Transcript: MFW 025 | How Acupuncture Elevates Your Health & Wellness Lifestyle

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[1:05] Greatest asset.
Best way to have a healthy family is by living a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family.
Then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today,
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as a complimentary gift learn more about how power performance can help you move look and feel better,
by visiting power gym dot com that's pow r g y m dot com pretty well shes a license acupuncturist board certified herbalist chinese medicine expert and self care strategies.
She is the founder of life in balance acupuncture in oregon where she's been treating patients since two thousand three in addition to her clinical practice brody shares her expertise to help women to take care of themselves,
with innovative learn from anywhere courses workshops and retreats on stress management the body mind connection and chinese medicine.

[2:34] She's also a traitor and host of a healthy curiosity the podcast that explores what it takes to be well in a busy world,
okay family so brody has a fantastic message a wonderful passionate i really wanted to bring to you on the machine down in one spot so i'm very excited to welcome her.
So without any further delay let's jump in today's interview.

[2:55] Welcome family's the interview portion of today's podcast my guest on the show today is brody wells protein when the podcast so great to have.

[3:03] What's up here in nobody really is fantastic the way technology can connect and engage people today and now,
and just getting in touch with you actually through a mutual facebook community i'm really amazed ultimately grateful because here's the thing.

[3:20] Because of all this now the enough to view community can benefit from your experiences and unique perspective were previously.
That may not have been possible so i wanna thank you again for being on the show today and absolutely love spreading the word about twenty minutes and.

[3:36] So very just hold our listeners a little bit about you as the professional before we get into today's content can you tell us more about you as the person and what does family look like for you well see me as a person as i am a,
highly driven highly motivated practitioner really always concerned with learning more of what i can to help my patients and,
i also really concerned about walking my talk around balance and health so a yeah i meditated to yogurt she gone go hiking,
play music actually with my husband in a band called the hugs and the hottie has just a live,
i about let's say four years ago i married a widower so i suddenly had instead kids hoover sure that plane.
Twelve at eight you are now seventeen thirteen and so i am a full time step mom as well as.

[4:37] Practicing in my clinic as well as developing work from home programs for people and so yeah i to have a very full life for which i'm very grateful.
That's awesome oh first of all congratulations on your family do you have any insights or know anything about the great lakes are lighthouses or anything michigan.

[4:58] Well the two things that i know that michigan one is that one of my closest friends from childhood went to the university of michigan and love that,
so i say i have a positive association there and that a good friend of mine from acupuncture school,
i was went out there starts practice before there were any laws around acupuncture so he was kind of in like the wild west of of practicing kind of and a legal state where i,
we now and so and just kind of that but that sounds.
A little perilous and risky but i understand that you now have license or in place of the skins.
Alright pretty well let's actually jumping to some content for today so you are a license acupuncturist out on the pacific northwest out there so explain to the michigan family wellness listeners exactly what,
is acupuncture will acupuncture is a,
that's a three thousand plus year history of it basically it's,
it's a complete system of medicine and acupuncture being one branch of chinese medicine and the practice of acupuncture is about capitalizing the body to heal itself,
and we do that by making suggestions to it and the suggestions come in the form of stimulating points on the body we,
he's hair thin filaments that i don't even like to call needles because most people think about needles that's hypodermic certainly not the,
getting blood drawn or shots and and i'm sure needles are actually so small about forty of them can fit inside hypodermic so it's a very different kind of experience and so were using these little for.

[6:36] Filaments to tap into the bodies intelligence that electromagnetic currents that exists that runs throughout,
the entire system of the body and we use these points on the surface to affect all the different systems of the body so we can actually affect things lake digestion and sleep infertility and things that have absolutely nothing to do with,
physical pain because the the internal organs of the body have these,
i kind of like he's on a keyboard that you can you can press control alt delete and get a different result and if you press controls the engine of that,
the commune or or t as in you're a musician you might appreciate the musical analogy of different cord causing a kind of a residence in the body and,
and so we combined points are different ways to send a particular message about what it's gonna take to create balance in the whole person.

[7:29] Wow so i'm actually quite impress i've never heard it described like that before and i consider myself someone that's coming in the.
Alternative healing arena for a little while now so i'm sure that are listener shift is gonna appreciate that so you're actually saying just kinda summarize.
Now that we know what acupuncture is your saying there's actually benefits and val.
You know i will i physically feel different.

