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[1:07] Have a healthy family despite living family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and.
Then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today elise is a certified holistic.
Coach with on wavering enthusiasm fierce devotion and spirited inside.
Elise guys inspirational souls on a purpose driven passion filled mission.
Away from fear and dissatisfaction into courageous love and divine power.
Living life as their most authentic nursed and empower themselves taking a holistic,
approach to coaching beans police look set the whole thing on the nutrition under this is a deep dive into the well being of your entire life.

[1:56] Purpose passions relationships with self and with others alright families let's jump.
Welcome families to the interview portion of today's podcast my guest on the show today is no lease car welcome to the podcast elise it's so great to have you.

[2:12] Sorry try to think it over the counter very much for having him i'm excited to dive into a very interesting conversation have front license,
absolutely thank you so much again as well so lease i just want to take a step back for a moment and marvel at what's happening right now you're this nigger per nor health coach in australia and we're over here at the enough w recording studios in the states,
and we're creating were collaborating and were contributing value to the natural and alternative health care world,
this absolutely blows me away and i'm so glad that you were able to reach out contact me so that we can benefit our communities through our areas of,
spur tese sillies i know that you have a ton of insight and value to bring to our families today but before we head there i've just told our families a little bit about you as the professional,
but one of the core values here on this podcast is family so if you could tell us a little bit more about you as the person and what does family mean and look like for you.

[3:14] Aw that's such a guy question family super important and i must say is on he's had a pretty eclectic three i've spent a lot of my time of a say sorry it's been so report when i have been a white to tape in touch and,
boys remembering birthdays always say that father's day mother's day todd always did my grandparents a call and then when i am in the same city,
making special times special f it to terry beautiful banquet i'll off preparing healthy,
organic delicious food for my family of that's the hops pancakes sometimes a sunday or a massive dinner and actually preparing to have a one of a christmas,
and i'm a pot of stanley and some my family coming so i just quality time and sometimes it also just picking up a fight and just checking in and and hearing how they are i guess cuz part of my what is coaching my often get bit tessa that does a lot of listening and,
that to me is part of my connect with my family to is is being that person he can be there for them and,
yes my dad my siblings and my parents much is anyone else and that kind extended store this late my friendships amend my work,
dial directly amazing i just love everything your saying there and thank you for sharing that you know you mention quality time and.
I just reflect on my own marriage with my wives and often times we can be together but chill,
get off russia with me sometimes because i'm just not being present with her and so one of her love languages is like that quality time so she's like don't bother cleaning things up checking your e-mails or anything just be with me so i love that quality time mention there,
thank you for the that sorry nancy and i love that you're where these a lot of languages so great and that doesn't a.

[4:50] Can they and out in french it's not family teresa that's really important yes yes so we might even pick up that thought later on in the interview here but real quick another thing i love to say on the enough to view podcast is that we are smitten with the mitten,
so i just always ask my guests to share if they have anything they love about michigan i know it might be tough for you with being in australia well,
as you may have picked up looking at my son hit a chat i am a date what a baby i love what i nothing is this something about mother nature,
that i'm deeply text when i find that,
when i'm around what i feel very grounded if i come in i can reach out a side the fact that you have stays beautiful great lakes i.
Is sensational so i think that's a really beautiful part of the place that you guys cl hyun.
Awesome yeah i'm a huge fan of the great legs freshwater can be and i'm just kinda sad that the summer season this kind of dying down because there's just been some good times.
Out on the water there this summer so that i appreciate at least thank you for just get in touch with our listeners shipped here and connecting even on that international level so.
Props to you there will always let's go ahead and get more in depth on the episode today because i really want to win and,
the mothers and the families listening to get value from your expertise and your unique,
perspective what is your why what motivated you to create stella muses that said correctly,
yes elements and yeah what motivated you to become all these different resources for women and men to and what's the ultimate purpose that gives you energy when your feet hit the floor in the morning.

[6:26] Aw that's your cousin the one that the car i wanna questions that go ahead and pick one there and like it to help save,
my motivation to creating still news as well as day my mouses in,
communications and culture politics women studies and i have to create an original paste my jot dissipation the end and i wanted that basement tangible and practical and meet all these analysis and all the scenery,
date reset sorry i created sonny's as i originally and my cousin but stand him a chance fired and ins went,
on line platform like it on my neck measles and outcome of growing up all his more community and i always say there's plenty of articles and videos out there of the women and men families couples to enjoy in and take from what i will.
Dan i stories going to los question what kind might i turn spies need to get up in the morning.

