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 New Dr Cass Part 1

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.

2018, Dr. Kyle Wallner
Michigan Family Wellness

Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.


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[1:05] Greatest asset that's would have a healthy family is by living a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing,
affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable,
because we have an amazing show for you today,
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for the past forty plus years dr robert cass has been dedicated to the continuing advancements in the field of bio energetic medicine,
his highly acclaimed natural remedy line in innovative events worldwide have grounded advances in this dynamic field.
With evidence based strategies clinical skills and effective natural protocols.
Doctor has founded the academy of international bio energetic sciences to provide essential resource for forward thinking practitioners.

[2:35] To expand their clinical experiences dr gas helps other dr stay ahead of trends and advances in this fast growing field while simultaneously,
remaining true to the legacy from this natural healing arts approach as americas.

[2:50] He is also the founder and formula for the physical line of nutritional medicine and homeopathic remedy.

[2:57] Alright families let's jump into today's interview walking families to the interview portion of today's podcast my guest on the show today is dr robert cast welcome to the podcast doc it's so great to have you.

[3:10] How we replace so dr cass i just can't thank you enough for your time today you've had an incredible healing impact on so many people worldwide.
That we could literally be here all day and still not accomplished a proper introduction proportional,
to your contributions to the natural health.
I can't wait to dive in and talk about how homey out of the natural medicine and frequency healing,
can bring benefits and value to the families listening in today but before we head there dr cass i've just told our families a little bit about you as the professional.
But one of the core values here on this podcast is family so could you tell us more about you as the person and what does family mean or look like for you.

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That's fantastic and is so loved that component of you know just working with physical it really is a family company like you mentioned it was false,
a great pleasure and an honor to you know meet with and work with crystal and yourself back in santa barbara at the last second korean twenty fifteen so.

[5:36] Those are just fond memories that i have of the holes is a gun cory experience so when will,
awesome so yeah another thing i love to stay here on the michigan family wellness podcast is that we are smitten with the mitten so i always ask my guests to share what they love about michigan now i know that you mention london ontario,
which isn't too far away a lot of people commute either across the bridge are under the tunnel you have anything any insights or loves about the state.

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they're all seventy three degrees that's right that's right in my trash,
so dr gas let's go ahead and get more in in death because i really want the women mothers and families listening to get the value from your expertise and unique perspective,
okay so let me set up a framework here for you dock the ultimate question then i'm gonna get to eventually is,
what makes physical homeopath x unique and why should families work with a dr.
Who understands the art science and philosophy to cultivating healing and restoration okay but before i just go there i want to set up a framework okay so let's say you have a family of four hundred so you have like a mom dad and two kids.

[8:10] And they're just stressed out of their minds you know especially during this back to school season,
but the thing is mom and dad don't wanna use draw,
to keep them healthy and prevent illness and injury obviously as a chiropractor and many of my patients no chiropractic adjustments or the fine tuning of your central nervous system those two mins,
are profoundly beneficial for expressing health and boosting immunity but we also need to support the body from a bio chemical and or homeopathic approach and that's where i feel.
The homeopath x and the matrix nutritional zt the nutritional medicine,
from physical really shine okay so to be very clear you know supplements have been around for a long time homeopath x in home now but the the thing around for a long time so here's the question,
what makes physical homeopath x unique and why should families work with a dr,
that understands again this art science and philosophy of cultivating healing and restoration.

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Are are worker gotcha i love everything you saying you your really laying down the value i thing for families from,
but just to help people understand further as well and correct me if i'm wrong here dock but the way i almost think about this from a conceptual from that thirty thousand foot view if you will that perspective is like i said,
there's been homeopathic there's been supplements there's been nutritional medicine around for a long time so,
again back to what makes this different then all the other stuff out there so lots of things i mean you could be here all day but.
One of the things that i really wanna communicate to families is let's say you bring your tool belt.
To a job site for example okay like let's say you're working in construction or you're a carpenter okay you're gonna bring your hammer and your saw,
if you're gonna work as a carpenter you know work with what you're gonna use your hammer with nails and you're gonna use your side with that would that have a concept okay.

