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[1:05] Greatest asset.
Best way to have a healthy family is by living a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affect,
then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today,
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me and nancy is a certified holistic health coach and certified personal trainer who helps busy and guilt driven women lose their first ten pounds by focusing on their emotional eating and mindset after struggling with their own weight,
for twenty years and he finally reached your highest weight of two hundred and three pounds.
At the age of twenty four when she was also diagnosed with fatty liver disease within five years of finding love she made the necessary dietary,
and lifestyle changes to lose sixty two pounds and got her liver back to normal levels.

[2:36] Now she is on a mission to help women find their own path to self care with a host of,
to actively listening to appliances emotional journey takes me was born and raised in the los angeles area and move to san diego where she earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from the university of california san diego.
Now she lives there with her husband father and two dogs all right families let's dive into today's interview welcome families to the interview portion of today's podcast my guest on the show today is amy ramsey me walking the podcast it's so great to have you.

[3:13] Happy to be here.
You know i said this last week and am sw podcast that all sitting in here because it really is remarkable just the way that.
I truly am amazed and you know alternately grateful because really the thing is now the michigan family ones community can benefit,
from aimee's experiences and name is unique perspective where previously,
that really mean i have been possible are possible so really i truly think you me for being on the show today.

[3:51] No thank you for having me on the show and looking forward to it so i just told our listeners a little bit about you as the professional tell us more about use the person and what does family look like for you.

[4:04] So basically to me is what every you feel like you belong to and it.
On it can be like a whole noting part of people like for instance like,
i am chinese american my husband is from a police background and as our daughter is basically illustration of that and it and i see that goes for any on thing in a.
Any family but not weather like you have single handedly two gay parents or my our weather that you have like the worst parent they stay like that is.
You know as long as you guys are happy that is my picture family and so.
Okay today i have a daughter and two two for babies to yeah i couldn't agree more you know i just celebrated my four year anniversary yesterday actually and just so thankful.
Thank you yeah i just no so grateful and thankful for you know the gift of family and really value and treasure it and i agree with what you're saying and now,
especially that diversity those cultures coming together you know you said you being chinese american that's just really beautiful so i really applaud you guys for that,
now it again with it being michigan family wellness do you have any insights or you know have you ever been to michigan and i know you're out there in california but,
is there anything there for i personally have never been michigan cuz i i was born and grew up in la and i.
And living in you don't have but my husband's family has very deep roots in michigan my in-laws they grow up and year born and i live in battle creek.

[5:43] And then he moved out here and my husband has another family in ann arbor and i have a cousin that's going in michigan university right now so so so i do wanna visit one day ten been there yet my husband.
Says he's very fond of the henry ford museum.

[6:01] Fantastic honestly me everything you just mentioned is right here in our backyard you know in the southeast michigan area many of our listeners now on my patients know that i'm actually originally from ann arbor so me during our preach at,
you know you're sharing part of your story with me and that's honestly one of the reasons why i wanted to bring you on the podcast are you do you have this compelling story.
And i just wanted you to go ahead and just walk us through that share with us your experiences and the changes you made and things that you did to kinda take you where you are.
I'm with health coaching today alright so.
So when i was younger she used to be very skinny i was actually a very picky eater and that.
Second grade i discovered food but then i think i like the other extreme ate too much and i started getting some weight not alot i have just enough for a little potbelly and then.
Time went on they be waking just kept coming on and it and i have had it gets to my weight gain but.
Basically was more or less than project rave from your through elementary school throughout middle school and high school and assembly that generation where like a snack was like.
In medium size bag of hot cheetos and a bottle of a sixteen ounce bottle of coca-cola like that was mice and high school and.
Yeah i mean i was active two hours on seventeen i was a water polo i was.

[7:37] In orchestra and i was in the newspaper as energy for my newspaper stop sorry i was like so busy and high school running around after all these things that in the weight just kept coming in at the same time.
I hate you i made friends with the boys but i was never.

[7:58] I never had too much luck with dating guys.
I am a sisterly figure per say as he said i was very much alike side by an email like you think that i can definitely relate to the guys in high school with.
But into the dating app that i got to the point where.
No i was asking me out and i honestly thought that you have to be skinny and the skinny girl to get nice guys even get to ask you out.
So not really we make confident and i really honestly believe that like i thought like.
Okay if i just get down to the certain way to that perfect guy is gonna come to the door and he's gonna notice me and have lived with.