[7:15] If the idea of being of service to me that's dies while we're here if i can,
i'mma make sure that i'm the as far as fishing of may festival mice cuz that is some form we can talk to that light out today in br pass that on and hold that spice in just,
office of directions and take anything it can even just be a small any walking down the street as letters came up with my clients but to get up and be at because reservation view to shine to shine your light was is others that may is.
Is patti's to live,
that's nice rest important thing absolutely i totally resonate with what you're saying i mean that's what we're all about at the michigan family won't this clinic as well you know is serving this community for us that looks like,
chiropractic care and nutritional therapies that i just love the way that primarily coaching i believe for you is the way that you serve your respective community,
and again just totally blown away that we can provide this school aberration to serve our respective communities for that purpose now going back to your coaching.
Kinda outline for a listener should what this coaching looks like do i have to be in australia to work with you or do you do things can i remotely are kinda talk faster how that works.

[8:26] Sure sorry,
no you definitely don't have to come all the way down on that i have clients who in the same city as me which isn't helping at the moment i have clients all around the country then i also have clients in the states in new zealand,
in your tag even in tonight to buy it like all different cities all different countries sorry,
no it doesn't matter and an even when i told beautiful thing it has like skype like we get to connect on a house that you can have still let incident one on one create that psycho spice create that beautiful environment and still do the tape work the and have to be in person sorry is that flexibility been on and i'll out that most clients limited because it,
you know we have very different lifestyles now,
mari creating that international platform makes a lot ac and bill can also gonna cuff if there hiring and they day of the need to be disobey children whatever it is so not since it creates more flexibility i built to be at work with the car to not work out,
and so again just to give our listeners ship and our families today more contacts than mourner standing could you kinda talk is there i know you're working with like men and couples but primarily women from my understanding,
can you kinda describe many of the frustrations are many of the reasons why some of these women would come to you for coaching our come to you to elevate their health and wellness.

[9:40] Sure sorry,
i work for holistic perspective and as i'm sure you're weight of the call holistic mains the hall so when not just talking about the food on the plate with to make exercise will also talking about,
emotional well-being doesn't equity in the sexual well being and can they would general day to day life i want to be looking into a,
everything will eric was sometimes we could be eating really healthily but i was found a regime that works to ask physically made with feeling gloomy with any cheap inns a pot of isn't,
is really clicking when not feeling motivated perhaps still are not feeling go away we have pappas set every will and then a couple at comes to me,
they may come for a reason the only start to borrow the day who realizes probably something else the seven day to loy that original concept that was in my mind and i like to work day and sometimes it may have noticed i've also got,
in anne and he missing back on which means we don't educate will not just a physical body level for sometime,
what why back and other times it is starting with the simplest as readjusting someone's lifestyle with the f eight.
We have a upright sometimes the way they speak to themselves and the people at spectrum and everybody makes i don't have a one size fits all very base but,
let's i love what you're saying i love that framework that you're laying down because i think so many people just assume that a lot of the coaching these days is diet and lifestyle and people may get discouraged when they try to do those things they make a lot of adjustments and corrections in those departments but then when they don't see the results that they're looking for they can get discouraged,
and i love that you mention there about the emotional component.

[11:14] I can definitely say that and my practice with a lot of my patience you know will address everything from a structural or from a chiropractor perspective get them in alignment physically you know with their vertebral with the,
spinal cord and their central nervous system is working right.
We've been using nutritional medicine to support those adjustments and help them hold longer but i find that unless we clear that a motion or turn rain those.
Neural emotional reflexes those psycho somatic reflexes making really be the final obstacle to cure that can prevent them from healing one hundred percent would you say that you've noticed something similar in your practice.

