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[1:09] Well this lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your.

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[1:21] No for you today praise for his ability to connect with educate and inspire others team has many people across north america to reach their full potential with his practical and profitable breakthrough coaching program.

[1:34] His humor is your focus interactive style engages the people he works with by showing that affected,
simple solutions to help them reach their goals alright families let's jump into today's interview welcome families to the interview portion of today's podcast my guest and shower today is tim welcome to the podcast it's great to have you.

[1:55] Thank u have a man you help in a lot of people wanna do whatever i can help you with well.

[2:00] Absolutely will tim it's been a pleasure getting acquainted with you over the past few months i always enjoy meeting new people with different areas of
expertise and speciality but ten
i am very excited to jump into today's discussion on the optimal wellness program and specifically how we can help mothers women and family.
Elevate their health and wellness that being said we do have two questions that we always ask our guests here on the podcast,
search man just told our families a little bit about us the professional but one of the core values here on the podcast is family so tell us more about us the person and what does family look like for you.

[2:44] Will i be denied a field about forty five years but had a couple of wellness couple of bucks but more importantly better.
We just got back from california we're just took some time to visit them for a few days out there are you family is important i've lost my dad when i was.
Ten years of age to attend her pack actually finding out of it's a lifestyle related disease so.
Family became very very important me about forty years ago because i wanted to preserve my life like my family and i was actually the thing that jump started my.
Decision to really dive in to help integrated so they call them very healthy productive life and enjoy having grandkids i enjoy having,
beautiful wife and i have in my other children i understand yes to do things together whether active or having family dinners where we share recipes that she could be gluten for your how can i increase vegetables about it tasting nasty.
How can we just enjoy doing without it destroying your body and at the same time i just spent more time together just get to know each other as we get older adults through lights in office challenges.

[3:50] I want a refund family is very very important to me because i got to take home with the family.
I'm loving everything you're saying there tammy know we talk a lot about the nuts and bolts and we talked practical applications and technical strategy on the podcast but really exactly what you're saying which is what we're gonna get to later is this really is all about helping people and recover from
lifestyle disease and chronic illnesses so i just appreciate everything your saying their not mine other thing i'd love to hear on the NSW podcast is that we are smitten with the mountain,
so i always ask my guest to share what they love about michigan was there anything you have ask question cuz having coming back from california and visit.
Family out there and she will enjoy with they may is what she said she messed what.
She message the scenes of the message the color of the message going up north in the greater detroit area but miss that three to four hour drive of all the others.

[4:48] Anyone know what my be nice to have sunshine most the time throughout the year and do enjoy having a change of season from time to time.
I actually enjoy all the different things michigan has to offer i know lot of people like to travel to countries in the world,
what is really interesting how many things are available in michigan from our hearts and two are nice nature preserve to even just.
Wineries great restaurant so i guess i really enjoyed michigan as a whole because of.
Much to do here if you just take the time to think about it lets wrap this state and a siberian i wanted this to be like to not want water do you wanna know.
Like i said what i just watched halt color is to just wanna hangout at park for a beach.

[5:30] It's really nice that michigan have so many things available to family chat to do so many parties within a twenty minute to forty five range from my old.
I got about twelve different parks in the water no water,
how likely are so it's it's it's going to be spending by them but because there's so much fun stuff to do here,
i could not agree more and i'm just thinking about you not having lived in most of my life just in the lower inner part of the state hear there's so much that i haven't even explored
you know in the upper peninsula and she mentioned california and i know i talked about this on the podcast before as well but you know we're out in santa barbara last year and they
jokingly say that its unbearable seventy two degrees and sunny all your appreciate what you are saying the diversity of the seasons in that kind of change from that day today and that we get year round here so tim.

[6:23] Let's go ahead and get more in-depth
because i really want the women mothers and families listening to repeat and receive value from your experiences your expertise.
Enjoy your neat perspective so you know the thing is tim this is a family wellness podcast so before we dive in and talk about.

