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[1:21] No for you today Brittany is a certified restaurants of exercise specialist which gets you a unique perspective into helping others improve their function and their quality of life.
Outside of clinic she can be found on her friend and spending time moving outdoors with her husband and two young sons alright families let's while comparing me,
alright welcome everyone to the interview portion out today's podcast we have read me ben is here from the family squad,
reviews so wonderful to have you think so much for coming on the shelf,
thanks so much for having me on monday to be sure bless you know as we always start with every episode we're always like to learn more about what family looks like for you so i've been married to my husband on for nine years,
we live on a farm here in southeast michigan and we have two boys who are four and two years old.
And we also have baby number 3 due early next spring congratulations i'm so excited for you guys i just wanted to snooze myself so very very happy for you guys to see the growing family and,
you know i mentioned this at the end as well but just as an inspiration for a lot of women your a mother your wife to a
farmer you got all these things going on your lunch dinner with your own business is really inspiring for a lot of people these days i think so,
all the credit to you there for sure.
One other thing we want to ask because we are smitten with the metre so what do you love about the great state of michigan.

[2:51] What's funny i actually didn't realise how much i love michigan until i moved out of state for grad school for a couple years,
so i'm growing up in michigan um yeah you don't appreciate until you go somewhere else but just the whole state is beautiful and there so much to see and do here in manchester i need,
can you even learn to appreciate michigan weather when you leave for a little bit surprisingly we all know that in the midst cannot unpredictable michigan weather i'm pretty is beautiful we have sent emailed summers here so.

[3:20] Great place to be great and add to that as well i just need to acknowledge that in the sense my gratitude and appreciation for the diversity.
Weather really comes into play.
Versus other parts of the nation where i don't have that much diapers see if you well and it's a goal of myself and my wife to really explore and entire state for all its beauty because it does have some.
Rare gems that are just incredibly beautiful lake superior comes to mind love go north.
Thanks so much prettier you know we always start out with the app and then i like to get into the meat potatoes are a conversation for today,
we've never had a physical therapist on the podcast before and that's why i wanted to invite you onto the platform here and share with our community more about who you are what is the balance can i call about an,
really educated us more about what is done at a physical therapist appointment were doing that.

[4:25] Treatment program with a physical therapist and another reason for it is because you're not in that structure and restricted if you well,
medical model where everything is dictated by a medical doctor and there's not much communication there which will get into that as well as let's just start back at the top before i go off in december,
tell us more about jesse.

[4:47] What is conceptual a physical therapy is all about physical therapy we consider ourselves movement want to just get people moving better whatever that looks like for them so at that somebody who's been experiencing pain
we want to see if we can maybe resolve that pain through these improvement i'm figure out what the root cause of it was and what we need to modify to get the moving better,
i'm people who are experiencing balance issues and even just general weakness so
there's a pretty broad range of things that we can talk through movement i just so with that again being a chiropractor and i'm always about something else and the podcast all the time is that we can do far more together than we could ever do apart and sell,
working with massage therapist with acupuncture is with physical therapists.
It all comes together and i really do feel bad everybody has a place in terms of helping someone heal and improve and getting better patient outcomes in that sense as well.

[5:44] You know when there's always thinking of just preparing for a talk wise let's see you have a friend or family member.
Who is playing softball are some sports with my being lets just use salt bars and example,
and are there pitch you know the the using the shoulder to really throw a rather large object right and they're doing that repaired and requires some strength and then over time they might.
Incur an injury to the shoulder and then sunday go to the medical dr they're their primary care doc and they,
tell kevin go there shoulder and they have pain and so then there medical director will often times maybe give them a prescription for pain medication,
but nothing times as well give them a script of recommendation for seeing a physical therapist in so that's where.
I think most people can connect with physical therapy in terms of app medical doctor of physical therapist context to a relationship.

[6:46] So tacos three more about that you know what are some.
Rose the without model what are some disadvantages and maybe what are some frustrations that you have is being a doctor,
in the industry and profession add shirt the other.
Good conversation to have so i'm is there is a problem that you know it is great that usually are thought of in terms of that also what somebody's position will usually get the referral for therapy,
i'm the frustration that i have is usually when they write that prescription for therapy if can you based on an out dated model of therapy.
Send me a script that will say you know a frequency of therapy three days a week for four weeks to result of the shoulder pain,
and honestly unless your coming out of the surgery that's not a great model to have most people dont need a frequency of three days a week so.
What everything on that order i need to get updated um say that can be added pretty common frustration there.
Would you say that there was much communication between the physical therapists and the prescribing position or is there not so much communication there.
Do you believe there should be some time it's just a matter of getting in RSS man and having them sign it making sure they're in agreement,
really one thing i wish is that more positions were familiar with the therapist said they send their patients to usually somebody just given a list of local fair be clinics.

