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[1:08] Family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family,

then I strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable,

because we have an amazing show for you today as a health and wellness consultant Melinda helps people live their healthiest life through safer skincare and eating a healthier Whole Foods diet her client experience cleaner pressure skin

with fewer lines and wrinkles as well as increase energy better digestion and increase overall health including weight loss and better immunity.

Alright families let's jump.

[1:54] Thank you. To Kyle and happy to be here.

Well Melinda it's been a pleasure getting acquainted with you over the past few months I always enjoy meeting new people with different areas of expertise and speciality.

And we actually have a mutual friend who also has been a guest here on the mfw podcast.

So I want to encourage everyone to Circle back and listen to episode with Lauren a day but very excited to jump into today's discussion on how you help women and families Elevate their health.

And wellness that being said we do have

two questions that we always ask our guest here on the podcast Melinda I've just told her family's a little bit about you as the professional but one of the core values on the podcast is family

so tell us more about you as a person and what does family look like for you.

[2:47] Thank you dr. Kyle I love my family I have 5 children three.

Are mine and two step children and the youngest is 18 so I'm an empty-nester.

I never really realize how hard that could be but the oldest is 30 so we have a wonderful family looking forward to.

Our next Adventures hopefully will have grandchildren soon but love it.

[3:12] That's very exciting that upcoming season you know with grandkids and everything and I just really appreciate cuz we do have a lot of mothers a lot of women listening so it's always great to have a mother,

the podcast so that people can make that personal connection another thing I love to stay here on the podcast is that we are.

Smitten with the Mitten so I always ask my guest to share what they love about Michigan.

[3:37] I love the seasons and of course right now it's fall so it's so beautiful,

I was born and raised here so I grew up in Metro Detroit.

I have a fortune and i was very fortunate to have grandparents that live in northern michigan so i have to spend my summers in town last so.

[3:55] I just didn't love with Michigan I can't say enough great things about it I don't understand why everybody doesn't live here,

absolutely North Area is so beautiful I actually need to go out more exploring with the u p in the Porcupine Mountains and just get way up there because I just been a troll my whole life I've been under the bridge,

Melinda let's go ahead and get more in-depth because I really want the women mothers and families listening to get value from your experiences your expertise and your unique


so just to set up the framework for the people listening you're a consulting your health coach you do all these different things talk us through all that what is that look like for you.

[4:39] Yes

so my holistic health coaching experience has led me to how we can create a very holistic happy healthy mind and body

absolutely the way this relates to family wellness is because there is no

perfect Family Wellness you know I've said this before on the podcast perfect Family Wellness Plan but I am so passionate about bringing those practical applications,

work on elevating their health and family wellness and i think the thing that gives me the you need perspective in the unique voice is that my own family wellness isn't perfect and that i'm on a lifelong journey to equip people with different things they can do.

Quality research-based effective mechanisms in Frameworks to help the women mothers and families listening like we've talked about.

Really take control of their house and just do the simple and conservative thing so honestly at the clinic that's one of the first things that I'm checking for.

Is sensitive to anything that you're putting in your body do we have an inflammatory diet so.

[5:47] I think that provides families value especially with no soy like you said no gluten I'm sure they why the glycemic index or the sugar content of a lot of the food because that's really contributing to the.

Skyrocketing rates of metabolic syndrome and metabolic disease and we can be

here all day talking about that why did you decide to work with this company specifically

now you mentioned earlier that you on a journey i think we all are on a journey it and we never really get to the final destination because we're always learning and growing.

I when I begin Health coaching skills school I found that I was having gut issues.

I didn't realize that I had a dairy intolerance.

[6:32] What.

[6:45] Not really realizing what's causing the protein shake it doesn't have any dairy in it need feel so good and i know it seems kinda simplistic but that's what would that was the door.

That opened up for me and then I found this beautiful product lines and philosophy that.

[7:01] Mirrored my own.

How to take care of themselves.

Healthy lifestyles you know if they learn it from their parents stash if their parents grew up you know in the fifties sixties and seventies you know that's really when the industrial.

Global Food complex really just took off and then there is.

We have to watch what we eat and we have to watch how we move and how we live and how we think this perspective that you're bringing to the mfw community,

like I said is so timing is so valuable and I just want to highlight for a listeners to,

in terms of a distinction you know cuz I think we talked about this in our pre chat would you say that because I work with supplements as well and so I kind of you in a different classification,

nutritional medicine so you know you're taking,

medicinal herb or you're taking a nutraceutical for a specific purpose for a specific,


[8:14] After your body takes out the strep throat you don't continue taking that antibiotics so that's the same idea with my nutritional medicine approach once you're done once your adrenal glands and your HPA axis for example.

