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[1:06] so if you're looking for efficient effective and sustainable ways to elevate your health and the health of your family.

Then I strongly recommend you make yourself comfortable,

because we have an amazing show for you today when is the director of the strength and conditioning programs at the inflow Wellness Academy and is a youth

training specialist with a bachelor's degree in exercise science and Community Health Dan is fully equipped to help you reach your ultimate health goals

one of Dan's passions is working with our kids helping the younger athletes make the safest most linear progress they can for their sport alright families let's jump into today's interview.

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[1:58] Thanks for having a man it's a pleasure to be back excellent encourage everyone to really Circle back and listen to episode 0 0 2.

[2:07] Of the Michigan Family Wellness podcast where we actually talked with our guest today Dan Allison.

And they share the Mission Vision and values of power Performance gym and actually today that episode has been one of the most.

Downloaded episodes of the Michigan Family Wellness podcast so congratulations Dan obviously your messages.

And I'm delighted to have you back on the show here today glad to have the opportunity and glad to get the word out there and help

people I change your life for the better said we always do start with our famous two questions on the podcast you're so damn I've just told our families a little bit about you as the professional.

The one of the core values here as you know on the podcast is family.

So can you tell us a little bit more about you as a person and what does family look like for you.

[3:02] Grew up in Trenton Michigan currently live in Westland older brother younger sister to Step Brothers.

[3:12] Mother dad and stepmother in the couple cousins also in the area so.

[3:18] We're all in the Metro Detroit area and you know we love it here been here for a while I just really appreciate,

are listenership to be able to connect with the guests that we have on the podcast to thank you for that and another thing I love to stay here on the podcast is that we are smitten with the Mitten so I always ask my guests to share what they love about Michigan

there's a lot of things that I like him and you'll some things I don't like try to focus on the positive love summer is here love fall going to Tigers games like going to.

[3:53] Red Wings games in the winter like going up Norris and getting out hiking.

When you were saying just like around here families here and that's what kind of makes it worthwhile.

And if people go back and listen to episode 2 y'all still here you know you lived in Chicago for about.

2 years or year-and-a-half or something like that just under two years and you know there's lots of lots of great stuff out there but.

Home is where the heart is so,

The Mitten for sure so damn go ahead and get more in-depth because I really want the women mothers and families listening to today's episode.

To get value from your experiences your expertise and your.

Perspective to start from a framework or a ground-level you know what is the mission what is the vision what are the values again of the concept of training

give families give kids give athletes the most bang for their Buck training we're going to take them through a full assessment see everything is going on with them.

[4:57] And really design a program that's specifically for them you know whether your young ass weed or grandmother.

Whatever might be you know you're have a program that fits your needs your goals and we're going to guide you in a way.

That's going to lie to get there in the quickest safest manner possible personalized approach.

You could almost you know walk in and walk out without even being noticed that being said you could also go to the opposite end of that Spectrum go to some news other private gyms but you know may not get

attention or the direction that you would really need to really hit your goals and so that's why I appreciate just personalized attention to detail the family atmosphere over there at Power and.

That comes through in your mission vision and values so let's go ahead and let's not focus on the kids

we want to talk about today you know tell us about your training approach I know we are talking in our preach at you mention you know the joint by joint.

Approach you know for these younger athletes can you kind of tell us more about that by joint approach was just got him a general philosophy.

[6:06] We still review all of our training you know whether that's the young athlete or.

Gandia the grandmother example use the proper mobility and proper stability.

[6:19] You know he's joining the body and in layman's terms that just says we can move where we need to move and we're strong and still where we need to be and.

We use that to get our assessments and got our training so when.

[6:35] Kids come in we're going to see what joints they may need some work in either getting more Mobility or getting more stability.

[6:43] And we build a plan that is going to address those issues in the safest manner possible the following this this joint by joint approach so.

No bad positions joint position dictates muscle function so that being said no bad looking less no bad looking movement patterns you know there is there's always room for improvement.

[7:04] Great attention to detail with the actual movement the program is just kind of a guideline and you know comes down to the in the trenches connecting with the athlete.

Making sure everything is is looking smooth absolutely into these younger athletes from our parents and sometimes

our parents don't move that well and then we actually learn those movement patterns

when you think about it it's like you can tell your kids to go play outside you can tell them to run around and spend time with your friends and you know just be kids right.

Which is absolutely true that's that's so great to do on the surface but what I really think working with someone like yourself can offer is that.