[7:59] When i walk out of your office compared to when i walk in and like mentioned i just can't mention couple his health condition so you're saying you know by putting these.

[8:08] I know that their called needles in your eye and walk on the house but for the sake of the.
I am forever the marks in for the sake of the year gonna put needles in the scan and your saying that's actually going to affect my health is everything.
That's precisely what i'm saying tho in chinese medicine we have if you look at the national institute of health and the world health organization without.

[8:32] Dozens of different conditions that acupuncture is considered to be effective in treating and so and those conditions range not only from things like migraine headaches and lower back pain to,
i want the list number is that the things that i treat my practice have a lot to do with anxiety and depression,
they just it concerns insomnia infertility as i mentioned high blood pressure in of a,
various me we can help with everything from quitting smoking to weight loss to and if there's essentially that when you're talking to the body,
you're stimulating your first thoughts profoundly anti inflammatory as an effect on all sorts of neurotransmitters including our,
set of natural endorphins and our feel good chemicals so it can ship that's pretty much immediately from like at stressed tense,
kind of fight or flight state into a pear sympathetic or resting repair mode most people leave the office and kind of they be good at most able to sleep on the tables profoundly relaxing and they leave in the state but i refer to as acura and,
which can be really just people get is visions and insights on the table or just come off the table feeling like that had the best nap of their lives and,
and if so definitely does something to town so if the nervous system and as you as you know,
most of the conditions that we three are made worse by stress and so it's the kind of thing where just like it just has a part of the picture not only do i,
teach people how to how to work with their breath and how to work with dock you points to gonna down shift.

[10:05] And and getting slow there world down but that the actual experience of acupuncture is really profoundly relaxing and that you know i'll let times like,
if you have a chronic issue you receive had with eve had shoulder pain for five years it's like your first acupuncture visit you might feel,
but you might get some pain relief out of that first visit but you also might not often takes a handful of visits for things are kind of wrapped up in the body certainly learning to speak a language and no car factors of similar sort of.
There's like a tipping point where it where there's were suddenly people are like oh yeah this is really different than the body that i'm used to and says that that take the apple that's really early stick around that simply a process but,
it depending on the severity and the generation and state you know when a host of other factors people often do you feel that the main complaint.

[10:56] Changes in in just a visit or a handful.
Right right and i'm just along with that has to pay you back in every case is different so you know people are in different levels of health so.

[11:08] You know someone might be able to respond really quickly to your treatments are to acupuncture when someone else like you said it might take a few sessions are also like that.
It's also not in us or not uncommon to have yeah so better for like a day or two but then it came back when that's that actually means.
That were on to something and you need to hang in there so i don't actually you know responsible plan of care for chinese medicine is a handful of the,
that's and then your practitioner will be able to evaluate just kind of like i almost done are you just getting going kind of late on a case by case basis but usually,
apple is enough to know whether your particular condition is the kind of thing that acupuncture can help with cuz clearly we can't like we attach a severed tendon or something not that there's plenty that,
that we we can catalyzer in terms of helping the body to,
to relax to heal to recover from a surgery or trauma that kinda thing or even prevented of la if you're coming after getting have chronic colds and flus are chronic in a credit card anything like that you might not even necessarily,
it consider a big problem you have a dinner for three times a week it's not a big deal are area get you know like i just live with so yeah every month i have terrible.
You know that's the craft like yeah that's not normal that's that is that have to live with it just because its fan,
it's what your use to doesn't mean that that's that that's something that you have to settle for an so alot of times.
In texas we think about treating the branch as well as the remote so that if if we have.

[12:41] If that is an imbalance in the body that i can give rise to a bunch of different branches that we would consider the sentence and so it may be that your difficulty falling asleep at night and your poor memory and,
weak digestion and gas including all have to do with the same and balance that we retreat,
and we will call that squeegee deficiency yeah so i got a killer kind of energy in the body that needs nourishment or a particular kind of energy that needs that we need to temp down to regulate and so it's this idea that,
get me on is absurd about a concept,
that that is central to chinese medicine that your listeners might be familiar with them turns of that the ubiquitous young symbol innocently that's the cool of chinese medicine mr sir balance to the body and each system so like,
we can think about,
like the spleen and stomach are the heart and small tests and the little cold water these yen yang pairs of organs that work together to accomplish if it,
the under consist yeah like that but different organs are all doing,
the same thing in the body early concert each have their role to play but it's it's not like one or get it scattered around that has a hole sweet of symptoms that can be responsible for influencing,
no not to go off on too much of a tangent but you know there's acupuncture there's dry needle laying in hypodermic yeah just think,
give us you know thirties like alligator differences and like what's what makes one the other and what makes one different from the other.
Well i'm going to,
reveal bias here but try kneeling in my opinion is the practice of acupuncture by people like physical therapists chiropractors he don't wanna actually get license to do acupuncture not okay i feel it is the kind of thing where like.

