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[1:06] Best way to have a healthy family is by living a Family Wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for efficient.
Then I strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today at King is an advanced certified color and skin care consultant.
Mary Kay cosmetics she serves the southeast Michigan area and offers 24 years of experience in her field.
Her passion is to help women and men young and old.

[1:39] Find the best products for their skin alright families let's jump into today's interview.
Cast my guest on the show today is an King welcome to the podcast and it's so great to have you.

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[1:58] Wait to get
skin health and how it relates to elevating Family Wellness because I really feel that the women the mothers and the families listening today.
Will get value from hearing your story and your expertise as it relates to the chemistry that they decide to use on their skin.
Being said we do have two questions that we always ask our guest here on the podcast in the first one is all about family so and could you tell us more about us the person and what does family look like for you.

[2:32] Well i actually came from a family of
I had one sister and and but
giving her family that I am surrounded by and my husband and I are very lucky to have many many wonderful friends that we actually call or extended family and so we are just
are surrounded by the people we care about inter milan.
I'm good times and bad and the ugly do you like wet
so we're very lucky even though I knew I was going with my family and having fun day
I'm very lucky that the people that God has brought into my life and my husband have been just a wonderful source of friendship and love and care and.
Really we are a true family units Oliver.
Search you bring up a great point there and i really just wanna thank you for your vulnerability.
Thank you for your
about this platform of the podcast is that you can really get to connect with.
Oh you know on a deep level even though you may not be in the same room at the same place for have next show is in experiences.

[3:49] He talked about.
Your family doesn't necessarily always have to be there with you
are there for you when they're going through a rough time.
Another thing I love to stay here on the machine Family Wellness.
Smitten with the Mitten so I always have to share what they love about Michigan.
Born and raised here in Michigan and my husband from the west side of the state in Kalamazoo and I was born
favorite thing to do it's a go up to Northern Michigan we are really love the Petoskey area
Bay Harbor Old Mission peninsula.

[4:55] If it's just me it's just Serenity the lakes are so beautiful and
the trees are gorgeous and.
Back to talk everything we we get a lot of michigan become very lucky to live here we till we have four to read it changed the heating pad we can enjoy and meyer and then pick it up later backing out.

[5:25] I'm in all the trees are starting to change we're going to hit peak season in just the next
and daddy dead color a take my breath away it's getting rid going back at work i get to enjoy the colors
I'm right there with you
father like mr love on your something like that and whatnot.

[6:00] It was the thirty first indulge your corner when he was with apple for why i'm bringing in the industry.
To Laconia to give it a good corporate tax base because when you have more business you can lower
together he got many large and dot show aqua park
arm the heater dang lol paul mission you and the tank making how to kiss darling board and my father was very very very water
city government up to the day that he passed away he was still very involved and
i'm very proud of you know he's great integrity and it won't and call that hardship you think he made to help build the bone in the early years.

[6:53] Standing and that's just another reason why i love having local yes local kinda heroes in my opinion that have that legacy component
that with us as well.
Value from your experiences expertise and your unique perspective
so am let me set up a framework your for you ask the family wellness chiropractor i'm always adjusting the entire family and providing the amazing service of a well balanced central nervous.

[7:32] Mom dad the kids their new born even grandma and grandpa in some cases and while i get so much joy from that.
I often find that some of these cases require a little more doctoring or a little more work.
Straight up Chiropractic adjustment.
Really the time at home in between her wellness visits.
You begin to have all sorts of issues weather be related to achieve your energy disturbances hormonal.
But often times.
Integumentary dysfunction is what I like to call it.

[8:24] Ends with the got i can't emphasize this enough and i know you agree with this to you but our external scanned is a direct reflection of the hell.

[8:34] Internal gut.
That's not exactly the way it works our hair on skin are nails.
Availability of these micro these macro nutrients along with trace minerals at the same time.
Incredibly important about what we put on.
Is ultimately absorbed directly
being said going back your example patient and all start her on and got restore program which getting credible result we re established micro bio and we.

[9:38] But here's where I really think that you'll be able to contribute.

[9:43] About what product
In biochemistry and we can talk more about the specific ways but my question for you and.
Available for these women are there any alternatives when it comes to best taking care of their skin what
everything that you said I couldn't agree with more number one but thank you for making some irrelevant points about the relationship between.
Inside and how it comes out on the outside and am
I've been 24 years with Mary Kay cosmetics and very proud to represent our company and
in executing them lot back i get to be at the church whoever i am working match and about women with family that is so important when it women who have daughters
I don't care if you're even as young as 7 8 9 years old when the first things I asked that.