[8:14] Without any regards to what the therapist experience if they even specializes in the problem that the person is being sent to them for right.
Adjust as a whole i'm not provider should have a better understanding of what type of therapist are sending their patience to actually having a conversation but that therapist about what's going on and oftentimes i hear someone to have insurance that,
physical therapy is covered by their insurance and that's the primary motivator.
Which again understandably so but again if there is a physical therapists out there who really specialises in a particular treatment techniques or even a philosophy or not
raven just a specific joint of the body and orange using the shoulder here as an example.

[9:01] Perhaps that should be considered by the individual by the person rather then wandered can i go to any.
Franchise physical therapists that will take my insurance right and that mic that very very common unfortunately he's saying if it's not a perfect system.

[9:19] Exactly yeah yeah ok so is that part of your motivation than to start the ABC.
Yeah okay switch part of it i am trying to step out of my therapy model that i just wasn't sure it was working it.
Umm you know for my patients so that we can kind of create that environment for them,
i'm making sure that he's getting a full one two one hour with the therapist is so important that doesn't tend to have been in a lot of mainstream therapy but was more about that.

[9:51] Will you have was a bit of a clinic that there aren't fantastic therapist at work and bake linux systems don't get me wrong,
i'm gonna what is times bee is bigger clinics have a lot of overhead im hands so they know usually it's about three hour with the same therapist so,
when i worked at a clinic like that there were days that i was trying to manage three people at the same time and you can't give anyone of them,
add the proper attention that they need when you're saying three people at once and you know that kind of use rehab only from the technical aspect like you're saying somebody with a shoulder injury okay let's bring them and taking through the exercise and send them on their way.
A lot of times what you find is that somebody who is either dealing with an injury or a chronic condition there is a lot more than just that injury going on and you're not gonna get that story from them a lesson given that undivided attention for an hour and its missing.

[10:46] Hey guys just wanted to take a moment and remind you that this podcast is brought to you by the michigan family womens.
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go ahead and share this podcast with someone else who can benefit from todays empowering conversation alright guys let's get back to today's episode.
Isu met with this just being a private.
Chiropractor because in and very similar way the high volume chiropractic offices were the just get un.
Crack your back gets out exactly what you said you don't have the ability rather than luxury,
to hear about what's going on in their life and that makes you as a clinician.

[11:49] You miss things so you don't get the whole story i cant tell you how many times has happened to me where.

[11:57] I'm not even trying to really like draw anything out from someone cuz it usually just a matter of hey how's it going and then someone just tell me everything that's going on,
which again sometimes i was a little bitch it's more venting right your mental health but then sometimes you get these,
connect with james and pearls about how.
No baby just for example they are how they are waking up and down their stairs are how they are getting up off of their bed you know how they're picking up their child or grandchild and you would not get that if it was just hey how's it going,
late on the table and let's do your exercises and knocking back and here in like ten minutes or something right so i completely agree that taking the time to get to know people and to get to know a little bit more about what's going on in their life in their contact is imperative
in terms of improving patient outcomes,
quality care and just for really being a good condition honestly,
what would you say are the most common.
Types of cases obviously we were really looking more into the musk you i'm here if you well so are we saying a lot of.

[13:09] Plants are fast she is older cases rotator cuff injuries or what is that look like you sign looks like multiple things in,
the really interesting part of therapy is usually a specific problem that brett somebody enable some kind of lawsuit quality of life.
So somebody who i was back pain for years until finally that back pain is live,
here for the grandchildren or do your job or help their parents and then all the sudden it's become an issue and need to get a dress.

[13:38] Most people don't come into their be until something it is limiting man.
When you delete somebody's hiding out first maybe it is just a conversation about back pain
can you find out if there is a lot more going on than just that back pain so by the way i spent the shoulder injury for seven years it be nice to get my shoulder working better,
i also have had this issue with my foot that i broke seven years ago and never cut,
i feel like he also tried using more than one problem,
i see this all the time especially with regards to back pain and headaches its usually the problem of the problem is that oftentimes the language here described.
Where perhaps not so much the pain itself or is the chief complaint if you will but its pd problem as a result of the company pilot.