Respond to for example the rhodiola ginseng that were using need to continue,

that's the distinction I want to create is the difference between medicine and food and that's why I really think something like really shine but you agree.

[8:46] I totally agree yeah.

Kind of tacos through that like is this on a monthly people sign up for deliveries were they have to go pick something or is it a constant thing where they're going online or having to order on their phone or do they work with you,

outline all that for us.

[9:04] So they could do all of the above how I love to set a client up is really understanding what their needs are sitting the product or service if they need coaching and I'll help them with that.

But when they need a product line will schedule delivery it goes straight to their front door.

Or they can they can order on a month-to-month basis as well.

I'm depending on their usage,


[9:37] I love that part family doing this you can probably connect with people locally in your own Community who have approached you know whether that be.

[9:51] Exercise sydney as you know healthy eating but you could also probably connect with the

different communities all over the nation all over the world even if we fail all the time

don't get it right we stumble along the way and just to know that there are other people,

have the same struggles and there are other people that are as passionate as we are about what we're talking about here which is just changing,

our perspective changing our mindset changing our lifestyle,

i really think that stars people on and spurs them on towards really elevating their health and family wellness furthermore

I think this is perfectly in line with the Chiropractic message

steve michigan family wellness clinic because here's the thing healing does begin with the spine and you can have those visceral somatic reflexes you can have that gut inflammation.

[10:46] That's causing your back text constantly subluxate her to constantly go out so I think working with someone like Melinda using some of that product just changing your food baby steps I'm sure you talk to your clients about this all the time you don't necessarily need to

clearly go one ad which i'm sure you can but i'm sure you coach them on just make little changes every day and slowly get further along,

making no significant changes would you agree with that absolutely it so much easier to make small changes than,

doing a one eighty someone to talk us through some of the benefits of what kind of changes do you see in your coaching or your clients is lives once they start doing your coaching or doing your programs.

[11:29] It's really when they start to pay attention to their own bodies.

[11:33] Answer to feed their bodies what they need an and weather that's food.

Or maybe is exercise maybe it is taking care of themselves and going to the chiropractor or getting a massage or whatever it may be.

What i notice is that they are in powered to make the best choice.

And so it is really educating about empowerment and I I didn't realize that was what I was getting into when I started this practice.

[12:01] I love that though because I'm giving the power back to them.

Until then they create a lifestyle or life or a family life that is full of energy.

They can love themselves they can't without judging what they're doing because they have choice.

There's so many wonderful things of course,

they're they're not on yo-yo diet anymore when they're paying attention what their body really needs.

And then being able to teach them how to make good snack choices or even go to the grocery store and what to buy off the shelf

outstanding mom and and i just love everything you're saying this idea of culture this idea it's the focus is not necessarily on the products themselves the focus is on.

Can people gain working families working them when in the mother's gain in their life as a result of making these simple changes and i think you hit the nail right on the head spending more time with your family,

it's contributing more to the world around them being less irritable sleeping better you know getting relief from pain.

Recovering faster from exercise if you take care of yourself you're going to have improve immune functioning.

And it's the example Microsoft but the concept with me for a moment,

how do we beat apple right what apple focuses on is how do we help teachers.

[13:29] And so I think that's what differentiates the company culture isn't necessarily

physical product that you can offer people and provide the people.


who want to learn more about elevating their family wellness and increasing their resiliency or that strength to adapt

stress and challenges in their life one of the ways we accomplish this is by asking our guests for practical applications.

Moms in families listening today.

[14:16] Start doing their house and Family Wellness.

Absolutely will specifically for the moms or the dads whoever is really paying attention to how they're feeling.

Do yo guys its a great way to connect the mind and the body to listen to what's going on or even walking outside in nature i find,

that a lot of people are so busy we forgot that we have we have healing properties by just walking outside on our grass and looking up at the Sun.

It's amazing how we can bring awareness to our bodies and our minds and our focus by just doing that that's free.

[14:59] Go to that between the sympathetic nervous system

parasympathetic nervous system I love how you mentioned yoga and just focusing in on awareness and deep breathing all of those things are just so great for your parasympathetic nervous system

we are just so stressed out all the time so it's not that you want to increase one or boost the others that you want to bring them into balance because you do need both,

and so I love that point you made their fantastic and where can people find more about you specifically whether it's a website or social media anything like that.

[15:38] Absolutely why am I am on Facebook so anybody is more than welcome to I mean Facebook I'd be happy to share content there,

thanks again melinda and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resonating with you i want to encourage you to head on over to michigan family wellness dot com.

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of those clickable links Melinda thank you so much for coming on the podcast.

[16:12] Thank you doctor kyle's my pleasure,

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