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[1:21] No for you today that birdman is a chiropractor board certified natural path and is a certified functional medicine practitioner in walnut creek california since nineteen ninety three he has been the director of cairo connecticut,
and integrated health clinic combining chiropractic care functional medicine and rehabilitation place for yoga therapy and biological resume,
dr barton has presented to find help nutrition and fitness information international business education and community settings.
Thanks so much for joining a slave families let's jump into today's interview when working families to today's episode we have dr scott berlin with us today thanks so much for joining tickets no problem.

[2:05] How is my pleasure to be here to thank you tonight for having you know so great to hear you speak a couple weeks ago actually over here in plymouth michigan where you spoke at the conference and.
I was just really excited with your presentation and to myself you know what we gotta bring this guy on the podcasting.
Tell everyone more about the conversation because ive been having that conversation with our patients at the clinic a lot and i was like man let's just make it simple podcasting.
Reach more people with this great information.
How about before we go there we always start with q question just to get people more comfortable with the person you were talking to sell.
Dok kuantan the family wellness podcast what does family look like for you.
Why are prayers play my family is my wife of my son he's in high school he'd sag.
He's a great kid add um my wife and i been married for twenty five years um.
And almost bring it to a uh oh.
A medical point of you family to me is connected tissue family to me if.

[3:22] You are your brother your sisters your cousins your uncle's with alot of family i grew up on the east coast but somehow we all migrated,
over to california and our get together or are somewhere in the range of about forty to forty five people and it's warm.
It's it's fine it's it's communication and i don't know where i would be with my family.

[3:49] Roland that is awesome iv never been doing this for awhile now ive never had someone to have that response with family is connected tissue so that's great i love it.
Very good makes me think of you hold polar thing which i have stolen by the way i hope you don't accept i love that.
I wanted to get out there and i want people to think of it in the end in how ever i wear makes it simple for,
conversations to occur brilliant awesome so the second question we always asked her dog as you know we love michigan so we're all about the meeting,
in fact we say that we are smitten with the mittens that so maybe i know you're out there and california you know it's always sunny just having a good time and i think you mentioned you're from the east coast but is there anything that you loved about the great state of michigan,
is spoken in michigan a couple times and without a doubt that warms the earth and the people yeah.
Yeah lol went went when i had an opportunity to speak with people are in between the seminars um.

[4:55] How warm and how kind people up rn um how clearer you know there's that,
for some reason michigan seems to be there,
what nis of the east coast with the kindest of the midwest express eh kinda mellow though i always have a great time,
how many and enjoying meeting new people from that area that's awesome awesome love thanks so much for that i would really appreciate gary just loves michigan so much is in my fan of california i need it out there,
you got friends out there in san francisco and all that so it's always a good time with me about their.

[5:34] Um let's jump into the meat potatoes hear me talk food today like i said,
add the doc and found myself having this conversation with alot of patience lately and i wanted to just try and bring some clarity to this over arching concepts umbrella if you well,
wizkid and i love the way you break it down i was watching a few of your metal jacks videos and webinar that you've done and gotten to hear you speak a couple weeks ago,
and i really wanted to jesse baby steps through justin number of components and bring some clarity again back to that you talked about,
where does michigan and there's a few how can we really.
Apply the lifestyle or really wherever that person happens to be at a lot of our listeners are you know.

[6:26] Mother's parents husbands wives that sort of thing so i really think there gonna mostly fall into that lifestyle hello if you want you have i love your for pillows by the way which will get into i think there are some people who may want like,
what if i wanna adapters for performance what if i wanna work with a functional medicine doc or you know someone like that for more of a clinical type thing,
to help with releasing what no other health goals that we might have things of that nature so,
i think to start out with an also by way of introduction i love this idea of not only watching what we eat in terms of what's going into our system,
then also the timing of when we eat i think she is really profound you can really do some cool things with that.

[7:14] That doesn't really cost me money like i want these things would just like if you can.
The timing of your intake of your calories you can surely bio had some really awesome of physiology adaptation sell what's your start from the top can you just let us know.
When we talk about keto so what is a hackathon or acute own body so just.
Yes you are we talked about the diet were talking about number one i'm using your key tones for future alerts on.
I'll say it how i know and then i'll turn it around into a way that we can remember but damn a keystone is a water molecule that.
Convert or is converted from fat to a keto nobody in the liver.