[8:49] My heating and.

[8:52] Can you order college me i became more comfortable with myself but then you know again like its at the freshman fifteen continue and then leaking could you and then but age twenty four.
I will reach my peak at two hundred three pounds and i was diagnosed with fatty liver the non alcoholic kind.
And i actually remember going in for my first liver biopsy.
And is it scary because i i didn't want to my parents cuz i was kind of ashamed and.
So i basically when in alone and my friend my friend is gonna pick me up and i remember the doctor having to do the ultrasound of my liver before she stuck the needle in for the biopsy and.
And she pointed to the screen to sell you see how white that is that yeah that's all about your liver and i got the age of twenty four that.

[9:46] Gosh like i thought this kind of stuff can happen till lease is as gonna be at least forty.
If it really i buy i think i have a couple tickets before this caught up with me but inevitably it didn't.
And is it in every dead and it just it was just one of those things where i was very hard on myself.

[10:11] And eventually the hot is kinda move on and it's kind of like being monitored by a my regular medical doctors are headed to international pack coming to just kinda.
You'll get her in play as i got some supplement and julie said about the greens and.
So i was going on and then the same time that got when in my life like you know i'm ready for a relationship that will.
Be sustainable someone that will love me for me.
And it was cuz i was also introvert is also very shy anything outside watching a movie with friends like i didn't.

[10:54] That will that no social activities outside of that so i signed up for an online dating site.
And three months later i was not superman and we gotta fight the year we.
Go home after that and we have been married now for almost five years.
And again congratulations believe in god eight years and does that mean i met him i was still two hundred three pounds.
I mean i may have.
And he still love me and i don't have to be skinny and reset my mindset like i don't like i honestly like.

[11:36] That was really a believe that i got was the truth back in high school and into college and the moments that we found love like.
That really does know kinda just threw me outside the box that was in and made me realize like you know what like.

[11:56] No that's not my true like its not its first or not not my trip so i sedan.
When i met him not only like things are improve like a like your she wants them what time it.
And so like i i we went hiking because that was.
But we want hiking on a date me like walk to light because he like to walk just like have conversations so that just you and then if he had a membership that i was the one time you let's go.
Go to the gym together so we dead and at eleven miles to my own like.
May like due diligence in studying for nutrition because like at the okay what's car versus a whole grain and like you know how many.
How can i make a pillar veggies into my diet says doing on the side to an addition that like you know it i started to sleep earlier like is it like it's in the night with my friends my friends were all night owls.
And and still wake up at like six in the morning the next day for pro work.
Or classes so then i entered i started going to bed at like nine or ten o'clock instead.
So no sleeping or moving more taking care of myself more and feeling happier and then even when trying to look for six months of knowing my husband the man that with my husband i lost ten house without even trying.

[13:30] So what so just like.
My wife is a testament that when you find that one thing to like shake your mindset to really say that taking care of yourself is worth it.
Are you thinking like this fall into place that yes so can the physical stuff to.

[13:50] Absolutely will amy i really appreciate your levels on their ability here i think that's what people are really looking for what they resonate with most and i just think it's it's such a compelling story and you're honestly not alone i mean.
You're definitely someone who is you know comparable with sharing their story and comfortable with you now putting yourself out there which i really appreciate but here's the thing i really feel like there are tons of people out there listening.
Who can identify exactly with what you're experiencing it may not be nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and made it may be something related to,
you know access weight or anything like that or even mention those emotional components related to dating or relationships,
but honestly i think there's a lot of people out there who can relate with exactly what you're experiencing in describing and i think you have inspirational story in the sense that you can overcome those things you know you don't have to be defined by what you are saying,
your identity doesn't have to come from you know your relationships or from how much you weigh or are you now different things like that so,
i guess i just kinda wanna circle back during that time when you were a little bit younger and you were getting this diagnosis of you now non-alcoholic fatty liver disease how did you feel during that time like we,
was was it scary for you did you feel on kinda talk us through that well first of.
It was kinda like a little armadillo frustration because my doctor so my triglycerides are so high despite my class are going down.

