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[1:06] We have a healthy family is by living a family wellness lifestyle so if you're looking for a fishing affected and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family.

Then i strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable,

because we have an amazing show for you today is the founder owner and nutrition specialist at the inflow wellness academy formerly known as power performance gym you listen walled lake with his wife and daughter

what is matt coaching clients at the academy bene enjoy family time and a great workout,

alright families let's jump into today's interview welcome families to the interview portion of today's podcast my yes on the show today is none other then then now welcome back to the podcast bandits great.

[1:51] Hey thanks dr ma happiness speak with you.

[1:55] Well then it's been a privilege and a pleasure having the chance to work alongside you in the training at power over the past few months and i always feel like if i wanna learn something new i just need to be within ear shot of,

BK because he is always teaching the people around him he's a really impactful leader.

[2:14] For sure sell band i'm excited to bring your expertise and speciality back to the nf w podcast and i want to encourage everyone to circle back and sync up with the fundamentals and foundation,

how's the mission vision and values of power performance gym by listening to episode two with ben app and coach dan.

So i can't wait to jump into today's discussion on how the training coaching nutritional pearls and mindset mentoring.

Can you help the woman mothers and families to elevate the health and wellness

that being said we do have two questions that we always ask god share on the podcast i've just hold your family is a little bit about you is the professional but one of the core values hear on the podcast his family so tell us more about you as the person and what does family look like for you

well i'm i really appreciate the introduction to think that i am surrounded by people who i learn a daily basis is amazing.

Will you ask me about what does family mean to me well um you kind of mentioned it so family is not only the literal family i my husband's father.

My husband to renee and not bother to sofia i'm a family is also extends to family to me is its about people.

[3:33] I'm a like minded people that embrace on one another's possessions people that are encouraged and we feed off one another so,

i'm gonna that even what you do for a living and your expertise and the fact that we work simultaneously towards one common goal.

[3:53] What is the help people that is what family means to me so i mean i got somebody would do just about anything for all my clients are definitely on that list so.

I believe on your performance jam it's help me create a extended families from.

[4:11] Outstanding you know that i do say this is every episode of the podcast usually later at the end but i'm gonna go ahead and say here now because it does just resonate with everything that you're saying and that is.

We can do far more together than we could ever do apart and i just really wanna drive that home and under square that's another thing i love to say here on the podcast band is that we are smitten with the middle so i always ask my gas.

She what they love about michigan well i mean i think we all agree that we love doing what they refer to as the four seasons i think we get more of three of them so i'm okay i'm a humble,

i'll take the three season self i'm i definitely loved a variety of outdoor activities and other destinations that michigan offers and i have to embarrassingly admit i'm dr kyle that.

This number was the first time i visited london getting to in michigan and i'm sorry my half my heart is still there i mean what,

i just want an amazing community what an amazing vibrations that don't know the local businesses have been in what u t.

That's really given to us and it's just i mean assistant couple of hours up the road so i'm every time i seem to visit a different location.

[5:29] I'm up michigan i get it i got more smitten every time so i think my arm my love for michigan,

i mean i guess as i age and as you know my values change as again spending quality time and with the family and with friends and.

I meant and what a great state job to offer a lot of opportunities for fern i just activities but for i just reviewed

fantastic ben and i love him mention letting sunday and just cycling back to what you said earlier about you know the seasons the seasons change i think the joke with you know people out in california for example is that it's so terrible seventy two degrees and sunny all year round and sell,

i do appreciate that along with you that a variety that we have that diversity of temperature in all the different colors that we get so i'm right with you there

now all right then let's go ahead and get more in depth because i really want the women mothers and families listening,

get value from your experiences your expertise and unique prospective,

so like i said at the top i really want people to refer back to episode two and i'm gonna go ahead and drop a link in the show notes for everyone so you have the full version discussion,

in the mission vision and values of power performance gym i'm gonna send you guys back to episode two but ben can you right now just give us a short recap on those principles.

[6:54] As a foundation and then we can build our conversation from there to do my best to me you know why i went into business for myself i guess to look that today.

[7:04] I have to refer to it more of a cali you know that you don't know why you're always called to duty if you well.

I'm so again people who are motivated by helping people change lives i think they're all including yourself when we understand that calling and we don't always know why.

Maybe i started my business for just that just to start a business to do something on my own maybe it was a bad idea i'm not sure.

What did honestly has just taken out a life of its own and its something that i no longer have a choice of whether or not to participate in a it's more of a moral duty.

