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Dr. Kyle passionately serves the Michigan community at the Michigan Family Wellness clinic where he specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and family wellness care.

[1:06] That's with the help of family is giving a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family.
Then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today
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Families in this weather i talk about how the system works and how it differ on a properly functioning nervous system.
As you know when your spine is missing and your nervous system has interference and your brain is not communicating effectively with your body.
That being said let's go over some basics of the immune system specifically the barriers and glands the barriers are asking god rain in long our sinuses hair saliva tears and even our blood.
And families the organs that make up the main system are hard add nodes.

[2:18] Appendix bone marrow r micro biome specifically that god's and the malls tissues ireland fedex and specifically the sister kylie
now if any one of these components is dysfunctional you have a compromised immune system,
so families i'd like to highlight the importance of the cistern kylie in the webinar i talk about how the sister kylie is a bundle of duct issue.
That essentially acts as a heart for the system.
What were seeing is that many kids get refunded of sickness and many adults are chronically fatigued and suffer from autoimmune disease,
and part of the reason why is because there's to stern a kylie is not pumping there this podcast is brad to you by michigan family wellness where we believe in helping families lyft driving it lives.
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Butter help today one of the best ways to stimulate let it flow is by justin the junction or the exact area of the spine that interface the sister kylie.
Families close to one hundred diseases can be classified as auto immune related and that number is rising everyday
yo it's disease has its classic symptoms that are associated with that there are some quotes super symptoms that are common to a great number of auto immune diseases for example do you experience any of the following.
Brain fog swollen glands information.

[4:14] Herr lost changes in weight extreme fatigue and tingling in your extra monies join us witness chronic unresolved infections the skin rashes on your skin shortness of breath or palpitations,
or a persistent low grade fever if so contact the clinic via email or facebook message because there is so much we can do right now,
the manager and prevent your symptoms from becoming a full blown auto immune disease.
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[5:27] Have a great many families be strong why is courageous and remember we can do far more together than we could ever do it hard.

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