[15:23] And so we had it but the doctors say hey like we need to come in to do another blood test to double check.
Yeah yes to tv level is didn't actually tell me what it was at first is seventy double check that.
And now i went in a few times double check with my blood and it was a lot of back and forth to the irs frustration there and if i gain the diagnosis and not really know that meant.
And then having to be refer to get a liver biopsy and then c and liver specialist was it was.
It is kind of mind blowing and i just couldn't even.

[16:02] Like comprehend that this was actually happening and in the same time like i also need like a.
Cannot believe i did this to myself and i am not see thought i had time on my side and it still only says you sent in i had other friends who are your just as young and the other slightly younger.
And they were doing the exact same thing but they are in have access weight in had the liver disease they don't have to make as far seeing as far as the they told me.
They the doctors are like oh you like the bill of health and there's a little party at the.
Right wish i was you the other level of the jealousy that is also emotions going on so.

[16:52] Oh yeah the reason i go there is just because i think a lot of people kinda discredit or downplay,
narrow emotional state are psycho somatic functioning and how that plays such a critical role in our health actually of listeners are curious to learn more about this,
you can actually go back to michigan family wellness episode twenty two i believe where we discuss the prevalence of body dysmorphic disorder and i'm not saying that any experience that herself,
you know when you're bombarded by the media and just our culture society where women's wastes have to be a certain shade and body has to look like this and i'm leaving go for men as well you know there's more research to show that men are experiencing this where,
you know you need to have this huge muscles are have this you know the specific chisel jar things like this and then they look at themselves in the mirror and they don't see that,
and that can create these this function on these honestly,
oftentimes irrational thoughts and you know reflexes that you know just because you don't look like the people on tv doesn't mean that you're less valuable or your identity doesn't have to come from that so that's why.
Just once i get a little bit more inside there and see your experiences i like the way you phrased on your website actually if you gotta.
In his website which show tells about later but if you read the about her section she says messed up big time and two young for this can you tell us more about that me.
Yeah i know it is saying it was just i felt like now i have no one else to blame but myself.

[18:29] And because they also re hire a lower value self-worth and my confidence.

[18:39] No going with it till you i just be myself at the time and.
I honestly felt like you know i was having kind of a breakdown and is doing slow motion and because i hate.

[18:55] Do i tell my family because i don't wanna worry them yeah i made myself even more alone and more lullaby needed to and i did tell some friends only like it's like you.
And because there's a little bit ashamed there to cuz i was always at as if admitting i had a problem.
Me and what the problem releases were just admitting that you're this was something that i need to correct.

[19:25] You know what the doctors also told me that you can maybe get over it.
Like it was member never liking me for circuit over there was a smell like again it was always kinda just like well you know you need to lose weight and no not really get to really get over it whatever.
Set it to the doctors with me i appreciate the medical help i did get a bloody did monitor me when i did it was also just like and i need that support.
And because i was kind of will that she my kind of limited support i could've had an because i.
Cuz to say out loud to other friends and family.

[20:12] Made it even more real right likely story continued on that.

[20:20] After losing another twenty thousand more hard work on my and my liver level but my liver levels are completely back to normal.
Amazon is yeah and i will continue to live in the house over the next few years and i.
That should last sixty two house or five years of or like lot slow dietary lifestyle changes and not the bath but it was the most sustainable one.
Let me but it still impact finding it so significant i mean one of the people that i like to read a gym county talks about you know the flywheel and allergy where,
essentially it can be very difficult to get something started but essentially once you do get.
Something started and you work on at weather be weight loss or a relationship or career and your diligence and your consistent in your concurrent with that.
Essentially overtime that metaphorical flywheel begins to spin a little faster a little faster,
and then before you know it you barely have to touch the thing and it's already moving and a nice consistent well-oiled machine essentially just used analogy there now,
you mentioned naturopathic know you had senior not naturopathic doctor and you are working with some outlet park acid to help with your liver,
what other things did you do did you try the chiropractor it was a part of your health journey at all did you see an acupuncturist was it just a naturopathic or was it a collaboration of different things that really played a role in your health journey,
so yes i did you have to pack and so in addition to the green supplement.