[8:13] Show what were able to do is we're able to take facts.

[8:19] No VR liver convert that into account when body that keystone body ben convert into a form of a few lol.

[8:29] I hate that can then be tried to the mitochondria.
Feed the sell to feed our muscles to feed almost pretty much every organ in the body,
so what keto body is a different form of fuel there we have been taught which is essentially just been we've got carbs without proteins,
we've got fat working on essentially come from fat um.
Protein breakdown amino acids car will break down into glucose but a potentially with your metabolism them,
we are we are breaking them down into getting those fat into the cell so we can use that energy so a different form of energy gotcha okay what is fundamentally coming.
From the tab end of absolutely and that occur and are liver.

[9:28] Yes correct oh OK there's not another oregon or to you that.
Does genesis mix coupons from line of predominantly in the liver and then those keto bodies get into the blood stream and can get to any tissue.
Ok so i eat some fat they go to my liver my liver makes keystone so that's a good point so if i leave is not really healthy.
Are we gonna be very official not making sent the sizing these key tones.
Exactly right you it's very very difficult sell when will we hear about,
maybe some adult de barriers of the kids that die it or help people having a hard time getting into ketosis then i will always look at god and liver issues
are going through some sort of detox vacation and what that means is if we can break fats down to use this bot,
they will then be stored.
So we are storing fat you're burning fat we are not doing both so if we are having a hard time.

[10:40] Losing fat.
Weather it's from day to day lives weather it's from a diet weather is from a very specific type of exercise.

[10:54] We have to look at what what we called,
metabolic flexibility our bodies ability to not only burn carbohydrates but body's ability to burn and break down fats into these very very specific.
Molecules to use for energy i'm taking some notes de k i'm learning more even just talking yourself.

[11:20] I really wanna break this down or less nervous again breaking things down pat intended right,
i'm sorry i hate these facts but then you said i have to break down the fat so my okay what how do we break down those fat so,
why pacers come to mine so vile from gallbladder isn't fire that i am also of the fats.
I forget if our liver and gallbladder not functioning well then i can be breaking down those fat soundtrack,
where tracking and if if u remember when we were speaking and we talking about the concept heard new trait reserved efficiency.
If someone is love in cold.
If someone is low enough that all if someones genetically has a aaa county,
are there any deficiency where where can i have a hard time breaking things down know what someone's genetic propensity so far,
and then there for from their knowing what kind of nutrients that person need me.
Choose improved fat metabolism.

[12:35] Right and i love that you're also a chiropractor because is luv chiropractic adjustments but then i love how we can talk about the neurology like you mentioned the vegas nerve in your lecture here to.
So that makes me go into a whole discussion as well for always chronically stressed out what she even say you know we're not abusing alcohol like destroying my liver were eating organic food and being healthy body for always stressed the meeting have a good,
output to our vegas nerve.
Van digestion and the release of his life showcases and from the gallbladder to break down the fat that's gonna be a wash.
So we're either in fight or flight sympathetic stress where we're running away from tigers.

[13:21] Enable running away from tigers are body really doesn't care about metabolism and breaking down our foods so for.
What's your point we need to regulate that paris empathetic are the vegas nerve runs straight from the brain to the god,
if there's any kind of inflammation in the gut we're gonna have some sort of um,
emergency response sent to the brain the brain is then going to regulate the the HBO access type of pituitary adrenal access so sympathetic nervous system goes a digestion.

[14:02] Ghost that so specific things like,
lumbar adjustments for your call and confirm me back adjustments for digestion like that,
what is in the liver and the gallbladder and do the six for the stomach and even cervical adjustments all of those help with our nervous system,
add it to allow the body to work better and if if the body has all of the other foundation on nutrition.
Add reserves in the body then we just got out of the way and we laughed about it do what its supposed to rant silly love it bro and i love how just within the first question and we were already like miles away from,
how should i plan where we started but the kind of bring it back so ok at not perfect world an ideal healthy situation so i'm fat,
they are going to my system i'm not stressed so i can breakdown the fat.
And i breakdown and then they go to my liver and my liver is healthy for my liver can do this thing where we bio transforming metabolism the fats in the keto and so now i have keto circulating in my blood.
Right so you can go there.