[11:51] Absolutely and this is why i as an example with me supply itself and sings on i may doing that kind of work to get out,
oil is having understanding that it's not enough just to do with the physical body like you said this is near logical as well it often starts at just the thought patterns,
the way we speak to ourselves internally that voice that we listen to and and lynette takeover times can't completely through applebee's off,
angelically emotionally and physically so flick just in the physical side what you said it is not enough we got a kind of marry apple hence the holistic approach to cover the or the spices and that's important from eighty to,
that's why i said we in that whole spice and everything is flowing through apple id not sense that means divine empowerment,
we've really coming from that spice of empowering ourselves from within not just externally,
gotcha so do you have like a specific method or assessment because from what i understand,
coaching with you it's not like you're just gonna take any warm body that contacts you or sends you an email or gives you a call on skype there's actually application process talks through them back,
well obviously people are going price around twelve sorry if they are very interested investing in themselves time wise emotionally physically financially all of the above i also wanna make sure the and the stand with it right now.
Where i believe that does it and how i can be of service and best in for the right feet because,
can re as you understand some clients to just add go along by then long time clients and others i'm out of pop you want and that's gonna say that again and you'll get to,
really in reaching norris they healing journey the me i really want people who wanna do that date suppression like that wanna completely overhaul the life of his estate work and not sign that said off to my house like writing i don't just wants.

[13:33] United big six or twelve month investment address of old united it's a bicycle with it sorry i haven't had a conversation,
i also then half of my time which is in ivi and i tell you that time to have a date of experience that i can feel into what it's like to work with me and that we ss from that,
what's the best next move but yeah rochester for my six it's gotta be the right of each and i have to be out to be as,
it with me as possible cuz then i get to meet them there the deep no i can't i'm on a stand in taking so they want a guy if that's right to make them,
to make it a bit what fantastic so what i can hear you saying there's this element of bio individuality that you really place high priority on is so you gonna evaluate and assess each client to reach man couple or woman.
On a case by case basis and really taylor your coaching to then specifically would you agree.

[14:28] Absolutely sorry teacher and to me that's that's the way i choose whatever works that way and i completely respect the having set programs and having go checklists but that's why let approach and perhaps its bit of the.

[14:40] Famine approaches well let them ask when cannot compartmentalize asian concept and more face flowing creative how's it gonna work for you today right,
and i resonate with that as well being a chiropractor i'm always going to do the adjustments or the corrections that that,
specifically needs and not just doing the same tire project adjustments on everyone that i see we have these methods of analysis we have these tools and techniques,
to be very specific to that person and their spinal vertebrae and their range of motion and also up to apply that to the nutritional medicine now,
just a can and get even more conceptual understanding from your lease as a chiropractor my tools in my techniques are gonna be that chiropractic adjustment.
And then supporting them with any kind of biochemistry weather that's medicinal herbs or a specific kind of whole food,
nutritional medicine or even like a homeopathic in a an alley this way.
Now if someone comes to you with maybe just a set of issues are some health concerns.
Can you kinda describe what are your tools what are your techniques like what are people gonna actually experience.
When they're working with you well that's really a question i can just give you an example like as of one passing of like a china pipe different pictures of.

[15:58] But initially obviously with we had that conversation for having a sending away their apts but they wanna come to minnesota next week that might have shifted sorry them i've already had that fight for their relationship another realizing it's with me.
To me no matter what first before mice i need to get a shift that that park is let at that i may have on the child on my time now back to them.

[16:20] Because once we have start now washing filling up the cart in all different ways with the self we gonna be great a service to my children to a partner and for women especially for months can the same as a selfish concept.

[16:33] But i like to call these the best three some ever,
the three relationships you boys need to be in half that's when he's with yourself and not means every single day is a non negotiable.
Five minutes fifteen minutes whatever it is that you could say that is just for your.
So i might need to go to get a little bit early out what's when the children are in bed oh it's when you coming to south and recently simple like maybe sister b of a cup of head will take it got and you just take a moment to,
any put some love into it and drink it down for meeting the.
Sorry yes that holistic yes it's nice in your body with water cuz i cafe not your taking some time to relax to reconnect but is you filling up your on top.
That is imperative.

[17:14] I'm in from day you going to the second relationship that talk about which you can call whatever tune i can next to you personally ice is the divine for you it can be called it can be spirit can be your highest vision to soak up the express version of you but taking time to connect a.
Where that mains.
Something in prayer and meditation on is i cannot going to a psychic spies that's a temple or church or just the party ovary we light a candle and just.
Being still and calm and quiet once again this may for just a couple of minutes we can both seriously from a couple minutes about how hectic our lives softly make this a commitment to just.

[17:50] Three then center know that something brand announce that also has outback that we can connect that we can ask questions all of that that we can open up the.

[17:58] And this is really expanded the net wide he understand that.

