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[1:12] Fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family.

Then I strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable,

because we have an amazing show for you today Therapy Program at Schoolcraft College,

through her soft tissue techniques and raindrop therapy Debbie believes a Life well-lived Begin by living well she helps her clients in their journey to become healthier happier and more relaxed.

[1:45] Eight families let's jump into today's interview welcome family for the interview portion of today's podcast might yes on the show.

Thank you so much for having me

f it and value of a central or

for elevating your house.

Which brings up a great point.


question that we always ask our guest here on the podcast debbie i'm just holder families a little bit about you as the professional

but one of the core values.

[2:55] Family for being looks like.

On my for daughter is have given me seven beautiful grandchildren and we want.

Eight one on the way i have.

So can i mean don't like me that's have to get yeah i'm just kinda thinking ahead in terms of the conversation that we're gonna have on rain drop therapy here i can get

you know debbie another thing i love to stay here on the michigan family run the catch is that we are.

Smitten with the Mitten so I always ask my guest to share what they love about Michigan.

[3:42] Oh my gosh Michigan is is is awesome I love Michigan just.

The beauty of it

the but michigan it,

what more can you run across but in the back top rear engine.

I'm telling you there's so many things,

porcupine mountains i mean just everything i would think of anybody come to michigan and he the real michigan i'm fantastic yeah we could definitely be here all day,

talking about,

I really want the,

value from York.

[4:55] Not right away when someone here is raindrop therapy they may be a little

typically when someone says later on

back forms of Alternative Health Care,

I hear my wife witty remarks in my head in a raindrop therapy.

Raindrop therapy.

Go ahead and talk.

[5:45] Cat oh what the rain drop therapy it of it you on the touch technique used along fine and the bottom of the feet,

with nine different essential oils and the essential oils.

Therapeutic grade essential oils you can't just use any oil out there.

[6:11] You don't know exactly what's in them.

You can ingest,

he am and what the rain drop treatment daughter is.

The reason why I called the patient is lying on their belly.

[6:43] That's how i got a nickname grain got there he but there's nine different oils that would you.

[6:57] We work on it in a great way.

[7:01] So i got what i'm gonna start with you up.

It's based on the theory that many types of spinal.

Pathogens create on information what can contort and figure file cow on.

On have jug for their sign it in order to get that out.

Junk your sign on with the oil that you are the wraith electrical energy in the body of the frequency.

Provide the ability to bail on the central nervous system.

[8:00] The third reich dormant viruses fungus what you been trapped in the spinal cord checked in the hotel check-in

we want to get all that stuff out.

On an amat disposal but petrochemicals and how long.

Door in your cash when bloodstream drop your whole body and three to twenty wouldn't three fucking to twenty minute while.

[8:46] Yeah so many great

things are when i just wanna go back and you know just kinda summarize what your saying you're so and again,

no stress on the spine in that position in the gravity is just going through those spinal discs perfectly.

Greatest angel oils and dumping the entire bottle and rubbing it in again for like quote at the it that rain drop technique innocent of your acidic we dropping the oils.

The spine on to this can maybe doing a light gentle massage to help work,

those biochemistry that biochemistry into the scan and the spine to like you said.

Remove those toxins help with intoxication.

Formation this time because truly are spine is one of the first,

I agree 100%.

Massage technique used so.

[10:09] It's it's a massage but yet it's not.

[10:38] Rain drop their guy but you're also just getting that natural diffusion so we talked about how there's so many different ways.

To experience,

through the olfactory nerve.

They're getting the brain benefits of just inhaling that good plan chemistry that makes sense that.

Apple because i gotta tell you when when are you a rain drop tripping i'm on vacation because i'm smelling it and in a good working in my hand on it like i could.

Before they arrive.

I leave my room feeling like I can take on the world.

So whenever your rain trout creek bed it benefiting the patient is,

absolutely I couldn't agree more I mean I've done a little bit of rain.

[11:48] With myself actually.


and we were able to

1 for 20 minutes well it doesn't necessarily work that way you have to do it,


episode 32 but there is actual,


But you just mention they did research on,

raindrop treatment for people with scoliosis and they showed that the scoliosis improved.

[13:16] On fruit cow nine not ninety nine.

