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[1:09] Well this lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your.

[1:16] Music.

[1:21] No for you today just got is a wellness expert with a degree in holistic nutrition however she's most comfortable classify yourself as an everyday mom is trying her best to help herself and her family live a more natural and healthier life.

She is getting herself to helping her navigate me incredibly proud and wellness space one step at a time she's passionate about delivering science based research any practical fashion that is easy to apply for busy moms.

I'm a guy or a family let's welcome just got.

Working families to today's podcast my name is dr pawan i am your host of the michigan family want this podcast welcome just good so great to have you.

[2:01] Thank you that the color and style that hair.

[2:04] Ask jessica so as you know we just holder listeners a little bit about us the professional as a rock star mother tell us a little bit more about what family looks like for you.

[2:15] Send me family is just that try not support system those people weather its your actual family or the family that you.

Accumulated your lifestyle and your life time but family to me is that support system that you can lean on any and all times so that's really important to me.

[2:34] Absolutely couldn't agree with you more i often say that as a theme on the podcast you really have to leave until support mechanisms that community.

Just another thing that we santa podcast is what is your favorite aspect of michigan as a michigan native i believe yes yes.

[2:50] Gosh there are so many exams but i would have to say is the seasons you were frozen right now currently.

But even through that link i just i love you season the experience at the end and i will have to say are beautiful.

Where are so fortunate to have those lakes and i appreciate them even more now that i am willing to buy thirty es.

[3:11] Absolutely i think its a well deserved saying what you look at different places across the country i think there's a lot of recognition for the.

Great lakes here in this beautiful state that we have what's your point,

it is a little rough when is the frozen tundra right now yeah it's perfect that being said jessica out like i had said earlier your wellness you have a degree in holistic nutrition but your also just really great.

Add empowering and educating inspiring the community of the mother is here in south eastern michigan tell us more about your story and what more a.

[3:48] Will it thank you first of all i appreciate that and,

hey just a quick snapshot of my background i didn't grow up on a farm in southern california.

Yeah for my own food i grew up here in michigan and the midwest.

[4:03] A very traditional midwest up bringing and through that experience i think people eventually when they find health.

They find it to experience that day how i m looking for a solution that potentially.

You know your regular traditional medicine doesn't help so for me it was

you know in my early twenties i have gone directly to school to study biochemistry i wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon because i was an athlete and my life trying to buy it let me in ten days and needed surgery and type always really appreciated it.

[4:35] That format is sending a billion fix the body in the bone since i love that unit the spine the strength i feel like so much of health and wellbeing as you would know or getting an expert in.

Com from just our bodies and everything underneath and so.

[4:51] I'm a couple years into my bio can major i didn't decide to shift gears because something didn't set right with me at the time and.

[4:59] I knew that wasn't right path to go down so id like a hard to read it ended up studying.

Journalism public relations with a minor in communications and after graduating from university i wanted to add the entertainment industry and i did entertainment PR.

Really fast paced celebrity isn't very click lifestyle and.

No clemson glamour i was working till two in the morning and eating dinner at two am when we get home to toronto at five am and i would wake up and have to back in the office to collect news clip ins in and

through that experience i quickly was burning myself would i know someone that with milk

frappuccino lactase and all the really bad things that weren't serving the end i would notice these panic attacks coming in on anxiety and.

How is the young healthy

female so why was this happening in the first correlation i found was thru eating meat and i do i get back to eating really poorly sourced meat

and so at that time i didn't completely plant-based and i was vegan for a many years i was ravi getting beer and michigan which was very difficult,

nati cooks boots for a long time and um i did that just to try and find.

[6:14] What was happening over the mechanics my body what i need to do to get myself to optimal wellness and if i was actually plant-based for almost a decade until i got pregnant with my son

and i noticed my body was craving foods and meets and bone broth sell through this journey though what i found was,

i have a call in and i definitely had a connected helping people so i knew that i needed to go back to school and i studied holistic nutrition.

Can i choose technician because i knew that it was more than just what's on your plate i knew that the foods were deep in you that,

the connection to our spirit our food is not community which holistic nutrition and braces all of that was worrying meaningful connections and finding your try weather at b.

No other wellness professionals weather it's busy miles which happens to be my focus in area and through that you know i did,

embark on a different journey and just as up within the last year and i like my full time career to be a stay at home mom.

