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[1:09] Well this lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your.

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[1:21] No for you today christy attended the branch reflex allergies.
Open this michigan before going on to receive her national board certification and reflex allergy for the past two years she has been practicing reflexology add her to implement the old village neighborhood right family let's welcome kristi
welcome families to the interview portion of today's podcast i'm here with cristy home from a hard reflex algún the podcast christie it's so great to have.

[1:50] Three here as you know christine we start out every podcast episode with a few questions to help families and people listening get to know you more so can you tell us,
a little bit of what family looks like for you and what do you love about michigan.

[2:05] Oh ok feel lonely for me my heart my heart it's my comfort zone it's my haven my safe place and.
My biggest cheerleaders and i am their biggest cheerleader psychologist and.
Michigan is gonna be the change of seasons like that little better when they were a little more equal your shirt.
I'm right there with you get a lot on the platform just the changing the diversity of caesar my wife use live in california so it was always not you know it's sixty or seventy degrees and sunny for most the year for our know anyone rain,
just to have that little bit of variety is nice every now and then but hey kristy let's go ahead and just dive right in because i really want people to get value from your expertise your experiences,
and just help people raise the awareness and the educational level.
What exactly is reflexology so that might be a great place to start justin very odd very thirty thousand view,
what is your definition of reflexology ok so the definition i practice the email method and reflexology is a science based on the principles that there are reflect.

[3:16] In the hands feet actually hands feet and ears that correspond with every part of the body every girl and every system every oregon,
so when working on the fee or the hands in essence we're affecting the whole body weight reflects works to do when a not shell is to break up your ic acids,
eureka send a massage breaks a black to SFO reflexology is working on breaking up.

[3:40] Congestion in your gas and by releasing the start congestion in the gap it's not just you against your glasses by product of our kidneys.
I was having trouble accessing with the hands and feet being for this from the heart this is lowest areas of circulation so things get.
Who stop there so congestion can also be some scar tissue it can be some calcium build up and there can be like the gas.
But by working that congestion in a way that go is to increase circulation blood supply an internal balanced systems of the body
i'm here trend by the way reflexology especially being a chiropractor this relates and compliments i think a lot of what a lot of other body workers do so weather someone's and massage therapist
personal trainer or physical therapist a chiropractor working and addressing the feet specifically.
Plays alot into this other modalities other techniques within the health and wellness space so that when i say that as like a foundation of statement like this is
really get what you're doing and if i can get commit and that that's one thing that i love that all of the modalities u just mention
all have in common are the feet up so i wanna actually circle back a little bit to what you're saying because i heard several different components in.
I really wanna just help people die just in the smaller chunks if you well so it seems that you're saying that by working the bottoms of the.

[5:07] There are no logic components to this word there are physical components to this where there is actually visceral components to this working you kinda a,
segment that and just go into a little bit more detail maybe and those different components absolutely absolutely say u touchdown so great areas when you talk about neurological reflexology kan worden help things like anxiety,
depression i personally have had some really good success.
Clients and both those areas of depression and anxiety and lot of people that's a surprise to them how do you do that with the.

[5:44] So that kinda goes to that holds a logical point we can't actually access the spinal.
So an atomic and physical bones of the body we could address this early i've had some great results with people are very very,
the hands and feet for constipation regular what are you saying that you're actually improving how the body functions by working use points in the feet.

[6:12] Gotcha that's remarkable i mean send me that makes complete sense based on my background my education and chiropractic all that stuff but for the purpose averaged a person who is very new to the health and wellness space that my be like.
What never heard that before so i just i was trying to unpack that for them and help them really connect with this in the sense that can you talk about how,
density of nerves cuz i think that's a major component to,
how does mechanisms of work so as i understand that there is a huge density of nerves and extra monies specific your feet have over seventy two hundred nerve endings in the bottom of each foot excuse me umm.
That's a lot of nerve ending so you can imagine
what are the take every day we get up we stuff them in tissues lot of stuff them until fitting shoes and we stock around all day
and then we get in the bed with do it again the next day he without much even thought about when i feed.
It goes through with reflexology getting into the reflex points with reflexology we're actually is a salmon finger.
Raul it's alternating pressure so unlike a massage we're not pushing or needing where can i fly yes.