Methodical approach you know you talked about the joint by joint approach whether that's preventing injury for a certain athletic season I mean gosh right now.

What's the fall season here we got the back to school programs going on with all the sports happening right now and I just think he's younger athletes these kids working with.

Trainer that can Mossad we take them through a movement pattern or breathing pattern just can provide so much benefit and.

[8:19] Not only in terms of performance but in terms of prevention would you agree with any of that most definitely, you know what I think I think the biggest thing was that we talked about in the last episode of weird together was

building a foundation quickly to finding a foundation for the prettiest kids.

Even little bit older athletes that maybe haven't trained before foundation would just kind of include a good breeding patterns number one if we can breathe correctly can't relax can't recover.

And from a being able to lift standpoint once these kids start doing some loaded lifts they're going to need to,

feel the brace properly and if you can't breathe properly it's going to be challenging and then also just having good clean fundamental movement patterns cell can the kids crawl can they skip can they balance on one leg for.

You know more than 10 seconds can they hold the top of a push-up can they hold up a body bodyweight squat without any problems can they give me a hip hinge.

In a little things like that doesn't have to be real intense but just some basic basic basic foundation work to restore some of those things can go a real long way even just some general walking Sledge stuff Growler stuff

just got a general work capacity so these kids aren't getting

gassed out at some of these practices that they have to go to.

Either low back pain or neck pain I know and they've been having this for a long time and I'll ask them okay well how long.

[9:43] And it's often going back to an injury that they occurred

where are they picked out when they were a kid and so I think this conversation is so relevant as a parent I would

definitely want my kids to be moving well and it moving and planes and patterns that are going to be conducive to battling performance like we mentioned but also prevention because honestly as adults that we.

Profoundly and significantly affect our lives more older you know we can talk about the Aegis musculoskeletal maturity okay so what happens is.

At 25 years old but your skeletal system is fully formed you know those bones are going to completely ossify and classify those joints are going to be fully formed.

But up until that point and everything is moving and changing so especially when we're talking about these kids who are e235 10-12 years old.

[10:37] Everything is changing and everything is moving daily I would argue if not even

hourly because of all the different hormonal changes and things like that and I don't want to go into too much detail here we can talk more about Wolff's law and you can look up research on that what I essentially want to get at is you have to send those signal sohn and muscle

they won't change or develop unless you actually send those signal.

[11:00] What we're not saying is bring your kids into the gym and you know dance going to take them through Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit and all these things that's not what we're saying but we are.

You can do this in a methodical and thoughtful and targeted way,

to really get like what we're saying with these benefits and value of performance and prevention officer you know where I've heard whether it's with me or whatever,

and I know saying hey go live now it's getting that man with a staff or a coach was going to.

You'll be able to show them the right exercise or the right the right progression so the right dose at the right time,

no not every kid may be ready for a barbell back squat right off the bat which it's a fantastic exercise

I may be a coach

to work a little bit better as maybe start with bodyweight squat holding onto some straps bodyweight box squat things like that and I'm going to build up that patterns easy parents don't see a bar in the back they're comfortable with it start loading them up with a

goblet kettlebell front dumbbell have them work with that for a while.

[12:10] The other backs not being loaded at all spine is is staying safe by the time they've done a couple months of those you know they may be ready for a barbell front squat.

And you know by that time they know exactly what they're doing they know safety breathing mechanics you know things of that nature cell getting your kids in

with a program that has progression to it that's thawed out based upon their level of Readiness their willingness to learn traduce correctly at a young age you can be something that can benefit them for the rest of their lives

we learn how to move from our parents and watching our you know our folks move around and so if your son is going to go try out for the football team but really haven't learned how to move properly for a linebacker position you know that

probably hurt themselves pretty bad and then you know be out of commission for That season or the next season or you know even worse maybe even for the rest of their life so I definitely,

that what you have to offer these families is of Great Value and I want to go into more of that value as well because.

[13:07] Gosh I mean were talking about exercise here Dan and we know I mean there is a lexicon of literature.

That supports the physiologic changes the benefits of just simple exercise drug-free exercise there is nothing out there's there is no drug out there.

[13:24] That can do what just simple exercise and movement can do not only for your body.

[13:29] But for your brain as well so when you talk about these kids that might have their struggling with maybe a mood disorder or a neurocognitive issue you know the prevalence in the rise of autism and Asperger's.