[14:26] So very insightful i'm really glad that you're articulating this for our listeners hear cause i just think it's so important now you know every person is different.
I just can't going back to someone's coming to you they have this problem of the problem right here what would you say is a typical haul,
timer number of visits that is really required to like get some traction right.
Yeah improvement
so ahead and live it depends on the person and am writing a time there willing to invite,
i'd of therapy um but most cases i would say within two weeks received some kind of camper.
Which is really great so usually that's only that it in the coming from,
second or third visit there saying oh you know i try this,
kings am already getting up and out of it share about ready feeling more confident about my balance i know anything day to day changes,
awesome and still part of your treatment incorporate that time there at your clinic which is incredible by the way we talk more bout that later.
What is your also recommending works that the exercises they do their home care.
Why do people things to work on at home but the way he approached it because for a lot of people the fire of.

[15:41] If i say your exercise program to thirty minutes today and do it that's a really big barrier that's a big time commitment that i'm asking for is that usually the most common complaint i hear is hey i didn't have time
do these exercises,
she will stay say how do we take your day away already is and modify it so your sitting at a desk for a prolonged amount of time is there a way we can change your position ng
that's gonna facilitate reaching your goals wonderful awesome and i think i heard you saying earlier in our preach as you have actually videos you have
platforms in things where you can send to people and making you look at these things at home and cannot use that as a resource as they're doing their home care
yes i have mobility program that can i watch people three depending on what they're looking for that day at the library of videos so they can have like a guided programmed to go off of and get somewhere for it also.

[16:33] Again i really think this is just so great because i m usually working with people just kinda seeing them in the office performing their adjustments and then,
hope you have chiropractic it's okay no.

[16:46] Go forth and subluxation know more like this can hold those adjustments of your life as a chiropractor we are taught fair amount of exercises and that's the thing that i would by no means kill myself
rehabilitation anywhere with what you're doing and so that's why i like having people to refer to it because you can really help some wine.
With your central nervous system in that brain body connection through the chiropractic adjustment and then i will love turning people over to okay now that you have this clarity of your nervous system now go do the exercises work with these great therapist.
Because now i feel like that is better equipped to do that so personal philosophy well let's go ahead and talk more about that actually sell.
With regards to the central nervous system so this is my favorite system of the body as a chiropractor.
No logically let's talk more about how the balance works right because you are.
Practice is the advanced balance clinic so.
Find someone i'm trying to improve my balance or my some shopped here for people previous actions so that sense of where we are in space.
Tell us more about your philosophy,
balance what is balance and how can we improve our balance.

[18:08] How much time do we have rice no let's get something topics of balance is very complicated and it doesn't involve several systems in the body still achy mentioned,
progress option and sensory systems,
so r i n year and all of those actors we have in our skin that were at in space are taking all this information in using the central nervous system to communicate that to the brain.

[18:34] Sabrina having to take an all of that information and look at what's the system how to keep up and moving throughout the world,
exactly so you want to see the balance issue that's not it we have this integration of all these different systems we need to look at all those different systems are somebody is um.
Century systems working as it should is it a muscle weakness she was it appropriate that bitch you usually multi factor real.
And anyone of the systems kind of declining is gonna have an effect on all of them.

[19:07] How will the information is integrated in the central nervous system to the point that balance can actually be a red flag for a future risk of dementia or some kind of decline and brain health so we can even use balance,
dickhead happened to the central nervous system to stimulate some brain activity which is really.

[19:24] Hear about it all the time you know grandma falls over and she breaks her hip and that leads to several other complications down the road.
So yeah you're playing balance is incredibly important on only for god's help but as human,
it can be a really important component in preventing early onset.
So it sounds like what i hear you saying i'm roaming but it sounds like,
add you're working with a person here as your building part of their care plan the exercises you are really keeping an in the back your mind like cocaine or logic we how can we improve this person central nervous system,
the weather mussels campfire and help him balance better,
so that we have good muscle tone they have good balance between their toes muscle spindle fibers the tendon organs all of those little pieces of fat muscular,
assistant there are all working in concert together to help interface with gravity is that
enter facing with gravity sell fantastic stuff so you mention there.

[20:34] Talk to the guys you talked about the ears against the chiropractor at one of the things that really stands out to me is not what we're
is the door so columns of the spine so that's classically as i think of it like this three main parts of the body that have just this rich density.
Are those sensors to help us know we're out so for that sense appropriate options right so i love that he mentioned that is the years and then basically moved you.
Part of the spine there that your allergic we can help tell us where we're at in space.
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Start your pounds towards better health today is there anything else that comes to mind her britney here and i'm being somewhat meeting in the question because i want to talk about that.
In five so i know that we are both huge fans of the fee can you tell us more about how the fee can play and you are
sensor progress option share and so you know when you,
breakdown movement the feet are the foundation of truth and so i obviously there's standing on your feet you wouldn't want your house standing in a foundation that's not salad so that's the way we look at the feet but we also have
you know just thousands of nerve endings in the feed so that we can be a really great way to simulate próprio snapchat.