[14:24] Yeah chinese in chinese medicine we have twenty nine we have kind of their traditional massage and traditional sort of,
manipulation that i'm not gonna go cracking someone's neck and call it twenty right now talking about this app to jail that's tire.

[14:40] To try kneeling is essentially the insertion of needles to have a therapeutic purpose that is done that the claim is made that this is,
this is done it with the system that's totally different from chinese medicine and yet we look at what's being taught of the seminars that the points that are used are are.
Most of the line right up with traditional chinese medicine identify tacky points and so sorry i considered trying healing to the,
at the most responsible thing in the world and and the idea that claiming that you just invented it can i ten years ago is is really tearing at the service to people who really.

[15:18] And to be a to be an acupuncturist near for your or you have three thousand our master's degree program and that but that's that's kind of the standard for a license or in most states and so if you know if there's.
There's a big difference between somebody not versus someone who's may be taking a weekend workshop and you know like maybe has a medical background,
and knows enough about me to maybe not like hit like an artery or something but and clearly there's an art to it and it's not,
jamming a piece of metal in somebody's body serve function no longer some young ass and it's like,
the practice of acupuncture is is considered quite safe when it's done by a trained professional and i don't consider,
try dealing to necessarily meet that threshold so is it a try dealing yeah to serve buyer be ware and make sure it,
make sure that your personal space trade but but i think that i think that the public is best served when we all do our best at,
and so in about,
i need someone here it's a licensed acupuncturist which in some states were doctors of oriental medicine and other shit for acupuncture physicians it just depends on on the state title but often licensed acupuncturist is the title and,
and for people wanting to.
To find someone near them i recommend going to the the national certification so center for acupuncture and oriental medicine which is and see.

[16:44] Perfect type in your zip code and you'll find people who work well.

[16:48] Awesome thanks so much very for all that i was gonna get to the gets all those questions a little bit later on after the covers more content i just so just to be sure like.

[16:59] What you're saying is you actually have a license you've actually passport exams you've got into a professional four year collegiate degree.
It's not as if you just went to a weekend seminar and.
You know slot of certification on your back and now you put needles in people's skin so we're saying is like this is a legitimate thing.
And i hope people can resonate with your message and what your saying it so you actually know what you're talking about and you use this technique.
For specific therapeutic effects i talk a lot of talk about this a lot of my podcast in with my patients these modalities these therapies these techniques they're very powerful signals for healing.

[17:40] Yep the same time if done incorrectly with you to the wrong intend to at the wrong level at the wrong time you mention like specific points you know at the wrong point.
You can actually hurt someone and also in sj and acupuncture in of think that's what one of things i love about chinese medicine is that there so much that we can be doing our own,
eight you know like sticking needles and ourselves not one of those things that we can certainly that that was interesting i think is that,
that when we stimulate appoints you can do that with self massage you can do it in writing your skin with essential oil you can do it by tapping you can in like there,
there's lots of different ways of talking to the body is not necessarily gonna be the same as acupuncture and an especially because it were you know essentially chinese medicine,
it is is a whole system that that is because incredibly deep and it and has just yet thousands of years of,
medical philosophy and it said it is its systems within systems answer obviously the more someone understands.
Could how it all fits together the more powerful the results can be but that shouldn't stop someone from from learning a few ak you points that could be super helpful for daily life you know i try vacations all the time you know like your the point for headaches and here's right or you know,
that to help the stress and so it's the kind of thing where like there's definitely safeways applying the medicine to ourselves and see that i think that's,
stop started feeling so.
So what is the meridian you know years back when i was in chiropractic college i had to the average a-section laboratories and when i metaphorically speaking opened up the hood.