[7:35] Don't cry alternating pressure works like a little hammer a little mail it if you will go in there and find and breakup those areas of stock congestion,
again stop congestion being said maybe scar tissue build up so im doing that that's way more.

[7:55] Pink when did areas were getting at the new wood everyday um.
Just stuff in your shoes so i can clarify their can i just generally stay yes i know if someone is going to receive the muscular massage work perhaps either soft tissue therapists.
Baby familiar with working out of sugar in a tight muscle or working out hyper titanic band within a muscle fibre.
Now when i hear you saying is using a different kind of techniques different pressures know you talked about that as being category different from what a,
muscular therapist my be doing is that correct that's correct ok yes having a different kind of affect on the nearest system cuz there are holes in the feet.

[8:39] It's not like you're going and you're trying to find titles in the feed which i'm sure you do find however it seems that you are addressing you actually using you know it you have your charts here today with you
using the charts you're using this art and science of reflexology influence nervous reflect,
tub and have that be the focus of the treatment rather than,
hey can i release some when's tight fit muscle correct okay that being said the account going in lime with more of a orthopedic approach that wasn't my questions here too its like your seeing people that had.

[9:15] Planter if he is that have heel spurs and bone spurs and things like that is that primarily with people are initially coming or perhaps give people a better idea,
what they're presenting west as their chief complaint for example no i'm glad you brought it up because later fatass is one common thing that i see it also kinda miss no more that,
problem or issue or foot pain to come to a reflexology so i would like to disc spelled that right now that again this applies to the whole body,
Play if it is a perfect example of something that reflects sala ji can help with very quickly i'm from what i've seen in a what is the experience with my clients sometimes really within the first session,
and if you follow up sessions no more pain got some really good experiences with that and get lot of people coming with the planter fish is diagnosis if you well,
and they got it kind of in mind that this is some big horrible thing platters the bottom.
Vaduz the connectivity issue and assist information that's all we're talking about is information of the connecting tissues so going in there and working it's like the adrenal.

[10:32] Instance adrenal responsible for all information so pain of any kind in the body not just foot pain not just plan of ideas where go to work the adrenal reflects so i'm not just working.
What area for one specific issue.
Those areas is also adrenal and a be something that come up a lot for people and obviously far reaching people have arthritis people have pain aux all different kinds of beneficial is but ive,
is a state and there's been great results with anxiety and depression vertigo headaches digestion,
i'm asking your brother field type issues shoulder neck back pain a week and it covers the gamut min again it.
Trying to clear up working to clear up congestion congestion in the.
I want everything you just said makes so much sense again as a chiropractor if this is a huge deal because we see a lot of people with low back pain you talked about the in-network that same fashion network as you know it is consistent with the bottom of the.

[11:41] Is connected all the way throughout your entire body specifically that post to shame that runs up the back of a cafe in your hamstring in your pelvis and low back.
So specifically by working the feed by rolling the fee i love the way you give patients your clients that little ball to have them actually rolled the bottoms of their feet.
That plays a major role in helping to unlock network especially if they have any kind of a low back pain contacts so
yeah if i can get the address that with low back pain a lot of you probably see a lot of people that come and talk about scientific cya come i say no can i go back,
no no that comes through the low back to the sacred down the back of the leg it connect
i'm bottom of the hill on the welcome and there is a riff is not just a reflection of where this is actually catches on the bottom with a friend who no amount of my phone pressure is gonna equal your heel
you know he okay but that isn.