[6:43] More wellness program so let's go ahead and go there ten because i really like to address why behind you and i are talking to each other today because
the women mothers and families listening need to understand that this is way more about just telling them to do another weight loss program detox kits i wanna outline three main points your patience entered
scientifically based and designed for practicing it so lilly can unpack those who are not having jump in and answer your comment well first of all patients center.
You know like i said this is about helping people achieve their goals whether that's weight loss recovery from chronic fatigue you mentioned those diseases of lifestyle brain fog increasing your capacity to exercise.
Even just spending more time with their families which is what this is all about again i keep going back to that long term commitment to health,
through these lifestyle programs what you agree.
I think because of diff the hectic pace of everybody's life style and the first thing i would really important to them as well if they have to be so easy to follow they have to be affordable but they also.

[7:54] Absolutely and which brings us to the second point that scientifically based not only is this entire company is this entire framework based on science
but also these kits are designed around that research driven nutritional medicine the centers listed formulas.
And sadly those meaning for quantities of therapeutic ingredients ok so the point i wanna drive home here it is,
cash tim as you know being an industry so much of bad stuff that's out there you can go to the walmarts you can go to the i really wanna advocate for people.
Don't play mad scientist with your body by doing these detox and cleanse weight loss
on your own you know we talk about having the right eye adjustment at the right time at the right level at the right sequence you can actually make yourself worse.
By doing a detox or a cleanse or something on your own when your body is not ready for it so that's why working with a qualified.
Licensed health care provider,
you know like myself can get you the most effective results in the shortest amount of time and then like you're saying tim.
End the most cost-effective way your thoughts on that.

[9:13] What you just said that they have to be science based solutions and they have to be tough call ingredient got me the matching,
yeah you know where produce market the gerard two week old pregnancy was all moldy and old and im just dying i put you gotta for reduced price would you wanna buy that the middle of non GMO ingredients,
is there free of dairy gluten free lactose free no artificial sweeteners,
and everything that we can do whatever we can do it you just steve are there any guide books that are included in every food recommendation make it simple easy so when they hold out for mother giving people know how to.
Yeah alive and they make a big deal,
making sure that the shorts the proper ingredients especially when they get paid the decision to go with a are organic protein hello what's up i can't do that and giving on a consistent basis,
show all the things that you are not just by chance.
What science is a lot of time that goes into making sure that these ingredients of match up luck highest standard on a continual basis all the mothers and family.
Can rest assured that they're not giving their family cheap ingredients.

[10:26] When does the draw with david and their families anyway which me sac where i like the detox.
I got that if you just want record detox to the healthcare practitioners guide you to the process that knows what you're feeling really hurt yourself yeah the detox program science.

[10:44] To make sure.
That you do not get set when you are taking this step to try to make yourself better makes you makes no sense to make yourself worse plight tournament yourself better.
Where can i drink with,
because there was too many people self diagnose but wikipedia web md what is the computer or watching history your lab work your current health status wake me that she,
show the primary endpoint biggest focus for any family would be to find a qualified healthcare practitioner.

[11:19] Treat everybody actually in the family different places.

[11:24] This podcast is brad to you by michigan family will miss where we believe in helping families with pride.
What the right guidance your body has the ability to respond and adapt to the challenges in your life that you can be held.
Michigan family will miss giggle brazilian see solutions to our proven framework and empower you to become the best version of yourself.
Contact us at seven three four three three five zero.

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[11:58] Absolutely imagine that really speaks to the individual aly this concept that we really need to address no because everyone is so different so like you're saying no you can really make yourself worse.
You can go results you can get really discouraging and satisfied by doing these things that i honestly dont working you can spend lot of money on things we just dont need to be.
Spending money i just want to circle back and briefly it for a moment and talk about from my perspective on a co or one of business,
says okay this is the robin schulz coming in but it doesn't meet our standards and working actually rejects this because we care so much and we value so much the quality of what we put out to our practitioners to our patients,
it has to be at this level or can i use it mean to me that speaks volumes to me that speaks not about the money its not about the business it's about their commitment to quality so i just really glad that comes back to the core foundation on
i have a company every company has to make a profit but they will never make a decision based on profit don't always make the decision,
based on a healthy outcome of the end user.