She will just have straightened.

[13:29] Actually a blend of several oils.

Yep it has the power to,

fine i'll get people think it kinda crazy and don't.

[13:45] Believe it but you really need to be open-minded

feed the difference again that goes back to a point i made earlier knowledge is power but the real life change happens when you actually a,

why the application of that knowledge brings about significant health changes and again there's lots of stuff out there to dark.

Rooted in urology and I can chiropractic

these are great alternatives to help you,

at the dinner

tuberculosis worried about

kids focusing in school and just preventing from preventing them from getting illnesses and helping them recover faster from injury to not or thank.

Overall it should oil just to let you know what each of them do you and all together on nine of them

play with all of the benefits of the each single one on get it wow i'm.

[15:07] I'll just give you a couple of examples of.

Really bad terrible allergies

and he was on your medication from the doctor.

And he has not used

kids prescription medication in 3 years.

So if you can,

take a raindrop treatment to him and.

[15:53] During your treatment please give me a call in your order your queue and your doing and on the guy called me but you know daddy i see.

To work the next day and i could actually bank.

I mean my mind was like unplugged and I felt so much better so he.


There with the body's ability.

[16:34] Exactly.

[16:41] Oils that are involved in the

beat you on a helicopter winter green,

winter green is why all the beautiful to my heart because are the reason i got into it will the first place.

[16:58] I went to a health Expo and there was a person with with the oils.

The problem going on in a women there to michael that really eq right now,

tell me how you feel.

[17:23] How you might helpful really really boring damn thing,

and within 20 minutes my pain was gone for like 4 days.

Where is the meeting that that what got me.

Methyl salicylate.

Our eden reading information in a prison where love in thanks three in your factory from hyper,

make it help you maintain an open mind and clarity far.

[18:23] On it he got mad at properties go directly into the nerve center to help create relaxation.

[18:38] And it strengthens your feelings of security and it clears out.

[18:47] It's relaxing and calming to the nerves it War.


[18:55] Peppermint reduces inflammation at 8:50 Joseph system.

[19:00] The respiratory system.

Increase of mental accuracy.

He's on at the University of Cincinnati.

[19:15] And on 28.

[19:18] A hundred precent of the students in increased.

Accuracy by twenty at least twenty per front.

All of you yeah you and then tine support thing you can i check bacteria fungus.

Action overcome the key growing from the pressure of the art not only help you physically help you mentally.

Like I told you is the car packed.

It balances the electrical energies in her body and creates an environment where structural alignment can occur.

On it very empowering and it took hold memory on our cell.

[20:00] And then roma he's really can't can in my hold,

sports injuries fatigue headaches.

Why is it that cute the bottom of your feet on the bottom the party at them the most with dr on.

[20:34] I want to put it it represents a sign so even when I'm doing the oil.


outstanding so just to summarize we got winter green cypress bay go oregano marjoram peppermint

i'm valor and a roman shade and again dev you know i love my wife so much but i have her with you boys to my head again it just sounds labor about be combined and put in the crock

quite understand

properties of the oil

with electromagnetism not really understand.

If you're just looking for ways to prevent illness and recover from injury to improve your concentration.

[22:02] Edgar went from pain just elevating at me ones which is what we're all about here on the podcast so

the the purpose of the michigan family wellness podcast is to be an audio library resource for the women mothers and families who want to learn more about elevating their family wellness and increasing their resiliency or that shrank to adapt to the stress and the challenges in their life

one of the ways we accomplish this is by asking Our Guest for practical application

set up.

[22:46] I believe that if they start

on a tremendously from using lavender.

Clean out the junk your spine called and the funk.

[23:18] Used essential oil

with that there you know with using me


knows how to use them in the proper way in the proper context because like,

i saw that.



is my website you can also look for me on Facebook under the Balanced Life Massage

here and laughing and he it hr.

[24:42] I am located in what plan and on it.

[24:48] Talk to be set it at like your lame in one of.

Can you bring up a great point there to Debbie I do want to direct people to Michigan

highly recommended for the neuro emotional reflexes the psychosomatic emotional health

so chicks with william and then episode thirty two where we talk more about the.

Angel oils thanks again debbie and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resonating with you.

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