I'm very thankful that it duty that i love it's helping people and a variety of different ways.

And whatever success means to them what you know it's not from me to find success for the people around me i just help people feel successful,

i'm in your daily endeavors and so i'm i just can't really think of any other way to try to,

create a call to meet a business then.

Through helping others and so it some it's just been a pleasure we'll get the different business aspect semantics change the shape shift all the time and that's the difference between business and passion.

I'm but i been very important to hold the two together that performance gross i just mean that we're helping people on a deeper level so i.

[8:27] I think it's where i hate my hair

you know when you bring up such great points and i really wanna just highlight this line of thinking because i really believe that relates to what you're talking about here in terms of your approach with performance your culture at the company with the gym

and search if this idea is this perspective of the final.

And the infinite game not ok so i talked about this before and the podcast but let me outline again for listeners let's use the example of microsoft and apple okay i think most people are familiar with those are major companies but the idea is that.

When you look at the culture of microsoft okay they have a drawing be.

[9:08] Drive to harvard we beat apple you know that is the core or motivation of that company how can i forget people say is that i visit the company and not just cannot analyze it from three thousand five using all of that now.

I'm the opposite end of the spectrum you have a company like apple

and the focus with apple they're playing the infinite game so if microsoft is playing the finite game apple was playing a completely different game because what their focus is

yes how to help teachers or how do we help a specific group of

people unnatural and drive home his with performance with your coaching it's not about

man do we have enough squat racks already know do we have enough phone rollers or god we need this that was started how do we help.

[9:57] The people i love her that's the focus and i love that the culture i just feel perfect like i said to be around that culture on a daily basis would you agree with that one hundred percent i assumed that's why you when i enter

add we are working together we talked about before how to buy the tracks that tried so,

i no longer ask why the people that are in my life in my life i'm just thankful for them and is soon.

Did the purpose for it so i wanna know i wanna be willing to except whatever they're bringing to me and i hope that they are just as open as what i can bring to them so it's a it's.

Mutually rewarding it's almost been a mutual mentor ship

absolutely now been just kinda give us a general overview of how you got to where you are now and how does that translate or convert to working with the people that you're working with today help is being thanks

i can probably guarantee corporate industry.

[10:51] I'm headed my whole life played out for me i don't know what use call it stupidity or again so not really sure what i decided to leave the conference in the guarantees of the corporate world to i'm gonna start my own business and i'm.

Thankful that landed and nutrition i dont know why i didn't and so i'm it's just basically creating a certain value on that was built around service you know maybe i was,

i'm not focused on service maybe for a lack of knowledge maybe i was focused on this service and service as i can,

trending create security again so you can kind of help streamline your income for months to come.

But it just how i go about my day hes just now and again to the apprehension but i am.

I said has to be ima call in an ask to be doing well.

[11:42] Now take my arrogance to believe in the guaranteed lighting and how that converted into one hundred create a high level service but.

It's been through the service to other people and did i mention that has come back to me when i go what people have referred to as out of my way to church to get the best value that i can in whatever the situation is.

That's always seems to come back to me that always seems a little better thank you weather it's a hard weather is just seeing on the value of your product in peoples development.

I'm it just continues to motivate me ion one how much further can we go how much more can we do so i don't know that i've been particularly specialized in any aspect of the field but i believe.

My specialties do you live is in my willingness to do whatever it takes.

[12:30] It's my willingness to figure out whatever it takes and i reminded my clients i don't have to be the smartest person in the room i distinctly had to be resourceful and.

Through the contacts or of the education that we had where can i find those answer so i love being challenged with ummm new challenge.

Things i don't know any give me the opportunity to learn opportunity to apply the information and opportunity to see the room out every once.

Outstanding ben and again just to approach this conversation in the discussion we're having from the perspective of our listeners so let's say you know i haven't been satisfied with going in doing my daily thing at the planet fitness i was doing cross word for awhile off the cross fit gyms in i got injured can you tell me what makes

power performance different can you tell me what makes training with ben napping different really outline that far less nervous i think it would probably be better set of one of my clients answer that but since none of them here lol do my bas i want

i would really love to hear how bobby my articulate that but,

if i had to describe it on my own i believe from what makes us special is our needs based approach to human development so.

Yeah someone to leave another maybe they you know if it was entertaining enough for them you had mentioned maybe somebody got hurt.