[13:41] Gosh I can't think of how exercise could hurt that you could only benefit them so especially if you're kid maybe they're not.

Going out for the football team maybe they're not doing hockey and swimming and tennis and all these things maybe they're having you know some serious health concerns and you just want them to start moving because that movement is so important for your brain

all of the joint information from our where are muscles are in space where are joints are in space all of that is sent up to the brain so if you're talking about how can I help my kids brainfire correctly are just even with concentration gosh Dam

spend less time in front of the TV do better in school and increase their cognitive performance.

Exercise is a fantastic way to do that and what better way to do that with a coach like yourself Dan in a methodic and a functional way I want to also touch on.

Human growth hormone okay so this is very important and I've read tons of research that suggests okay for those of you who don't know human growth hormone is one of the most.

[14:48] Powerful hormones that we have in our entire body when we take in a synthesized form really doesn't have that profound effect

as if we were just to make it on her own and the thing is Dan when

we get stressed out and we don't exercise our brain does not make this hormone on its own so again back to signaling you got to send the right signals and here's the thing Dan when you exercise it was specifically when you strength and condition train like what we're talking about here,

that is the primary stimulus for signaling the release of human growth hormone and we can talk all day

about the benefits of human growth hormone that stimulates the breakdown of fat cells so you have better blood sugar control it's especially going to help with that growing athlete those younger kids who are going to are forming their bones are growing their joints are figuring out the right places.

And gosh I can't even we haven't even mentioned Chiropractic adjustments yet I just think that there is such a great pairing between simple conservative Chiropractic adjustments.

You know and what you do with the kids and trends of the training part of that because again these kids are growing and changing and they're not skeletally immature until they're 25 so.

There's so much that you can do in these younger ages.

[16:05] Can work together so I guess the moral of the story is between the both of us we try to put the kids in the best position possible get his joints and his or her joints in the best position possible.

When cows adjusting number when I'm doing strength training your Mobility exercises with them.

And doing all of all of those things in the correct joint positions putting some strength training on top of that allows them to sort of hit save on those good positions and.

If you have to stay in them a little bit longer elhence being a little bit healthier on the field or on the court just increasing their General I work capacity and.

Ability to be healthy

over long-term now I know you're really big into foundation so let's actually go back to a foundational component of training philosophy which is nutrition.

Nutrition when you're training these kits okay we'll just tie it back into some points you're just making about brain health Kyle food is a drug and going to have an effect on.

[17:06] Neurotransmitter is busy with her brain does and what it tells our body to do the moon it's going to be in order to be in and just the state of Readiness or how we're going to feel

two trainer player sports sell we don't deal with these kids and say Hey you have to completely knock out everything you're eating and eat this way or that way in Odessa

talk to him and see what they're eating for breakfast or see what they're eating before they come and see if they're eating the night before they get in that first or second workout and they're going through a little bit of conditioning or even just some simple.

[17:34] Basic strength training stuff and they start losing color a little bit and look like they're getting sick on X Out of Time it comes from having.

Apple juice and cereal for breakfast or some sort of sugary type thing like that but they're their darn delicious but there's better times to eat on my cell.

It always your delicious but why you just maybe have some water some eggs and some fruit and see how you feel next time you come in and sometimes out of time this morning oh my God time times better than last time you know so getting there.

Getting a sugary breakfast is out of there and really drinking much of anything but water or practices before workout is really just kind of a waste of time,

you're just making yourself kind of feel more out of shape than what you really are and I really maximizing your potential and.

[18:22] I'll save the save the goodies for after the activity has some fun with it and don't get too out of control,

not only is how we move and how we trained very important at a young age but also to go along with what we're saying here about nutrition.

The way that we teach our kids how to eat at the fuel that we put into our bodies is so imperative that those younger ages because absolutely,

skyrocketing rates of type 2 adult onset diabetes obesity cardiovascular disease you know all these things are major societal issues in our culture.

[19:05] And all this preventable all of it is

great ways to accomplish those goals

how to use of pharmaceutical medications and surgery so I can't for the service that you're inviting the community

workouts for games are these B's over High pre-workout stimulants and I know he has all see me drinking my coffee and.

[19:34] Like caffeine and stuff like that body I know explode and,

jack3d C4 stuff like that not good stay away from that lot more harm than good kids think it's like steroids it doesn't do anything besides get you caffeinated and itchy and irritable and all this good stuff.