[10:58] Still concerned about having the bathrooms in place
are you teaching your daughter how to take great care of your skin.
I just never use the bar soap gets in the shower and my next reply goes off because
typically you know dastur dial Safeguard the popular.

[11:38] When you putting how i go to the alkaline level and
can your skin mantle is very very delicate and women in particular
the shade everyday but when can it much more fragile
and so going back to my point of using alkaline based.

[12:08] It is very very whore because it's like help to can a can make a highly fucking can on the can make it he i'm and can you do black accompanied it to the that greedy properly either because i'm bot help.

[12:23] We have a lot of black in them and um it hard to read but where the hell did apple pie pain aching so i'm really interests mom who are raising tripped a daughter.
To get them started in a
and i fucking ink your program from time they not understand that you know what your game is your larger
living breathing organ and you know what we can't come to Goodwill when it wears out
I'm sure many moms out there and myself included I know when I have worn out a favorite piece of clothing or so forth I donated it to Goodwill.
Should be our favorite thing to take care od and yet people make it their very last high already but is really sad and down
exactly that you were thanx they go out the door
behave due to environmental factors due to poor diet
do teachers overall dress and neglect
mixing items on their skin
fantastic and i just love that point you're making about really taking care your skin and.

[13:49] How to make from a chiropractor perspective and i love to use dentistry or he has a.
Allergy because honestly the you know worst case scenario if you don't take care your teeth if you don't floss and brush and eat good food.
Worst case scenario all your teeth rot and give you a whole new set of teeth
being sad we can't necessarily do that with her skin much less are spine there is no spinal transplant so that's why we have to have good chiropractor care for a.
And that's why we have to take good care verse can't which is why i wanted to bring you on the podcast and talk about.
What I can do
have a very happy greek church in the top thirty and we had our on board certified in hell i german how yeah.

[14:51] Ophthalmologist and everything we create is formulated for and it can on everything i didn't touch it happened and created.

[15:01] It's called and texted her for all forms of skin irritation C and Allergy fragrance-free hypoallergenic.
Non-comedogenic mean that when the products are applied to your Port table at Black Country and.

[15:22] Those characteristics are fantastic i've actually wanna highlight a little bit of the key ingredient can you tell us more about how you guys use silly maren and long how go out to actually adult natural alternatives rather than all these other chemicals in the skin care products.

[15:38] Absolutely the tomorrow and is actually an opening for it to for people to understand is not that far in a very powerful anti accident
help defend against environmental damage and the article helped calm and used can't even your payday and then on low hung out of copper longevity fruit
Sonic comes from the Asian countries and cities
and it's growing
and it stop the bleeding happy about hoppy in all bra do you key ingredients are put in and our high-tech and it actually create harmony in in to get very very bad want to that pr
my or oily that can do you harm to ball and i know with our drinking formula they use flax seed and he kelp extract filter actually from the very app it.

[16:40] Point for my train station for dry can't
catholic and you know going back to that clinical perspective i just really appreciate how the skin care products they're using planned extraction planting greedy and which is just so great from our internal health back to our what we put on our skin alternately get to the yard in our body because here's the thing and
so many of these chemicals that are used in many skin care products
create the levels of estrogen in the body which can inhibit not only be natural production of estrogen.
Body but also the balance between estrogen and progesterone and that can significantly influenced by right hormones weight loss ability.

[17:25] Of the hair like you scanned and even going back to a discussion on it he vitamin d synthesis begins with the scan
Rather than
that's fantastic so again just the kind director listeners more are we specifically talking about the botanical effects line or is there just kind of a general.
Vantage across the entire line or people her were looking for them all the actual approach
skincare I absolutely agree that the Botanical effects is the number one.
Item to look at and we have the three different formulas and everything seems to work together
is terrific and something that I truly believe in is always offering our customers the ability to try and see how it feels.

[18:35] That's really important to us because they want people to be able
to see that this can be during yours
internal hell in that were talking about i i also want to approach this discussion from nero emotional level or a psycho somatic perspective so basically
i'm thinking here is a discussion on confident a discussion on
can haitian in the professional workplace many my patients are very entrepreneurial woman who are trying to make a
national first impression and that has a lot to do with your presentation and i think some of the benefits that come from that are more confident you have more respect from your peers in your colleagues.
You can increase your productivity at work.