[19:16] Yeah on the human body i don't necessarily see a bunch of.
Lines crossing the elbow are going up and down the spine area around you know these charts that i've seen or that people magazine for,
so explain them for a listener shift is it like there is lines and everyone's body that or you know tell us what that's like.
Sure well so this will be back up a little bit and steps so because basically it.
It one of the central lotions and chinese medicine is that the whole body is is this field of energy which is something that,
it is born out inside so we can measure that there's a field of energy that projects past the human form six to twelve inches and that,
and if we think about if we shifter paradigm from kind of the new tony in physics model of like were a bunch of mechanistic parts dancing around the unit like,
said reset over to the the quads them or is dying in physics to mention or mainly empty space with this tiny little that's a matter,
you know if we got identifiers with with ourselves as kind of the energy of who we are play,
actually work were field of energy with some with some bass the energy is gonna be the vast majority of the,
the acupuncture meridian hs are kind of like the main channel's of how energy primarily circulates through the body as a,
in chinese medicine and just like if you cut open a phone line he wouldn't see the electricity running through it you know or like and in the cadaver lab,
you know what like,
one of the first things that happens as you cut a way to fast rate your way that that superficial connective tissue and that's usually where the marines are such run it's actually in the fashion no i think it's actually really exciting that research that's currently being done it's a kind of a.

[21:01] Just how much have fascia is just this and nurture issue but it allows for communication in on a cellular level.

[21:09] The nervous system of the brain in a kind of all this that we stay to not know about it as that so so it's kind of like yeah that and any time like we didn't use to thing,
the cranial bones move because all of that you know it and now we know that there's a such thing as the crib musical rhythm which is created by the movement of cerebral spinal fluid within that are within that,
you know level of the spine and that and that it's actually really vital so that that's flowing well in order for also.
To the body to feel relax unbalanced and so similarly with chinese medicine if you were cut into a cadaver you would not see the radiant because there's no life you know like that that like there is no led by electricity,
yeah that's the kind of thing where like in the living body they're absolutely are ways that that,
energy moves around that can be regulated and it's the thin so that,
the there are hundreds of points and those points are correct are connected to one another on these on these rivers of energy are these lines are the electrical lines that we think of as the radiant and so.

[22:14] So we can use physically appoints where the body's energy can be accessed and energy travels on the,
on the meridian to the internal organs which is one of the reasons why we can do things like regulates stomach acid using stomach thirty six which is on the lower leg that point will either increase or decrease stomach acid depending on what the person needs because the stomach channel,
goes to the subject so it's kinda like it what highway you gonna take in order to get to the organ system that you want to.

[22:42] Fantastic so let me describe framework for you here and i think my patients will appreciate this as well as the people listening the family system will appreciate this as well,
a patient comes to me because their back hurts obviously being a chiropractor their back hurts you know they come to me,
after i performed a thorough health history i also find out that this person has been diagnosed with high blood pressure okay,
and they also have a history of chronic kidney related disease case i'm trying to set up the context for this acupuncture connection about this right here,
so we all know that the kidneys through in manchester understanding of physiology the kidneys actually helped regulate blood pressure okay.
So naturally being a doctor and having a blood pressure cuff i pull up my blood pressure cuff and actually take this person's blood pressure reading okay so it was high you know it's stock was in the one sixties okay,
so if you look at the kidney meridian if you pull out your acupuncture charter if you've.
Ever looked at an acupuncture meridian chart you know you'll find that there's actually a kidney.
Meridian and it goes all the way from the bottom of the foot to basically the heads of the clavicles okay.

[23:54] What i do is actually i start evaluating this patients foot okay the actual joints in the foot because what happens is.
These marines they cross joint lines and while as a chiropractor i'm not going to put a needle in someone's skin but i am.
License and is within my scope to actually evaluate the range of motion the joint restriction of.
You know everything from the spine all the way down to the extra nice i'm checking out this guys foot and what i'm finding is that.
There's major joint restriction actually in the longitudinal archer actually where the new vic killer bond is.

[24:33] When i looked at the kidney meridian i saw that kinda crossed right on that one ge to know large there but i do next is actually.

[24:41] No cuz his chief complaint is lower back pain so he's like doc what are you doing with my foot on coming to you from my back you know what's what's going on here,
so then i actually start testing using a technique called applied kinesiology and muscle testing.