Can i know eventually i would want to do something i did know to b so quickly.

I did start my journey in september and it's january now i just hit thirty five thousand views on that time so i think it was the right choice.

Alfred will so many things to honor and acknowledge their jessica i mean first of all just thank you for being vulnerable of sharing your story.

[7:38] Congratulations with your family how your sign becoming pregnant that's a challenge in itself

these days which made talk about more later here yet making that transition from being a very driven motivated highly productive individuals especially a woman in today's culture and then transitioning into the home life which i think i talk to my wife about this and talk to it.

Patience at the office who are mothers it's oftentimes.

There's the tension lol they want to do both or they want to be able to do everything at home or its like i've gone through all this education in my life and i work so hard and then.

Now my employer is just not interested and value in family so i just tell us a bit more about me but that transition was like for you what motivated you and then,

if anyone willing to check out jessica is instagram page that have stories they can follow along with your life where i really enjoy,

just the way that you're so open and share everything you are doing to elevate the lifestyle of other mothers in the area for hotels more about that.

[8:43] Yeah so you know i was thinking i was in a career as working for a healthy snack company actually kind healthy snacks but i'm sure most people are very familiar with and what kind of six years i'm not i was in a very

senior level role sell dream job and then i got pregnant with my data well.

I guess i should rewind before i got pregnant with my son i did struggle to get pregnant with my son and i went very fast paced life.

[9:10] Again i'm traveling and airplanes and i was definitely great at that time so i thought its blades

this is so much more than just food riots there is lifestyle that is the environment there is that family element i'm there's a lot that goes into that so don't want to become pregnant with my daughter.

I know i was really happy in my current workplace by the level that i was at there was no way to scale back there was no way for part time there was no way to not be on a flight every other week travelling and i was just

the thought i was overwhelming and too much and then there was a little bit of a health scare that we had

when is party with my daughter they had found a cyst which is very common but they did find a cyst on her brain and it was really mitxari nice so i knew.

I'm no the medical terminology and not moment i call when i said i'm not going back,

do you have swear i'm not doing that it's just the stress while i'm doing that

family is most important and i knew that and that moment that it was like a clothes box so i was grateful enough to be on to make that choice

stay home with our two children and my employer was was wonderful about it but there was no way to there was an important slate way to do both and you think you can have it all that maybe just not at the same time not.

Kind of the place that i'm coming to.

[10:35] I think we live in such a stressful culture is stressful life style that it makes it really difficult to get.

High quality dense nutrition.

Into our bodies into ourselves that we can just break down a simulated move through us answer these that some of the things that we talked about here the contact.

And i just from watching your videos from watching your instagram stories things like that.

You really enjoy doing that for you show women like hey this is what i'm doing think about doing how you can do this yourself tell me more about that.

Yeah so when i decided to kind of start you turn key it was more of that

overwhelmed because i couldn't keep up with the messages i was getting so close during the instagram stories i had friends from high school reached out as me a friend from college current friends emailing me texting me all the time all hours of the night

asking questions because of my nutrition background in medical background they wanted help me get no where starts and i turn to my husband

video i love this platform i think i need to start something simply as a means to an end because i can't keep up with the messages i don't ignore people,

i want to have a place to send them to you.

And so i use my instagram stories is that you know kind of aggregate all the common questions i get help people start because that's the biggest question i get is,

where do i start and how do i start.

[12:05] I think feeling alone or feeling like i talk to mom to say this all the time they feel they want to eat healthy with their kids and social pressures and being out with friends and school events and social events like.

[12:18] There's just all this pressure to cheat and not eat well answer they tell me they feel like they're still under isolated inside thank.

[12:26] Things like you're doing me a really helps women feel like i am not the only one you know i can do this i can figure out different solutions that are officially affected ben sustainable.

[12:35] Can i get one thing i'll look at with just consistency over a long period of time that is silky it's it's great to do something for one day or a week or two we expect.

[12:45] Especially me a lot of women what shes talking about releasing weight just to feel better than just a few more productive.

Have a better mental emotional state if your gonna try and release some weight you gotta be doing something consistent for a long period of time what you're not.