[13:52] It always comes back to the question why you know why is this important to you,

why is working out important why is managing your pain important you because.

As much as i believe in my principles i have to be willing and open to understand.

[14:12] Their value system what makes things important to that one thing i take great pride in is.

Not been conditioned to associate me what person gets started i refer to it as i want.

Why does somebody wants into a new diet like to submit a launch into a new training program.

[14:31] What i tried to do as i tried to again b very thankful for the opportunity to work with a person be very open to their reasons why.

[14:39] Remind me to remind myself all the time diff or performance jim hasn't done their job.

[14:46] I will it helps shape shift their mind into adjusting value system in their why maybe

do you know why cuz it's only about weight loss and get that very common thing for people write in but you can only go so far and your day to day rituals are in your day-to-day expectations of,

i'm doing better and being more so weight loss can be amazing lunch.

[15:14] I want to help them get a little bit hey guys just wanted to take a moment and remind you that this podcast is brought to you by the michigan family womens clinic.

We believe in healthy environment families who can adapt to the stress in their life in order to build healthy family we start by caring for one person at a time if this message resonate with you,

can i invite you to schedule an online appointment at michigan family wellness dot com and if you're enjoying today's episode

go ahead and share this podcast with someone else who can benefit from today's empowering conversation alright guys lets get back to today's episode.

[15:52] Sure why to day maybe one think and are why i'm six months from now maybe it'll be different so i can help shape shift that process into creating a deeper meaning.

N ben and then helping down again be a better resource for the people in their life i think i think that maybe what makes.

Fantastic baby no this discussion is getting a little profound and i love that and like i said you know just being around just being within ear shot of ben you gotta learn something right

so let me try to say a little differently exactly what you're saying and correct me if i'm wrong but let's go with that weight loss example it's.

[16:27] It's the problem of the problem or it's like you're trying to help people focus on.

Not necessarily the weight loss but what they can gain what they can benefit from accomplishing that.

Weight loss of example it is the hope in losing the weight itself or is it really more about something deeper weather is spending more time with their family or contributing more to the world around them or just being a better partner spouse is that we are staying hundred percent

i want a percentage that i call patrick where you feel one cup i want to continue to feel that cock i need that to start feeling the cavs blow it so,

i'm exercises it has been an amazing resource to help people build of field many different cops again love and self respect and creating a better image of themselves and how that carries over

and two the work place into the family into the relationship into

being a better mother father a more understanding neighbor maybe less aggressive driver so it's been awesome seeing how exercise does transform people in many ways,

and again i tell this to my patients all the time but.

[17:35] Your health is your greatest asset it's not and how much you have in the bank it's not and how much you have in material things.

When you can take care of yourself when you have your health then like you said you can be there for your kids you can be there for your family you can be that better partner and spouse.

And you can be more productive at work your body is able to function with or talk about people who can't sleep don't have a good

paris sympathetic nervous system

don't necessarily go to the bathroom every day another just so constipated on plugged up and we can talk all day long about the health issues and the necessity of our society and our culture today but here's the thing ben

weather it's exercise whether it's chiropractic acupuncture massage therapy there are all these great conservative natural alternatives things that we can do.

And i really think i'm going again back to the culture and overall performance i really think that's where you go shine.

And i really think that's where people can just experience something different experience.

Personal attention to that you mention that the human component and so again i want to be very clear for a lesson or if you know it's not just to focus on,

the training and we talk a lot about the exercise part of it and no working out in the benefits and value of all that.

[18:54] Real quick i do wanna touch on there is the nutrition component that you are very involved with and there steve

mine second am entering component that you really involve can you walk us through those two things really quick great i think hand in hand a mindset can carry over to

you can apply that to any scenario so real talk about mind set with nutrition i gonna try to simplify it.

If people are coming here to remove better i just remind them of well certain types of foods cause certain amount of information that prevent,

no fluid movement so if i'm a candidate about the exercises initially i can disable these foods are bad for us because their preventing fluid movement during training.

And maybe that will then take on a life of its own because you know as well as i do the minute you start removing certain foods like breads and sugar.

I dont really have to tell people why they dont need to eat breads and sugars anymore to take out a life of its own,

go back to those foods after taking a certain amount of time off it's never it's never the way you remember that so anyway that i can you can put the lack of a better term trick people.

Not eating a little cleaner i think i think it was just to take out a life of its own and so were that maybe kind.