[12:42] Relieves soo much that tightness of the back of the bag and low back and exactly why i started giving the ball when people leave,
because that is a wonderful place to run to relieve we do so much sense who can bring in standing but not moving in so that ball is exactly why i do,
alert sya lupa is one of the real big ones that needed referrals that that can address.
Yeah so great play me a few listening if you struggle with siapa kah any kind of low back pain para formas syndrome any kind of discrimination contacts that would contribute to sach.
What chris talking but here it will actually put these are some of the charts up on our website at michigan family womens dot com you guys can check other units there and see what you're talking about.

[13:28] Exactly yeah she just describe that's a degree flex right across the bottom of the spelling there.
Fantastic place to see reflexology just to have that work done but then also roll that with the ball news lacrosse spot i love your green little balls that you have for your patience and clients there.
There's just the time difference is people can use to really help.
Bad information and context and he really can you tell us about the waist line and how we find our own individual ways.
Yes is the body is represented on the feed that's everything so if you are a person or a high waisted person is your weight waist line reflects line is going to be.
No a different spot is one GB the same as it would be on your body on your person and so if you run that you're still no outside of your.

[14:20] You will go along the fifth and as it dances you're so kind of drops off and that little curve on the outside we will add your.

[14:30] That's gonna follow that straight across the foot that is your waist line guideline reflect.
What's important about that is what goes right across the areas that transverse colon so did you just look at a lot of the church that you see ion umm if you google charts whatever a lot of people think its half way.
Well for me i'm short i am a very low waist my waist line is only about a third of the way up my foot for my heel,
so if i was going half way i'd be working on,
reflections of you well if i was trying to access the digestive system so that's a nice nice nice of guideline to know what you're doing when you're looking at.

[15:12] So i hear you saying is there's this concept bio individuality and we can apply these landmarks if you well with our own shit.
Savannah really make sure that were hitting the right for that individual person yes there is and there's actually four major guidelines,
because aside from the waist line very important right there's also the diaphragm line that sync easy one to find out more even visually when your finger down,
because it's just underneath the ball of your foot most of us the ball of the flight is a little bit darker in color maybe a little orders little red and sticks out is that.
I'm just under that range you find the diaphragm which then starts to help you pinpoint just like the body what organs are.
Are in that area between the waist line and the diaphragm was involved with my breathing then.
Correct locat correct and then if you pull the big back will expose the main tendon running down.
And then there are things that i need to order towards specific towards the inside of the blood and organs that fall flat.

[16:25] Boost three and very helpful and pin pointing areas of the body just a recap you said that was the waist fine but one of them the diaphragm line guy who was the third one.
No the big the hole in the big back in the end and that tendon on the bottom of your foot okay well pop yeah that's okay and so you have things like the adrenal reflect.
Medial to that are ok i am and things like the kidneys can just let of that.
Those guidelines are are helpful and important when trying to really pinpoint certain reflections light in the brilliant word of us,
are you a mother of three flex already he brings it all the way down to find the hurt and work it out.
What is canary wharf this podcast is brad to you by michigan family wellness where we believe in helping families lyft driving it lives.
Right guidance your body have the ability to respond and adapt to the challenges in your life that you can be healthy.
Michigan family wellness we build resilience e solutions to our proven framework and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

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[17:51] Reserve a great point is there were these charts come from kristi is.
Founder are your something like i can anyone can go in the google and search for reflexology charts right how does someone know that they're actually looking.
Incredibles good yards that actually relate to this reflects vs just picking up charley off of google i'm just kinda going with that
how do i know if i'm actually getting good information will come from my school branch reflects allergy in my chart based on the units in the message,
but in the middle of my chart is one very specific these are all copyrighted to my school um.

[18:32] The picture in the middle is what is super you need to add to the smart phone that can and um.
What's wonderful about it when you say how are the feet representative how is the body suits me represented on the bottoms.

[18:47] Beautiful about this charge is a few we have one body but.