[12:59] Yeah i've got a lot of at on that some of them pull in behind

end of omnis space time and it's very common to right now in january detox write it on pinterest to travel to every state tax and and and,

i love you talk state but i think it needs to be in micro doses everyday

i feel blessed every morning wake up having warm water with lemon that will serve you exponentially more than doing a ten day cleanse that you're just cannot maintain that lifestyle,

tell my cousin you know the first thing when you wanna do it specially when they want to get pregnant or after they had a baby i wanna lose weight

ray and i don't even cook that number it to me and how i feel how my clothes fit you know

my strength and energy and soak it to then its a lifestyle change what is one small step at a time it is what i called the crowd out method

so you want to have those pancakes and waffles with your hands in the weekend let's just make them healthy let's help me find them and crowd the best quick and your gonna see the pounds

and it's gonna be a long term change for something that you're just gonna cycle back in and go back and double tap.

I got a lot of questions about which diet is right for me whether it's accurate yellow carb high protein that.

[14:20] And how much people can meal plan and prep and all these things what's your professional opinion against specifically we're talking about.

The woman who is in her thirties with a couple of kids just as stressed out mom and she's wondering what she can do to have really consistent.

What sugar levels and not feel so starving you know she tries to go for a longer period of time or something like that.

[14:43] Yes i would.

Yeah i think that there are certain diet and do really well with certain populations in certain ranges and also the baseline of where somebody is starting and.

[14:56] You go to your primary care doctor and he said i don't feel that great and they will you know you just need to lose some weight and

just work out a little bit more and that's that's not always the solution and that the cutout not that is

is my favorite way to do an aviation it's kind of a lemonade maybe it is a lemonade and process grains and see how you feel lemonade that quarter and a genetically engineering maybe it is reducing your meat intake seeing how you feel and they're going from there adding things back in and i think

that's not cute

it's a very popular i've done it i benefit from a keto diet i'm alive people do especially feel some blood sugar issues that you're somebody who needs to kind of reset your

go johnny could really help also so could intermittent fasting and intermittent fasting doesn't have to be as scary as

stop eating at six PM any don't need to get to eight o'clock in the morning but i'm not a fan of a long term diet for

consecutive months so you want to try keto and see how they feel if it serves you if it makes you feel good you can maintain that to me

the best style that you can do is a tablet plans on your plates i say eighty percent plants a small portion of protein and a small portion of carbohydrates in that doesn't have to be,

your weed your gluten in it could be from a potato from india and i love you know.

[16:25] What about squash this time of year i love root vegetables that you're all of those wonderful sources of carbs hey.

[16:34] No that's actually jessica thank you for that i'll respond with two things yourself.

I love intermittent fasting i recently died n do it because it's way to check it out for myself to see if i can recommended for patients and everything and,

in terms of timing of when we eat something really important what we're getting to.

But i really think there's something about timing are neurology timing when we eat during the day.

When is the chiropractor this really gets into the deep neurology of digestion of our parents sympathetic nervous system because when we eat more stressed out.

That's really not helping a serving is and it's creating.

Bad insulin responses in some sensitivity and i see me and all these three things here the thing on mission about the keto diet if you're a lady and it works awesome.

[17:25] I have seen that personally with my observations into really great firm answer when men can't starve themselves and not a bunch of carbs day just

lean out and trim out cuz they're like alright spartan warriors record.

[17:41] Women it's a little bit more stuff sometimes because as a woman feels like where the nutrients where's the food where's the store.

[17:50] Essentially it's.

Hey let's build out lets actually storm conserve in case we get pregnant type saying verses let's just leave and send out things like that so i'm not saying that everyone.

Hey historically speaking.

How far are ladies there is much more towards that verse now if your training if your exercising and just really activate think it can be great i'm a personal fan of some nutritional lifestyle tools.

Have you heard of data hi i just little things that can help shut the body into ketosis.

Where has it can be kinda difficult to get there naturally pick an era long time along time you had suggest some facts there but.

In ketosis you know sometimes for women who have really unstable blood sugar levels so it can be a great re-set

are there to do a quick reset because if you never in their life they're reaching for orioles every night at nine o'clock at night so for them to have to follow that diet and kinda for reset your body and the disk is the man that we speaking,

is really scary and women these days and it's masquerade in as.

Depression one in four women and child is currently on antidepressants effects that has opportunity um is really scary and the fact that we are medicaid.