[15:17] Where they are located once we have a level of bodies between point five and three point eight million,
that that's the beautiful window there but we often want to get about point five we are in a state of ketosis.

[15:37] And specifically nutritional nutritional ketosis perfect okay great so both point five and three is kinda the idea window is what your saying i can help people even people even get up into the.
Five point oh are they i haven't seen anything that.

[15:57] Implies that that you're burning more of it,
when is five point help is when it starts getting higher and higher i've heard patients who are men seven point right,
that means that we're not actually were looking at my fatigue where even the kitchen,
are getting into the cell and feeling the mitochondria so that when we start looking at um.
Specifically a nourishing and looking at my account real hell can i so we look at the q ten
zinc magnesium i volume and see for sure of all the things for the crib cycle that we need your gas cycle because we will be able to burn,
and turn those key tones into hey if if it doesn't get into the tissues that we can actually use it,
add that shit is so that very very different.
Then diabetic keto thank you yeah i try to tell people am.

[17:11] Nutritional ketosis is the dose are as similar as nigga to nigga i said and nicotine.
Yo when gunna kill open right so um add.
When we go into keto asad is that is usually a type one diabetic situation because of not producing,
any one at all and over build up of key tones in that can start to cause all the things that you all the,
symptoms of diabetes get dizzy you get with rj is slowing your speed you can pass out you can.

[17:56] You can have kidney failure so you asked this is completely completely different,
okay so is there does the little cheer specified like okay
my blood levels are at three and am working really hard so i got a mugged and maybe a teeny when does that transition between nutritional ketosis.
Add diabetic keto adapted us what i seen is around ten around ten ok yeah,
that's that's the danger so i just try listeners that's when you have such a concentration of keto and bodies in your blood,
that now you're getting away from some of the physiological adaptations that for the everyday individual or even athletes,
u ok now you're doing too much like it's it's it's too much now you're gonna start seeing adverse health effects.
Right no and there's definitely of someone's getting to that point again there something wrong with the mitochondria health what can u connect it to normal blood sugar.
Add to eighty five.

[19:08] I'm blood sugar above one twenty five right ok help warm is busy logically therapeutic and one you are a diabetic you can say the same thing about cholesterol right we need blood sugar,
as a matter of fact when someone is in ketosis there blood sugar is normal.

[19:30] Right so it's not that there is no sugar in the blood all we need some level of,
oh sugar floating around in the blood for t-shirts and i love you said earlier to die in terms of thing some people get with all the hype around the new cool thing in the world.
It's like the ultimate goal here is a different feel sore still ultimately make like you said rc cola.
Which is just our bodies most fundamental basic energy molecule.
And so rather than using glucose to do that i'm.
What were you use the keto body so i just think that's a very fundamental paradigm shift thing for a lot of people is like i'm doing this so i can just have a different energy source.
I want what i would say is that damn over doing is we're bringing ourselves back.
To where we were healthy when we if we pay carbs and carbs and whey protein brand protein and fat.
We burn fat and because of our standard american diet are sad diet in this day and age with all of the preserve videos and how that throws off our metabolism.
It's a very very difficult now too.

[20:56] To be able to have that metabolic what's the melody of being able to burn what ever used
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alright guys let's get back to today's episode yeah so going back to you ok so the rest he turns in my blood.
And i'm trying to get a bob at point five level there between that point five in.
How do i know that i'm there or is that is that something may be you know play with that you can kind of feel what i think you're saying in terms of like you feel this mental clarity,
you just can't like how many energy of you will like the app for the person you've never done so i actually wanted to do with myself.