[13:07] Outstanding so we talked about patient centered with talk about scientifically based and third lake i just wanna touch,
briefly on how these are designed for practicing it this optimal wellness program that we're gonna talk about him,
this is really designed for people that have you know those hectic life style this is designed to reduce your stress levels to the maximum by being a easier to,
grab a prepared pocket,
rather than trying to do all the work yourself and measure out you know okay here is two pills of my multi vitamin and here's my fish oil and here's my vitamin d and south.
I really saying being designed for practicing it is just a great way to approach the optimal wellness program would you agree
gotta catch me listen to what people wanted and i like you just said there was somebody that wanted to go into a detox that wasn't healthy enough to do so.

[14:02] Where did just come off of a detox and want to meet tango results or had not gone through a weight loss program and achieve their goal i want just updated a functional.
Programme that makes it simple and convenient to take was just had a protein and nutrients as well so pack for their nutrients up,
are the core of things i need to be well whatever that's gonna be like a multi your issue is your magnesium and vitamin d,
so that's what i was in florida help people achieve their wellness center of simple but cost effective and effectively.
Awesome yeah so let me further on pack that for a listeners and just can i set up a framework for here ten i have patients who come to me from the entire health spectrum meeting some of them are an incredible health in incredible shape their diligent about detox find your body
they are disciplined with organic eating and on gmo food and they maintain an active lifestyle both mentally and physically,
that being said there are also people on the other end of that spectrum who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and they are ready and willing to make it big
commands to powerfully impact their life their word and essentially had years of time with their family to life,
search him our greatest asset is our health what is the optimal wellness program and how does it benefit the families listening today.

[15:29] Well that's in a box.
The bigger picture that it's basically a box that has your its a cat giving a f thirty capsule cats in thirty single serving organic pea protein.
Add the pea protein also has the greens the reds and that way it put together is god we don't really get enough protein vegetables and don't get adequate nutrients.
How many a good source of protein so let's put together so that you can transition from some specific nutrition program to use the wellness.
I mean it's a solid foundation for any person who wants.
Hello support for assistance energy they want to have better mental clarity you said earlier overall well being dont its all of the alarm off what's for breakfast.

[16:12] What's for lunch for dinner pictures of your right right octo people yesterday they,
basically they call sean swimming at the season just starting right now so yoga come back.
Of all day and i gotta leave by four thirty five per swim meet maybe at five thirty six o'clock no time to slam down and not in a hurry,
passing my bankruptcy like got the call will have to wait to grab some quick in the golden healthy i can make some smoothies or the entire family or for themselves if they can take that with the nutrients,
set a date for the rest of the day how often do their family events and then they sell their body very well great breakfast with great lunch now they got a good,
i started for the dinner and now they're not coming home but eight nine o'clock starving and just down and a bunch of high-quality high sugar foods,
just got the blood sugars arrived so did my make sense for them to make it have a snack an hour to go to bed with rap and its purpose you start next
you got much was trying to get through the day was bought coffee and donuts and get that blood sugar going just to get that thing going jus to get the energy flowing
what are the solution for the kids or further single person or the person,
you know before i leave your house i'll just take some very simple ingredients weather almond milk coconut milk whatever they are.

[17:32] And blend that with their protein package going to get a full serving of protein your gonna get,
are the red sea green did you need the fruits and vegetables can you help me out with peanut butter and jelly and maybe another nut butter or another fruit and high quality smoothie,
last you identify your next meal which means if you have a good breakfast and maybe you're delivers lunch so what you can do a basic way you could lend a new blender before you put it in the blender bottle that she included,
put some ice in my lunch time or throughout the day gonna be outta said hi.

[18:06] Turn on what your life tell you shit what you travel with your home take care of the kids it's a very easy quick fix for getting some nutrients.
Stop sending your body yeah absolutely i love your saying their tender special about the part where you know this is not just for adults you know this is for kids as well you know like your saying the family wellness podcast the optimal wellness program this is for the entire family.
So i want to circle back to what you re saying earlier to.
Can is this a standalone the wellness program or should people be doing a detoxification first or you know go to step three thousand context know where does this fit in in the context of detoxification in weight loss and all of that.

[18:47] What can i make it practical charger buy a ranch house to buy a condominium to rent an apartment or studio of a colonial.