[19:12] Willy unix group or a human population right now in a way and we don't have a ton of long term study is the CEO and.

Display sami is sometimes can be the reason why somebody was feeling depressed and anxious because they're blood sugar levels are so irregular that its masquerade

schizophrenia it's masquerade as public attacks is your hair falling out and you go to your mum,

find your regular doctor visits function functional medicine doctor and they say like ohh you know you're losing your harry cat sleep at night feeling stressed like

you know let's get on antidepressants do not checking your thyroid your hormones and so i do think kind of like starting going back to basics weather is so hot out method whether it's

add more plants weather is ketosis regardless of what it is and

alexa you're choosing your financing that serving you and you know the population of women that do benefit from ikea and it diet are those that really need a lot of help in reset most of woman in this day and age can benefit from

crowding up the strip grains crawling out so i especially that so i'm not,

reset in the plastics in your home the makeup that were you thinking it of the list can go on and on and this is where it gets,

overwhelmed for what i need to start hey guys just wanted to take a moment and remind you that this podcast is brought to you by the michigan family wellness clinic.

[20:41] Read live in healthy environment families who can adapt to stress in their life in order to build a healthy family we start by caring for one person at a time if this message resonate with you,

can i invite you to schedule an online appointment at michigan family wellness dot com hey and if you're enjoying today's episode go ahead and share this podcast with someone else who can benefit from today's empowering conversation.

Alright guys lets get back to today's episode.

And that's why it's great to have a resource like this podcast like yourself to in order to guide these women because it can be so overwhelming.

And i think that can lead to a lot of anxiety and stress and depression like you're mentioning in much more of the mindset where.

[21:23] You probably dont have a deficiency in prozac it's not that you're lacking in sri.

It's that you got dysfunctional adaptive physiology and you have to do things naturally because as we know where jessica those kinds of medications i mean,

i'm already talking with people who are under twenty years old.

[21:43] And there is medications me know the long term effects me people go through withdrawl if they are trying get off them which is a big deal i wanted to ask me more about.

Can you talk through what this this is a big deal with anxiety depression thank.

Can you tell us more about your experience and what you did practically to overcome that high so i definitely after,

getting off me i noticed rains it and when i would have it in my pants by hand with t-mobile and it was so bad i couldn't hold on to it without shaking so,

i noticed that can directly from eating poorly source.

Animal protein i do it animal protein so i just played that out there because im not saying everyone needs to go rock but i noticed my triggers

and also a strict grains and so was not insured grades so once i kind of got all of that out of my life is that also amped up my yoga practice to my spiritual practice because all of those

find that

family that try that you open every podcast you open every podcast with this and i think its so important is fighting that feeling of community that helped slowly but surely my anxiety one day it was kind and,

it wasn't forever because after had my son i hadn't heard of postpartum anxiety and it came back and it said no.

[23:01] I managed to found the root cause but i know what is the anxiety

chef's overtime and your life style changes different trigger is the weather its calling through your phone all the time and the anxiety

x to be on top of everything comparison syndrome always trying to be like everyone in your scream

and i say that all the time but hey lifes focus on doing that in my instagram stories its age

this is what you see you too but this is really what's happening in my kitchen is a mess on the other hand it out because i haven't had a chance of two young children running around.

So i'm through fine in that regards i did notice that i there was a deeper.

There's something deeper going on with my anxiety add this is where you go in for your postpartum visit at six weeks after having a child and you take something not.

Kind of work second cosmo magazine quiz and i still want to check how you're feeling add it's that simple.

[24:01] Where medicaid women based on that quiz and that postpartum anxiety and work it's a very specific group of women and so

one thing that i think we need to focus on that auto immune disease is the menu different triggered postpartum after you have attacked you give birth so traumatic experience to the body which travel with no.

[24:22] Can sometimes end many times trigger autoimmune diseases and so i don't think that were checking women constantly and on a consistent basis for the motor cycle is

work were not three levels for

what is asking me to take a casa magazine quiz and from there will be seen on postpartum anxiety and depression jessica if someone is struggling with achieving those comprehensive lab.

Paano specifically so that is something that we doing here through the michigan family womens clinic so we have an NPI number and we can't.

That individuals that mother that lady with those comprehensive blood testing if they're struggling to get it from the internet or endocrinologist MD.

Because we need medical necessity in things like that so just want to say that a little.

