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[1:09] Wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health.

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[1:21] Show for you today laura is a certified personal trainer and a yoga instructor with a fast his degree in dance,
she has taught trained and managed at gyms and studios in new york city chicago and most recently charlottesville virginia.
After losing her daughter he at forty weeks into a perfectly healthy pregnancy florida stars to help other baby loss mothers.
Find postpartum peace through the practice of yoga alright families let's jump into today's entered,
welcome family see the interview portion of state podcast ninth guest on the show today it is more define welcome to the podcast for it so great to have the.

[2:02] Yeah there's again laura i just need to stop and marvel at the incredible ness if that's a word of technology.
Thank you so much for reaching out to come on the family on this podcast i really thing,
if the women mothers and families listening will get value from hearing your voice,
your experiences and your story as relates to pregnancy stillbirth and your practice of yoga,
that being said we do have two questions that we always ask our guests here on the machine family on this podcast so laura i've just hold your families a little bit about you as the professional but one of the core values hear on the podcast his family tell us a little bit more about us the person and what,
does family look like for you,
i would say advent my vision family play changed in the past couple years after becoming a mother i mean is,
especially after becoming a mother to a stillborn baby in silence say,
them for me family is alan,
those who you hold close in your heart even when they're not physically presence i'm not tough question for many women who had stillborn children are,
how many kids you have a get out one a lot yeah and you know and i also get to is this your first child only see my sons cell am.

[3:32] You know i do you always say my daughter is as well as my son as far as a kid style i'm a man and the love year-end for me and,
that's a family for mia's sanctuary error coming home,
to my little family here in charlottesville i don't have earned our extended family around in chicago and cannot get but i love,
in coming home to my son and my wonderful husband and my the,
she's definitely that i believe of the family so i just love hearing about different people's family dynamics in on you mentioned.
Not only your husband and your son but also your people there that's just awesome so,
another thing i love to say here on the michigan family on this podcast is that were smitten with the mitten so i always ask my gas if there's anything they love about michigan yes so i'm not as familiar lake michigan as i am with,
lake michigan i live in chicago for a couple years my husband is from chicago,
i am and i live way you which is right next to lake michigan right on lake michigan so i have very fond memories of that,
i am in my husband always talk to me i'm gonna say this right but making i'm just a,
it works he has very bad memories of vacationing there's a child so our hope wednesday is two and a pair of some rumors and.

[5:01] Fantastic love it well thank you again for just sharing your time and experiences with us here on the machine family on this podcast so okay laura let's go ahead and get more in depth because i really want to win in mothers and families listening to take away value from your experiences your expertise and your unique,
a prospective.
As result of hearing your voice today i want to start off by saying congratulations right off the back for your beautiful baby boy i think you're very blast.
And i think our listeners will agree once they hear your story so go ahead and tell us about your first pregnancy.

[5:36] Sure and so i can get my birthday actually be i had an early miscarriage and.
Result and i had enc on and than,
us shortly after that i got pregnant again arm and a.

[5:56] Had a wonderful pregnancy i am i was at the time and still am working in fitness in size and is director country i am also,
just gotten my certification in yoga size teaching glasses it fit is glasses as a personal trainer i found.
In eating very quiet amen visiting every day i had an,
super healthy wonderful pregnancy up until the very and in in new years day of two thousand fourteen i notice that my,
i have a daughter wasn't moving out like she normally did she was a very active child when you roll in.
So i called my doctor he you in hot weather pregnancy is in so help me you'll be fine waited out the strings of is we see if she moves,
i'm so we did that for awhile and it was still kinda and.

[6:59] She was not moving like she normally did so we ended up going into the hospital.

[7:06] This is fourteen weeks and three days i'm sad actually happening today i am and a astern.
A bed doppler on my stomach and will get all around the reverse ez and then the doctor from leaking i nobody was saying my ex knew something was.