[20:07] I called and i'm like i get it you know so people start to create those moments in their own and then i can send you another another leg of nutrition so now that i have your undivided attention and can appreciate

is simplicity and just got married and sugar intake and monitoring bread and pasta intake i believe that i had the full attention.

Weather full attention i got better education comes in we can start explaining to them how to get better digestion how to achieve better nights sleep how to have.

Better balance energy so i use what ever drop off when i need to to get them eating cleaner,

i'm not everybody's ready to accept responsibility for holiday eat in halifax there body and the status of the body and the mechanism inside the body.

So even if i have to divert attention over two.

Again just getting better workout it will it will it will start to manifest itself into healthier habits i mean i dont need

awesome i just love the value land down for the listeners here and in terms of really getting an idea of the impact that,

working at the power performance gym can have and i wanna keep this person optimus but i'm thinking of a young lady and i think you might know who it is but can you just kinda talk is through.

[21:31] Her story because yes there was a major weight loss component there but for a listeners just so that he can get an idea of exactly what you're talking about what were discussing here on the podcast.

Can you just gonna walk us through her story and then it became more than just the weight loss i'm so glad you brought that up it really happening it is.

Just awesome story in a very simple um um she's a professional and she was you were talking to her,

she was approximately one hundred twenty five pounds over her ideal weight right so um.

[22:04] Would i can appreciate when somebody is that overweight know that the workings of the mind and the body connection

there not communicating very well so it's very easy for somebody to second guess their motivation and second guess their career because they're just not functioning

i'm help you know sell i'm she was no different so if she believed if i lose weight.

[22:30] I'm gonna get to that i will get to that number and my life is just gonna be laid out for me and everything's gonna happen exactly the way i envisioned it so i got i'd mention a launch point.

I don't believe you no i'm willing to pay if this is how we get starded let's get started what i found so awesome kyle.

Is there a fast forward to the hundred pounds.

We've become very good friends and through this journey and that's one thing we take off alot of pride in here with my refer to people as clients but these people are my friends no ma'am sir thank.

[23:02] About to go back to the boat to the store and she was at my house and we're just having a small gathering at the house.

What was interesting is her professional attitude and her in almost a distant shipment with her profession what are the exchange.

[23:17] Everything was the same and so she got a little angry with me kisses oh my gosh you're still a hundred pounds overweight.

And heard hello can you tell him the floor not use the spreadsheet and i'll leave italy and that moment she knew that i was going somewhere.

I said i said what is this just reminds us that you didn't have all unnecessary weight loss if she like you sign as.

A big black for your personal development but.

[23:49] If you don't again if you don't start to change the other things about your life if we don't again if we don't improve are attitude we don't improve,

the way we go about our days at four not looking to except certain responsibilities or maybe to places that we put ourselves then it doesn't matter if.

Order pump three hundred pounds two hundred pounds they're still had his change that wasn't necessary and that really just started.

Stream lining a complete change in focus where she was looking at what how do i spend my days how am i sleeping better how am i focus on meal tiny and nutrition portion control.

And so when the weight loss was gone.

Just start focusing on those rather ask you like a self discovery that i don't think i'm still awaiting my mind i still see that same person in the mirror that was slightly overweight so it shifted my responsibility from coach,

and weight loss into hey.

[24:47] You're great you're amazing this should prove to you that you can accomplish anything that you want and it just not the transformation one inch,

i got her how you lived your day is that the value system that she had in re approach and she has a launch back in her career i mean absolutely bolt in,

and she is just taking off on time.

[25:11] Just running away with her dreams and her goals in her new goal setting and just what i would the awesome discovery.

Weight loss get her to and she now.

Love yourself more if she appreciates the people in her life more she takes responsibility for the things she needs two and a true.

Change has manifest did the original goal to just lose weight and not spend nights been awesome to be apart of.

[25:41] Fantastic and i really appreciate you sharing that story i think the listeners are gonna benefit from you sharing that into me as i was listening to you it almost sounds like there was a change and where did she place her identity you know it's her identity in the physical body or is it

in the weightloss result in this pursuit.

All the weight loss you know where is that person actually holding their identity hundred percent understand and that's where it goes back when you said what i don't know what people need and so that square

when i wake up every day and when i asked god the world for gifts and two mifi ask if simply to get me the words give me the knowledge give me the understanding

i help someone push through whatever barrier on their it dept if there are experiencing today and so she actually helps me

i can't become a better leader become a better coach because i realize that this was so much more than you have realized before her

but it was a great reminder like this industry is much more

lifting dumb bells and having breakfast all those things are important but there is so much more work.