[21:55] And after that look at the initials you gave me i detect contractor can't i did i got a car accident when i was eighteen years old what a terrible cracks.
But it was enough to give me whiplash and i didn't because i did not my spine was not hitting a nerve i didn't even notice this whiplash was there until.
I started realizing that when i light was walking a straight line with people next to me that i knew that i was running into them they didn't realize does not walking a straight line.
Yes then i went to the chiropractor they didn't extremely found out yeah i'm at that was out of.
Play so then everything and i've been seeing a chiropractor like.
Yeah i think it start up like once a week and and then it was like once every few weeks now smh every once every few months.
It has totally helped me with my moving to make sure that you and my workout that i am able to have a full range of movement and that it even wanna go to work i'll let down the gas for something like.

[22:57] I really just is that i consider taller my question is good so i definitely like deathly the significant of a contract in my life is in great.

[23:09] What is this link urging hearing obviously being a chiropractor i can't advocate enough for just the importance of having a well adjusted.
Central nervous system so you mention you know getting those just maintenance wellness care,
you know once every couple months or something like that you're going to experience no benefits and value from that long term better just gonna be so impactful doing that preventive type,
care is really essential for not only people recovering from,
nonalcoholic fatty liver disease but for anyone really just trying to elevate their own health or either family wellness now,
would you say me there there was like a specific turning point where you decided you know hey i wanna get and health coaching i want to become a certified health coach,
maybe tell us what that point was and then what you kinda went through to achieve that certification okay so after i lost the city of house.
In other my five year journey.
And you know it seem like i had a lot of great things going in my life and i have a husband who loved me.
I had the time i had only one dog not having children quite yet that we were always on the horizon and there is a party that was making a lot like.
I went through all this and if you like it needs to come to fruition somehow in that you know at.
Like my experience could be used to help others and so i discovered the institute for integrative nutrition because i got my health coaching certification.

[24:41] And i'm.
Yeah i was a one year program it was really great hot you and it is not there either tight you coaching even tell you some business practices.
So the when your program and.
And yeah after i do there happen to be that i got pregnant with my daughter during the program and give birth to her since the program so they all got really well so yeah that's not abc have certification,
it's about holistic health coaching edition i also have a certification in personal training on the national academy of sports medicine.

[25:21] Okay fantastic yeah so do you you don't combine sort of health coaching in your incorporate some of that personal training recommendations in there as well idea,
especially since i feel like exercise and nutrition go together a lot and i really felt like i needed to really hone in on my knowledge for exercise because.
I feel like there's so integrated nutrition they i i felt like i could and.
I can be of help cuz i didn't have that component of the lot how could you that don't actually graces fla for me what i need to go with.
Helping my clients i needed to have that exercise knowledge to.

[25:59] So you have this unique perspective you have not only the experiences of you know a chronic health condition that you've recovered from that and you also.
Pair that with you now your unique perspective your level of training your certification that you can then provide to people who might be going through something similar,
my question for me is what is coaching with you look like to i have to be in california do i have to be in your area or can i work with you remotely if i live here in michigan how does that work.
I am so i am like it is completely on line.
So yeah we can totally could you add me looks like skype sessions every week.
It looks like a email support and it looks like just that i'm basically there with you but virtually,
fantastic so basically take me through the process essentially is there like an initial assessment and are we making food and nutritional recommendations are you essentially just,
making recommendations and the and the sense of not clean your again it or you specifically saying okay i want to go to the store.
And i want to buy this this and this like getting that detailed or was that look like so many part of my health coaching program it it advocate and eventuality where,
one man is another man's ways and so i can use after started to kinda cheap that would make my day.

[27:25] Everyone is different everyone is at a different level and everyone had like the dietary requirements so sometimes when it's someone who.

[27:34] You may not never cut themselves and i have to say hey so i need you to look at these stores in your area.
I need you to look at to see if they have any of these ingredients for this recipe i want you to try.
I'm trying to just make it be pretty easy like baby status i type like.

[27:59] Try it says whether tried ss interest variances and tried to just.
Make it as easy as possible that for them like in a make very very small that buried in very small adjust.
I typically like to look at what baby in the last few days just to kinda get so i get a sense of like you know where the printing a body.
And just like just can't make it more like a conversation when i first meet them just cuz i me people are more than just meal plans.
And sometime sneezing italian they say things that they don't realize they're feeling so i just tried evaluate who they are the person.
Fantastic i love that personalized approach that you just describe their you mention things like bio individuality baby steps you know those are just such key.
Critical components in my opinion for any kind of successful in changes whether that be to your lifestyle or your died your nutrition so i,
i can't say enough about we know what amy is able to do as a certified health coach so me the next thing i have for you is basically are there any practical applications are there any self care techniques maybe like your top one or three things that people could start doing right now,
as a result of listening to the episode here so one thing i really love to do every day i stretch before going to bed.