Slide for another service that we offer here at the connect what's your point there to just got mean i couldn't agree more with the autoimmune conditions are just sky rockets.

And one thing i wanted to ask you about what i wish your pregnancy with your anxiety you are also receiving some products and so as a chiropractor a major fan super biased but i wanted to ask you.

[25:32] Because this goes into movements she mentioned yoga and exercises the chiropractor adjustment is literally movement for your spine and i wanted to ask if that had any.

[25:43] What's that for you or if you can look back on that and be like hey.

I felt a different one i was adjusted or this that the other what was your observation yeah so i think that director the struggle i found that i had a really you know add in some.

Great food and supplements and seven days are always the answer i want to preface that um,

but i added a lot of great foods i pay attention to my fertility and i know is that i was getting a lot of adjustments and there was certainly pulls.

My body specifically your my adrenal glands were usually exceptionally store and so my chiropractor at the time was doing a lot of address.

Casino floor and i think i had been lying to my masculine energy and i wish it out in the workforce and trying to do it all and focusing on my masculine energy and he said to me that my interview notes and mike

close enough self down and threw open in the lining my spine line and i'm kind of like you would know that but i would just like the dinner logical ability for my brain to be

the pathway to be open through the spine thru that through three months of very consistent talking once a week chiropractic care for three months straight which.

[27:03] That's a lot of it out for people are you do that alot are you don't know i was so committed to it and through that.

I just noticed that my entire energy in my ability to move through that three of my yoga practice

change likely sorry that's my security system is my yoga practice changed dramatically as i was well into my chiropractor.

I'm so glad to hear that that makes complete sense i hope people were tracking my sad if i were to add anything i really need your flight

it's all about the brain communicating better with the body when you talk about the lumbar plexus nerve the sacred places of nerves all of that's going to our god's.

Organs josh and even darken the reproductions of the uterus prostate and everything down there.

So when someone is struggling with fertility any kind of pain during pregnancy low back pain morning sickness things like that.

The simple act of removing the neurological interference via the chiropractor adjustment is profound and phenomenal articulate one more.

[28:06] Mechanism if you will need the actual movements of the spine of the giants.

Releases and end of a new trans men called yeah yeah heard of itself what i'm trying to do at the michigan family want disconnect here is elevate the profession from more than just

popping pray it will minister but you actually how can we find your nervous system increase your.

Paris sympathetic to decrease your send with fedex and just help yourself up so late

absolutely and i love that because you know right now no auto immune based out pacey our ability to diagnose but i think that through chiropractic care will allow the body to function

no way that was always my dick function what's the limit more about prenatal nutrition and nutrition during pregnancy what would be jessica is the major components or nutrients

for that season of life that period of life because as we know it can be really tough.

When were you trying to conceive or even during that season of pregnancy making sure we have enough of the proper nutrients and good enough nutrition both macros in my gross would love to hear your thoughts on that.

[29:20] Yes that's what are the first things that i would say to women who are trying to.

[29:25] Can you see if there considering is to get your thyroid checked out and see if you i love you guys offer that's incredible because it's hard to find a functional medicine doctor.


A regular doctor who offers the flap that we're looking for many attempts are very surface level and i can return the normal range and i could use a little bit offended so i think that would help out.

[29:47] The exact opposite road that you wanna go on twenty one st to conceive so we really want to check the thyroid and.

Women currently in our space in my age group is under attack and it's,

it's a burden of the products that are off gas and that candles that were very inappropriate that were spray you know the foods that were either have been sprayed in the plastic that were drinking out of network

ian out of its very very scary and thyroid and liver are doing their best trying their hardest

j detox and keep my body alive but it's just not happening and we're out pacey net so the first thing that you can do is you can just,

it rained all and i try to make it as simple as possible for people

eat the rainbow and delete the same thing every single day and that's hard to do for myself cannot do it because i get a ride in the same solid order in on the same salmon recipe you really want to mix it up when you want it mixed up.

[30:47] Your nutrients so that you're getting all of your macros and mike rose from all of the foods that are out there so i was hit the first thing that we can do it

kinda get those screen.

