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New Dr. Cass Part 2

2018, Dr. Kyle Wallner
Michigan Family Wellness

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.


[0:00] Music.

[1:06] Best way to have a healthy family is by living a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family,
then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today i'm excited because today we have a very special interview actually.
Two with dr robert casts if you missed part one i encourage you to visit michigan family wellness dot com,
and catch the first half of the interview which will give you the proper context for today's discussion.
On the benefits and value of homeopathic medicine for family won't,
alright families let's jump into today's interview the response from medical doctors don't know what's wrong but we can't,
fix this and you know that's unacceptable in today's age of healthcare and there are alternatives available for people and that's what i wanna be able to communicate or going back to okay so another framework here for you.
In the same way that people recommend working with their local farmers so that they know where their beef is from a weather chicken is from and they know it's rass fed organic all that and they know where the sources okay i like in that,
to using conceptually of course to using the homeopathic from physical because here's the thing.
I'm talking you're listening to families you're listening to the formulated the creator of this entire line so.
The great thing is if i have a question.
All i have to do is send an email or call dr cast your and say hey what's going on with this have you ever seen this before and that kind of relationship that kind of trust is why.

[2:45] I'm so loyal to this kind of physical medicine this kind of physical healing another question here for you doc on,
a lot of supplements you can look at the ingredients and let's say it's a whole food supplement,
and it says alright this supplement has buckwheat or this supplement has beetroots you can understand that can they can list their amounts and all that but i guess help families understand help even other healthcare practitioners who might be listening understand.
What is it mean when it says on some of the physical supplements.
Adrenal at a five acts or missing time at a six x nine x six ch like what is that mean can you explain that.
Yeah or have the worlds he in your home remedies relay hoping the ingredients.

[3:34] Super helpful when you take a ingredients are are getting angry as you.
Runs well on your right right lol and see the ingredients,
need a birthday right to actually work with him,
can you ask me to be working but the doctors recently and you just pull off or go take this is it may not know you have to work with the dog was up saying three hundred.

[4:11] Because when ready to see my lil the right frequency.

[4:18] And ruthie retiring ricky the whole or when you matching what's going on the.

[4:28] Your labs are all is is designed like you can find your man for like half of the it works when you actually find the right one is ready,
One time and rushing little or what would be the old me know how do you are here because you are the whole,
you are holy and friends and in are working if you have a question,
you should be able to call a ratchet washing his heels coming your something tommorrow talking people rushing things together,
you can call me and i will answer you will do what you got before stations in the shop.
Really i have farmers and people world room is beautiful.
Natural ingredients which i take my mortgage and bills many my channels and the really groovy ingredients to plant shutdowns is full of terrible.
Yes we are beautifully prepared.
Where i can you marker by people on there no worries in this.
Love amazing people and what are your work together and small businesses.

[5:59] My dog is having a year so that you can call me to call john the togetherness.
My name is phoebe will get better,
range do you know how to make in ten years and wonder what where when why are you so well you have the right to see,
what could be the topic so this is really what time,
no in russia and please do you have absolutely and just kinda dove tail off at five.
Going back to your point of working with a doctor working with someone who really understands what they're doing you can really send yourself,
into a healing crisis or you can give yourself am i as am or something you know if if you take the wrong remedy or the wrong medicine at the wrong time it's like why would you do chemotherapy and radiation if you don't have cancer like,
that's that's gonna be harmful for you so what i'm saying is it's like if you don't need to take something then you should it take itself,
again what is why working with a dr that has some sort of objective method of testing not just always just try this and whatever works now again back to the sourcing you know so a lot of people look for like,
non gmo organic labeling all of that i know that everything is approved by health canada but can you tell us more about the sourcing like when it says adrenal or when it says pituitary or thyroid.

[7:33] Can you tell us more about that rumor the whole who are.
The name and how many how you were gone or how do.
No much you can do whatever she wants in my hand is going to,
one for the has a plan you actual do when no ones it was.
Beer disease that you were when we when on.
Are you like for which helps people with your friends your answer tomorrow to work already broken that program gr so,
the adrenal our home for help with a be working or just installed new happy version.

[8:30] Who is having preparation of the adrenal glands are.