[18:57] Europe and what your goals are your financial status would you trying to accomplish with your family.
Could you do a detox first i don't know where that comes right back to what you said earlier read you need to be qualified professionals can i wait we're at now but maybe you do not need that detox or maybe not healthy enough to do the detox,
show this needs to be the first step where was gonna stop in trouble i try to self diagnose right and so.
It take a look at the fact that you broke your arm broke your leg you want to give me a couple of aspirin is this puppy a rapper and some tape and put a yard stick around to set my bones i get healthy
i know that sounds silly but i asked you got and whatsapp people dylan to just the site it just go on a detox program without talking to paula
we don't know if it's the right way to go or are you ready to do that,
show i don't know if we need to detox first that's why they are together maybe need to be understood but two to four weeks to get the body cleaned up a little bit before you put things into the blood stream.

[19:55] Yes that's a great way
meeting at two and i just wanted to share with our listeners let me know like you said it's what are your goals why are you doing the things that you want to do here and so i just want to give anna both are less nervous my wife and i earlier this year we wanted to do just a cleanse and detox and so i recommended that we do the fourteen day program and
you know for me it wasn't about the weight loss has just about keeping my body are in good position and you know that's not a great point ten
anytime you can do a program with a trusted friend a partner or spouse someone who you can lean on.
And just know that you're not going through this alone i highly advocate for doing that and again like you said just to make sure that you guys are both at the same level of hell so that it's most relevant and i most appropriate for you guys.

[20:42] That being said there was a dare too we know what i was doing this cleanse of feeling sluggish both mentally and physically
but that all subsided once my liver and kidneys had really kicked in and removed all of that metabolic and chemical.
Which is just naturally accumulated from the toxic world that we live in today not only that but i actually lost weight on the program and the interesting thing was i wasn't doing the program with that intention
the weightloss was just a natural consequence of staying consistent encouragement
what is the program i love the gym wrong quote six ass is neither magical.
Six s is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals so would you agree with me that there.

[21:30] I agree told a couple things to bring out their first about what they are staying that people may not know what a new listener base is sometimes nobody is not healthy enough to lose weight.

[21:40] Hey mrs control to preserve the.

[21:43] Calories in a bagel of toxins as well so sunday we need to unlock the bodies about lose the weight by giving them thanks.No updates program that's healthy nutrition.
How you can get these things out of the body products are designed to make sure we eliminate the toxins without putting them in a way that makes you feel unhealthy.
I'm not having that there whats interesting about the health care practice i work with they have actually have support groups for classes.
Remind mike for four weeks in a row they might decide okay we're gonna get the other on monday wednesday night or saturday morning from our african recipes experiences what they're doing to make themselves healthier.
And so some people might be on the detox and that's saying something went the other weight loss program right,
that might be on the green team so ah so you got group dynamics working for you and a black people getting together showing how to make this work into their life what is important to do with the body.

[22:38] Where is your id love some
sunglasses yourself or if you were three rd four weeks the road to get together for your stories and successful people can really get motivated and where is my other people doing the same thing they are doing some time to be thinking like when doing a icelandic.
Interesting yours this time of year is the perfect time to do it before the holiday and would you actually do it and was like i'm getting your house ready to sell his cleaning it looks break and all of the walk through they make it during my travel and i get acquainted with them before you.
The back to the house.
What are the holidays and clean up your body get it ready and it show you have holiday foods and have may be too much too much,
it's not quite as problematic because you prepare to body for the holiday and enjoy yourself and then right after how to get then right back in the origin.

[23:27] Hey guys just wanted to take a moment and remind you that this podcast is brought to you by the michigan family womens.

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[24:02] Absolutely tell him what you just said you know this is a timely discussion because you know the holidays are right around the corner we got a new year's coming up.

[24:10] We got all those new year's resolutions and i really want to communicate to people you know when it comes to these goals that we have for health when it comes to even look
when we been talking about weight loss here it's really a lifestyle that we want to cultivate and nurture it this is more than just a one and done thing it's not just about the weight loss this is about,
time with family this is about participation in the events in the gatherings in the picking up of the babies and grandchildren this is adding years to our life this is being more productive at work
and we're doing all of this naturally without pharmaceutical drugs.
Or surgery out really quick i just want to let people know we're gonna have a content upgrade for this episode so if you would like to receive
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Is hanover to michigan family womens dot com slash podcast and on the show notes page for terms episode here you can enter your email address and we will send you the six keys to healthy weight loss,
directly into your inbox in really what it's all about is you know what moving well which is you know you're exercising your chiropractic care it's about eating well,
which is your nutrition your hydration and nutritional medicine and it's about thinking really know you're satya and your mindset having those positive attitudes,
anything the ad there real quick.