[18:52] These to feed coming together and overlapping at the big twelve image in the middle.
Is a beautiful film amp if you will adjust how well the body and how full the body is represented on the bottoms.
This is unique fodmap to brand reflex allergy and i think does a beautiful job in showing hands and feet.
Have the same reflects on them but the hands are obviously she to much differently there we prefer areas to each other and if you came in for instance i had a meeting with who is 90.
I want to book a manny so it can't work on my right foot.
I worked on his right hand so we left but right hand did both hands referral areas are just hands and feet.
Arrests relate to our ankles knees relate to our elbows and hips relate to our shoulders lol referral areas.
It's like you read my mind right now cuz that was actually my next question ways hey is this just about defeat so you are actually saying that,
we have in our hands due to the high density of nerves your hands as well so that the other areas along just marcel from the feet and the hands mention the knees are there other area
will ears are another another reflexology but you cant you cant access when i mention the nice there are places on the.
I'm but there will.

[20:19] Where you can access the new reflects if you will the have reflects the leg but you can work in certain areas on the body that.
Find two others so that's what i was talking about
knees and elbows relating to each other kristin have you heard of him he is diagram that shows on the brain and then the person and the entire body is coming over laid,
with the different parts of the brain this is something that we were tied for my training as a chiropractor,
search this whole idea that if i feel something in my right arm in my right hand,
that is gonna map out my brain with my upper front left side front motor record text if you were that friend to submit a century court.

[21:06] Okay that's it so then they discharged him and gave us is if you will that shi how that is represented
and so when i see charts like that it makes me think of these reflexology charts with the hands and feet just from like a submit a century perspective when compared to more reflexology perspective wolf
actually have some of those resources for you guys to add the notes for their website and everything as well but i think that guy to skip a little bit more understanding,
what were we talking bout in canada how do you work on a mechanical level
can you tell us loose more about the years and how that works are you treating on the ears are you mostly doing feed hands what's that i mostly do feet and hands and feet and hands is what my.
Location is an AMX where is what i learned from my limited information i did,
ears it's something i'm very interested in but not something that i am currently prepped.
Could you hear about a regular acupuncture all the time you hear about or regular u. reflexology self that can provide a lot of value for people there as well i can tell you in a very elementary basic way.

[22:19] Feel yours put your fingers their in afghanistan words find the hurt and and work it out here um during the webinar when i was interested.

[22:29] Taking your thumb and first finger index finger and and feeling around yours from top to bottom while being at your low,
amazing done by someone else even more amazing than you do to yourself does as you know i know that she is doing great yes but what you will find if you start to use the tips of your failure index finger and your thumb.
Can you really slowly walk through your ear.
All around the year you will probably find areas where there is maybe what we call little crunchy a little tender and sore spot.

[23:07] Bulls,
just like areas on the feed those areas of congestion other areas we can work out and whether or not you know what you're working out the good point is your working out congestion
sure no it's cases like you're not gonna hurt yourself like this is very low risk don't the one the one thing i was saying very very important in school and over and over again you never go past the good hurt
can't hurt yourself with anything if you go past the good hurt,
and what is the good heart that her different to everybody but you don't want to be holding your breath out how i can handle it.

[23:42] It's not the good hurt the body is done in crisis mode your tents you're not going to receive what you need from it.
But if you've ever had a massage and you gotta not specially when you're back we'll have an somebody's working it it's bad yes that's tender.
Keep going because you're working it out that's the good work it out awesome love it,
have you heard of this ad is a woman is pregnant that there are certain points on the feet that you may want to stay away from his day made
start things like that what's your thought what's your professional opinion i have actually gone to a continuing education weekend class at branch on labor and delivery,
so not specific to what you said as far as avoid this was more specific to what to work when somebody yes it is is in labor or is,
maybe struggling to move label along how can it is fascinating i personally haven't been able to help someone who i haven't had a pregnant client yet the story that i heard from my teachers at branch,
pretty amazing pretty amazing so there's a lot of benefit value that pregnant women can derive reflexology treatment.