Get stripped grains and not talking about your self that's why your sprouted grains so beautiful and you definitely wont have them in and women who are pregnant,

you need the grains your body means that your body needs to take that energy you're growing a human but i would encourage you to

get this idea your diet get the strip greens out of your diet get the high tide your diet get that far is fishers i get that you know

antibiotic chicken out of your diet eat clean as possible

traditional food think about what your grandparents eight and it's close to that as possible and it's enough get your pastor his eggs tried it local trade focus on the foods that are high in the middle

avocados are high in fat your ass that butter is

i would encourage women to eat those what type of food when i wanna can see if i can rearrange so many great things there are guys if you're listening this go ahead and hit that.

Rewind fifteen seconds rewind thirty seconds cuz there was a lot of great information there that i think you guys should really read listen to.

[32:01] I especially just like all of the hype nutrition density foods colleen is one of my big ones there fir nutrition during infertility in pregnancy i love you discussion on the road and actually wanted to go into a little bit of a,

helping women connect with you guys can just,

take both hands right underneath your job on pretty much is high as you can go to your fascination with bones and me start to feel the high in bone it's actually based bonus flooding.

It's only bone that is not attached particularly with another bounce that kind of first then you feel there in the neck and then this is actually what i do,

as part of our manual palpitations i already examine it it just it's remarkable to me when i'm talking with a lady who's going in for a fire evacuation.

And the physician never did.

Emmanuel already examples that it's just a simple it so easy thing would just lost this whole mindset of being able to touch people safely so he starte there up at the bone right underneath the job

you slowly work your way down eventually you come to all a little bit of a wider part of the throat in the next.

[33:10] Send those to you can a flush the parts there right by me below your adams apple if you well.

Is the actual style red wine itself there's a right side in the left side in this little thing in the center that connects you called the smith's that's not so much important but.

You can really start to do if you can't pay your rent you can feel if it's an error an wont be or if it's more soft inflatable and this can give you some insight into you.

How is my thyroid actually function it really should be soft and playboy here feeling now just feeling grouchy so i will leave in the greater belt i don't see that time.

We do you live in michigan which are soil is new train depleted specifically i'm.

[33:53] I don't have a discussion there but when i put in for your thyroid is going to start to change its size and function,

versus its adaptive physiology there is not one of the things i love to start doing just to help people get a sense of.

Where the ideas what's going on right side vs left side and then i honestly jessica if if there needs to be additional imaging done i love ultrasound.

[34:18] I always tell people especially if they going for imaging with extra for like a cervical spine x-ray do they need to.

Think about shielding the road somehow i know it's tough.

[34:30] Yes there are certain tissues and our bodies are is our reproductive organs are get me these things are very radio sensitive me don't want to be a loving them with extra dose.

That being said sometimes we do need to make a referral out for more imaging for the thyroid i mentioned ultrasound and we also do a lot of what testing to really figure out what's going on with the order itself and i think this is a really good topic that

applies to a lot of women especially when they have symptoms.

But the labs come back normal and dr said that's all you had your crazy are they just brush him off so harris falling out of energy and your body weight but here in the normal range and.

[35:11] I love the connection not being able to know where it is two point two eight to be able to empower women women have.

[35:20] Necesitan this is it right now if given over a lot of the power of your body whether you want to control to a doctor

we disconnect her body and your the first thing i'm saying your fertility journey is it okay to be their body temperature taker temperature every morning know your cycle

take that empower me in your body you know your body that we are the experts on your cycle and your body when you go to your doctor you will like you know my pill with every twenty eight days before distant power in ourselves and i love that

being able to feel the non working thyroid and being able to know your fertility know these things are in power rain on a deeper level and then then we know it.

Yeah but the ability to feed the brain and the body connection

israel we all know this is real and it's mind over matter and so taking that into your own hands is really important and there's a lot of really great use supplementary should we start with food and accomodation cuts like you sad

arse oil is depleted and people say the challenge me about supplemental term.

[36:22] I try my best i just found this weekend when i eat today because i get the sexy supplement question everyone's know the quick fix to the supplement and let me tell you.

[36:32] There's no quick fix whatever.

I eat very balanced meal but i'm not perfect meals three times a day at three hundred sixty five so i do need to supplement with that oil and for our thyroid barley grass juice powder in spirit who are you

power house says and if

if women can do and i have a feeling a video on what not to do it shameless plug back i have a video on how i was able to get.