[12:29] What i find at least in my office and my practices that we've been using the same tools.
In modern people or we've been using all tools on the modern people and what i'm finding is that these old tools.
There are some times working or they're getting a job like half-done like not not completely hundred percent.
And so when i started using a lot of the physical remedies to physical nutritional medicine the homeopath six.
I found that this these were the new tools this was the new tool belt to finally fix these people,
who had been searching for healing and restoration and who haven't been able to find anywhere else does that make sense or will the group ahead when you were saying was well.
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[16:33] Absolutely and i wanna just a wreck families i'm gonna drop the link in the show notes here doctor cast for the families listening,
actually we had derek weber on michigan family wellness episode nine where we talk a lot about a little bit similar to what we're talking about here you know that the,
the benefits and value of these homeopathic these remedies and i wanted to share with you a story kind of a personal story and i'll get invulnerable with our audience here to,
so my wife actually works for a hospital company she work for bone here in michigan and if you work for any hospital really if there's often a policy where you have to get a flu shot are you have to get,
some kinda immunizations and so we found that using the homeopathic remedies from physical,
really supported that whole process of detox if eyeing and draining that flu vaccine and those immunizations from her body like she had no side effects no symptoms she still doing great.
And other than you know just the technician poking her little bit hard with the needle that there was no what residual side effects and you know a lot of people do you still get the flu after getting the flu shot and like you said with kids,
you know their immunizations are bombarded with all these candles so early on in life and it's like okay what do we do like as a health care practitioner as a chiropractor is like,
what do i do with that yes adjustments yes chiropractic but there's this overwhelming signal from those vaccines it really overwhelms that.

[18:04] Person's nervous system so what do you know there's been a whole food nutrition that's great there's that herbal nutrition that's awesome too but.

[18:12] What i really find works well are these homeopathic that help with the bio energetic signaling letting the nervous system not only identify those toxins and those things that they have to clear out.
But then also drain them out through the lymphatic strain them out through those elimination channel's.
I mean vaccine talks drainage will you the lymph remedies those have been so paramount to my white self and to my chiropractic practice as well would you agree with all that,
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what medicines or supplements you you are assaulted can the ball,
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[20:31] What are the person and what did you do,
the program used for patients who have been that i had to,
that were impossible for there is the year you that how and where you are who.
The acceleration of the solution is one of the you know where there are you can we do for the hell,
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[21:11] Also come in and will not officers over to where you will wall who are not yet,
the last year you names is james now actually find what longer use and is in your travels,
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or runs fantastic talking i know you're throwing out a lot of technical information here so i just really,
no that's fine i wanna just make sure people to really understand so i honestly to you know if people have questions about this feel free to email me dr kyle owner,
add juno dot com and you were talking about causal chains and now were talking about some complex things here but i really think people,
are gonna find this helpful people are gonna find this valuable because the response from medical doctors we don't know what's wrong or we can fix this you know that's unacceptable in today's age of health care and you know there are alternatives available for people and that's what i wanna be able to communicate,
alright families we're going supplies here for today but make sure to sync back up with the enough to view podcast next week,
where we will continue our conversation with master from me later dr katz i just want to drive home this major component for concept.

[22:44] Bio individuality if you take one thing away from listening today it's the idea that there are different mechanisms when it comes to natural medicine.
There are mechanisms for nutritional as there are mechanisms for of herbal medicine and there are different mechanisms.
For homeopathic it's your doctor's job to assess an object if we find the best solution for your body and your fam.
This is called bio individuality and it's at the core of what we do every day at the michigan family wants to,
alright fam is what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you've heard on this or any previous edition of the family wellness lifestyle podcast,
you may do so by writing dr kyle at michigan family while the stock come,
and take full advantage of the family lifestyle audio library at michigan family wellness dot com connect with us on social media at michigan family wellness thing so much for tuning in families,
have an awesome week and remember we can do far more together than we could ever do apart now that you've been a.
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