[25:33] Keep in mind that when you want to get healthy and stay healthy and well it's not about perfection its about consistency of copy and isolate it.
I'm a real natural body building years ago it was a joke or anything about it really as they don't like im over here.

[25:52] And you never want to be in a position more people start to say well just just stopping by to these people are on thursday we are different enough so you don't want to be i really wanna have a party in your whole life.
Where is gavin take its plus and minus a mi be some days were yesterday that if you want an apple programmer put together for it to get back into the lying there.
Yeah i was like it if you look at your work schedule sunday you don't have a perfect day but know that you can use the grand scheme of things to you later what everyone plus one.

[26:25] Don't try to be perfect and not don't argue or nothing have i tried all about in years and years ago i lost fifty five pounds in about two months.
The prof what i got the wrong yo i just put a stop over exercise and my body paid the price of allergies joint.

[26:41] Review restaurant please text dad of course now what we do today but i get so irritable what can you hear back yet about what you can,
hey police sketch weather is for weight loss or weather for detox for wellness i lost the box while missing the box to the box.
Everything is designed to make it convenient for you to get where you want to be based on what you want to feel like for the rest of,
i absolutely search him the purpose of the michigan family womens podcasts is to be an audio library resources for women mothers and families
who want to learn more about celebrating their family wellness and increasing their resiliency.
Where that strength to adapt to the stress and challenges in their life one of the ways we accomplish this is by asking our guest for practical application so i know we've talked about it alot already.
Let's am order then jumping in right away and placing on line order see no for the wellness programs for the entire family.
What can the woman the moms the families listening today start doing right now as a result of hearing your unique voice,
set elevate their health and family won't us.
I think one of the things that i tell all the patients that i've talked with ever last twenty years so weird.

[27:56] Yeah go to the practice like yourself lot of resources i'm sure on line that they can start.
And i think that's interesting more people quit more time in the christmas shopping and of.
Can i make their hello how many hours do you spend at the given your baby looking for the ideal vacation or how many hours do you spend the apps and researching online to find the perfect gift or save the money get it.
I was a baby just yet what's your health and wellness going to the resources that are available to use for people like you know sorry resources out there and encourage them to review your library to see what you got available,
bet how people that are required action,
keep people and unwanted there that are gonna help your patients than it is a matter of maybe spending a half hour maybe hour every week or two on line and things that you might make of me to talk about those six things for weight loss,
just know where that don't ever reach out something with the impending death of a starting research but the intelligent like to learn something tell me baby don't have to buy.

[29:11] And i would just encourage them to use your resources and then added these patients we want to be a support for using give me the resource that you give them so
we want the kids coming back to the trusted advisor tim are there any other resources that you connect with our listeners with today weather at some book or website you know something you heard or read anything like that.

[29:32] I feel irritable just bought a product called the one thing and what it comes down if you got that pocket pants the founder of a killer williams real estate guy.
But what he really makes am seven o'clock weather was health finances spend way.
It comes down to not trying to do everything but what's the one thing that you can do and do it now and do it well.
Don't have the most significant impact on what you're trying to a shit you gonna find that you save money behind well your gonna find that you have more fun doing well,
maybe a comes down to not working out and our everyday but maybe that's a different change in how you workout or maybe there's one thing i needed to different one to go to the grocery store.
So i have a lot of people get a lot of value out of that whatever comes out of the one thing that you can do to make the biggest difference in your family your relationships your help.

[30:26] Absolutely will thanks again sam and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resume writing with you i want to highly encourage you.
To hannover to michigan family wellness dot com where we will have a dedicated web page with all of the show notes that we've mentioned here today.
Also if you're listening on your mobile device you can expand show.
And you can take advantage of those click links ten thank you so much for coming on the podcast my pleasure thanks for having.

[30:57] Alright families what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you heard on this or any previous evictions of the family womens lifestyle podcast,
you may do so by writing dr kyle at michigan family womens dot com and take full advantage of the family.

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