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[1:06] We have a healthy family is living a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family.
Then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable because we have an amazing show for you today i'm excited for today's edition because we have an exciting webinar to share with you.
We'll be discussing seven natural n effective ways to treat pain and if you ever been in pain for are currently in pain now you know this is a major health issue because pain.
Affects every aspect of your life.

[1:42] Your relationships your sleep digestion and the quality time you spend with your family families as you know your health and your results are my top priority and that's why i'm only working with nutritional medicine.

[1:57] What are the up most highest quality the medicines i work with require advanced training and education to use and that's why we get the best results the fastest.
Because we're using clean or using clean coils plans in this case fish oils.
All of it is so much more higher quality than what you'll find on the shelf.
At the corner drug store is the big box warehouses i just don't want you guys playing mad scientist with your body's it's too important that being said the main deal with omega threes as i explained in the webinar or is that we dont get enough.

[2:32] Are the megas three fatty acids we have too much of the omega six omega nine soren other words we're not a balance between all three
the reason we have so many omega six and nine in our diet is because of the cotton seed oils the sunflower oils these are all of
find an so may six and nine are diets which causes,
frost the grand and synthesis are essentially our academic acid which is pro inflammatory which drives
the process and sensation signalling of paint so
bring it all back we have bad diets that are pro inflammatory and that information causes the pain and we often feel that its neck pain back pain headaches whatever it might be but families i have ten.
Practical applications here for you that's right there is no shortage of value here on the enough we so hang with me and let to dive thru these ten.
Practical application sell what you can do to prevent prostate gland in balance is the following.
Avoid high levels of processed on may six vegetable oils especially soy.
Corn cotton seed and sad flower oils okay those are just not good for about chemistry your high quality butter again in moderation but i have a recommend imported butter.

[3:57] Okay
would be a great example of quality imported butter peanut butter should really be yellow it shouldn't be this white nine nutritious food sources are color is ok use small amounts of oil and salad dressings use coconut oil as a great and medium chain fatty is an alternative.
Hol coconut milk in your cooking,
call my wife and i love to do it without being a bake brownies for the holidays for the holiday seasons right now in wi actually substitute vegetable oil for the use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil is no tomatoes
sweet desserts every now and then.
Supplement with number five supplement with kylie liver oil and evening primrose oil or black currant see it was not family is gonna be your natural sources of omega six omega nine.

[4:46] Like i said earlier the problem with the vegetable oils the cotton flowery oils is that there oftentimes,
hydrogen it ok there adding hydrogen with cod liver with evening primrose with black currant.
Does your natural sources of omega 3 6 9 and those are not gonna be hydrogen needed or modified.
Bye man supposed to be very healthy for you number six organ meats and fish eggs occasionally.
Eat good quality eggs frequently ok so those who need your organic you are brown shelled eggs okay.
This podcast is brad to you by michigan family will miss where we believe in helping families lives driving by it lives.
What the right guidance your body has the ability to respond and adapt to the challenges in your life that you can be healthy.

[5:34] Michigan family will know we build resilience you solutions to our problems and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

[5:42] Contact us at seven three four three three five.

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[5:56] It's avoid hi-fi take food that black zen ok so these are all of the grands the leggings and i have not been properly prepared.
To reduce fights content so what happens.
Zinc knows where my patience now we do some testing in the office fyi tights black zinc is zinc is such an important mineral and micro nutrients our bodies,
show me by the chemical reactions reliance zinc availability and so when you have those screens like actually block the absorption of the little things that we do get our bodies right.
Moving on number nine we continue avoid refined sweeteners like sugar and high fructose corn syrup number ten,
eat and drink in moderation but don't drive yourself.
Off delicious traditional foods and so that's something i like to go back to you as well and talks a lot about disney xd
sports industry idea that you know for all the rules that we have it okay to break the rules every now and then but its gotta be in 8 or anything or even at ninety ten.

[6:58] Or even what are you doing ninety five five u cant be doing mostly the bad and the bad lifestyle and do the little bit of exercise induced a little bit of.
Good food every now and then it's got to be the opposite gotta have a lifestyle that's mostly
clean active and organic and healthy specially with thoughts,
and then you can do a little bit of the shirts you can do a little bit of this sweeter you can do a little bit of the land around couch potato stuff but
i hope that drives home i hope that makes sense for you alright so if you can do all of those ten things you're a champ but if you're like me and your little less then perfect you need to supplement with the best quality fish oils that are available to doctors today and that is be on mega sale
i'll truck
the reason mega ultra is the best is because of it bio availability or superior absorption in our bodies research on.
That fish oil in the ride or all abbreviated form.
Have superior bio availability compare to the fish oils in the master
we're all e ok so those two fonts chocolates or ITG and ester he studies confirm that.

[8:15] Tg oils break down faster in the god where is he from oils are more resistant to things like omega three omega three index is raise significantly more in the TG farm
then the finally.

[8:32] T g four mobiles are less prone to oxidation and production of free radicals compared to e nada essentially means they're gonna last longer their gonna stay fresh and then i can go transit like a lot of other fish oil
products that are out there on the market on the shelves at the corner drug store in the big box warehouse okay
the true tg or the ride guarantee
from designs for health and again you have to be a doctor have to be educated to work with these people guarantees to receive a fish oil that is ninety percent reckless ride bound on may three fish oil and this is forty to fifty percent
higher than the industry standard forty g fish oil.
These oils are more like a lonely distilled and filter to ensure purity and to maximize the removal of.
Heavy metals pesticides twelve in space.
And other contaminated ok so seventies fish out there you gotta look at your source into sometimes all oftentimes stars,
heavy metal taxi city is the side solve and slightly mentioned other can't answer.
What i really love about designs for health as an example is that there filtering there molecular leave the stealing to maximize the removal,
how are the things we just mention the salvage the pcb is the containers because all of that's going in your body and that can affects your health too.

[9:54] Say you got it yeah sleep well at night knowing you are taking a clean fish oil.
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furthermore for the kids in our lives there is a lemon drops moody this is a fantastic option for your kids who may not be ready to swallow capsules and.
You know we're still dealing with clean truck let's ride from fish tales which means your kids will be getting the same health benefits and pain reduction as you.
You want to refrigerator this liquid smoothie right after opening
but you love the taste i can speak personally on this ipad myself it tastes amazing it has a natural pleasant lemon flavored this is a little be healthy a smoothie.
In the world so families i encourage you to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to treat pain and keep the whole family healthy.
By adding the highest quality fish oils as part of your family wellness lifestyle.

[11:20] As i mentioned in the webinar create your new account as the online store and use the promo code first twenty to receive twenty percent off your first order annual
always have free shipping when you use the dedicated michigan family wellness on line store you always have free shipping once again my recommendation for the parents listening is the omega vale ultra and the kids in our lives to make a lemon drops movie.

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