[7:27] Off and in a doctor confirmed that my daughter was gone at twenty,
i am so is directly out of the blue after us is just as she shock,
accesible me and i have and you know especially after having such a,
healthy pregnancy that's what really struck me just from reading a little bit of your story there's a great blog post your route that kinda goes along with an again laura thank you for being so vulnerable thank you just for being open about you know these experiences these are probably not the most easy to talk about especially having walk through it so i just wanna just,
is point that out and thank you for yours on their ability here today on the on the apps tell us more about i mean you had gone in it and everyone was saying,
you're perfectly healthy everything's going great what was it like to finally be told all my gosh this surprising event has happened.

[8:21] I was in total and complete shock so i and i am one stone-faced and and just on,
i was just completely in shock my husband was deathly warm ocean at twenty and i just knew i had a job to get done in ny and,
and claim my daughter we found out later was eight hundred ounces ans,
so we had sue i hats you going to labor me and i ask the protocol is thinking have,
you know somehow this will just go away but you do you actually have to go through,
later on in mine was long and arduous it was at fifty two hours.
After i was induced aaron and then delivery in my daughter and,
and getting her shoulder special there is still shut off you're familiar yes yes charles cell,
three doctors came in from another practice cuz the doctor in our practice can not get her out so there's very traumatic and and,
yeah hurry yeah most of it i was in shock and i think was a deliver her kinda hit home a little bit warm,
i guess in that sense my job was done in another sense it was a beginning on that,
yeah it just seems like it would take,
such great strength just physically mentally emotionally spiritually to go through that you talked about fifty two hours of labor without experience it's just staggering see even imagine so yeah and then you talk about you contact the and yoga and how your practice of yoga kind are really not only van help you through that experience and.

[10:13] Your everything afterwards but still continues to be a relief for source of healing practice of meditation tell us more about that sure cell.
During during labor or seen other the reading helped me on unit and stay hasn't and i'm just in bearing the pain and are,
after words a.

[10:36] Browse as you can imagine it out to play after is it lady and emotionally in a very rough place are still being personal trainer and miss chili.
I was very aggressive,
will stay with my workouts i want to get back to run em juss you know when the motions out to be bad on you suppose her am i when back probably quicker than i should with you more recipe for the masters is in.

[11:08] Add the first couple weeks scene i don't know i was ready to stress i am i deal with the emotion and i am.
But i remember going into my daughter's nursery on the day of her funeral and i did you yoga practice to honor her on and so.

[11:27] I still feel very connected to her for your writing yoga through the pregnancy every night so on and so that was in the connection there to my daughter and.
I am yeah is so nice and warm real and honest bed and as you rest of workouts,
you not having trouble sleeping which is to be expected amen i was already under stress but i was just putting more stress on my body and and we on so i got it back.
And i started focusing more on the the the notice yoga was actually sorta helping me on.

[12:05] I get more grounded with everything being as simple as it was on a training helps me process,
no way,
i am in a way i'm wasn't was kind of waiting things mormon has doing the more aggressive things enough of those necessarily wrong but at the time i had the yoga was definitely a great wrote an article for briggs and off again with my crappy thing that was kind of what,
what help me and gets real.

[12:34] There's a couple times you know i think you bring up a great point there it's almost as if like you said exercise is a form of stress and i think.

[12:45] Oftentimes when you're already stressed out whether that be with our job or our family and our just kind of the environment that we currently have there are season in life trying to,
exercise can be a good thing you can help us have those signals of stressing our body's in good ways and i think you mentioned how.
Yoga was doing that well for you but then i have these haitians that i work with and often times it's like they want to run a marathon and anything that they have to,
go out and run for hours and hours and hours maybe after they work or very early in the morning and i'm just trying to coach them and guide them and saying hey you know what.