[26:50] Alright then the purpose of the michigan family womens podcasts is to be an audio library resources for the women mothers and families listening who want to learn more about celebrating their family wellness

and increasing their resiliency or that strength to adapt to the strengths and challenges in their life,

what are the ways we can push this is by asking i guess for practical applications

so what kinda women moms and families listening today start doing right now as a result of hearing your voice to elevate their health and family room on the simple if you are not really sure where to start

well then contact dr tyler contract with redone be powered impact i think it really

it can just start with a value system of creating maybe a list maybe right down what what is important to me and began trying to really break down and look at why why don't

what is it i want why is that important to me so i dont know that i necessarily answer your question because it's really open ended where some people need to practice maybe eating breakfast better in some people need to

your practice let me know.

It would be hard for me to tell her audience you need to start here but i think i just want people to be open minded to the fact that you don't have to have everything figured out you dont have to pretend to know what all i think god

the biggest gainer the people make it one day except.

[28:18] The fact that they don't have all of the answers in that's where people like myself and people like you can come in and we can help people

kind of holding shit this new priorities and get them action steps to start applying to like today then tomorrow and then you just hope it manifest you open grows into it blossoms in the something.

Much greater sell on the take away points would be its okay to be unsure its ok do not have everything,

figured out so im just gonna reach out to those special places i can help you create a new you

that's only that and i love just you focus on your right it is all about that journey and so you mentioned earlier having lunch points having starting points that's fantastic it doesn't necessarily matter how that looks for you weather it's you know like you mentioned in episode two really adding on

hydration focusing on not or whether it's focusing on breakfast meeting throughout the rest of the day

healthy snacking i mean there's so many different things you can do but again like you said it goes back to the journey the experience for you and when you're when you're committed.

That's what you're gonna get traction that's when you're gonna get that fly wheel,

where is it does become part of your lifestyle and then it just becomes automatic nothing are there any other resources that you connect with today is a great question i have been asked first of all in a very basic.

[29:40] Kinda google search no one website that has just been great for me is www dot merch olá dot com dr cola and i know you know him he's just.

The sky has assembled this awesome collection of articles and videos and did you know there is an.

Food invites and bought cindy has an easement just.

He has been such an amazing resource for really easy and people building business as far is just a really basic like im looking for someone with very simple information on how to deal with the head colder how to deal with,

back pain maybe some simple like arthritis or some simple i'm what i purchased man made diseases what a great a great resource.

I also like to think that family wellness i was also would also be our website and people that i would contact where people that are looking for a new i'm also i gotta do not sure what to google.

I'm using a place performance jam could be in and start points for that so i think i would be i am actually places to startup.

That really it was really interesting to me because i no no more dr place in my life there was a book that i was able to read but then i picked up a couple of years later and i just got.

[31:00] Leader without a title it was written by robin sharma just bought.

Was built around them different cables are different stories and what the book alternately talked about his greatness is a choice.

[31:14] So regardless of whether you're a janitor or a CEO.

That's great and your day to do the job to do your job as best you can with them with a task given talents that u have.

And how the world takes notice and how the world will recognize your efforts will recognize your enthusiasm,

i am for greatness and how and how the world is universally designed to reward those people,

that regardless of your title regardless,

who you think you are just wake up every day put two feet on the floor and say i'm going to make today a great day amin how bad.

[31:57] Rosanna something greater depths of feeling me.

For me i'm really helped i had a profound is changing and really about the person that i saw in the mirror i'm gonna have used.

[32:09] The story lines in it many many times from them just tell people that,

i can we don't have to have it figured out today we will be the sum of our behavior we will be the sum of our thoughts we will be that some of our actions so we can start now and shipping not scale into the more positive into the more forward thinking,

and the more community based thought process i'm that i just cant wait to see what the some of those daily behavior amount to for people i'm later on in their life so i really young i got alot.

[32:41] Will thanks again bandana if you're listening to this podcast and miss a message that band has shared and that we talked about today is a resonate with you.

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Ben your husband father a personal trainer a business owner and a great friend thank you so much for coming on the podcast.

[33:15] Dr kylie i appreciate you i appreciate your podcasts and we can work you do in your community.

[33:24] Add appreciation and remember we can do far more together than we could ever do a part.

[33:30] Coming to you from beautiful se michigan i'm your host dr kyle and his michigan family well.

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