[22:09] Is there a way what's the lowest officially and in effective way to actually measure our keto levels only if like super official why,
is using black and on amazon you can get a keto on meter and strips that you tell me to itself probably runs around fifteen to twenty dollars,
distribute a little bit more expensive there about five bucks a piece of shit if u can find them and then u also wanna make sure at times especially when they're trying to get an the ketosis.
I don't worry about measuring first thing in the morning because that's when our cortisol is up a little bit hi eric were trying to mobile i uh like a gin and two sugars um so.
In the beginning when you trying to get into ketosis we are often released keto.
First thing in the morning when we're trying to adapt can you use any different samples of tissue from the body to measure the silence of people that test using your and is there a saliva test what is that look like,
what are the saliva test only test ph and so i'm.

[23:27] Are are saliva is acidic so.
Using that is not the best meat or a urine samples.
When we are trying to adapt and get in to ketosis um b and a call that he died at the ocean.
The first thing that we are dumping is a steal as OT.

[23:51] And so we can get a false positive of being a dad.

[24:00] In the first couple of days because we're done because she is a hundred and all that's technically a keto i want to measure the IQ body so.
Hi if someone wants to use the other the urine strips i tell them we're a good.

[24:19] No five six days make sure you're drinking plenty of water so that your kambing the other the other bodies.
Because the real keep telling body that we use for fuel is a hundred and yes bitch yesss they're strict keto bodies on the c is staying but i dropped hey,
it's the BAH be that we actually want to make sure so we can see at times,
hey pause positive wrapping up of the of the coupons and if we see the drop-down and everyone gets a little nervous but interviewing glad you're actually measuring the,
the BHP i can't continue our story of is she here before we go into our house but it's introduced on a roll SLK are blood she's raising what we're getting into ketosis.
I want to go back to what you had said to because we have a standard american diet or sad it can be challenging for our metabolism to make this transition is that fair to say.
You are so far metabolism is conditioned to always using whatever we have weather it's a carb most common broadway
for a protein fat and then it can be challenging but can be some resistance your body is like okay we're trying to do this but we don't want you to like it
exchange rate and who likes change red said fuck you tell us more about that is that i know you mentioned the drug cp right and.

[25:45] I know for some people they are trying to get into ketosis but it can be tough tell us more about yeah so um.

[25:54] Look up ways to help increase the body's uh number one is a medium change request rides.
Medium change it will break down very very quickly in two bodies ugh,
how many change requests rates will also be very effective add increasing your bodies own ability,
break down fats in the keto bodies so the mc to do two things number one it a media source of fuel.

[26:29] Your body doesn't have to try to convert how do i get to ride into the tissues.

[26:35] Right yeah the other thing that it will do is it actually promotes,
and um and helps your body because it the medium chain it's a little easier to break down the liver doesn't have to work so hard,
search much much easier to raise your levels that way so im seizure are a really good important part of trying to get into ketosis hi armando volume
MC teaser and things like coconut oil so that's why you're coconut oil was the big craze right now i'm.
So that one day and then there's also st.

[27:16] Can you tell me when or what the color is cute on the tones in a pound or if you need and.
If you know that someone is having a hard time getting into ketosis and accurate would recommend the bones um.
Q raise the kitchen body level,
then we also had some empty with that to encourage our own bodies production of it and if we are being.
Compliance with with the protocol and we're not adding any carbs.
Sooner or later the body is going to start working through that adaptation and im start doing that so sometimes it can take a couple days sometimes it can take several weeks.
I was a very great and both in triathlon so i was doing um.

[28:12] Long distance iron man events ugh.

[28:18] Back in that day everything was about balancing blood sugar.
Make sure your blood sugar was just perfect and all of us all my clients and myself we always making sure we had enough sugar in are bloods and we actually.
Create a red and insulin resistance situation as an athlete wow yeah.
So there we were out after one hour and a half where we depleted our like a download we can only take an hour about two hundred.

[28:55] Two hundred calories two hundred fifty calories are carbohydrates in our what we were burning.