[24:58] During pregnancy postpartum all of that so yeah i actually i am working someone postpartum,
can you tell me more about the bermuda triangle cristiano that's like your trademarks and tell us more about that cuz i found that really interested i got my teachers are crazy when they hear me say
say that it was something i just a fling that phrase only because it's three things right three things make up a triangle,
the right foot specifically on the plant i robot inside of the right foot just above the waist the guideline wayside reflects just above that transverse colon,
where we have the doing know more do some people say i call it the sink drain the bottom of the stomach and then right behind that we have the tail end of the pancreas.

[25:47] And just above that we have the adrenal glands and ate some it's a very common area i find congestion on people.
And there's a lot going on in those areas lately we haven't touched it all and emotional because yeah but the other half of my training and began branch my class was even called the body talk
our body stores emotions in different places different organs and
when you think about this and things dreaming from the stomach are still emotions is all about hard time putting feelings into words that is a lot of people out of people that hold on the thing and so that sink drain be right there,
the pancreas is our main group centre all grief rama.

[26:29] Drama is where that store in the pancreas and what we have found that i have found specifically working in client,
even though most of the pancreas reflect is located on the left side.

[26:42] The little tail end of it seems to be where a lot of soda and out with grief mother grief and loss hangs out you got that right there with that.
Drain of the stomach.
And then right above the adrenal responsible for all information adrenal know very much stress related and a lot of people here the terminal and really fifty we do not diagnose with reflexology would prescribe it we dont treat,
for a particular illness really you hear that over and over again with the lifestyles we leave so when you will see those three.
I just have to clean the phrase the bermuda triangle because it is sort of this mystery spot whenever something is inflamed or congested it's going to get maybe larger in size and so.
When that area is congested and there's three things so close together it could be all three or just one that's why it's sort of a ministry like the bermuda triangle i say sometimes until.
Existe some information to then start seeking to look at some secondary reflects this to see if we can pinpoint is this morning.
Issue is this morning adrenal issue is this more pancreas and all of those.
Go right about uber liberal reflects which is huge biggest organ right and takes up a very large amount on the right.

[28:01] So liver no surprise as we are angered it stored and a lot of us im done alot of things whenever it's got little over five hundred.
Oh gosh jobs what does the liver not doing good and also able to take over.
For other things that aren't working for instance when you're gallbladder was taken out,
does springs have a great plan christie as a chiropractor one of the things that i like to say you keep in the back of my mind the issues are in the tissues is something that we say,
so when i just the people before ive adjusted your low back are there just burst into tears are they just have this big huge amount of laughter come out of them,
have you had people when they're in your cherry you find a spot that you're working on and all of a sudden i have this just emotional response tells more about that i love that question because yes
i did man in fact the first time it happened i was still in school and it was still a practical i was working on.
And it was surprising to me but also a beautiful example.

[29:03] How the body stores in motions since being in my practice i have seen it probably at least five times twelve,
i should say maybe ten maybe more where people do and not so much but all the sudden.
And not necessarily knowing why and as we sort of.
What reflects is working on getting a little bit more of the story comes out about what's going on life so i am a big believer that the physical body is the emotional body.

[29:34] Yeah i want to circle back here to going back to our discussion on the density of nerves going back to kentucky or logical contacts what i'm saying here on the charts and our discussion on the roof access all of these organs.
Are involved with our digestion or all of them are involved with digestion so that makes me think is a chiropractor i am super involved with the vegas nerve.