[24:57] And i actually my patients are there with this as well so i'm actually challenging the so as muscle or his hip flasks are and i'm finding that this guy.
Cannot hold his hip fracture he has the weakest effects are his so as is just completely.
What i would describe as neurologic lee inhibit okay and so just what muscle relates to the kidney or onion.
And it's the so so i hope this is strange all kinda makes sense here.
But when i want to describe is after i adjusted those patients for okay so i corrected the dropped new vic alert on.
Alright that reestablish the flow or the ci are the pron of the kidney meridian.
Which then restored strength to his so as muscle which took away his lower back pain so that was his immediate experience he was like.

[25:50] Doc you just adjust my foot that helps my back and now it's me that was amazing that was huge and then you know we did next.
We actually read took that blood pressure reading and we found that this is stalin could come down to within normal range.
Okay all because the murder in the kidney meridian was this function or imbalances you describe.

[26:13] Yeah i think that's it that's an awesome example,
can i can i add on to it the error so couple things strike me not description and and one is that the kind of many paths to the same point thing is is really you know that,
yeah a lot of times one of the one of the points on the kidney meridian near than of a killer bone is gonna be kidney to and that's a different points on the kidney meridian like what you what you,
put the point that you choose have different jobs and so in chinese medicine its its like yes there's meridien therapy which is kind of using points on the same channel to affect a different part of the body that's on the channel which is what you're describing your example here using the ankle two of.
It's in the back and and that it's exactly the blood pressure dropped.
The chinese medicine the kidney system is part of what we call the water elements and so it is in charge of like it so it rules,
basically the lower body rolls the lower back it rules the bones and joints in general it's in our shared from anyone dealing with arthritis in it like,
we will definitely with a kidney on can you connect with the emotion of fear kidneys that the main job of water,
one of the jobs that the water elements regulate the fire element which is where the heart let's in so basically it's giving ya at base state if there's two week in the water element that,
then the fire can go out of control and you get something like it blood pressure and so it my guess is that by manipulate.
What working with kidney to and you know either but with adjusting at or is it just gonna be killer boehner putting a needle at a kidney to that were sending a message to the body of like hey let's take this access heats that let's.

[27:54] Let's set it like clearly you call and see heat in chinese medicine so that the blood pressure goes down and also so that everything that it that the kidney pretty and.
Connect with including so as can can come back.

[28:08] Balance and so it's like yes there is this meridian therapy idea but there's also this five element idea of kind of how how energy moves,
inside internally among the different organ systems and how we use how everything's all connected and so.

[28:24] Kidney is al traffic madison has identified the kidneys as playing a major role in blood pressure regulation and it chinese medicine yet won't hold that.
Is exactly the logic there to and so in addition to kidney points i might also choose some points that take down the blood pressure in periodically or that clear he from the heart,
a problem like based on the assessment will that we use in chinese medicine which include taking the pulse of the radio artery at three different positions at,
but look at the person ton and by asking a ton of questions that we affectionately refer to as the ten thousand questions.

[28:58] Awesome very well it's exactly this kind of alternative thinking but,
at the same time based in science this functional approach and including your acupuncture practice as well that.
Can be so valuable and provide so much significance for so many people and honestly i'm sure you i'm sure you see this in the pacific northwest as well,
exactly save you thousands of dollars in needless medical and emergency care we still need all that don't misunderstand saying that i can save you know tons of.
Resources on that emergency care when you can just.
You know have this preventive this alternative approach to your health and wellness lifestyle and honestly two gonna can save you from the detrimental side effects from many of the medications you know it's like you.
You go you get a medication for some time our chief complaint and then you have the side effects of that medication which then you need more medications for cell.
I'm just really appreciating the value and kind of the again that different mindset that different kind of alternate thinking.
That i think people are really benefiting from in terms of acupuncture.
Maria agnes which brings me a traditional chinese medicine so i know that in our preach at you were describing how you know there's acupuncture there's chi's gone,
and it seems like in correct me if i'm wrong is traditional chinese medicine or tc and is that kind of the major umbrella or,
the major tree and then there's all these different branches that include acupuncture and she gone is that how it works yet so it's chinese medicine and.