[13:21] You might not be able to handle that because you're already so stressed out like it's so taxing for your.
Adrenals in your hp axis inches frying your brain maybe you should consider something more like yoga and reserve that kind of training that kind of intense exercise for maybe a different time when you're more suited.
To be able to recover and rest and handle that kind of exercise and i'm sure as a personal trainer you can speak more that as well that being said,
i do like how you talked about justin you're a trans min or gathers so can you can talk us through that and how that played about into your.
Yoga practice yes sell it i going until after the happening in going insane and i guess you know i've always known i had sort of a war on anxious penis and,
at ms i know that and you know it runs in my family so as i was very aware of prior to sue on,
the red my daughter and she's and also after so i knew that i was more prone to anxiety on,
and in that sense i knew that practicing the yoga i'm should take precedence on the penis on.

[14:38] Balance things out cuz yes you in your head they have down and there is a study and have no right now hm something from boston and i,
that's actually does increase levels of having a break is there science behind.
Yoga in unison practiced for many years but only recently has it in studied bed,
actually changes your brain and the way your brain functions in practices such as yoga and meditation can have their suits and hats.
I am on the way you handle strasse yes and i love the mention this because as you mentioned can it in that article the risk of postpartum depression and this is kind of where the value size in here for a listeners,
is not only have i or someone that just has a beautiful natural birth but.
It's four times greater for the mother of a stillborn.
Then the mother of all living baby according to the women's mental health from the massachusetts general hospital so i love that component there because i would much rather have.
A patient or a woman or a mother.

[15:55] Do i natural practice you know like yoga and then i know that you really washed away you e and your lifestyle and your thoughts and all of that,
i'd much rather have someone goes that route then become dependent upon a lot of the benz ada's a p means the ss are eyes the d to agnes those are heavy miro cognitive drugs and like i said it's not that they're so bad in and of themselves it's taking them for long periods of time you developer cept,
after sensitivity and so i get into kind of a detail with this in my brain lectures in the same way that a diabetic can become sensitive to insulin okay you can developed,
insulin sensitivity where your cells no longer are responsive to that hormone,
the same thing can happen in your brain and throughout the rest of your body with neurotransmitters gab just re listeners just a kind,
to death thirty thousand foot view when we talk about gavin that is cam i'm you know beers here at assets so it's in euro transmitter,
and your ss your cells your neurons can actually become sensor ties to these medications that influence.
That changing brain chemistry so like i was saying with laura you know she's doing not only diet lifestyle changes but this practice of yoga.
Is can be so effective in preventing that postpartum depression would you agree there laura i.
And see even go one step further their just kinda tired and.

[17:26] Chiropractic no eyes as a chiropractor myself i just like to insert this year to my patients know this as well when you actually just someone's spine in terms of that chiropractic adjustment at the right time at the right level at the right sequence,
gather or that nero transmitter is very inhibits tori meaning it can down regulate inflammation and an a it has a similar effect in door sends actually which,
we all know that endorphins are some of the most powerful nerd transmitter hormones that the body makes and gabby is like,
a close second so the cool thing is when you adjust someone spine with us there low back there mid backer their neck.

[18:08] Gavel is actually released from the dorsal root gang land or from that special part of the spinal cord.
And the great thing as its not a drug that's initiating that gabby or sent a drug that's initiating the said the says or it's not a drug that's initiating the prevention of the re uptake of the nra transmitter it's this natural conservative gents on specific,
release of the spine officer joins.
And then you get that rush of god and that's why it feels so good when you get adjusted when you have that good adjustment so i do like to just point that out for our listeners their you know we've mention this on the podcast before.
This is just so good for balancing the nervous system,
this helps you to be less irritable to sleep better relief from pain recover faster from exercise your gonna have improved immune system your gonna have increase concentration.
So there's so many benefits and value to that chiropractor adjustment and the cabin mechanism is a great way to explain it in fact if you read a lot of the.
Literature and research journals on chiropractic that is often the mechanism they used to measure the effectiveness.
Of the adjustments i love the way you type that in la rock your yoga practice and just.
And having it be kind of a natural determines to that post partum depression i think families and the women mothers listening will get a lot of value from that,
now i know been talking about chiropractor for a moment have you ever been adjusted do you currently see a chiropractor out there virginia is there any connection there for at saying as.