[29:59] And that being our primary source of our paris sympathetic nervous system.
What is your working the bottoms of the feet heater christie im sure people are feeling,
quiet calm quite relaxed here like some gardening understand you know hear some paris diocesan things like that where they might have i'm sure you'll receive texts like i had a great night's sleep,
oh my gosh of your session i had to go find a bathroom because like it was moving does that you just quoted several things that i here,
when really they example of it as if i have someone coming in and i can tell right off the bat from the way they walk in the door that is just stressful day or that they.
Just kind of exhausted i am immediately when they said i will start working the diaphragm reflects and you won't visible and are edible,
how the breathing changes very quickly as we start working the diaphragm reflected in AMEX you know is the first place we carry stripes we just.
Take a deep breath and when you mentioned the biggest nerds and amazing in every ones family with the cyan or being largest number in the body the biggest nervous the second largest i don't,
no there's no more conversation about it i'm it actually something that we access more on the doors or top side of the.
No with reflexology and this isn't set in stone what the bottle of the.

[31:24] I'm genuinely relates to the end of the internal and back of the body post your where is the suicide the front of the flight is more the front or anterior of the body and self calming down the head
you know that vegas nerve sort of almost on the side as viewed from the ears down the throat and so we access it more down.
Tell me to calm coming down okay great ok.
Yeah and i love how there is a vegas or also crack me from running back talk about this a lot in my own lecture so in the year.

[31:57] Send this is actually a branch in vegas nerve that comes out from the brain stem and you can actually find that by just basically taking your finger,
i'm going kinda right in the center of your there and you'll actually start to influence part of the vegas nerve that is actually talked with a friend if you will and he was trying to use a tens unit,
helps stimulate the vegas nerve off from my regular perspective and i thought that was brilliant that being said everything we can do to influence our vegas nerve to fire that vegas nerve to stimulate of vegas and la going to be a good thing,
as it relates to our digestion to our para sympathetic nervous system we talk to live here in the office about arguing with water,
we talk about the gag reflex we talk about how many singing in the shower at you know what you're driving around the car things like that.
Very very good vegas nerve functions and then of course chiropractic adjustments the cervical adjustment still adjustments very good for the,
vagas nerve there and that's it.

[32:57] Well what makes you different what makes you different from the average if i just out there tell us more about that well
there are a lot of us out there if you look directly the nationally certified ones if i'm graduation invite away thank u yes thank u one thing that i've heard i haven't
so i can give back leads turn on my fellow students at branch,
but in my everyday world when people come to my office and one of the first questions on the intake form is have you ever received refund.

[33:34] Most of the time the answer is no it is still even know what it's been around for thousands of years and just reserved in the united states in the last hundred.

[33:44] Most people.

[33:46] Either of never heard of it or never experienced it but with the ones that say yes or i think i have the difference but i hear is.

[33:55] I'm not sure if i had reflects that you're not i get one of two things in their on opposite ends of the spectrum.
When is it was more like a foot massage.
No no wrong with the foot massage by any means and feels wonderful life but not really it's not reflect sala ji or ipad the opposite yes and they hurt me i've heard some stories that they obviously went,
good heard that's definitely not the email method and not the method.

[34:23] And it is not supposed to be in flipping that kind of pain again they are tender spots deathly can be tender.
That's the biggest thing is i haven't run into anybody.

[34:38] Most people most my clients have not even experienced reflexology before and i would say aside from that.
Staying within the good hurt and doing the alternating pressured not just massage.
Also is the emotional body meditating coming from ranchi to the think or parade and i would say that is something that.

[35:01] Is branch students is emotional body.
Why with everything you just said enough could add to it as well as experience to work and i would just like to say that it's all about the experience you have a fantastic atmosphere a great experience.
Your supporting people with those little green bottles that you have you have an awesome space your chair is fantastic i doubt people are experiencing bad.
Caliber of a chair when they're receiving reflexology you have essential oils going the entire experience,
is really caring towards having that person received a healing treatments thank you yes thank you no seems to be the feedback that i guess so.
You can answer that one better than ok thank you hey guys just wanted to take a moment and remind you that this podcast is brought to you by the michigan family womens clinic,
read lead and healthy environment families who can adapt to the stress in their life in order to build a healthy family we start by caring for one person at a time if this message resonates with you,
can i invite you to schedule an online appointment at michigan family wellness dot com and if you're enjoying today's episode go ahead and share this podcast with someone else who can benefit from today's empowering conversation,
alright guys let's get back to today's episode.