[8:34] Hello hi drill find directions to looking for the real home happy she was which has a really three to find that right one.
I want to see your work organization to work for a patient to help me and was on a virus.
Are there plans in the higher you where he.

[9:03] That would even be considered a vegetarian or vegan preparation is that right because it's it's not the gland itself like it's not animal tissue it's the secretions or it's the it's from that healthy go in.

[9:17] Will it depends on were going out for a couple if people are in for in quotation marks.
This year our will not be to me in money and is not here.
How where can you call me one or the.
So there is because the are bringing hey from the adrenal glands.
Who are the when you have a room with your is actually doing well.
What the hell dilution pretzels is not paying your visual real ran in the ingredients.
We can which we are when we're vibration when they are so how do you randy.
Depending on what a person's definition of dating might be you that.
Yeah of the point of so much misinformation out there every all the running about this and that and how to talk about,
where are we began our conversation about home having an asian holy how innovations,
where is full.
Bullshit harvest movie on true or whatever saturday is how o do what.

[10:51] Julio how are they the same thing that were made to the city of can happen at work who exactly are you driving,
to go after the treasure of that scene what is your taxis in this one thing all over.
What is the weather.
So we and they the only the you haul prophylactic brody needs to be.

[11:23] Bring me at three thirty of hot white.
You want to remove the hard about how on the,
in love love to books and there are for information out there that you have dr are you guys is.
I hope you are we all you got all in his family are in every situation or what you didn't understand what's going on.

[11:56] Absolutely sure that her mentally,
absolutely and you know what most families of people listening to this episode this podcast they just want to spend more time with their own families and they want to contribute more to the world around them and increase their performance at work they really want,
to know that the person they're working without a trust that person to get those to getting the results of their looking for,
in the shortest amount of time with the most cost effective use of resources back to what you were saying about the right potency i love what you've written about the balance between to start code po and c's i love what you've written about the six ch z specially and under no code i've used that per,
personally and i just want everyone to know as well my family uses the physical remedies we completely embrace everything that we've talked about here so from the podcast and,
i just wanted to highlight that within homeopathy principles as you've written about dr casts a four ch in the five ch potency is.
Are typically used first in military fax why seven ch and the nine ch i know there's these different,
potent season like your saying if you do if you have the wrong potency if you do these things at the wrong time the wrong level the wrong sequence.
You're gonna mess yourself up and so that's why i love the six th start code.
Potency because that really balances nurses repairs rather than pushing it one way or another.

[13:25] The fourth one hundred are the.

[13:29] How you the great father who the husband is your business my hair are.
He was really hard and come on or what was to.
From time to time to read and then he's will definitely have to pay to go very very.

[13:52] Was you are rules is it is it okay to back home when the hell.
Really do what the fucking what to do home remedy room right where oh where,
what is your problem and there is no one thing and one thing is so beautiful who.
What is it removed all hold your.
What a beautiful helping are you know who called the beautiful world where all of our television watching you with a hundred more so when she vote.

[14:41] Alright contraindications or when you working with all the way.
You are really tiny one when she will need a job you all of you are so when we're not sure all in all.

[15:00] Is there a job tell you already know.
How would you use when we were doing how to send a taxi.
Will we know asking why tashi this movie hold you the whole are pretty well presently everyone and the everything.

[15:25] Do you have new radiator for your time and your money for this up so,
i want you to bring that here because we were working with the ready people say what are you are fishing boat for what i am sure.

[15:46] How are the world is.
Did you know what it is you who are you buying a car what would please you haha to he she this and,
are you all ready know what to leave what do red spots just in,
what's line i push or even just,
yeah or even just to pick up right where we left off maybe you need to just do some clean the slate maybe you have to do a complete body reset even before your ready for that healing or even before you're ready for chiropractor and i just love what you're saying it so in line with just the chiropractic floss it's not like anything i'm doing,
is directly causing that person to get better to heal.
It's just removing the interference removing the obstacles to care so i guess that's why i really just love working with physical and this company,
this family raise companies because everything is just so in line we can go and talk about residence and,
concordance which can you know go off into a whole another direction but that's where i really feel these two avenues these you channel is really align well we'll dr cass i do want to ask you about,
practical application so,
again let's say we have some people listening today we have some families we might even have some healthcare practitioners for a listening what can people start doing today in their own lives at home.