So stay away from that drink water maybe have a little bit of coffee.

And just get your head right there are definitely research to suggest in different things that can be organic

things that actually do boost your performance and exercise you mentioned coffee organic

coffee it's the extras it's the fillers that are going to ultimately mess up your gut you mentioned those pre-workout shakes and everything

better alternatives food-based to I mean gosh we could definitely organic

beat in terms of nitric oxide production and all that so damn the purpose of the Michigan Family Wellness podcast is to be an audio library resource for the women mothers and their family wellness and increasing their resiliency or

to the stress and challenges in their life one of the ways we accomplish this is by asking Our Guest for practical.

So damn what can the women the moms in the families listening today.

[20:54] Start doing as result of hearing your voice to elevate their Health and Family Wellness will throw one out there for the the moms out there he didn't corporate the exercise push away is or are pull away so we're going to push away.

The kids cereal and apple juice and all the garbage at breakfast maybe try out eggs fresh fruity set organic coffee water maybe some different vegetables things like that for your your breakfast and your child's breakfast and you're going to feel a lot more

alert awake and productive throughout the beginning of the day ever on the moodlede little bit more stable and go I'll be able to.

[21:29] You'll be better version of yourself for the kids out there eat that breakfast don't be stubborn your parent and from of movement standpoint get moving around doesn't have to be heavy powerlifting stuff which can be fantastic if you got a good coach out there but let's get on the ground.

Do some crawling do some rocking let's do some bodyweight squatting lunging Farmers carries no picking up,

a couple moderately heavy dumbbells kettlebells something you can safely pick out my sweat back to get up carried as far as can set it down y'all do that a handful of times dragons clubs around and have some fun be ready to start loading up.

Squatting deadlifting if you want to learn Olympic lifting seek out

you know someone older than you who's qualified to teach Alaska lot of questions learn how to do the movements of the best technique that you can times not always going to be perfect but learning how to do

your movements very well will allow you to get strong and do it for a long time.

One of the things asked a lot of questions I can't emphasize that enough really ask questions because that's Altima Lee going to lead you to the most relevant and the most truthful information which is what you're looking for and against.

[22:39] But also about breakfast.

Making some simple changes to their breakfast especially with the back-to-school time of the year was busy morning schedules with their breakfast in the morning but honestly from what I see.

If you're getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning and you're trying to get the kids go in and get them on the bus by 6:00 6:30 or anything like that there's just so much going on so early in the morning.

[23:09] And you need so much digestion signaling to really break down those protein in those fat so if you're doing that I would almost suggest like you were saying Dan like go for that fresh fruit that's going to be much easier to digest when you're on the Run

later on in the day maybe mid-morning when your blood sugar is getting a little bit lower.

Then reach for that meat and that protein and a good healthy.

[23:35] You're going to be more calm your parasympathetic nervous system is going to be functioning better.

And that's going to allow you to make stomach acid into make all the lipase is to break down those macronutrients because I just think it's too it's too much to handle for most people.

It's just too much to handle first thing in the morning at 5 a.m. to try and wolf down a bunch of meat and an avocado it's just too much overwhelming signaling on your digestive system is my main point there would you agree for it but

fruteria you know just drinking some water and some apple cider vinegar something to settle down the stomach first thing in the morning can be great

but you're more or less moral of the story is like hack away the unessential sell the family get the box sugary cereals out of there the from concentrated juices out of there all that stuff you know you had that stuff away any choice you make after that's probably give you a little bit better and going to be an improvement

Michigan Association DIY can go to their website they've got a lot of great resources on there for training youth athletes and lots of great ideas ways to find Qualified

professionals your kid plays baseball.

[24:47] Eric cressey. Com is great ugly maybe detail all these in the show notes

A lot of great information there on.

[25:02] Some of the things I was talking about like crawling and rocking and restoring some basic Foundation movement patterns Tim Anderson on their does a fantastic job.

[25:10] Educating and detailing how to do a lot of really helpful things,

where are the hockey communities at so guys stay active on their name on there is coach Allison da2 my Twitter handle hit me up on any of those platforms and I love to.

[25:35] Well thanks again Dan and if you're listening to this podcast and this message is resonating with you I want a highly encourage you to head on over to Michigan family

[25:45] Where will have a dedicated web page with all of the show notes that we've mentioned here today Dan thank you so much for coming back on the podcast gratitude my friend it was a pleasure

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