[30:33] Would be the umbrella term traditional chinese medicine is actually the name of one particular branch within the the bigger umbrella of chinese okay to tc m was codify by bough it it it's,
two eight hundred communist china to in order to count of like regulate the,
act as of acupuncture and make it easier to teach to the masses and so kind of like it is one particular way we're like okay what you know there's,
if somebody comes in with a headache okay these are the ten different kinds of headaches that were gonna recognizing the systems and for these for the use it i use these points for this kind of headache it depending on on the differential diagnosis that is also that's but that's sort of like that's one way for,
practicing chinese medicine there's also classical chinese medicine and there's certain that there's mean obviously.
The chinese medicine has been around for three thousand years it has just been in china there's ten different systems that have evolved in japan and vietnam and you know kind of all throughout asia and then it said before spreading to the west it within the past.
Gonna be hundred years ago i think but in any case chinese medicine in general is is,
a complete system of healthcare with its own system of diagnostics and treatment acupuncture is one branch of our our most hours i think or second most important branches gonna be herbal medicine so it just says like whatever we identify as a,
primary and balance the body we could it generally speaking for for pain issues acupuncturist gonna be the probably the most effective tool but for most of our internal medicine imbalances like basically anything else that you would see a position for.

[32:06] Set that.

[32:09] Herbal medicine could be the most powerful intervention and so we we look at it again what's out of balance the body what kind of energy need strengthening what kind of energy needs dispersing what's going on with the ecosystem that is this person and then,
we would have prescribed formula as usually a mixture of different herbs so instead of like kind of in the west where were used to saying like oh if you have sleep problems take.
Yeah larry and ruth or if you have when we community take back in a shack that in chinese medicine it's more like instead of like giving something like a bag of flour to back of baking soda bag of sugar it's more like here have this cake mix in it like your hair that's like synergistic by.
Or a cat are just going to do a particular job in the body of regulating it so it's herbal medicine is another important ratched other branches include diet,
obviously that's a major point of any kind of medicine but my existence considered a branch in and of itself in chinese medicine so instead of how that might different.

[33:04] That might differ from the way that we think about in west is like reset thinking about carbs protein fat vitamins and minerals and a chinese medicine we will get.
Things like the temperature and the taste of it so kind of is this warming or cooling,
red and white and the edge of each case has a particular function in the body so it's somebody's having difficulty losing weight or they're terrible digestion,
i forgot to look at the energetic sympathy to thirty eating and the balance of case and also eat food is considered medicine for a particular system of the body right we know that but yeah,
what's your eta based on the kind of trance that that go.

[33:43] Towards making a particular system healthy we have that same notion in chinese medicine so there's a lot to the dietary and it's a lot more about the energetic seafood,
it is an is this anyway can be and you stand on,
how we think about what we're putting into our bodies and other branches gonna be exercise and that's different than kind of what we think of as like pumping iron are going for runny nose like yes that's exercise but in chinese medicine exercise.
Means basically breathing and moving and breathing life into the body through practices like she gone are the the basically as it was probably more familiar to most people it's a little bit more,
popular and famous that she gone just needs energy exercise or have a way of cultivating and building your own internal energy and it sort of like a moving meditation.
In our kind of like dallas yoga center people are familiar with,
with yoga that basically you're your breathing your combine your breast your intention of posture and she gone does the same thing except that so it's a bit less linear and a little more slowly and for a lot of people much more accessible because it serves,
it's pretty accessible to all bodies and can be can be modified to my dad so such icon i love at because it sort of.
Like a moving meditation or gentle exercise all-in-one and so it's one of the reasons that i really feel like that's it,
a particularly useful branch of the medicine that people can can take on as a self care practice and so and some people even include meditation as a branch of chinese medicine as well.

[35:16] Which side she be a branch or is that in the media kind of a subset of cheat on okay so it's the gun means energy exercise type she is basically like,
you can cultivate energy for the purpose of self healing you can cultivate as a spiritual practice or we can cultivate that kind of as a martial art and how he is kinda likes martial arts in slow-motion units that had obviously had health benefits but the it it's,
it's sort of like yeah it's it's gonna be a branch on that she got three,
cancer going back to what you were saying earlier with just helping people balance their sympathetic and their para sympathetic i find that my patience to actually practice type she.
You know because you're moving so slowly it not only slows down the moments of your joints in your muscles but also.