[19:43] Around the time i started getting in to that it this is when i was living in chicago it was the first time i went to a character in to that i tried yoga,
is for you know live in new york and i never really had wasn't really open to it at the time it just wasn't the right time for me it would interesting is one eight,
started it with the character,
i took my first yoga class as well and it went for me so i'm winter there something there in a maybe it was directed adjustment that actually opened me to be able to really enjoy via the other for the,
i am so yeah i have in the past currently i don't in and i'm sure you hear this alot of people arms,
in pain vera comes years later probably shouldn't without you now as a preventative measure on,
but but not what you really good and i think the only keeps me limber at this point so,
yeah absolutely not only is chiropractic no in those conservative therapies surgery free drug free and great for when you have you know an acute condition.
You know that one of the reasons why you know the michigan family wellness clinic puts on this podcast is just educate people that chiropractic is a great resource and tool and health and wellness approach just for general maintenance in the same way that everyone knows about.
Going to get your teeth cleaned every six months it's great to just go get checked for a spinal adjustment between at least in my opinion every four to six weeks a ten visits a year.

[21:21] It's so great to have those that central nervous system tune because with regards to your teeth you know the worst case scenario is get a bunch cavities and they have to plot all your teeth and.
Give you a new set of teeth in terms of your spine you know there's so much that can be done to prevent that early onset to generation and we don't really have a spinal transplant surgery yet so you know it's it's is very imp.
Of your spine of your back as specially as we're talking about with lori here during pregnancy.
And during the postpartum period i wanna encourage all of our listeners to.
Check out michigan family wellness episode seventeen where i talk with dr j warren about the specific.
Benefits and value of chiropractic care for pregnancy and pediatrics specifically for those seasons in life and will go ahead and drop the link in the show notes.
To that episode as well furthermore i have a double blind clinical research study that validates the effectiveness of chiropractic care.
Four pregnancies so if you have and if you can kind of pick up on this already will have lots of links in the show notes for you today.
And yeah i'm in the michigan family wellness were trying to be a.
Audio library were trying to be this compassionate light house that's able to lead people down the path of resilience e and restoration,
so laura i know you also talk about how your practice not only were you preventing post-partum depression with yoga.

[22:52] And your died your lifestyle and your training but you also were able to help down slot hormones can you tell the women and families listening more about how,
your yoga practice and everything you were doing was helping to balance their hormones any simple and safe and effective way.

[23:07] Sure yeah know what it was all ints you wooden arm,
and looking back and i did a lot of research after words because i didn't know best,
i have actually trouble getting my cycle back on after my daughter and i would i went to the doctors on an ace and you know it's obviously stress,
related to your body sandra in even lotion only on you know let's give you something to get it back and i say no i don't really,
wanna do that you know i'm gonna wait and not rush on it the screen so i let me see what i can do i am so,
i just got a practice you know that a little more research on sue what ashley does for,
or loans in in without going into any specifics a lot of the hose is i actually do massage stirring glands in an urban ism stays this show that actually in houston the hormones as well as just that i am,
are they that toxins here,
i am resting digest in paris and the bank nervous system in you no doubt longest any into that more often.
I can help balance out your hormones on in really and i come in on your adrenal gland i am in can i get you back,
me and alan ss absolutely no i love the way you say there i actually have never heard that quite.

[24:39] Specifically before but you talk about a certain poses actually massaging those glands are kind of moving those glands actually make,
take those hormones and that's such a great way you know cuz we can ss early put our hand on our juno glands and can you know massage and rub them but if we actually do some of these poses,
is that your talking about we can actually do that from the inside out is that your saying.
Yeah yeah and is in it for about the because you nine s sure you seen any be at the house and as you know that you're the posing practice their ways we don't move every day rudra.
Had a very in missouri again stocked or something like that but i am seventy two moving in different ways and in that way you are stimulating different parts of your body that you normally my not,
especially if you're sitting at a desk job or something like that i'm gaining day how,
we'll fantastic laura in terms of practical applications i know you kinda mention the awesome as are the poses but,
you know are there any thing that women mothers and families listing today what can they do practically as a result hearing your voice and listening to today's podcast in gen,
i will be late by her is mom's,
see you at practice you know it is your ceo it sounds like something that would be beneficial to i am,
you know it does not have to be a long practice you know that you can do you ten minutes and see the banna head i really think that it's more about consistency.