[36:23] What is this get to your question i have i wanna talk about your opinions on foot wearing shoes and orthopedic you have any professional ones but even as like a free animal to that i got into the whole,
fascination with feet when i was going through a phase in my life when i was all about running so i love by peter locomotion i like to call it i love barefoot running down the minimalist for wear that out there,
christie use to have terrible band syndrome in my right knee,
because i was wearing new shoes that had a big can he make an hour is he striking all the way through that first miles second third mile by the time i will get to that fits in my run,
you would just be so unbearable i would have to stop i could go further than five miles.
Seven i got plugged into chris nick dirk call doctor markers lol we interviewed on the podcast here previous episode to a girl,
and we haven't the whole idea that barefoot running style basically this whole idea of getting off your heels having more of a medford or of strike.
Using the grand design that is our flight's and helping us move forward from the natural perspective,
do you have any major opinion on light two people ask you about what kind of shoes or sandals nation where you know you know this season changing so the summer is coming up i wanna buy some new sandals.

[37:47] Do people ask you about that do people ask you about your thoughts and insert send the thing hello and i never want to go outside of my own.
It is i am a reflexology just i am not a foot doctor.
What's the one thing that we did learn in school and that i am experienced personally just like you when you're running people have a misconception that,
she is good
that could she come back dribble shoes on and i don't want it that i don't want to call out any specific brand in mind we put them and would like this company could she atmosphere the problem is when you talk about that he's striking then somehow we straight talk.

[38:27] Who is she the body and absorbing that shock from the ground and the heel strike is a hard strike.
And what you want it's not you wanna walk around in cardboard but good quality.

[38:42] Firm bottom shoes because the fur robot is what's going to die,
not your hands not your knees now your hands and the rest of your body you a man so you know if there are there are a lot of issues out there that some people think look.

[39:00] Like they're not going to be comfortable with they don't have a nice pink baltimore that he hasn't signed the NDA yet if you give them a try you will see first hand that shock absorption is what third what that reminder list.

[39:14] My personal thought with that is a lot of people just have really high fee can we talk about this whole idea being polar and gigli,
so polar being negative because our bodies electrical we have to use electricity for the patient communication but they have to be so.
Give me you can have big muscles you can be fit and all that.
Specially with button the feed your feet have to be pleasurable like they have to be flexible and so if you have a really stiff.
Type feed i think people are drawn towards those mark the shoes because they just feel better and i do recommend more of a
flat for it i loved it zero dropped contacts for a lot of shit companies out there can sexually is generally think of orthopedics and inserts the way that i think i pharmaceutical medications like okay sure,
if it helps take the pain away for a short period of time and it helps is functioning get through particular.
Contact weather we're everyday life are walking around a lot of that part of your experience but ultimately longterm i want to strengthen those muscles of the feet,
i want to break out those special occasions and i want that person to be able to put on a shoe with out having to use a.

[40:37] Quote on quote crash oven inserted or north austin that being said i do wana just recommend a couple of things that people looking to serve evil barefoot shoes.
Fantastic shoes nice wide tail back to talk about how that is need to spread out i see the little things that you where in between your toes to help cannot read things out cause a lot of people just all,
techcrunch disrupt together so that's really important for the motion of the towels.
And also while you're dropping the wide toe box are the two big things to look for when it comes to selecting like functional foot where is what i would call it if people.
I am looking for a specific kind of orthopedic inserts than.
Again this is my just i've had good results from patients using this particular platform is called pro towels.
And it's actually an on line based thing where you can plug in some of your measurements and it doesn't get super technical like a podiatrist or ortho it's not gonna be that expensive.