[19:27] And i really wanna director listeners back to episode twenty two of the podcast where we actually just got body dysmorphic disorder if that if there's a spectrum i think there's definitely.
On and of the spectrum where you can just be so consumed with your parents but thing does another and where you can be like it just doesn't matter all and again going back to that
professional entrepreneurial workplace.
Adjust the thing and the natural consequence of all that is.
Can you bring home your family when you bring that level of motion on i would are you even spiritual fulfillment
getting all that happen in q learning maintain that respect from your boss your coworkers and your colleagues and when you just a little early
amazing work everyday.
Exhausted and overwhelmed by the emotional weight of a really terrible day I lack of self-esteem.
I don't know if you can speak have you observed that in your years.

[20:44] Oh I absolutely have and nothing breaks my heart more than.
And i am working perhaps with a mother that and can we look at your help with my teenage daughter and maybe that are in the line at eleven twelve thirteen
and cooling her dad.

[21:11] A terrible thing for that young lady to experience
the same thing for grown woman
3240 Lemonwood 40 45 45 to 50
i am working and doing in the marketplace and when our can is how the and glowing and
where get any info it shows on the outside and let god after we do our company and it almost like you carry in or around your shall i.
Knowing that you feel and look your best.
Looking near a hundred times a day and we all know that lol
Dad when you meet somebody whether it's in professional Marketplace or on a different level you got 3 seconds to make a great first impression.

[22:20] Stop
that's my teeny I think it really is a privilege and she's almost like a Ministry
on the hood don't look to re pack and heat of copper the products she you think her pa fifteen
and that's why I wanted to stay and there's no reason why she can't have.
She need to have a can go great and that she can have it to good to happen and i'm in her work like an accurate right over to her for like to go out in at the nail and children watch their parents.

[23:06] Can you write what they see their parents do and say telling you got on my.
Who's raising a family and money tell you I have
and I have help them with their sons and having the cops
and I do believe that children do benefit but they see from there.

[23:35] When you're tearing up more positive attitude or how they look and feel more with everything
also just for families.
Dirty chemicals
and extract we have natural.
There are going to rob them of their energy in the cheek as stressed their liver and your take their skin so that's why i really wanted to bring to avail our listener ship about.
It's in value of everything that you have to.
Do library resource for the women mothers and families.

[24:25] I want to learn more about elevating their family wellness an increasing their resiliency.
That's strange to adapt to the stress and challenges in there like one of the ways we accomplish that is by asking our guest for practical application so and what can the women the mothers and the families listening today.
Do right now as result of hearing your voice on today's podcast what can they do
never mind with your can at their meeting to gain information on taking go directly are you can you get me a dub you got married hey
How long are they okay i and g two aggregate a person my name and website.
They can look at all the different ideas and things that we have for their skin
hi beauty consultant with Mary Kay.

[25:34] They can just let me know they can call me or they can email me and I can contact her medical Relations Division.

[25:42] Speak with whatever i can to help ya after electing the complain to get the consumer had a
how we can help them remedy but might be hurting your can sometime we find out where we'll having issue.
Ab negative and perhaps you maybe wanna chill ingredients and it over the counter products that you can you think
but not necessarily eliminating from her beauty routine.
Outstanding being so much and i know you mention the web say i love how you mention that.
Two that wanna go researcher that medical resource that you're able to put people in touch with the access yourself
is there anything going on locally
gone with your skin care.

[26:38] Absolutely every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. I have my meeting and we actually invite women
want to learn more about in care who why he actually.

[26:57] So we actually make it really fun for them
and tired than joining at any thirteen like it wanted by have their contact information i could be called potential customer
can i do a very end up getting your profile years gain it in very questioned they keep dot me pending pick connecting to them in a given a perfect framework understand harder
customer skin behave.
Are making them unhappy what day would really like to change about is can i do find that i went hot to woman
they usually have one two or three things that have really been bothersome that they like to change
and letting them sample them for free and we get willy enjoy doing that it every thirty night and collect mi tell director's hall.
8:30 p.m. with you.
Want to highly encourage you to head on over to michigan family wellness dot com where we will have a dedicated web page with all of the show not that we pension here today.

[28:27] So you can expand tho chau notes right now on your mobile device and you can take advantage of those hookah bowling.

[28:34] Everyone her name is and she is a wife here and in that color consultant and skin care specialist and thank you so much for coming on the podcast today you are definitely part of family here at the mission coming on
out of the thermostat housing like it.

[28:51] You alright families what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you've heard on this or any previous editions of the family wellness lifestyle podcast
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