[29:02] Six to eight hundred calories in an hour.
So are you getting to the deficit and if you if you don't have the flexibility to burn the fat ratchet you just bought.
Show ohh,
it took me several weeks because that insulin resistance that i created myself because i was the person drinking the,
energy drinks i feel like the internet or something like that,
all day long because i have to keep my blood sugar and all i did was created as a negative situation is that those people who are athletes
worth it
just people who are in the gym three times week or their doing their pilots are there spin class or something like that but then they're at their desk eating,
energy bars,
they're actually creating that insulin resistance and so it could be a little harder to get into ketosis because of that so the exotic kittens are a great way to help,

[30:09] Yeah i can agree more i think the eggs is cute is the nc the switch the fats all of those are great tools to jest further help someone get into ketosis tonight,
sometimes i think of it this way if i do you have an example it now everyone's trying to go to have an indian get to ketosis like this kind of utopian concept in,
you know it's not hard enough its like i gotta do the same see she's i gotta do this exactly is BHP i gotta work so hard and then i get there right well.
Sometimes just continue are not even further.
Let's say you get there and then tacos through the keto flu dark because now you mention dental and send now.
You know you been working so hard to get into ketosis and what happens is part of that keto adaptation,
is that insulin levels start to really go a lot lower because we're not having all of these carb spikes and sugar spikes and so tell us the adaptation there.
Yeah yeah the keto flu it has been a talked about extensively online i'm sure and it's a very very simple situations.
When you're not eating carbs you're not producing as much insulin insulin.
Retain water yes show when we reduce insulin.

[31:33] We don't need the water so we dump the water when we dump the water,
we are also pulling out electro lights so because we're worth retaining so much fluid were also then natalie dumping that fluid but don't think the electro lights when we dump the electro lights.
Our blood pressure goes down and we feel like dirt so it's a blood pressure thing it's not a. it's not what you're saying that's causing a blood pressure thing not necessarily a blood sugar thing.
That that has been.
Almost my experience a hundred percent of the time that has long as we give our patients and electro lites.

[32:20] Ben.
That the insulin pump water bill still down the lights for sure bless long is your reply you've got everything that you need for your muscles and your organs to do check contract,
i am or what happens to the muscle so what our part to keep beating and nr mind to keep moving so it,
tell me it's purely,
intellectual issue now with the eggs is cute to you do you have a good amount of sodium in there,
right so right so that's fine but we also want to make sure that we're giving ourselves a full rea electro lights so i like the idea,
taking something like an electro light drink specifically with no sugar um.

[33:16] Adding that um i love using a magnesium in my drinks a increase.
You over three hundred metabolic processes but,
what i have found is if you're using the exact ones and your something like a metal relax i think it and more even simply just a pinch of himalayan sea salt,
add me your diet you make sure that you are getting.
Add good three to four thousand milligrams that is than than the keto flu will be almost nonexistent.

[33:54] I couldn't agree more i actually use the end are quite a bit sincere seminars i love the product there and,
what's your plan to release things that people should be using something like in durham vs the gatorade but have the sugars,
that are gonna push you away from key to access the event make that keto adaptation sell history more with yourself.
I think we have enough contacts your so far with your acting cuts
can you think of whatever listeners are gonna fall into that lifestyle or the body comp camp with your pillows here can you briefly just kinda gloss over the performance and clinic workers i know you work with alot of patience,
that have major health concerns i know you have,
i want to patients who are close in athletes but if you can just can i walk through there briefly but then look to spend a little bit of time in the body common lifestyle
yeah so when i look at the killer janet diet um it.

[34:50] It's been research pretty extensively hand and can be as flexible as you wanted to be so certain link there is the key to life style which might be more in line with.
The low carb high fat low or intermittent fasting if we got the body composition there's an enormous amount of leather chair about.
Getting not metabolic flexibility so that we are earning our own body fat.

[35:22] And when we burning body fat for fuel we don't need to take in as much.

[35:29] As much calories in a lease for a period of time ugh where would i recommend someone doing the keto diet for weight management,
i will have them do that maybe for four to six months and then we cycle in and out.
The other two pillars besides lifestyle and body composition there's the clinical and then there's the performance for clinical.
Which i recommend it for my patients with traumatic brain injuries light congestion right,
i will use it for some of my patients who are male,
sync signs of early stage dementia i'm or some sort of cognitive impairment moderate comments empowerment i um.
I will use a ford got issues i will use it for both.
I work and issues to knock out all of the sugars i will i will use that clinic leave for the diabetes for sure is that is a slam dunk right there,
you can.