[41:37] And it's also at the same time not something like off the shelf from the nearest drug store or meyer kroger whenever my beelike a doctor charles take things so if there is a spectrum from like super expensive.
Orthopedic from your podiatrist and on the other end of that super cheap and very accessible from the corner drug store.
When this product challenge recommendation what kind of be like in the middle so i have found that patients get some good results from that but then again same concept we still want to have the long-term plan,
to be or eventually transitioning away from that through the conservative care into more of just regular flat shoe if you well so.
This is a little bit off that but when you turn them out short term vs long term in transitioning,
one thing i would like to touch on with reflexology is i'm jealous is there something i have a lot of people that will say though you didn't get my pedicure before i came i'm sorry bout life.
And my first information to them.
Okay this is do not come from the outside of the body can come from the inside that is our body's way of saying they're protecting this reflects something something needs.

[42:51] And people go to get pedicures they get them shave them all that goes to your point that it's temporary because what happens they grow right back in the exact same spot and ok its not like a blister,
or is it something from your shoe rack being re feet rubbing a new pair of shoes.
Canvases are the body's way of protecting that reflects on the nice thing with reflexology and it doesn't happen in one session but reflex allergies.
Start to soften those canvases rachel so that the cal eventually go away and we are able to even get into that reflects.
Spend protecting underneath.

[43:32] Don't come mad so unlike a temporary fix pedicure to shave it off sure this snow has done two things because it will come back but we also gotten into the reflect.
Crying for help you always and reflexology christina was not i was a commercial photographer for years.
Where did you go from being a photographer i'd love to hear the story doing photography into reflexology
i put it in a nutshell it has been a bit of a lifetime journey as everybody story is but i had some major digestive issues about twenty years ago um diagnosed with ulcerative colitis i say diagnosed
because i did have it i no longer have it um and the traditional.
Medical route did not work for me and not just me and a personal and emotional level physically my body did not respond to medications and that and a traditional.
Care for alternate collided.
So i was referred to you on that was my first experience with chiropractic twenty some years ago started learning more about nutrition and just started questioning and opening my mind to many things.

[44:42] Reflexology was one that was introduced to me by a massage therapist two just had maybe a saturday class and reflexology but it's.
Me and so i started looking up parts i bought some books in it was something always on the side and then so roof.
Happy four years ago really started have my own reflection on who you with.
It was amazing over this period of the year the different areas of my body that responded to reflexology everything from weight loss to hormone issues to sleep issues and shoulder issues.
And it just really cab calling me you know that little boys just wont stop also can i ask my reports allergies how do you get into this where did you go to school drive a school night one investigated branch.
And when is investigated it i sign up and i was on my way so first and the rest is history.

[45:38] That's a great story i just love everything your doing i'm really excited to bring me on the platform in the podcast here today.

[45:45] Gosh your wife your mother you're an entrepreneur business in your nationally certified in reflexology is now so again congratulations and i just think you're such an inspiration to the community and i know you're doing such a great work here,
and helping so many people through the justice natural healing modalities yourself thank you so much for coming up on the,
form today anything else you wanna touch on before we wrap things up here,
i would like to say thank you thank you for having me on the appropriate that i appreciate your openness and knowledge in so many different areas specifically,
how the body works and your openness to all the other modalities that can help and work together because i truly believe there isn't just one thing they really do complement each other,
i've had a world of help from you.
And i just i really appreciate this opportunity also play well thank you again and something i've been saying on the podcast here for a few years now,
what are my favorites but we can do far more together than we could ever do so again thanks so much for coming on the flatform,
tell our listeners where they can go to learn more about you can you find me on facebook you can find me on instagram saying you handled if you well for you can always give me a call
i love the person to person contact please can we color tag.

[47:06] Will any of your questions i'm happy to answer i want number can they call to reach you can call me at two four eight eight seven two three zero.

[47:16] Thanks again so much kristy and remind everyone that we're going to have a dedicated web page and michigan family want this dot com.
I love you show notes and all of the resources that you guys can leverage to start improving your health.
Through messenger part in science of psychology thanks so much for come on the podcast chris is a it was so great to have.

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