[29:33] At that like twenty min i take twenty minutes before i go to that i can i feel like i actually sleep better.
Belly so i recommend if you can try to stretch like ten to twenty mins for you that i got my it doesn't have to go and doesn't have to be anything agendas could do i get dizzy just simple like.
Hamstring like instructions this something where you are just loose enough to just fall right.
When you get to bed and so that's once had another ten is.
An easy way to cut out excess sugars calories in calories adjusted not drink soda anymore remember that my husband.
Hey when i was at my heaviest he he wanted to challenge yourself so he decided to not drinking soda as i didn't have and i was so amazed that like.
As abel is a couple pounds no problem just by doing that once a little change.
And so yeah just trying to me and even then like i understand soda addiction and i understand like sometimes i do crave the carbonation.
So i totally get it so it is what the things were.
You know you have to transition is difficult going cold turkey that's totally fine you can either drink less soda and drink more water or drink.
Warm water and you can like maybe try drinking less and then and try.
Carbonated are mineral water in addition got something that will help you ease into it i understand how how much does eviction can take a hold of you that you need to take baby steps steps of better me better drink.

[31:14] Like one cup of water and two sodas a day rather than no water at all.
So the advocate like you know whatever babysitting you take do it cuz i'm not here to hard on you if.
If you can't go cold turkey because i couldn't go cold turkey right side when i don't expect that of my clients.
Right and i think that makes you a good a good coach because you know any good coach in my opinion is going to be someone that you know practices what they preach now so if i'm gonna tell someone you know to do some at home exercises to help with the lower back pain.
You know in collaboration with their chiropractic adjustments.
I'm definitely gonna make sure that i'm doing the same exercises just for maintenance and good spinal care me mention stretching before bed i love doing that myself in just a kind of release some of those fossil adhesions.
You know just from our sedentary lifestyles and i'm even if you are active now after driving around use your still sitting in your car that's not a good way to.
You know i really move around in your car so your still getting a little bit of those restrictions just from the setting that you essentially have to do.
So i love the way you meant through and the hydration component in there as well you know getting rid of the soda getting rid of the excess sugars,
and i'm like you said baby stepping off that not trying to go cold turkey do me do you have any other resources that you would like to quit our listeners with.
To elevate their family once i know you have a couple on your website but is there anything that really stands out and in your experiences that may be help to you.

[32:48] So for me i'm member.
Use an on-line digital to kinda like a very and i really need amp up my my weight loss to so i can see what i was.
In what i was eating and i know its scary i didn't say do not do it for the first three three of the five years i lost weight on.
Actually yes i lost over three tablet human internally my food.
But eventually got to play it was okay now i just need to get down to writing it all down so i think that's an app.
Or an online site like i would actually like right down what you eating so that way you know like it is right in your face.
To the very easy just be like you know it's.
It is about a serving of like well you know i guess what ever meeting with the two serving of it is every little tweet like that.
And and also if you just.

[33:47] If you need to find a health coaching area there is a directory to my health coach info about as stupid integrated nutrition did you have directly to them.
Is defined how could you and you can also google a health coach.
And no you area and see if anyone can reach out to you and i liked it so i might business.
I'm totally available perfect yeah just gonna ask you know what's a summons listening hear the families are listening and the resonating with your message working people find more about you.

[34:22] So i said my piece is called the vitality geek and i am a guy for life i love i love anything just leave it as i five that's my think you are the life and loving my business so.
So you can find more about me at www dot vitality he dot com.

[34:41] And you are you can email me at amy dot nancy at the vitality dot com and also on twitter so that at the vitality.
And remember will have a dedicated web page with all the channels three mention here at michigan family won't stop com also you can expand the show notes on your mobile device and you can take advantage of those clickable links right now.
Amy thank you so much for coming on the podcast you're a mother you're a certified health coach your wife and just i can't thank you enough for coming on the podcast.
Oh thank you this is really fine thank you so much,
alright fam is what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you've heard on this or any previous addition of the family wellness lifestyle podcast,
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