[36:40] Yo is chiropractors i don't know how it is in michigan but you were not allowed to say that we treat or cure diseases right but what i can tell you is that there have been type two diabetics,
i had several dozen in my office where there are clinical a type two diabetics and after going through a protocol um.
They don't have any of the bio markers that would diagnose them as a type two diabetic.
How ya doing so they are doing some,
ul good research on cancer for for some types of cancer that are certainly sugar dependent uh,
i will have patience where are they coming into a camp program a complimentary alternative medicine program so while they're doing,
are there chemo or radiation i put them on a keto diet they seem to do very well with that
i'm remembering your lack sure i'm banking on it right now even historical you said they were telling kids before they had a drag more medical model here italian man look just do this keto diet,
stop doing the keto diet when they had another pharmaceutical solution where is that was apple's COO so in the late eighteen hundreds,

[38:07] It was the diet of choice right eye i don't know if they actually call it that but it was definitely a high fat no sugar diet.
And in the nineteen twenties when i land came along um.
Day just realize that was much easier to add someone to take a pill that to alter their diet so the keto diet when somewhat underground,
although i was very very successful,
and now they are using it again because there are some people based on their text that the light doesn't work but mark finding that,
j k it works brilliantly some brain health it is very very.
Defective and they know now that we use to think that only a very few rude find source of sugar.
Twitter enter the brain through the blood brain barrier we now know that um.
The bring can be fueled up to seventy percent of its requirements can be fueled by keto know the reason why that's important,
is because as we age naturally and as we age in a healthy way.
The normal person lose fifteen or twenty percent of their.

[39:35] Find someone with some sort of cognitive impairment weather is dementia parkinson's alzheimer's.
They have a thirty percent reduction of ability do you sugar for the brain just the blacks.

[39:53] There is no reduction and the ability for the tones to pass the blood brain barrier can be elderly so.

[40:03] Who are the elderly it would be the number one.
I need a place for brain health love that is that gonna take us through their that's the clinical for sure on the performance side slam dunk.
Endurance athletes the kids and a diet is number one and the other reason is because with with the endurance athletes.
Even had what we called race pace most people are at no more than eighty percent of their max there full output,
are there if you could be in for keto os is up to eighty nine almost ninety percent of your vo two.
And still burning your own body fat so the importance of that for the endurance athlete we have something out here in california called the western states one hundred it's a one hundred mile run raise,
echoes from squad valley inn,
down to almost to sacramento all burn is the city so the amount of climbing a foot,
climbing is in the several thousand feet but they're doing this in fourteen hours,
i think me being faster and there in in one hundred percent keto so they're running this race on nothing other than.

[41:28] Water and salt is incredible and the reason is even needs high end athletes with six percent body fat.

[41:37] Add six percent body fat i send these guys may have still lol.
About thirty five house in calories to burn body fat.

[41:50] Add rice pastry might be running a hundred calories an hour so even after ten hours you only at eight thousand calories you're not even.
Twenty five percent.

[42:03] Remove your overall fat burning acid but that's only if u r in that state of ketosis and your medal directly flexible enough.

[42:15] The lower you take a shout.
The moment you take some sugars the body just says no i am going for that so much mark is it so much easier for me to get that and then you start shift,
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alright guys let's get back to today's episode it make you shake your head and just blow your mind in terms of all this knowledge out there there's always information everything which is good.
Then you see their human performance potential that comes from literally.

[43:16] What you said water insults his maker he is for me and makes me laugh is incredibles what the body can do and you know also makes me chocolate cuz i'll go to a nice restaurant and pay,
incredible dinner i love nice steak and a glass of red wine and just the experience out of.
Eating great food but then he kinda flipped out on the other end of things i was watching a documentary i believe on netflix its like with people who have just chronic health conditions that have been on results that the longest time they're going to this clinic in europe.
And they're paying to be there but all they do is starve them or they just don't allow them to eat any food.
So my question is how do you differentiate like a fast or intentional intermittent fasting is fasting for general health.
And what we might consider rude like ive clinical starving.

[44:11] Yeah so um there's not a lot of different tribes are because what are the easiest ways to get into ketosis.
Is the fastest nigga.