[37:02] You can see if any progress on the first try once i got all of this into practice

i have a video with i can send you the link if you want to add into the show now it's i would love for people to check that out because it's really simple tips and barley grass juice powder and hawaiian spell are so powerful for art

diorite and andesite you can take these they are stats nine

a simple man that you're taking it from the ground at something that you can add an every single day and green shoes in the sprinkler and everyday

you know what is a promise you if your dedicated to a twenty eight days' notice your energy when no yes your so right that's cool right you know what it is

that land in there

the electricity in the balance that's the one thing people say like my fingers when starting a little bit faster and you know the density of it

i feel so selfish its been hydrated and also the way that people explain its me and have to a great just a simple adjustments and no supplements

going back to the chiropractic side of things too just in the neurology the innovation of the road from the cervical spine from the brick yard access.

[38:12] Major major major changes and improvements can be seen just by restoring proper range of motion in proper alignment.

Soooo that part of the body specifically with al-amin.

A lot of ladies lot of women especially carry tension in there shoulders and so who are just getting everything cleared out there is just really helpful especially for their stress levels too.

You mentioned like that the magic supplement the special supplemental at that time that i like to use as pants or like the only thing that cures everything.

Because i had this crap for my patients and that's like a lux there's nothing out there people love to talk about tibor and i can't like that

all these great things which are fantastic can help let the fruits be thy food and leaves behind madison red black the reds beat that medicine right however i would say if there was one,

for me it would be sleeps i'm always asking your patience.

Are you having a good night's rest can you take a nap in the middle of the day can you even have good bowel movements are you doing great number one number two things like that.

Because that's so important to me as a chiropractor because those paras sympathetic nervous system function.

When were stressed out and sympathetic stress through the roof you're not gonna fall asleep your cortisol is gonna be up through the roof.

Can you got to be about that's what your body heals that's what are sales turnover is one sleeping but if not sleeping.

[39:34] That's not happening so don't sleep is free you don't have to pay for it but they're can be such greater things along with chiropractic adjustments that can really help us get a good night's rest.

[39:44] Absolutely i agree is the

i joke with contractor that when i take my son in for an adjustment is my favorite de casi sleep so that you're speaking to women in ten moms about the sleep spray and every time i post a video that include sleep i was kind of chocolate and i

posted a video about it my favorite tips to combat stress and sleep is number one and number one lasts because

i feel like a fraud like that has no clothes and i couldn't find video clips night before i was with my children legitimately from one until four in the morning straight pot.

[40:21] I took a nap i had had my son up at school had to take a nap i call my mom to come over so i can lay down for forty five minutes because i can't function without sleep and yes i suppose to sleep in the sun goes down i'm

should i go to bed early and i know i'm in bed many nights by eight forty five at night because i recognize that my daughter is your receipt and she's gonna wake up at two in the morning to feed so if i go to bed at nine or nine thirty that gives me a really good stretch yourself

you know the dishes and all that important your sleep is the most important so getting to bed early if that's what did you have to go to bed when your kids go to bed,

not something that's a choice you can make it sat for optimal health at one thing i agree with that one saying the issue.

Is free and it's sleep with jessica i am not a mother so it's sometimes difficult for me to connect with this thing but i just expressing the comments and the thoughts that i here.

From others and women in our office and one of them is just feeling guilty about being so tired and so chronically fifty.

[41:25] That there taking naps during the day they're missing out on these precious moments.

Whether it's with newborns infants or even there kids but maybe a bit older and there is this feeling of this pressure.

[41:38] How do you cancel or advise when was that in terms of mindset thing do you do,

you get into that hoe like a mental side of things with lexi così magari flex is in counseling or do you pretty much keep it with a nutrition in the lifestyle.

[41:53] So i think that will all that fit within my lifestyle big he is.

[41:58] I find that i know for myself and when i'm not practicing i'm what i preach that i feel resentful right now

sleep and i feel guilty and i feel short fused i feel all the things that you don't want to feel as a mother you want to feel excited and happy and i also feel those comparisons is like in paris and really crepes no i'm looking instagram and i

i look back and say i'm projecting onto them because

i'm not taking my own self care my hands and i'm not taking control of that so the first step that i take it.

We gotta ask for help writing with conditioners women to do it all we can do it all rights and do not let yourselves but really.

When you were never left alone with the baby.