[22:28] Hm no forget the nervous system ugh,
set up a little bit too so that feed a very sensory organs and they tell us what about the environment that were and what you said is well aren't feed our interface saying with the ground the way that we.
Interface with our environment if you will is through our suite or again another podcast and song as well,
if we're running shoes that don't allow for that neurological connection or of not grounding and ourselves on a regular basis or semi regular basis never really not interface well with our world and therefore will not receiving.
Enough sensory information from our feet and sell.

[23:10] Again this is this is an entire podcast on its own and we get a little bit into this with reflexology stock christi which we talked about the last episode so you guys have and check that out.
Shut up to christy their please go check out our most previous episode with reflexology is christy lots of good stuff there.
I know there's lots of things that you tell people to do for their feet and to improve their food ground connection can you talk with three maybe a little bit too impractical things that people can do to really,
help improve the functioning of their feet under four grand connection and see if anybody is the place that we start especially with um,
will is conditions but even so many even go back pain it can really make a difference let me believe that yet so usually in europe on a list to equal,
order food out with us each and every day and especially you,
not only does it at the little giants of the foot moving so about twenty five percent of muscle and bones are from the angle so if you think about the potential for mobility below the ankle just getting infinite number of three positions there.

[24:17] When were you all day not only is that and him meeting the century system from sensing the environment.
What your kind of like casting your foot see your wedding go straight smooth so would like to get.
How old is donald rates moving again and canada we only those nerve endings with the ball and a lot of cat stretching.
I'm just stretching yeah yeah some people are just doing those two things you notice a pretty drastic difference even if you do nothing else what's the balance.

[24:44] I'm a huge fan of your stretching video so perhaps we can link that in the not refer this episode.

[24:51] Because even as a chiropractor at as i'm sure you know as well the post your church in the post you'll financial strain if you're from there with the anatomy trains things like that.
No i'm not really connect everything back to low back pain.

[25:06] Even with people who are that i see here at the office they have low back pain all do the adjustments for there back and help her spine feel better and restore that motion in their face that joint.

[25:17] I'm also telling them how are they doing that i love telling people s and let me know your thoughts on this as well.
Right after you shower like after a hot shower or hot bath in my opinion is a wonderful time to roll your feet or do these stretches.
I find that that's when that the shoes are nice and warm and they're just more do we write steve's aunt in cold.
That can sometimes lead people to frustration,
when they're letting my darker my physical therapist wants me to rub my feet but every time i do it hurts when i am getting nowhere with it right,
tell people to do that and really after like a warm bath a hot shower is so i keep my therapy is actually in my
bathroom can you remind me your database just remind me so i have them they're not do it right then and there so.

[26:08] Yeah but can stretch to know that post.

[26:12] For our listeners you may not be familiar with the anatomy trains there is a connectivity issue call the system that is just continuous entire body.
And that's why we talk about how literally everything,
i didn't and so when brittany talks about restoring movements and being able to restore proper range of motion re tapping into that financial system and so that's why are particularly the one that,
mine is the entire line that goes from the bottom of your feet all the way up to the top of your head.

[26:42] All along the back of your leg three years spine and inserts on the top of your head there and not just on major major system to work with the special without spending all day long how are flushing forward,
having the pick things and even just with exercises and training alot of those involved.

[26:59] What's up the heat function of the spine so.
Awesome stuff so brittany what are stats three simple things that listeners can do.
To significantly improve their balance and we talked about a little bit already let's add to that let's get our listeners and nice package to take home and start implementing to that.

[27:20] I would definitely the mobile pieces that we just talked about the second part of that it's taking a look at foot wear because if you're doing all this but mobility work and then putting out a little heel very stiff dressed your kind of navigating it.
I love that you just debit so we want our foot where to be as close to barefoot as possible,
and for some people that's gonna be a transition,
so if you're use to wearing a relatively structure or rigid shoe
you gotta take some time to work on netflix mobility before you go forward minimum the app but we would definitely be a very important piece of that puzzle who was the third thing is,
what are the biggest issues that balance is not getting out of my comfort zone and aso okay
humans are creatures of habit we tend to go through that day doing the same movements the same patterns we walk the same route but that's exactly what are balance.
Because we are not stimulating herself.