[44:23] Enjoy your body language and we've got about two thousand calories stored in our mussels oh fifteen 16 hundred calories and muscle cells for five hundred calories in our,
no deliver um when we sleep would burn maybe about forty percent fifty percent of that so we can wake up with.
Maybe about one thousand twelve hundred calories still all not daylight yet yeah so i'm.
Bye bye doing some sort of fasting.
We can we can continue to wind down and our bodies are going to other.

[45:09] Start burning fat until we leave our luggage in load let's say a couple times so what are the best ways to get into ketosis is just.
Nutritional eats fast right and i understand the therapeutic value of that is what the compliance for that is very very interesting yeah add um,
no overall long term you still wanna be able to get.

[45:36] Are there macro nutrients we still wanna get proteins and even erect in the state of fasting,
we well we will reserve our blankets in um prolonged fasting i should say we would reserve our like a do we reserve our,
so we don't break and muscle and prolonged fasting but i wish you want to be able to get.
Ummm protein and essential fatty some point and your motor that leo is in the sixties they got somebody who is over four hundred pounds they had him,
add nutritional e fast which meant water and a multi vitamin and that was it,
and they did that for over four hundred days after that there was no organ damage what so ever find anything for over a year,
over a year and no liver damage no kidney damage no heart damage not brain damaged and he just lived off the storage reserve is on body show ohh.

[46:45] Spurs would you do the keto diet diet you do wanna be some i'm gonna contradict myself first thing you wanna do
is just get into ketosis however you can would you like me eating a little bit more fat than yours do i need a little bit more calories the exact count quite a bit unsure and could you tell us,
when i put somebody on a calorie restricted diet because the goal is to burn your own fat you let me eat enough.

[47:16] What has to happen is the constant encouragement from someone like you to just let them know.
You're not gonna die yeah your your fine as long as you're hydrated and your generalized.
Yeah daniel cohen you bipolar you are going to be absolutely,
editor nine oclock at night i tell them at least trying at least twelve hours so if you stop eating at nine that night
try not to eat again until at least nine am the next day if you can make it longer awesome go for it then this kind of flies in the face of conventional wisdom to do with the whole idea of life
this is the most important meal today do you differentiate so if you have an adult or individual there a working professional and you know just stressed out so i would recommend intermittent fasting for them as i gotta lifestyle thing.
What about what about if you're just in high school like with kids do you also recommend that kid skip breakfast what is that look like.
Yeah it's funny because i just recently my high school kid has skip breakfast and i remember.
I remember my mom.

[48:46] Horse ing breakfast me and i remember eating it i just remembered i don't know why i just don't wanna eat i always feel for when i wake.
Me my kid just started doing that well but he does eat around.
Ten o'clock nigga just like this break in gold.
And they have a cafeteria and he's eating eggs and bacon is his first job first meal,
add danny has his lunch and then he has his after school snack before he goes into his sports and the other.
Seems to be doing pretty well and we have a yeah yeah oh well pins analyzer and.

[49:34] Okay staying when he's not losing muscle ugh i need the track and field and so it's a it's easy for someone like him to lose muscle throughout the.
Throughout the season so i so far it seems to be ok but it depends.
I need to patch the silly answer is it depends on who you are how old you are what i would i really want to make sure it.

[50:08] If parents are doing breakfast and i am fine with that that it that we are looking more towards or at least in LCH yes.
Show that we can see the brand absolutely love i love the ability of having eggs your the the simple ability.

[50:30] Ugh i cut very well but i can i can make an omelet and.

[50:39] Under seven minutes so if if we're can i have a breakfast to have some sort of protein.
What is the avocado in there if not dairy intolerant new or used cheese as a condom meant or some sort of goat cheese fine and you want to use some sort of um.

[51:00] Hold sour cream or other no fruit in your yogurt kind of thing that that.
That i think is is a great way to go,
and i got a link in the show notes here messaging access some great resources just helping people find those recipes that are keto bagels keto janet evening for gonna go dining outs to have more about keto adapter
i didn't think there's some great resources that were linked in the announcement post on our website here for you specifically going back to the carbs and getting that keto adaptation,
so you really trying to get people have less than fifty grams of carbs is that right but she can't really love it's not that he cant have
any carbs that right.
Try less than fifty grams of carbs is really low yes lol so what were talking about and the best way to do that and stay satisfied right because wicked wicked.