[17:19] Where is the woman who is you have to go to the doctors using the internet over the counter and on the days this time we're got when can you lose.
Yeah grandfather all i have great friends like rash or is my garage door.
Not sure why not sure who is the.
I don't like to have three jobs all over the place here so were his new website running professional,
i would you have to be a licensed practitioner certified going on cashier over her is has he use,
yeah she is the one for you get to where you want me to look at the website is at the wrong ph,
what is the weather in your bed how what will you do when you have you,
what were the people you.

[18:32] Yes how did you lose their fucking having clean hey you're and will not turn over in his.
Can i do that this coming friday and i think this is how you more for messages that i might use your vacation he will it all,
to you too dark is that are room worker whole story show your initiation was.
And practice to over the wind more will you work and before available why.
I want to program my.

[19:19] Wondering why they will it take away your pain in the car and then just let me.
The cold hands and the ball what do it in one and what are the was for sale in to.
i really fancy will be rental right now we have and how angry will always be your picture sitting here and who are.
Are you doing okay you.
Are you in or where you from where to where to go for this and is back,
i want to watch this morning when you got her work to your degree hotter.
Coming around over overages job security on a jeep grand.
And have the money i'm gonna.

[20:28] What i'm writing reason i'm not including people all programs here which is very helpful.
I'm into older three way to hot water handle.
Conscientious they were and what is now what what today and after you use your energy is are they were all,
where where on how you,
where are the alarms do you know were your mother's house when.
You are gorgeous no tires are no longer.
What will the wasn't being,
what do you say when in use to you always for your car and your tires and you need to take to get you all hot,
you're nutritional health care hope you will you to your,
meeting point would help is not working how are you hungry hold my reminders,
where can you are the one that you on the when your about number begins to,
yeah program does not helping our people to take a look at your best.

[21:59] Look for during the unit he can have my share and you are one hundred dietary position also you,
you re in the hallway to you we find the things do change your your your whining lol.
Hey how are you and you can here is your do you feel more hole in your life you.
Which is the great blessing to you personally and hanley hundred with you and your.
Exactly and just use another analogy with restoring cellular communication pathways i can use like a sports analogy are training allergy know if you're gonna come to,
performance likely at a high level you have to do your basic fundamentals you have to go to spring training you have to do that foundational work.
And i always like to say that success is neither magical nor mysterious success is the consistent application,
of the basic fundamentals so especially for those really tough cases or those you've tried everything are you've been,
i've been to every specialist in your area if you haven't done this kind of work where the cells actually have to communicate with one another electrically neurotransmitters doing this foundational work really,
can be such a critical and imperative component.
Before you even start opening the case and doing the specific causal chain where do you have to really establish a foundation with the cellular communication pathways from the gecko also i'm glad you brought that point doc and i gladly.

[23:39] Thank you absolute worst in what you know were talking about we're talking about moving beyond what will most that's right that's right now while room and,
hello iv helpful but you format it is taking longer injury and how long is,
it's not where the thread that winds on for her shortened when there people are getting hurt is john,
and is what should i buy for are.
Hello was the disease civilization always do you have are just in,
what will you see the world and now using will lower the flags situation where,
june so we're talking today three r,
when i don't live in the big white house press this has what world you,
no longer here and how is to change the.

[24:48] Will dr cass are coming up and the time limit that we have here for today is there anything else that any other message that you once and the people listening or the families listings to really take home as a result of your and your message on today's podcast any like words of affirmation or insights or advice or anything that,
you are not designed these you're not going to be healthy in body and mind and heart.
Your going to the revelation of life for with her in all living things now like for you and bonnie mind and heart you will feel when.
Great showing in your life was where you got it so much and love your service in your house for a few.

[25:41] Powerful words there dr casting so much if you're listening to this families and you're resonating with this message from dr cason myself here,
if you feel like you've experience some of the things that we've talked about and shared today i want to highly encourage you to head on over to michigan family wellness dot com.
And schedule a complimentary phone consultation where we can begin a dialogue on how to best approach and elevating.
You're a health and wellness and remember will have a dedicated web page with all of the show notes that we've mentioned here.
At michigan family won the stock combo have to the physical website will have links to where you can learn more about dr cason physic dr cass thank you so much for coming on the podcast today.

[26:25] Hey stop on the,
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