[42:44] We were raising babies after all we were in our homes and apartments for eight hours alone with the baby those things never happened until now so,

we are asked to raise children the way that we did a hundred years ago in a way that has never been done before so first i meant to ask for help.

I missed saturday if you need to take an hour nap you need to do that for you and your children if you need to go to yoga if you need to go get your adjustment is.

[43:13] Two weekends ago i went and i had my nutrition response therapy testing for my chiropractor and i had all of that done and how to reset for myself for the new year and i took two hours when i got my adjustment.

I had my levels checked i had my muscle tested i have all of my new protocol but your by protocols secondary to my sleep,

my hydration my nutrition all of those your first and then my supplement and you know it second to that but you know i do have to take care of myself and getting adjusted i'm not doing my yogurt

every morning i meditate for ten min and my daughter wakes up i meditate with her there and it's not perfect

what have to do it for self care is huge can't agree more about your plain about community and not just people taking care of each other and how

when we do things differently than we did under ten years ago our friends from church actually had this woman just delivered her seconds and so she went for her follow up visit with her doctor and when the person doesn't always do you feel sad

recorded and she was able to stay without hesitation just wondering yeah speak eyes.

[44:18] We do this is one example i know a lot of communities do some other things in terms of meals right so it can be difficult to prepare a meal for your family especially when you're trying to do things all authentic traditional easter to have it be healthy.

So we have these like online scheduling program is that just people rotate preparing a meal me bring it over to them.

Add ernie specific days and times and then whenever fits best with your you know she's vegetarian and sell meeting their nutritional needs one way that community helps a mother,

especially with her second because that transition from one to two you can be on a big one from what i'm told essentially sale.

That's beautiful that's beautiful in that she has that and it no woman will probably not since it's an apple in cali that lunch should i expect from experience so that's how my credit coach um.

I don't take clients currently at this specific you talked about our flight i'm currently not seeing clients i have people asking me i'm live but i'm trying to help a larger platform right now and help um

marvin not that one i want to get back to that but that's how is people is selfcare and really

taking care of yourself enough to say this cuz i'm in speaking with you but

when i go see my chiropractor i have to come into the office and see you i'm really excited i would love to help let's do only and hour away hey.

[45:44] We have to do it because i noticed my sleep

would you compare george smith and my sleep is so much better and i have my muscle testing done and i know what that peek under the hood and if i can get a blood panel right now if a woman you know your primary care doctor so you can get a blood panel because your nearest your hormones are off,

go find a chiropractor can look and give you that snapshot of this

set your primary care doctor can't give you right now because that is just as important in you're gonna get more information from them from now on your regular primary care doctor can't keep you there gotta run deeper more in

intensive and base of test in a way that's gonna give you are great

turn snapshot an integer and a consistent until what is interest rate on your adrenal glands are working really hard and your projects or level where can i get two on and natural

remedy for that and also on a diet a lifestyle that supports,

absolutely jessica you have brought the value today thanks so much for joining us here on the podcast to our listeners exactly where they can go to find more about yourself the first place exactly check out is

you tube page when posting weekly videos i'm going to get out of here.

Weekly videos but i can maintain myself caring and that pays right now is a stay-at-home mom i'm hoping that in the next month or two xl on you tube i'm just.

[47:07] Expires you can search me on derek not want to connect me connect with me on a day-to-day basis i'm an instagram ad jessica i'm on insta stories all the time you can get a peek behind the curtain edit out how i maintain life is a moment to kids.

Trying to build this business as an entrepreneur i'm having a lot of fun doing it but i have to talk about the not so great times in the kitchen then the real life.

Will there be wind you guys can check out the show notes for this podcast to see all of the klebang send value that we want to provide for you can also check out the web page for this podcast by going to michigan family womens dot com.

And checking out everything there jessica thanks so much you're a rock star wife mother entrepreneur.

You just seem like you have everything really going well for you right now i just want to thank you so much for bringing value and inspiration to the platform here thanks so much.

[48:02] I appreciate thank you for having a huge fan i reach down and i'm glad that we had a chance to connect with love your platform and everything you are doing.

[48:11] Thank you so much for having made after kyle can't wait to have you visit the clinic sometime thanks again.

[48:15] Likewise thank you alright families what you think we'd love to get your feedback if you would like to email me about anything you turn on this or any previous addition of the family womens life style

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