[36:02] Benefits you advise slowing down your mind and what you were saying earlier you know really trying to balance that para sympathetic nervous system.
Without sympathetic nervous system so i appreciate your clarification there with the you know that the tree of chinese medicine and how there are all these different branches you know.
Tc amber the traditional chinese medicine being a branch in of itself i find that fascinating so yeah it's definitely no in and it's like i don't necessarily take offense like people can people can fit a practice to see him but it's i also.
Very much recognize that that it's like that in of itself is it isn't,
thousands of years of what came before it and like it's and in some senses like at what was lost and insert of like china's attempt to be appealing to kind of like the evidence based you know our pathak.
That is an establishment of the west is that what was lost was this idea of the body mind spirit connection which i think is one of chinese medicines real strengths it out like men that the idea that,
our thoughts affect our physiology and everything from that how we just or food to the every state of the nervous system is it that every,
it is represented by stay in the union system hand and every like the emotions and thoughts have an effect on,
on virtually every system of the body so,
and the fact that in chinese medicine each organ system correlate with emotion and there's a particular to mention of our.

[37:30] Of our consciousness to for example the spleen is connected with our ability to focus our attention shredder liver is connected with or imagination,
yeah like and not digestive someone's feeling blocked or stock or like there another angry old times sake what we need to move the liver chicken her that you are the liver color is getting too hot and that absolutely we could the,
the energetic civil what what is the weather the chemicals that may be heating up the weather in person needs to be to a glass of an advisor others is everything that could have an effect on that there are certainly points there you know as well or taking you out to the looking at.
At being able to to think about that really.

[38:09] Getting a handle on how we feel and how we think has a huge effect on on our physiology mention the screen and i know that you know you talked about like focusing and i'm trying to do so multitask there's are who i have ec with like.
And if you caught a spleen deficiency or imbalance but i'm sure you see a lot of that especially with are you know our mobile devices you know having.
Ten million apps open at once you know trying just do everything while driving you know it seems like we're just sir.
We're just burning where nervous system and or ch are spleen she that way so.

[38:45] Oh awesome now brody and know that we've mention things kinda throughout the interview today but let's talk practical applications do you have like top top three or top two are just a few self care techniques that you'd recommend for the listeners.

[38:59] What won first,
things that i recommend to my patients is to slow down there world by slowing down or breath in for like is as you're saying yes we live in a world where we're,
our attention is being pulled in a million different directions and so one of the most important things i see for self care is is for people to have a relationship for their it rather at least checking in with their breath such as people.

[39:24] Yeah i usually time each day eat food,
eric amend the people said a little gentle timer on their phone and have a few times a day where they come back to their breath and actually on my website i have a free breathing meditation that walks you through kinda just how to do that and to to this kind of get,
a handle on being able to use your breath as an assessment tool for what's going on in your body so that's absolutely like the first thing because,
because but we live in it and in chinese medicine terms we live in a young evicted world's racer if he on is like the active and moving in protective and hot kind of energy it's like we've got way too much of that as a culture and the idea the,
what's that is actually shopping in tn dropping into a state of relaxation and rest in peace and slowness and that got.
Actually enable us to be more productive in an rocker mentioned in the world but that and unless we are,
list for giving time to things like i don't know sleep timer it out time alone is another pic when i work with a lot of women who over working over served and so that's as i actually set my second.
Dig encouragement in terms of self care is looking at the your,
does your schedule match your priorities in our really doing that values check and children went.
And and because a lot of people in our its like if you ask them what's important to them it's it's not necessarily think it's,
that use and a lot of people as women especially air conditioned to take care of everyone else's needs before themselves and the idea of.

[40:55] Taking time to either make themselves a healthy food or get the exercise of they want or whatever its like its that somehow feel selfish and so so number two is gonna be self care is not selfish and actually going,
get you ordering your yeah ordering your body slowing down,
i'm having a body might practice these are the kinds of things that allow you to show up with love and presents for the people in your life for the people that use the one.

[41:20] And i know that i struggle with that myself and so i say that not with not from a place of i've got it all figured out but i,
but i just know it to be true time and time again that when i make time,
two that's it to feed my soul and since you know what fills me up and to connect in love and however that may be for someone weather that's taking a walk in nature whether that's prayer or meditation or in.
Good quality time with the friends they not like that that making sure that that happens just as much as the checking stuff off the to do list and and the hard work and now,
cleaning the bathroom awesome so what i'm hearing you say is you know having this connection back to breath no setting tires on your phone.
Throughout the day really means to get just connected back to that slow paris and pathetic breast.
Realizing that its in and not selfish to actually have self care i love the way you said that to.
Would there be any kind of points that you would recommend or are these just so medicine on so therapeutic that you really want someone to actually.
You know do a formal assessments and then actually recommends specific points for that specific case or if i have it is there anything i can do for my headaches and now yeah is all the,
i'm so like it's until like,
it's pacific conditions a little bit and and usually requires a deeper dive but missing my favorite points for stress for example there's a point in the center of,
face the justice mean the eyebrows cody and time and that's,
one of the points for just even just hopping lately or just pressing lightly with an index finger or resting a little stone there are no like art or even watching it with a little lavender essential oil to close to the eyes obviously but that you know i just.