[26:12] I am a quality as opposed to being are doing is long extensive am.
Ninety minute practice that say assets in finance your day as a mom i am and you'll notice if you do you not start up a practice,
you can use parts of it you got your day in at one time specially with,
with mothers of young children you know the reading is essential for it are.

[26:42] Just keeping you call me and your kid is in appleton germ or something like that just keep your balance is.

[26:50] Starting your day with young natalie healthy try to start everyday with practice you know i and this is you know with with the time i have so i am in the tanning on one.

[27:03] My ass and get up and my not be that long but it's a practice does it just,
to kind of summarize for a listeners hear your saying don't necessarily will be consistent to start with you don't have to do these long ninety minute things just kind of like have a rhythm with it if you weld your also same the deep breathing very important specially with all these yoga poses,
and especially just for you you mention the paris sympathetic nervous system definitely doing good exercise of deep breathing no bringing your attention back to your breath.
That can be very helpful for increasing the function of your paris sympathetic nervous system.
And then the last thing i was hearing you say there was just so you know if you're a morning person or if it works well with your schedule you know maybe try to get it done first thing in the morning just so your starting your day in that,
add paris and pathetic state your rather than live in this like on my gosh stressed out fight or flight state is that kinda what your saying there.

[27:54] Absolutely awesome now i know we are talking in our preach at one point in terms of resources is there gonna be any kind of a resource or maybe a video that you can equip our listeners with yes,
i do have a website and is going to be i'm hoping by the time the stairs,
but people key and also reach me and i hate you have my la address get fit let dot com and that actually was a blog but i have started,
before any of my pregnancies i am and it was in general openness lol,
and i wrote through the pregnancies about pregnancy and i wrote through the loss about lice and and can't how darling you're really,
stuart how can get ass and in after the birth of my son and there's actually a post the night i have is the,
sleeping hospital after i delivered my daughter slots you still sort of in shock and i actually ended writing a blog post that night so that's kinda in there you,
are you now lost mom in a really wanna kinda ge at me more about bad and so there is actually a post.
Lena on yeah actually that are running aimlessly dollar fantastic again i just wanna go back to that have you heard of bernie brown laura in terms of the power of vulnerability,
yes am so i think you accomplish that i mean you deliver that really well so i want to encourage our listeners i definitely have laurens website which is just get fit let dot com and will have wings to that in the show notes as well.

[29:38] But laura if i could just remind you if you could send me a specific lank.
Or an email to that specific post your talking about where you know you are actually writing when you're going through it,
in the midst of all those experiences i think that would provide,
value and benefit to our listeners as well so just reminder about that and again remember everyone we are gonna have a dedicated web page at michigan family on the stock com,
where we will have all of the show notes that we've mention here today with laura.
And also you can expand tho chau notes right now on your mobile device if you're listening and you can take advantage of those clickable links.
Laura is there anything else that you'd like to share with our listeners weathers like a inspirational quote or an affirmation or use anything else that you liked,
the biggest thing is just know that you're not alone in a loss and the any type of lost silver.

[30:36] It's rare but not as rare easy thing and you know for me,
who is i think this is a round of disc in traveling.

[30:49] Freezer shame that doesn't mean be there so it's a you know if it here you know someone who's experienced miss currently or has it.

[30:59] No they're not absolutely fantastic were thank you so much for coming on the podcast.
And remember we can do far more together than you could ever do apart coming see you from beautiful.
Is michigan family well it's alright families what you think we'd love to get your feedback,
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have an awesome week and remember we can do far more together than we can ever do apart now that you've been a.
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