to another study vitamin d deficiency correlates with preeclampsia gestational diabetes bacterial infections and an increase risk for c section delivery.

[4:08] There are growing bodies research that suggests optimal vitamin d levels require five to ten thousand units of supplemental vitamin d daily.
In order to raise the level in the blood of the proper form of vitamin d.
This is especially important if you live in northern latitudes like michigan.
Long michigan winters are not conducive to optimal year round vitamin d levels which is why many people experience seasonal depressive disorder.
During the fall through winter seasons when the sunlight hits your skin your body has the ability to make its own vitamin d,
which is pretty cool the thing is,
research now shows the sun must be at the correct angle for this reaction to occur a great trip to figure out if the sun is out the correct angle is to look at your shadow.
If your shadow is taller or longer than you technically you're not making vitamin d but if your shadow is shorter than you are,
then you're making that free beautiful vitamin d of the vitamin d supplement i recommend an test on my patience for at the office is based in a nanas for light goes on,
called soul ray d not only does it contain the purest vitamin d possible but also has vitamin k two and k seven in the proper ratios for their synergistic balance requirements,
and this is for optimal absorption on top of all that it's actually a spray delivery mechanism meaning it's alter portable.

[5:43] Convenient and great for the kids to use as well i'll drop the link into the show notes here for an exclusive pdf that explains more about this special vitamin d medicine.

[5:55] Omega three fatty acids are another fundamentally vital part of any complete nutritional pregnancy regimen.

[6:02] Do you make three fatty acids the a is critical for optimal brain health and function at all ages of life.
But the research literature is very clear that the provides brain supportive benefits in infants as well as the developing baby,
dhea helps with brain development while supporting learning memory visual acuity and cognition the has even been shown to have an interesting and complex relationship with the neurotransmitters as it can help mitigate the symptoms of postpartum depression,
by influencing both sarah town in and other mean now transmission,
iron zinc in full eight are all required for proper neonatal intellectual and motor skill development because of the rapid growth rate and neurological expansion of the baby.

[6:47] Requirements for these important nutrients are except,
ideally the primary nutritional vehicle for the new born is breast milk and since many mothers find,
that getting enough iron and zinc in their diet may be difficult enough organic grass fed non gmo red meat can be the best source of both iron and zinc,
nutritional supplementation is the easiest and most cost effective solution another new chain associated with improper neurological motor and psychological development of the baby is the mineral iodine,
there's a simple and easy way to test for the body's need for iodine i do this with my patients all the time at the office.

[7:28] You simply taking iodine roller and apply a small patch of liquid iodine to the skin.
Allow a few moments for it to dry and then i tell the patient to periodically check the patch and know what time it disappears.

[7:41] Ideally you want the patch to take twenty four hours or longer to disappear.

[7:45] When the patch is absorbs in less than twenty four hours this indicates the body is looking for sources of iodine,
iodine is a new treaty of no due to the thyroid need for iodine to make siree hormones.
The correlation between internal hypo thyroid ism and adversely affected baby development is on questioned after calcium magnesium may be the most important mineral in our bodies.
Magnesium regulates more than three hundred twenty five and zions in the body the most important of which for,
to produce transport store and utilize energy many aspects of cellular metabolism are regulated by magnesium such as dna and rna synthesis.
Cell growth and cell reproduction magnesium also orchestrates the electric current that sparks through the miles of nerves in the body.
Without magnesium muscle and nerve functions are compromised and energy is diminished magnesium deficiency can affect virtually every organ system of the body with regard to skeletal muscle.
One may experience twitches especially in the eyelids cramps muscle tension muscle soreness including backaches neck pain.
Tension headaches and jaw joint pain or tmj dysfunction.

[8:58] One may experience chest tightness or a particular sensation that one can take a deep breath sometimes a person may sigh a lot.

[9:07] So magnesium is a big deal with pregnancy from a neurological perspective because the nervous system of the baby is forming and developing in the womb.
But also from a narrow muscular skeletal perspective because the mothers leg and pelvic muscles.
Need to have adequate levels of magnesium to relax to stretch and to deliver the baby through the birth canal.

[9:32] The hormone relaxing helps with this but proper levels of magnesium will make delivery much less painful a shorter delivery time and much more beautiful,
dietary intake of fall its during early pregnancy especially twenty one to twenty eight days after conception is critical for baby spinal cord development low fully intake is one of the leading causes of neural tube defects.
The problems of which has been reduced and nations implementing mandatory fortification,
of cereal grains with full gas it without food fortification or supplementation deficiency a full eight intake is high in the united states.
The national health and nutrition examination survey data collected from two thousand three to two thousand six,
suggest that nearly ninety percent of americans consume less than the estimated average requirement which increases the likelihood that a woman answers her pe,
pregnancy with an adequate levels of oh late for appropriate baby neural development yet despite the common recommendation for women to consume folic acid supplements or multi vitamins with folic acid prior to pregnancy among american women ages eighteen to forty four years with the recent live birth,
only twenty nine point seven percent of women reported full of acid supplementation during the month before pregnancy.