[43:04] Just laying your hand on that point,
give the body a subtle reminder that you're that you can slow down that can be that could be really really simple way up another point that i really wanna visit the it is called shan bandits in the upper corner of the,
you're so kind of that little triangle in the upper part of the year.
Pressing on that point that's another wonderful calm the mind point so that those are just two that i might pick out out of,
you know doesn't that i could shoes but those aren't that typically typically ones that just sometimes it will just massaging that you're going are just that way finger tip pressure on the center of the forehead that those can often.
No just try it out see what that does for you because you might be able to feel that that has an immediate of.
If people are nervous about getting a treatment a lot of times i'll put an essential oil on that that your point and people to see just watched the tension just melt at a summons right so you but yeah i have a lot.
it's an ss more particular self care strategies based on chinese medicine on my website it pretty well stop calm and so people can see and i also a podcast that fit definitely,
there certainly resources for people who are interested in learning more specific points and specific of ways of aligning with the rhythms of nature that's the kind of thing that it or learning so he gone for that matter that's all the,
the kind of thing that i love helping people left and just to clarify to you now i'm all about self experimentation and and you know trying things on.

[44:38] You're around but i do want to be clear to you and correct me if i'm wrong what,
what you're not saying is to go grab you know you're sewing needle home after i listen to this and start putting in an order right in between your are your forehead right between your eyebrows they're or tapping that point you mentioned in your ear so you're not saying that correct it's a different kind of needle right,
i am saying that no one should be killing themselves let's let's just be really clear about that what i'm what i mean is is working with the points you know either with gentle pressure or its intention you know that,
start stimulating it with your with your hands or no or no i think with an oil so.
That's about as far i know it may sound silly that i bring it up you know but i just like to clarify for people cuz sometimes you know i work with nutrition in my practice and i'll give someone a supplement and they're like okay al i'll say take this two times a day or something that and,
obviously i am implying like i want you to know use a glass of water and swallow it.
You have it goes through your digestive track some people there like should i put this in my year like what do i do this like what do i do with this and i'm like okay,
this is exactly what i want you to do so i'm just like to clarify with yeah exactly so i appreciate that so bro you kinda got into it you kinda mentioned it,
so definitely you know i always like to ask about additional resources that you would recommend for people to elevate their family wellness and you already mentioned that you have this breathing at,
what's real or this breeding framework that people can access at your website will just go ahead and tell people where they can find more about you.

[46:13] I am pretty well set comes that's,
brody without it and well to the ch and that and under the learn from home to have those are for people who want like a deep dive to run virtually any page of my website you'll be invited to,
to download your free breathing meditation i also have a little cheek on thing up there and i have the key that the blog archives has all kinds of information about how to eat like that with the seasons and different i keep,
i've got several articles on huffington post about particular i key points for,
particular emotional conditions and has lists and check on some people can search for me there there's also like from my website and ss and my,
podcast in the new outcasts yes yeah it's called a healthy curiosity and it's you can subscribe for free on itunes and,
that is where people will find information from not only chinese medicine i mean i have experts within my field talking about the different.
Thinking of things like getting over needle phobia or whatever gas conditions that people might be faced with but also conversations with people who are trying to the well in a busy world of the strategies are working for them and not so it,
conversations with experts but also with the people who are experts by virtue of the fact that they've been that they've learned something that they have some wisdom to offer and so a lot of personal stories,
available there.

[47:35] Fantastic and remember families were gonna have a dedicated web page with all of the show notes that we've mentioned here at michigan family on the stock come.
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[47:53] Brody you're a life you're a mother you're an acupuncturist your this amazing health coach thank you so much for coming on the podcast you're a fellow podcast or was that.

[48:04] And i just want to thank you so much for coming on the podcast today well thank you kyle it.

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