[18:01] Sometimes when we realize that these two relationships make pasco hole and if you combine that with a beautiful nourishing food with doing some exercise with saying positive things and and thinking part of me and mine it's of talking.
Crawley dress else can type that place of loving kindness and compassion in all things the day we then are in a better place of wrath that relationship which is,
without allotted with our children.
Without meeting with us family we don't interest rate into that the relationship and then get bent out of it frustrated come from places.
It got that have a drink myself today and here i am doing five thousand things ba which can easily create pain so this cup brings us back to that,
holistic approach of looking at things from all different angles is the price absolutely i just love your saying there especially about really taking care of yourself from that holistic perspective.
So that you can take care of your love ones your family and then be able to contribute more your community you know perform better at work.
And just be more present with your community and the people around you i can't stress enough and i can't underscore enough,
your saying so you no lease were just so connected these days our schedules are so busy you know we talked about finding time to schedule with your beloved with your spouse your partner,
but then we also talked a little bit about being present and being able to actually disconnect so that we can be present for that connection with them and.
We can go on and on and talk about stress levels and cortisol levels but.
Go ahead and talk to us about some of the techniques that you use with your clients in terms of getting them to actually disconnect and be more present with the people they love in their life.

[19:36] Alice is sample and thank you brings out of the kyle of.

[19:39] To me hi c with my clients and as he said your in our relationships to beat divinely empowered tests and i feel we need to learn to disconnect from everything that's,
draining energy what we say in the sign ice because it is so fast paced me on site literally connected in the wrong way sometimes with got,
find in our hands with cover my controls is always something on this is no ways it's like we're living in that is constant,
stimulation and what does this take us away from the present moment takes a wife not quality connection with ourselves festival mice and then without love ones that children what in whoever and and what if that spouse to pay side,
one of the simplest things you can jerry is at a certain time of day when you public company of from work of wrapped up your diamond capacity to turn off your find weight is put on salas not be checking it.
Every five seconds old is gravel headless social feta looking to get a mouse and i leave that behind,
and stott disconnecting from that weldon coming into the space of your heart named in it or that gathering you're going to i'm really present really start connecting this is like it i connecting really holding that space paying the lease now.
Getting someone the time and call it that they made and likewise you the ipad receiving that from someone who's gonna reciprocate a printed fine down,
turn the television off and other one is not having like i pad so final televisions in the bedroom this seems crazy to some people that like i you for real right yeah,
there is no wire at a patel was my bedroom there's no way i find going that it's just it's a non negotiable that i have with my beloved.

[21:15] And this way cakes that special spice in it for you you minus the precise in a kitchen of allow james when,
you cautioned family nail it's just some nice music in your present who made in the lounge during the might be music on and set the television c final xp you but will have to disconnect a little bit from the stimulation,
to reconnect to each other absolutely no for me what it looks like as a gang give honorable with the families listening it's like i have the office that i see patients in all day and then i come home and.
In my mind i'm thinking okay i'm leaving work but the reality is my phone my mobile device i just use it so much during the day actually for work stuff like i'm not.
I'm there playing angry birds are you now doing all these games or anything but i'm actually like checking email sending things business related stuff and.
The reality is i bring that phone home,
and subconsciously it's like i could be working on my business or i could be working on something that's gonna be related to work,
or the office and then that's not serving the time that i'm with my wife so i really appreciate those tips you just laid out for us yeah whatever ladies for you because as an example my practice,
he is at the front of my harm and says i need to got as a somewhat close that door and that is it.
And i make a committed myself to not to check my email list for some reason i'm anticipating is super important life changing and how from that happens let's be real,
there's no way i'm gonna be checking that yeah sorry it's also making little promised locust yourself that you got on because you can't lie to yourself you know when your stepping up and doing what i can you know when.

[22:48] When did not have absolutely now lisa kinda mention some practical applications are ready you talked about taking some time for yourself in the morning are,
honestly one of you can during the day having some of that herbal tea do you have anything else specifically in terms of practical ways for the women the mothers and the families listening today,
to elevate their wellness nurse there body and nurture their family yeah absolutely,
once again this means taking time for you to even to sit with and and find out with yourself what lights you up,
what's in it and want to live,
what makes you feel energized and for some people that's taking dot cost made it pottery made its going for a swim and what ever it is that you can do and ideally your activity that brings you joy were talking about.
That feels like you're investing in yourself having something.
Just break away from the normal died i retain away from working and everyone that you know we might could even find new friends twenty socks on the twenty alright might be going tonight for jog around the lake.