[10:52] Those reporting the lowest rate of supplementation were those ages eighteen to twenty four years during pregnancy reported use of folic acid supplementation increases to an overall seventy seven percent although.
Use appears to be lowest during the first trimester when fully need is the greatest.
The biologically active fully molecule is the fully reduced to methylated model glue to make form called.
Five metal tetra hydro full it or five and the f,
i don't want to overwhelm everyone with the complex biochemistry is in the methylation pathways that's why you have a doctor that's why you have someone like myself who understands all of that.
And can finally down for you.
But i do want everyone to know that the recommendation is eight hundred to a thousand units of methylated folic acid,
should be added through the eight weeks before conception through the and of breast feeding,
calling isn't a central nutrient that is critical for baby development,
partly due to its intersection with the methylation pathways coleen is also the precursor for one of the most important arrow transmitters a co calling,
during pregnancy um other shuttles large amounts of calling across the placenta to the baby and later through her breast milk during breast feeding pregnant women have higher amounts of calling that their body makes naturally already however calling levels are often still diminished due to low dietary calling stores per.

[12:26] Prior to pregnancy and low dietary intake during pregnancy.

[12:31] In fact according to recent and hands that only about eight percent of the united states population consumes the adequate intakes of calling,
through their diet and supplementation food sources of calling include eggs beef liver wheat germ cooked beefing cod,
and cooked christopher's vegetables especially broccoli and brussels sprouts i recommend that all my pregnant patients consume adequate levels of calling each day which is around four hundred and fifty milligrams through their diet if possible and if they're taking their prenatal supplements than they're already getting this amount anyways,
the health and integrity of the micro bio and is now recognized as a major factor in maintaining an individual's health especially,
a pregnant mothers health beneficial micro bio organisms help to protect the gastrointestinal environment,
from certain pathogenic organisms provide important nutrients through fermentation and direct synthesis and improve gut barrier function,
this all helps to mature and fine tune the immune cell functions the reproductive tract is also a microbial rich environment.
Well this feature is often considered negative during pregnancy for example certain bacterial infections there is now a better understanding of the protective affect,
of good,
coming so organisms protecting the reproductive tract during pregnancy in fact maternal gastrointestinal and plus sensor microbiology have been shown to play a vital role.

[14:04] And the babies metabolic programming,
as well as got and immune function in the baby prior to delivery due to these and other recent discoveries the micro pill environs of both the got and reproductive tracks during pregnancy have only just be,
is become the focus of the,
of clinical research along with observation studies several intervention of studies have examine the role of nutritional pri biotic and pro biotic modulation,
of the mothers got environment on a range of perry nail and baby development outcomes beyond the obvious support for both gastrointestinal and immune a logical health in the mother and baby.
Prenatal pro biotic said been evaluated for their affects on pre-eclampsia maternal depression,
just a snow diabetes mother and baby metabolic functions and even heavy metal and pesticide.
Removal from the body some though not all studies have shown that prenatal pro biotic you significantly increased levels of both g and birth canal,
like to the solas populations reduce the incidence of bacterial infections,
and altered immune markers in serum and breast milk improve maternal glucose metabolism and reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes the use of supplemental probiotics containing lactic facilities and if it'll bacteria strains should be considered safe and beneficial during pregnancy.

[15:35] And lactation studies using the common use pro biotic sacrifices bill rd during pregnancy have not been published.
While the use of the strain appears to be common during pregnancy in europe.
Some are still reluctant to recommend its use due to a lack of published clinical that however with the exception of,
me no compromise patients are mothers there is no reason to believe the use of sacrifices bill rd would be unsafe during pregnancy or lactation so again,
this is a major point i always take account the research and the science and then i use functional,
muscle testing reply can you see allergy to help confirm and fine what is the most specific and best,
supplements whether they be pro biotic vitamins herbs doesn't matter what it is.
We want to be as specific to that individual central nervous system as possible,
ensuring that pregnant mothers pay special attention to appropriate nutrition can be as simple as putting her on a properly formulated prenatal multi vitamin,
in this simple way both baby and mother can be assured that their fundamental nutritional needs are being met during this time but again i stress this point.
One prenatal multi vitamin doesn't mean it's the best for everyone you have to sign what specific one works best for that woman for that mother finally chiropractic care for pregnancy is absolutely essential you can have the best nutrition in the world but if there is a structural problem with the sake from the.

[17:10] Pelvis or the lumbar spine nutrition alone will not fix that problem chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy have helped turn breached babies shorten labour times and even helped an issue delivery when the baby just wasn't coming to spy,
being full term furthermore most if not all women will tell you their pain levels were dramatically decrease during labor from receiving chiropractic adjustments so again it's the combination of the nutritional medicine and the kayak,
adjustments that provide the most benefit and value to the mother and her baby,
so if you're resonating with this message today of resiliency and restoration as it relates to prenatal nutrition and i want to invite you to schedule a complimentary twenty minute phone consultation with myself,
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