[52:01] I handful of berries and even though that's low glycemic um you're not gonna feel to satisfied from that sold the best way to stay satisfied is with your low glycemic index vegetables um.
You're christopher is vegetables your cabbage you brussels sprouts cauliflower broccoli things like that um.
Lol you're your basic salad stuff i love using a lot of sprouts you know like the arugula sprouted server or a sunflower sprouts in my salad um.

[52:35] So i have a big salad but not a lot of lettuce if i make a right i used things that are lower starch um.
And the simplicity of some species of protein is chicken beef fish am i.
I have stacked in my closet um a whole bunch of cans of sardines um.
Oh and all of oil in one and out.
If i just dont feel like ive had enough open up a can of those throw that on top of my salad that might already have something else um.

[53:17] Some other protein and i feel satisfied nikki she gone through the rest of the day do you think it's more difficult for women pay compared to men.
It of it does seem to be the case i'm interesting enough though women will benefit from.
Is slow as a fourteen hour intermittent fast man it sure that they get a better um,
result with a sixteen hour so they can actually benefit more from even internet fasting for a shorter period of time but because of hormone cycles and because of how.

[54:03] Add estrogen metabolism and thyroid are intimately related are the thyroid does like to use a little bit of glucose um,
because of that imbalance it does seem slightly harder how to do that but they can do it,
i love what you recommended to have been playing with the solat myself ever since our like first thing in the morning tall glass of water a little bit of apple cider vinegar,
i really find that helps me that good insulin response and just carry that mental clarity with me throughout the day until i choose too,
have any services important really,
i got great for people if first thing when you wake up in the morning guys just have a big glass of water with what you se at teaspoon or two of organic apple cider vinegar used anywhere from one to two tablespoon right yet,
can i use warm water.

[54:59] And then i use am i use the magnesium from the middle maiden relaxing and that that gives me the touring,
that helps my gallbladder start working better yet the thing about the apple cider vinegar is it has been shown to reduce the insulin response of food by
thirty percent friendly until they get a test with white bread.
Add a found that the response from wipro with thirty percent last when using apple cider vinegar so that's my first drink in the morning very first thing
warm even do a pinch of sea salt in um,
and then if i'm gonna have coffee l have coffee before i workout or something like that.

[55:48] My salad dressing what ever time i use salad dressing all i use is a little m. CT oil olive oil.

[55:58] Apple cider vinegar and salt and i am that's it and that's all you need you will find that when you throw that over the vegetables,
it will bring out as many flavors as if you had some very very fancy um salad dressing that you that you bought the shelf.
So once we do that now i got apple cider vinegar yen for my lunch which also reduces my insulin response.

[56:27] So that helps me stay in ketosis.

[56:30] And then usually my dinner meal i don't have the apple cider vinegar unless i am doing some sort of vegetables again i'm,
normally it some sort of warning vegetable his radio to cook it and throw all dresses lol little bit of mc to and some butter,
and and again some salt and that and that's my evening groove and i love everything your saying i just think there are such a health benefit that can be derived from.
Trying to take even just baby steps towards more of a keto adapted lifestyle in south
i really want to thank you for a command the podcast here and just bringing the value in the snow and expanding at further into the community here and jack where can people find more about yourself in your clinic and everything with yourself here.

[57:19] How you know i'm out in california and i have a website that said www cairo can dot com so ch ir or ho.
Kia and et i see ask dot com in my office number is nine two five nine three zero zero seven zero eight,
and you can reach me through my website if you need i need ask me a question awesome thanks again doggin everyone gonna wink,
a bunch of resources and a bunch of eggs and even some of these products that we mention if you guys wanna try and actually use this lifestyle nutritional medicine,
to help make these keto adaptations like being talked about and self i hope everyone received value from here once again your website michigan family wellness dot com,
again thanks so much and appreciation to you love your tire pressure love the feeling of polar is this morning at the end i will have to have you back on the platform here sunday thanks again,
yeah i look forward to it take care.

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