[23:56] What ever that is having something that becomes sacred like or non negotiable really you value in that and i'm not letting that face white,
when sign that unite if you are not in a relationship with your partner husband boyfriend.

[24:12] What ever it is sometimes scheduling i click the second session a special time with your beloved because believe such a hectic crazy lifestyle.
That him in my along time ago by any have actually had an intimate connection with it with y'all lol sorry sometimes shade laying i like to say at least two hours if this is possible is not a big house but just right out there,
you know you to it to hot sunny in some what quality loving time however that looks for,
because we need to take that connection if you wanna function of the tame if you want to be a strong united front for your children orders for yourself whatever your situation is you need to invest in a relationship to me because we often,
can i keep doing out in prize and investing alegria children but with the get,
ass sells individuals with a get out as unity couple in marriage without units sorry that is super important because all the healthy food in the well at all the delicious as always things on the in.
Cannot function as that is lia's as they have the power to do like a passage do if your class stepping up and made a pot when doing the work as well,
you know i couldn't agree more here elise unitas really appreciate all the value and the wisdom and insight that you're bringing to the podcast today just getting va honorable with our listeners and our families hearing i can completely relate to what your saying,
you know my wife and i we do need to schedule a time to be together and sometimes really good at it sometimes we kinda fall short but i do find that the times when we do,
schedule that quality time no back quality time like we're talking about earlier.

[25:42] And just to reconnect is when were the most and you talked about having that united front and that's just such a,
big component to your health and wellness lifestyle it such a big component your family your kids notice when you know mom and dad are both in sync on the same page,
and i bet that you could say that the women that you coach they experience increased levels of productivity better focus all of these benefits when,
they are united with their beloved as well their partner their spouse its archery concept especially for a woman if she is gonna relax and feel,
sife in a relationship i mean like in my should my spirit lease actually not just like i would not getting a divorce i mean that i mean really feel hell in the relationship she needs to be sane and head and and for her man to have a lot of whole that spice for,
so this is a little bit of a don'ts and i don't like it much the the terra care in and talk about you know a.
Total accident that of skills hope it does have an understanding that we have these different energies in different dynamics and i both need to be on it we need all sorry,
understand that in in order for this to happen all without,
love relationships be flowing and how my niece we need come from places like loving kindness and compassion is cutting eleven is that he said you're finding out your blood how your partner likes to feel loved like to say likes to held.
We need a stop and shop in those ways to in the eye interest say fat sometimes sometimes when find how to say cuz i always giving,
set naturally night just if your mother it kinda comes right out of place i yet we need to give and receive in hominy and so we definitely have that with your beloved with your pot with.

[27:20] Husband or wife whatever it is fantastic now these before we wrap things up for today were there any resources whether those be books podcasts websites on line articles,
that were impactful for you or that you would direct the listeners the families listening today to elevate their family wellness yes that's,
i guess one person has been really influential in my life and i've done some some training with what she office is caroline may snap pieces bringing in that more,
energetic and at spirits i guess almonds to the holistic lifestyle if.

[27:53] Interests you anyone away that morning to you all your life then i'd be looking at caroline mace as for my work a,
if it's an intercept calling you than stellar news dot com is my website at the bottom of my my main page that you can sign up and get my free a book which is a principle and you can start doing some pract,
to cool kind of soul enriching lifestyle enriching empowerment work for your a and you might find that my stephen lee is gonna have a domino effect into your relationship,
with your entire family and and the way shop in life that's also important and you can listen to my other part casson tv and radio appearances if you carry testimonies dot com,
forward slash media well thanks again only use and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resonating with.
I highly encourage you to visit michigan family wellness dot com.
And schedule a complimentary phone consultation where we can begin a dialogue on how to best approach elevating your health and wellness.
We'll also have a dedicated web page with all the show notes that a lease and i have mentioned here at michigan family wellness dot com.
Also you can expand though show notes on your mobile device and take advantage of those clickable links right now.

[29:06] Elise you're holistic health coach you're an empowering life coach or a writer a speaker and truly.
An inspiration purse.

[29:19] Shutup because been a pleasure it really hasn't lol you to introduce iphone discipline essence and supporting the wellness community.
Yeah politely six and park passes away ninety seven if it's so important twenty three market st at six bring a lot of light is.

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