MFW 036 | The Top Training Benefits For Kids | Dan Allison

Dan is the director of the Strength and Conditioning programs at POWR Performance, and is a youth training specialist.  

With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Community Health, Dan is fully equipped to help you reach your ultimate goals.  

One of Dan’s passions is working with our kids, helping the younger athletes make the safest, most linear progress they can for their sport.

MFW 027 | The Family Wellness Lifestyle Toolbox! | Dr. Kyle


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Family Wellness Lifestyle Toolbox:

Rhodiola & Ginseng: to support our Adrenal system

Solray D: to optimize vitamin D levels and strengthen our immune and skeletal systems

Orthobiotic: is help replenish our microbiome

Sinatrol: for sinus congestion,immune, and mold challanges

Natural D-Hist: to combat allergies

Drainage Milieu: to help clean and clear our connective tissues

Melatonin: to help us sleep properly and recover from our stressful schedules

Nevaton Forte: to modulate our brain and help ease anxiety

And Twice Daily Essential packs for full spectrum multivitamin support.