[28:16] Interesting where shall i tell people that can be make and b fine and so if you notice when you're working day today how much u purposely avoid obstacles that will be around then instead intentionally go for the obstacles and challenge yourself a little bit.
Did this come from so i've heard this context in this sense of how we are suppose to eat the rainbow tribe are supposed to have a diversity of food that we eat.
As opposed to eating the same things over and over again so i hear you saying is we need a diversity of movement patterns
exactly is the call them out like mad vitamins are different move.
Select so you're correct of exercises are your building blocks
let's hope you think of your corrective exercises your supplements but of course none of us can survive on supplements need to integrate that into having a different variety of balance activities that we're doing so,
even something as simple as walking on the grass instead of the concrete that beautiful text jennifer that so awesome.

[29:14] Wonderful and of course as a chiropractor i would be i really miss u so passionate about the adjustment itself in so i highly advocate to people.
Improving balance follow everything that brittney just said there an article related,
what been also along with that the way that gravity can pull on the influence your perception is there in your spine in your dresser column i just miss you and are just so,
i make such a significant difference balance there as well so tell us more about what makes the advance to balance clinic different.
Yeah so a couple of things as we talked about earlier give people that four one two one hour sessions alone i dont ever schedule two people at the same time i make sure that people have my undivided attention for the fault in through there.
Add number two is that we are actually based out of the house trying to get the XR practice a little bit different it feels.

[30:10] Clinical it's a little more soothing and comforting for people and also a very functional environment to be in.
We just hosted but when im there that its just a monthly.
Networking group that we do with a health and wellness professionals and we had a great time at your office there,
again i really think it is stories or essays tailored towards the activities of daily living so,
here in the home you can do different things in the context of a kitchen or a bedroom,
even just a living room you have the.
Tell us more about the different chairs that you have been and the couches we have shirts with different seating options when you first walk into the clinic and alot of things based on what you're submitting.
I can tell alot about their mobility it right outta the gates of their picking kind of one of the more solid structure and see if they know maybe not feeling so confident about the ability to get out of a chair if we go for the fluffy and squishy couch that i know okay.
Probably feeling a little bit stronger and.

[31:10] Awesome so there's some like psychological or insights what's what choices people make this by saying to them like to just have a seat if you alright yeah and standings.
And tell us more about what sparks your interest in physical therapy and have you always worked in the industry in space,
yes i have always therapist.
Hi interested in therapy actually can seventh grade we had you know different career speakers come and talk and we hadn't the therapist that came in i thought how this sounds really interesting so i can wake up to in the back of my mind.
I knew ultimately i wanted to do something medical and i have a little bit of a different route because most people end up being a physical therapist because they had physical therapy.
I'm never dead i'm staying behind so i observed a lot of clinics while i was in undergrad.
And he's pretty dead set on doing therapy i just didn't know what subset of therapy i wanted to do it.

[32:06] And i was actually my grandparents that inspired me to work with older adults i was fortunate enough to have all four of my grandparents well into my adulthood,
and i was pretty close to all of them and i got to be pretty involved in their life care with that request difficult moments are really special time n.
The one thing i learned is that none of them.
Let their lives be defined by their medical conditions and they still continue to learn new things and kinda a growth mindset to aging in their own way and that's what i wanted to be able to bring to other people.
Absolutely i don't see you being when was people who just can retire is in has nothing to do for the next twenty three years of their life,
so well that's very interesting yeah i think as well your inspiration in the world in several ways like we already mentioned but,
so for physical therapist who might feel restricted can i buy like that model that we talking about,
just with like alan patrick medicine and just that doctor of physical therapist relationship you've really got a branch shall and done your thing so tell us more where is the advance balance.

[33:17] Located
where is india down there in deer blind that's fantastic brittany i really encourage people to check you guys out on line like you said you have your on line mobility program that so can anyone sign up for that is that
locations only not know anyone can i get for that bs where can listen go to learn more about yourself and the advance balance.

[33:39] The best place to be over at our website which is advanced balanced order.
And you can sign up for our emails be having a free class available ambulance in green house for anybody who was there and alot of other great.

[33:54] You guys are on instagram is that right yet we're an instagram at mindful movement.

[34:00] Thanks so much prettier it is ben and talking with you this morning and like i said earlier you just such an inspiration for entrepreneurs for women for physical therapists all like i just thank you so much for coming on the platform today and.
I will look forward to working with you professionally and just help people experience better health through this.

[34:21] Music.

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